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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

AMC Will Be Posted on Saturday This Week

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

AMC Will Be Posted on Saturday This Week

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american peace
I will be posting AMC on Saturday--not Friday--this week. Why? Because I have about five pages to write, and I haven't started. I can probably manage five pages in a day--the muses have been kind to me *touch wood*--but why stress myself out? This way, I'll only have to muster two-and-a-half pages per day. If I manage more: yay.

On a completely unrelated note, I ripped the muscle in my hip again. Yup. I'm beginning to think that I should create an LJ tag called "dawns stoopid leg" or something. Anyway, I wish I could say I hurt it doing something heroic, like a really tough skating skill or pulling an old lady from a burning car. But it was incredibly, embarrassingly stupid. Yesterday, I was sitting on one end of the couch, holding my unicorn/company mascot Nelyo in my lap. I decided to give him to Bobby, who was sitting on the other end of the couch. Don't ask why. So I lurched across the couch and *rip.* Literally. I even heard a little sound like tearing a seam, but I don't know if I actually heard that or if it just hurt so much that it seemed like it should make some sort of sound and I really imagined it.

Anyway, I went to skating tonight anyway, and I'm hoping that it works like last week, that it stretches it and loosens it and helps it heal in the end. Until then, I'm going to be keeping Cool-Heat and ibuprofen in business.
  • Because I have about five pages to write, and I haven't started.

    Heeeeeyyy...that's pretty much how I write my college papers!!!!! :P
    Of course, Sil fic is much more important. For seriously.

    ...I said "for seriously"...I blame the hour.

    I wish I could say I hurt it doing something heroic, like a really tough skating skill

    Haha! Sorry, I had to laugh at that!! I think now I'll have to do something heroic...like a jazzrun. ;P

    Seriously though, ouch. I've wondered about strange sounds that accompany injuries, though I don't think I've ever heard/imagined any ripping sound. I mostly hear bones (femurs? Sometimes!) :P

    Drugs = good. Just don't hurt yourself more!!
    • First of all:

      Happy Birthday!!! :^D :^D :^D

      Second of fall: for seriously?? *snickers*

      I can't take the chance that the muses will decide to cop out on me and go down the street to Dunkin' Donuts for a vanilla coffee or something. I can write five pages in a day--I've done up to ten before in Felak!font--but I don't really want to. Yep. I'm lazy. ;) Also, it might be more than five pages...who knows.

      I mostly hear bones (femurs? Sometimes!) :P

      Femurs! *giggles*

      Did you ever play Super Mario Brothers 2 for NES? Mario fights this bird-lizard thing called Birdo at the end of each level, and some of them shoot fire. When he hits one that shoots fire, this "puff of smoke" comes out of its mouth...but it looks like a femur! It must be something about rendering smoke in cheesy graphics.

      Anyway. I just thought of that.

      But back to hearing bone noises--femur or otherwise--I know what you mean. Sometimes I can hear my achey bones creaking (without moving them too.) Luckily, that doesn't happen often. Usually only when it rains and I've been sitting around a lot.
      • Thanks! :D

        Second of fall: for seriously?? *snickers*

        Hey, hey, it was late at night!! Tarion gets crazy at night!

        I can't take the chance that the muses will decide to cop out on me and go down the street to Dunkin' Donuts for a vanilla coffee or something.

        LOL!! I totally know what you mean! And then they have the nerve not to bring you back an iced mocha. Sheesh...

        When he hits one that shoots fire, this "puff of smoke" comes out of its mouth...but it looks like a femur!

        Hehe! I have not played SMB2...but I'm sure my friend-who-actually-annoys-me-to-the-extreme has it, so maybee I'll have to go see for myself!

        I pop my knuckles, and my back, and my ankles. Especially if I sit in one position for a long time, all I have to do is stand up and Crack! Realigned my spine. Feels nice.
        • Ick. I know people who can do that. It kinda squicks me. :^/

          The Birdo is SMB2 is only in the later levels. I might have to try to find an image of it later. Right now, I'm neglecting AMC. (And getting hungry for lunch!)

          Your birthday story is posted too. ;)
          • It squicks my best friend too.

            Haha, definitely show me the image if you grab one! If not, I'm sure my offline nerd friend can show me!

            Yay! I just finished Alina's story and squee!!! Now I am going to read yours! :)
  • Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch. When you can hear it ripping, that's never a good sign. Be good to it.

    Don't worry about AMC. I'll be out of town at academic summer camp a conference all weekend, so I may or may not be able to get to it before Sunday evening anyway.

    (But the fourth and final chapter of "Four Hands Around" is up, if you're looking for something to do. . . )
    • I was very good to it after putting it through hell at skating, and it doesn't hurt today. At all. So this only reinforces the notion that gently skating on this particular injury is not detrimental...quite the opposite.

      Enjoy your conference this weekend! I will naturally be checking out Chapter Four as soon as the muses need a break from writing. :)
  • Ouch! The way you described hearing the muscle tearing gave me the shivers. My muscles don't seem prone to such accidents, but there was a time when I got this horrible ache in my right ankle when I climbed stairs. It was like when you sprain your ankle, but it usually went away quickly. You take care of yourself and Nelyo should look after you 24/7 since it's his namesake that got you in this mess, anyway.

    Don't worry about AMC, the more you write, the better. Besides, you could not have picked a better time, knowing that we'll be busy reading Tarion's birthday fics. :) And giving Meryth a much deserved romp.
    • It doesn't hurt at all today! (Yay!) I refused to sleep on it last night and kept my knee to my chest (which is the most comfortable position for it, oddly). So poor Bobby had my knee in his back for most of the night. They don't include that in the wedding vows: "I promise to love you in sickness and in health and when your stupid leg is hurt and you must sleep with your knee in my back all because you had to hand me your unicorn at that precise moment...." Maybe they should. ;)

      Nelyo is scoffing, by the way. And Meryth looks very, very happy!
  • Dawn, Dawn, Dawn...*sighs*

    Well, at least it's not your knees. Mine would grind before they were fixed (read: patellas removed).

    But I may not scold you, as I sprained my ankle last night. It was also stupid, and I am far too embarrassed to tell how I did it. When I woke up this morning I thought I had gout. Nope.

    Take you meds and try not to do your boo boo self any more damage.

    • It's actually better today! I don't know if that will last through the entire day, but I haven't even had a twinge yet today. *knocks wood*

      And ouch for your ankle...here's to hoping for a fast recovery! I sprained my ankle once walking in my parents' yard, so don't feel too silly. ;)

      *hugs back*
  • Ouchie. But stuff like that never happens in a heroic way, does it? You're not alone by the way. Yesterday my knee decided it would be a fun thing to start hurting whenever I climb steps. Then I mentioned it to my parents and all they said - when they would have immediately switched into "worried" mood if I was my sister - was "Oh, stop whining!". I didn't even whine. All I said was "My knee hurts." Hmph.

    Eh, yes, what I probably wanted to say way "Get better soon." (And I guess to say "be careful" would be somewhat useless, since sitting on the couch and stuff doesn't really fall into the category "risky", does it?) :-)
    • No, stuff never happens heroically! Most of the time, when I fall at skating, I'm sprawled on the ground before I even know I've fallen. However, I've sprained my ankle walking in my parents' yard and pulled a groin kicking a box of French fries at my old job. Yikes.

      It's much better today and hasn't hurt at all. Yet. I'm being really careful on it because it was quite sore after skating last night.

      I hope your freak knee ache has gone away! Getting old is rough, isn't it? ;)
  • OOOHH!! You might have strained your hip flexor tendon! My son Jamie did something similar a couple of years ago when he reached for a slightly overthrown pass during a football game. He caught it but fell down hard from the pain of that over-extension. It was okay after about a week, but there's not much you can do for it except taking painkillers (not a great thing, but whatever), and testing it like you have been doing. How was the skating practice? Did it relieve the pain and tightness any?
    • Skating practice started really well and got progressively worse. It hurts worse to walk on it than to skate on it, and I know which skills hurt the worst, so I avoided them. But the last half of our session is practice for the closing number of the exhibition, and that's rough. I can't avoid stuff there, nor can I take things as slowly as I'd like.

      It really hurt last night but...*drumroll* nothing yet today! *knocks wood. hard.*

      I refused to sleep on that side last night, which was rather odd, as I usually flop around a lot. I also kept my knee in poor Bobby's back, as that is the least painful position for it. For my hip, not Bobby's back. ;)

      I'd been wondering if it was a tendon rather than a muscle. It starts at that little knob of bone at the back of my hip and goes down to my upper thigh. I don't know what that could be. Regardless, I'm going to take it very easy on it--lots of rest and gentle stretching--so that I'm ready for practice on Sunday and I don't injure it further.
      • Poor Bobby! I hope he got some sleep!

        The pain goes down your thigh? Ooops. It could be sciatica. Listen to me - Doctor Jenni! I'll probably cause more damage with all my stupid theories!
        • Not all the way, just to the upper thigh. It's mostly concentrated in the knob of bone at the back of my hip; the pain didn't spread downward until I injured it further by coughing. And lurching to hand Nelyo to Bobby. ;)
  • (no subject) -
    • Ai! That sounds nasty and painful! *winces* Isn't it silly how people can go and half-kill themselves playing a sport--like me with skating or your husband with baseball--and rarely get hurt but it's that one silly thing that does it? And it's completely unrelated to the sport??

      However, this leads me to conclude that standing up quickly from a sitting position is Not A Good Thing. ;)
  • *superwince* Ugh, whether or not there actually was a sound, even just hearing it is awful... if you're anything like me, that sort of thing sticks in memory when you don't need it there. >_<

    Though if it makes you feel any better, I tend to hurt myself in really dorky ways, myself. Like last year, I hurt myself just by reading a book. (Admittedly, it was a heavy book, and I had tendonitis in both wrists for most of 2005, but boy, did the parental units enjoy the chance to tease, heh...)

    Hope you feel better soon...
    • Thank you! :) I feel great so far today, not a bit of pain. So it seems my theory that gently skating on it is good for me may be true. (It's worked twice now!)

      I must admit to having to stifle laughter that you hurt yourself reading a book. That's priceless! :^D

      But then I feel for you...tendonitis is no joke. My mom had terrible tendonitis in her wrists for years from carrying a tray as a server. Ouchies. :(
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