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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Life in Rewind

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Life in Rewind

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I have wanted to write a personal LJ entry, but it seems the muses are in overdrive again. Between working on the birthday story for tarion_anarore and my Midhavens stuff and, now, returning to the daily drabble, there hasn't been time for much else, least of all, rambling about my life.

But...before I begin said rambling, my sister got some really good news.

Actually, not good news but great news: She has been approved for her visa to live in the UK! Which means that she can marry her girlfriend Kirsty, since our narrow-minded country won't allow it!

I'm sad that my sister will be moving overseas; I'm sad that my sister has to move overseas or not be able to marry the woman she loves, but this is trumped by happiness that my sister gets to marry the woman that she loves! I can't imagine myself in the same situation, my country telling me that the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is unacceptable because of someone else's bigoted ideals. Last week, I was a ball of worries, knowing that Sharon's application was in the process of being reviewed. But she called me Saturday to say that it has been approved, so it seems I'm getting another sister-in-law. Yay!

While I'm rambling about my sister, I want to pimp her a bit. (Now doesn't that sound like a Library of Moria badfic or what??) But the other day, she wrote a piece on "gay adoption" that I thought was really wonderful. And I think it deserves to be read by anyone who's concerned about the rights of same-sex couples...and perhaps most of all, by people who think that they don't deserve the same rights as "normal" couples do.

Now, to rambling about the weekend....

This weekend was declared a Nerd Weekend. Nerd Weekends are called such because it involves three unequivocal nerds--Bobby, Potter, and me--spending the whole weekend together. Bobby also got good news on Friday, that he will likely be transferring to an office closer to home--eliminating his hour-long commute into DC every day--and so we had a nice supper at the Crab Shanty to celebrate. Potter came over later and we went to see V for Vendetta.

I've seen a lot of comic book movies with mixed results since I've never in my life read a comic book. But V for Vendetta was probably the best I've seen yet.

However, I do have something that I have wondered about for the past two weeks now: Why the hell do people feel it necessary to overlay a movie with their relentless personal commentary? Last week, Bobby and I indulged our love for cheesy horror flicks by seeing The Hills Have Eyes, and we were lucky enough to have a gaggle of teenybops behind us who liked to literally state what was going on onscreen. "Damn...that dog just bit him!" "Oh, there's something under that rock!" Dude, we're all watching the same movie; it is completely unnecessary to also narrate it.

For V, the requisite teenybops were slightly more quiet and less inane. They liked to add commentary to the moments that were designed to be emotional, probably to show their male friends that "that emotional lovey-dovey crap doesn't work on me." When Evie kissed V, someone said, "Man, she's all over his junk!" Erm...no. She kissed a badly scarred man in a mask.

But really. Were these people born in the proverbial barn? Why even watch a movie if you're not going to shut up for more than five seconds? And why assume that everyone else in the theater cares to hear your running commentary? Nrgh.

Sadly, this was Columbia AMC theater, which is a our favorite movie theater (not because it's called AMC) because it's clean and comfortable and their customer service doesn't blow. But it's Columbia, the cradle of pseudo-riche suburbanites who drop their kids off at the mall so that they can go drink white Zinfandel at TGIFridays with their insurance salesmen friends. It makes me wish that Ellicott City had a movie theater.

Saturday was Bobby's hockey playoffs. If you can call a "tournament" with three teams a playoff. Unfortunately, his team lost. However, they played very well--some of their best--despite being out two key players. And they lost because the other team--being consistently the worst team in the C-league--has taken to inviting their A- and B-league cronies to play in C-league games. So half of the team wasn't even part of their roster, and it makes sense that a C-league team would get beaten by a bunch of A- and B-league ringers.

Of course, given the stellar management of the IceWorld league, this is permitted. I really hope that Bobby finds a new league. Or that the Dragonfish find a new league, since Bobby doesn't seem to mind playing for them. (Although watching him skate up to the goal with the rest of his team dragging their feet behind him is frustrating for me.) But IceWorld just sucks. I'm sorry, but they do. When you pay $400 for a league, the least they can do is check a damned roster before the game starts.

Meanwhile, I was actually productive for the candy business this weekend. I did the CSS stylesheet for the layout of our website and the navigation menu. I just need to tinker with fonts and colors and sit down with Potter to make some graphics, and a rudimentary site will be ready to go. *squees* I also made three orders: two for friends and one for a coworker. Pictures of my pretties will be posted just as soon as I nab them from the digital camera. (Likely, you'll be coaxed into squeeing over a screenshot of my website again soon too. I'm hopeless!)

Sunday, I practiced my solo for the first time as a solo. It required a bit of tinkering but not much, and I'm almost finished it. Then it's time for finishing touches. Ms. Jackie keeps praising my spirals, saying they're the best they've ever been. I do two: a left forward and a right backward. At first, I didn't believe her--as I used to be able to hold my leg in a full split in my youth (these days, I can barely do a split on the ground)--but she keeps insisting...and spirals are always overwhelmingly popular with audiences, which is kind of frustrating, since they're not that difficult, and no one ever applauds for the stuff that's actually challenging.

The easier it looks, the harder it probably is.

Well, the muses--more specifically, Meryth--are tugging my sleeve, asking to use the computer. I don't dare defy them! I'll be back later with the daily drabble.
  • Yay for sis! And I read her fantastic article! Of course, she is right on. The right-wing moralists are off their rockers. All the progress that was made over the past 30-40 years seems to have evaporated. It is sickening.

    My sister and I were going to see V for Vendetta on Sunday but went to Beowulf & Grendel instead. V didn't get good reviews here, but if you thought it was good, maybe we should go in a couple of weeks.

    Okay, I'd say more but I think you're probably busy letting Meryth use the comp. And if not, you'd better let him or the little potty-mouth will cuss you bad!
    • All the progress that was made over the past 30-40 years seems to have evaporated. It is sickening.

      Absolutely. That my sister can't even get married in her own country disgusts and shames me. I just really don't understand why people need to push their own stupid, bigotted, outmoded beliefs on everyone else. Are equal rights so bad?


      V didn't get good reviews here, but if you thought it was good, maybe we should go in a couple of weeks.

      I liked it. It was an entertaining movie and it's guaranteed to piss off holyrollers, which made it even better. It's no Crash or Constant Gardener but it's an entertaining movie and certainly much better than most in its genre. (Actually, I think it's the best I've seen in that genre, and I've seen a lot of comic book movies. Weird, since I don't read comic books....)


      Okay, I'd say more but I think you're probably busy letting Meryth use the comp.

      *giggles* I let the brat bastard write his entry. Oops...better not call him a bastard; he and Talban are really sensitive to that! He's staring daggers at me. I think he's got man-Elf PMS or something.
    • My sister and I were going to see V for Vendetta on Sunday but went to Beowulf & Grendel instead.

      How was it? I've been rather excited about Beowulf & Grendel since I first heard it was being made.
      • It was really good! The Beowulf character was very much like Aragorn but more of a leader and more decisive. I was amazed by how much it was like LoTR, and yet since Tolkien apparently based some of his story on Beowulf, it is not surprising. It is especially noticeable in the primitive architecture and clothing worn by the Danes (Rohirrim) as well as the similarities between Beowulf and Aragorn. The cinematography was incredible. It was filmed in Iceland and the land is so primitive! It has an even more ancient look and feel to it than New Zealand. My only problems (and they were slight) was that I thought the editing was sloppy in a couple of places, and the ending was not what I expected. But these are just minor objections. All in all, I must say I was enthralled through the whole movie.
        • Rock. Now for them to get off their collective arse and release the bloody thing in the US.
  • That's great news for your sister! I'm sure she'll be happy living over here! ^_^

    When your business is up and running I *do* hope you'll be taking international orders!
    • I hope to take international orders, although I have to look into Customs and regulations and all that fun red-tape sort of stuff. (Teh Husband is in Customs and says it shouldn't be a problem...we'll see!) But regardless, exceptions can always be made. ;)

      Actually, my sister and soon-to-be sister-in-law want to start their own business...I said, "Why not a UK Nelyo's franchise?" So it might not be international at all. :)
  • Yay! My best wishes for your sister and her girlfriend. :D

    Interestingly, I saw this entry right after seeing an article in the Hartford Courant that eight couples in my state are challenging the idea that "marriage is between a man and a woman." And, of course, the so-called "Family Institute of Whatever" is trying to challenge them.

    Yeah, those "Family Institutes" care SO much about families and children, you know they keep up to date with what distinguished psychologists say, and are only acting accordingly.

    Oops, except that the APA endorses same sex marriage and adoption rights. Well, let's just ignore that: children need a MAN and a WOMAN, dammit! We're going to point to a lot of inappropriate examples of what we consider messed-up children who didn't have both genders as parents to prove our divine point!

    This is a frequent rant topic of mine, can you tell? :P

    Why the hell do people feel it necessary to overlay a movie with their relentless personal commentary?

    Ugh, that drives me up the wall! (It was only ONCE funny to hear commentary from someone sitting behind me, and that was when my family was seeing The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and some guy behind us said, "Oh, man, that's ominous!" in a funny voice, and I couldn't help but crack up.) I'm always apprehensive about seeing any Harry Potter movie, because there's usually a good chance that there's going to be a line of giggling girlies somewhere in the theather who think the movie was made personally for them. (And don't get me started on people who bring their young children to high-rated movies. Boy, was it fun to see the nasty scenes of war in Fahrenheit 9/11 when a talkative seven-year-old kid was sitting near me.)
    • Maryland is also making a bit of progress in terms of marriage rights. Disallowing same-sex marriage was found to be un-Constitutional by a judge in our state and the Dems refused to have an initiative for an amendment put on the ballot. (Yay, Maryland!) Hopefully, states can make small changes. Every little bit counts. :)

      And don't get me started on people who bring their young children to high-rated movies.

      *head spins and implodes*

      Me too. I love it when people feel the need to bring infants to R-rated movies. Especially when the thing starts squawking halfway through, and the parent doesn't want to miss the movie and so ruins the movie for everyone by keeping the brat in the theater.

      I don't like the notion of movie theaters having to enforce age restrictions because parents are too disinterested and lazy to monitor what their children are doing, but I must admit to liking that most teenybops can't get into R-rated movies. Which sucks because I was once that age and mature enough not to chatter through movies or act stupidly, and I don't like to stereotype all teens as being that way. But it seems 99% of them in Columbia are. Anyway, I wish there was an absolute age minimum for R-rated movies, like "under ten can't get in at all." That would get the damned babies and chatty seven-year-olds out of the theater at least.
  • Mazel tov to the happy couple! England is cool, and hey, you'll have some good reasons to go traveling. Just think -- you'll have a place to stay in the land where the Sil was born.
    • Bobby and I are going to work on getting passports to go "visiting" as soon as we can. I've never been out of the country--even to Canada! And that gives me an excuse to visit my other overseas friends too. :)
  • *is excited for birthday* :)

    How awesomely awesome for your sister!! That's great!!
    !Felicitaciones to them!

    I hate when people talk in movies. My best friend is a talker. I can't watch movies with her, unless we rent them, because then at least we're not bothering anyone else. Her favorite line is "Did you SEE that?!?!?!?!??!?!" *FemursSmoke comes out ears*

    I hear ya on the hard-stuff-doesn't-get-as-much-applause. People apparently think it is Teh Coolest when a marching band does a cross through. Honestly, it really isn't that difficult to have one line going one way and the line in front/behind going the other, even at a fast pace. (Though, once I hit a sax in the head with my slide...oops).

    Once your candy business is open, I am so buying some of those Feanorian star candies!!!! ;)
    • FemursSmoke comes out ears*

      *sporfle* I'd forgotten about that! Whee!

      I hear ya on the hard-stuff-doesn't-get-as-much-applause. People apparently think it is Teh Coolest when a marching band does a cross through.

      Yep. Spirals always get applause. The fun thing for me is that I can hold a spiral forevah, and so if the music allows it, I try to stretch it to a good five seconds so that the people get tired of applauding. They usually applaud through the whole thing, though.

      I also get overwhelming applause for my cheaty-blur spins. I used to do blur spins then do a really fast two-foot spin so it seemed like I was blur-spinning for a really long time. Same response...five seconds of applause. :^P My sister said once there was a woman sitting in front of her who said, "Now that's a spin!" and I laughed 'cause I was totally cheating.

      Now flip jumps: hard. And they get nothing.

      Once your candy business is open, I am so buying some of those Feanorian star candies!!!! ;)

      I need to find a sheet of stars. Right now, I only have a single mold, and it takes forever to make a batch.

      And I have mold painters now too, so I can make them pretties! :^D
      • *sporfle* I'd forgotten about that! Whee!

        I almost had too, until I wanted to use the phrase! I tried to make femurs with the keys, but no success (not that I tried very hard!).

        My sister said once there was a woman sitting in front of her who said, "Now that's a spin!" and I laughed 'cause I was totally cheating.

        LOL!! Awesome.

        Right now, I only have a single mold, and it takes forever to make a batch.

        I'll just order one then, and put it on display!! ;)
  • Wow, that's fantastic news about your sister! Hearing about things like that makes me very glad to be British.
    • Hey, you're back! Welcome back! :)

      It makes me glad that not everyone in the world is as narrow and close-minded as a healthy majority of Americans. And it makes me rather ashamed of my country. :^/
  • WOW! Great news for your sister! Of course it sucks that she has to leave your country in order to marry the one she loves, but it's great news nonetheless. I won't get all worked up and rambly over this, but I have to say I find it strange how a country that's supposed to be so liberal and the land of all opportunity, if you wish, is, in fact less open about so many things, as opposed to the so called uptight british people and the supposedly more traditional Europeans. I can't say much about my own people, because most of them are morons, but the 50 years communist background does not help much in being open-minded. But the young generations are certainly moving in the right direction.

    I've read Sharon's article and I tried very hard not to get all worked up about it. I thinks it's immoral, regardless from what point of view you look at it, to ban the possibility of offering a child a good and happy home, regardless of the parent's sexual orientation. Again, I find it ironic to look at people like you an me, straight and with the possibility of having children, yet not wanting to, while others, much more suited to be parents are denied the right to do so based on... based on what, if you think about it right? Based on their own biased opinions and judgmental ideas. Curse them, we hates them! (whoever they are)
    • Yesssss, precioussss. We hates them, we do, preciousss. ;)

      Seriously. /Gollum ;^)) We Americans like to throw around that whole business about the "land of the free" blah blah blah, but really, this country is more often than not under the thrall of those lobbies who have the most money. Unfortunately, the "Christian" Coalitiion is one of those lobbies...they finance the campaigns of politicians who are willing to introduce and support the legislation that the lobby wants. Hence the fact that we're in the middle of a ne'er-ending war, we're in an economic recession, and a couple thousand people died in a fully predictable weather incident this autumn and what are the issues being brought to the table? Banning gay marriage. Banning abortion. Protecting the "right" of a pharmacist to destroy a woman's birth control prescription. Oh, and we could call an emergency session of Congress--spending millions of dollars--to "save" a single vegetative woman being taken off of life support, but Congress couldn't do the same to save the thousands of (primarily poor Black) people who died during Hurricane Katrina. The bloody President couldn't even come back from vacation more than a day before the hurricane was supposed to hit.

      Now if there was a "poor Black" lobby and it gave millions to Congressional and Presidential campaigns, New Orleans would have been emptied days before the hurricane even hit.

      Or bring up gay marriage or abortion or evolution and see how fast they run!

      This is a big issue for me, and I apologize for the rant/ramble. :) But it sickens me that I've been called "un-American" for criticizing the president, yet these people go around with their American flags on their SUVs and proclaim themselves patriots...yet they violate the fundamental principles on which this country was founded: equality for all and freedom of religion. There isn't much of either around here these days.
  • You know my view, I'm a Christain but very open-minded. God loves everyone, not just a select few, gays should have the same rights.

    I can't wait to get the candy, Brandon will LOVE it:)
    • I know, and I LOVE you for that! :)

      I mailed them on Tuesday, so you should get them soon! USPS permitting, of course.... (It's a branch of the guv'ment, which is never encouraging. ;^D)
    • I have nothing but respect for true Christians like yourself, especially in a time when the most highly publicised religious "leaders" are preaching such radically intolerant views.

      I won't profess to know everything about the Bible, but I do know that Jesus taught people to love each other, and he was murdered for being different. I think that says it right there.

      So thanks for being open-minded. It does not go unnoticed. :)
      • A lot of who I am comes from things I've been through and people I've dealt with, I don't want to be a hypocrite like so many people I know - I had two users on here who were once my friends less_of_me_ and _samanthamarie who would comdemn me for not having a perfect Christian marriage with my husband and in turn not living up to their standards. They said that my way of life was causing them to sin and that they had hatred in their hearts towards me, yet they preach the Bible and modesty like they know all. That is not the person I want to be, and my biological sister claims to know God but refuses to know forgivness and love - she is always calling me a "Bible thumper hypocritical cunt" and spewing about how much she hates me. I can't be like that.

        The Bible does say to "Love one another as I have loved you" his last testament before his crucifixion. I think of "The Passion of Christ" and how Mel Gibson portrayed his death just like it says in the Bible, he died for ALL of us not just a chosen few like some people choose to believe, that's how I want to live my life, Loving everyone despite their differences.
        • Wow. That sort of judgment is, ironically, so un-Christian that it's sickening. I don't even know what to say except that they can't see the forest for the trees. It's really sad and I'm sorry you've gone through that, but it's admirable that you've risen above such hate to, as you said, love everyone despite their differences.

          The "love one another as I have loved you" quote is really profound, although I wasn't familiar with it until now. Thanks for sharing. :) I think that really sums up so much about what Christianity is truly about, not just as parting words to Jesus's followers but also as a scathing "review" of those who put Him to death and ultimately missed His message.
  • Even though I mentioned it at dinner last night, thank you for pimping me to your friends (you know, out of context that does sound really wrong :-P).

    Having such a supportive family is something few people in my position are afforded, and I'm really grateful beyond words for it. :) Thanks! *Hugs*
    • *hugs back* You're welcome! Frankly, though, I can think of worse things to say about you than "My sister is in a great relationship and in love!" ;)

      People are stupid. That seems really simple to say, but I find myself too often shaking my head at them...including those that would shun someone they love because of the person that s/he is.
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