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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

It Seems I'm to Be a Soloist.... o.O

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

It Seems I'm to Be a Soloist.... o.O

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My leg was still sore yesterday, but I put my foot down (gently, so as not to hurt it further) and declared that it was not forcing me to miss another skating practice. I would simply take it easy and work only on those skills which I could do without pain, even if they were simple things that I've been doing for years.

When I arrived at the rink, I nearly had a head-on collision in the parking lot with my long-time skating friend Rachel, with whom I skated a duet last year for the club's exhibition and am skating with again for the exhibition this year. Rachel can rarely make Wednesday practices, so I was excited to see her.

She was talking to our instructor Ms. Jackie when I came in, so I sat down and put on my skates. Eventually, she came over and greeted me with, "Hi, Dawn, I quit."

Since we were skating a duet again this year and were almost finished learning the number, Ms. Jackie made the executive decision that I will skate it solo.

It's not like I haven't skated a solo before. Nine of my thirteen years at White Marsh Skating, I was a soloist (including last year.) I don't skate there anymore, or I would have been a soloist this year too. And in a way, a solo is much easier than skating with someone else. You have more freedom to improvise, to let loose, rather than being concerned with matching your partner or groupmates. You don't have to be as concerned with your positioning on the floor because there's no longer a chance of colliding with another skater or moving in opposition to each other.

But this isn't White Marsh; this is the club, and I am not one of the top two skaters here. Quite the opposite. There are at least six skaters (of twenty-four) who are better than me.

And only one of them is a soloist: Shannon, who has been skating for twenty-five years and is simply amazing.

In the past, our club groups for the exhibition have been determined by where we learned to skate. Rachel and I learned at White Marsh, so we were put together. The other girls who were considered "advanced specialist" were from Gardenville, and so they skated together, and there's like eight of them. And they are generally better than we lowly White Marsh skaters with our subpar instruction. (I only wish I was kidding about the "subpar" part.)

So I really don't deserve a solo.

However, it seems I'm having one.

On the upside, the camel-sit spin combination is a definite now that I don't have to worry about whether Rachel can do it. And other places where we would normally just "spin" (because Rachel isn't much for spins), I can add other funky variations to it.

So I'm excited. Nervous, yes, but mostly excited. And I'll miss Rachel.

On a slightly related note, I think that skating actually helped stretch out my leg. I feel much better today, even though practice exhausted me and I was really sore by the last time Ms. Jackie called, "One more time, from the top!" I didn't do any jumps but worked on my non-strenuous spins and footwork and holds. Lots of spirals and edge stuff. But it felt good, and now that my leg knows who's boss again, maybe it'll stop hurting.
  • Yay! That'll be fun!! Better than my last "solo" I'm sure! ;P
  • Awww, you'll do great. *Sisterly hugs* Do you know when the exhibition is yet?

    Did Rachel say why she quit? That's kind of shocking.
    • Thanks! :) It's actually May 31st...our ten-year anniversary!

      Rachel quit because she's doing a bio major at UMBC. Which translates to a lot of work being poured on by merciless professors. ;) She's also working at Ruby Tuesday's up in Belair, and the combination of UMBC, restaurant work, and skating...I've been there; I sympathize! ;)

      She's only quit for the season; she says she'll be back when the workload lessens. Granted, we all say that. Only old ladies like me who never quit seem to actually stick around. :)
  • Mazel tov! There's a sort of poetic quality to all of this, you know: Our Heroine, slightly shy and unsure of herself, had kept to the background all of these years, sometimes doing a duet, but never stepping into the full glory of a soloist. Then, along comes Injury! Oh, no! Will she skate again? Bravely, she struggles to her feet and heads to the rink, determined not to let it get the best of her. When she arrives. . . *music sting* Backstage Drama has occurred. Our Heroine is suddenly thrust into the spotlight! Will she succeed?

    (If your life really is a sports movie, we all know the end. You'll do great.)

    By the way, Chapter Three is up.
    • Hehe, well, I hope I have a cliched sports-movie ending and not one of those revisionist, tries-to-be-less-cheesy endings when I fall on my ass and end the movie with a heartfelt speech about how my success was my ability to overcome adversity more than my ability to stay on my feet, probably capped off by a tearful reunion with some long-estranged family member.... ;)

      I skated solo at White Marsh Skating for nine years, but since their shows were held in an elementary school gym on a skating floor reduced to postage-stamp size after adding bleachers, my concern was more "Crap! I'm going directly into that light box!" more than getting all of my skills right.

      I'm sure I'll do fine. There's just something exciting and scary about doing a solo for the club skating program. *cue dramatic music*

      By the way, Chapter Three is up.

      Whee! Methinks I should reward myself for finishing tomorrow's AMC posting with some reading...and lunch.
  • That's good news about your leg feeling stronger. And it sounds like fate regarding your solo status. Your spins set you apart, it seems, so I would go for it, pracise them, add in the funky stuff, and you'll probably be just great.
    • Thank you! :) I hope so. The funny thing is that we lament about our skating and the audience is so easily impressed anyway. "Oh! She's skating about on one foot!" *clap clap cheer cheer*

      Still, I will be relentlessly practicing that camel-sit combo. ;)
  • A skater!?! How lovely... I used to ice skate until my knees spontaneously combusted. Two patellectomies later, I have to wear thick knee pads to even consider it. But I really get the solo thingy, not as a skater so much, but because I am a geeky music type and face this sort of thing all the time. I've been "doing" the music thing for many years, but it still kind of gets me in the pit of my stomach.

    Take care of your knees, and I MEAN it.
    • Ouch...a patellectomy? Twice?? That sounds painful. :(

      I've been freestyle rollerskating since I was eleven, for almost fourteen years and skating for the fun of it since I was about three. Were you an ice- or rollerskater? I don't compete but have been performing in shows and exhibitions since I started lessons fourteen years ago.

      I've never had a knee problem *touch wood* but have pulled or hurt just about every other part of my legs. I fear knees most of all...like most athletes I think.
      • I was an ice skater. But we did roller skate quite a bit too, just for fun. I took a few years of ice skating lessons as a child and only performed in the class showcases...but it was fun. Should have kept it up, but the knee thing scares me a bit. My knees feel fine now, except when I play the organ a lot...they get achey. But they're a lot better than they were before the surgeries. Be good to your knees. Knee surgery is owie.
        • Yes, well, I'm blood/injury-phobic too...so anything that involves cutting and bleeding tends to be something that I really, really want to avoid. I mean, we're talking someone who gets woozy from papercuts. ;)

          I admire ice skaters. My husband is a hockey player, so I get dragged to the rink on occasion, and the ice is just not kind to me.
  • (no subject) -
    • Yes, I've skated solos before...but never for this club. And solos are not common here. I find myself wondering what my situation will be next year, if Rachel doesn't come back. Hmmmm....

      And thank you! :)
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