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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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So today Mike (the guy I was doing the stats for) came to the office because we figured out what was wrong with that one problem we couldn't solve, and he gave me my envelope of money. But while he was here and I was putting the finishing touches on the stats stuff, Johnny the Boss forwarded me an email:

Ms. Felagund's job duties were reviewed and it has been determined that the position is appropriate to the classification of Research Analyst, grade 13.

Great news! Also it has been approved to have retroactive pay for the employee to receive retroactive pay at the grade 13 effective July 1, 2005.

Please provide by processing a new contract for Ms. Felagund reflecting the effective date of July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006.
The contract maximum should be $xx,xxx. The hourly rate should be $xx.xx. HRMO will process the Special Payment Authoriaation
( 311t). The employee's new classification is: Research Analyst

Be advised that the employee will see the change in pay and retroactive payment when the change is reflected in the system. The rate change may be processed first, then the retroactive payment. Finance will make the adjustments.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.


So I not only got the raise but will also be getting retroactive pay, which they had originally told Johnny I would be ineligible for, seeing as I am "only" a contractual employee.

But this relieves so much stress. I now make well above the poverty line, which is an improvement over my old rate. This means that Bobby has more freedom in looking for a job. He can take a pay cut, and it won't hurt us. The retroactive pay eliminates the need to worry about saving for our taxes and saving for our tenth anniversary trip to Niagra/Toronto/Montreal in May. This means that I can stay at a place I like to work, with a boss I love. I won't have to look elsewhere and take an inferior working environment to pay the bills or make a long commute. And I can keep writing and modding SWG right from my desk at work.

I am ecstatic and so relieved at the same time.
  • Squee indeed. Congrats! :o)
  • That is good news. I love it when good things happen to good people. Nice to see someone get more money too.

    • Thank you! :) I love my workplace and my boss, but making just above poverty level kinda makes me rethink my plans a bit....

      Now I can stay! Hurrah, indeed! :^D
  • (no subject) - callirhoe
  • Double SQUEEEEE! Oh, I'm so happy for you! I know you've been angsting about it for a while now. It's just so great that you are finally being rewarded for the fork that you do (and did!). And you get to keep a job that allows you to do so much more than the actual work. With a great boss, no less. I'm truly happy for you and also a little selfish in breathing a sigh of relief that you will be able to write and provide us with the fruit of your talent, rather than stress yourself finding and accomodating yourself with a new job.

    You deserved the raise, the retroactive pay and the excellent news. I'm raising a glass of wine in hour honor. *cheers* And I smiled while reading your transcription of the e-mail, introducing "Ms Felagund" instead of your real name. Lol, ya wouldn't be needin' a raise if you were Ms. Felagund. ;)

    Tons of congrats and another SQUEEE! All the Elves should be coming over to celebrate. {{many hugs}}
    • I'm relieved too. Actually, once the squeeful joy has worn off a bit, it's mostly relief.

      Bobby hates his job and is looking for a new one. I wanted badly for him to find a workplace like mine, low stress and a great boss, but it is hard for him to find a job that pays what he's making now, at the age of 24, that wouldn't be exactly what he is doing now.

      Now, though, he can take a pay cut without worrying how it will affect us. And he needn't be stressed at work and spend $15+ per day just on his commute (because American public transportation is that wonderful) and agonize over whether they will tell him next week that he will be working 12 to 8 a.m.

      Aaaaand--selfishly as well--it allows me to continue writing. To continue spending the amount of time that I do on SWG and in other online communities. I was afraid that a job with better pay would be less lenient about how I may spend my "free time." ;)

      And I smiled while reading your transcription of the e-mail, introducing "Ms Felagund" instead of your real name. Lol, ya wouldn't be needin' a raise if you were Ms. Felagund. ;)

      Lol, true that! I use "Felagund" for lack of trust in roving nutjobs who might find my unlocked post. ;)

      Now you friendly nutjobs are welcome to know my real name in all its cumbersome, hyphenated glory! :^))

      Drink a glass of wine for me and many *hugs* back! :)
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    • Thank you! It was a stress; my husband is trying to find a new job, and there was only so much of a cut he could take before we had to start sacrificing our savings, which means sacrificing our business and one-day home as well.

      This makes things so much easier. (Of course, the guv'ment had to take its merry time to make it all the sweeter. ;^D)
  • YAY!!!!
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations! That's so awesome. I never would have imagined they'd give you retroactive pay! That's unheard of! Excellent! Too many exclamation points!!!!111!! Must dance now!

    • Awwww.... *hearts cute little dancing guy*

      And they told Johnny right at the beginning that they could not, under any circumstances, give me retro pay, so don't even ask. Okey-doke, I just didn't want to be making poverty-level pay and expected to pick up the slack for everyone else. :^/

      But as everyone keeps telling me, they can do it if they want to do it! As was proven here. But that'll be a nice little check, and no more worrying about saving for taxes! :^D

      PopPop would be proud. :)
  • Much squuueeee-age! Congrats, Dawn!!

    Now, If only I can make what you make, I wouldn't be in as much trouble as I am now... even though I'm climbing out of it gradually.

    Think your place of work can use a tape editor??
    • Thanks! :)

      Hey, maybe you can make training videos...I think the guys would like that, having someone film them knocking on doors and playing the badass. ;)
  • Finally!!! ;)

    That's great news!!!! Super congrats!
    • Thanks! :) It only took a month...but hey, I'm not complaining. (I get paid for it all now anyway! :^P)
  • SQUEE! That's such wonderful news! *bounces with you*
  • OMG YAY. *searches for elves to loan you for the celebration...comes up with an Indis, a Lalwen, a Meril-i-Turinqi, and that seems to be it*
  • Yes!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! OMG I just saw this now, like really, really late! *smacks self in head* What wonderful news!!! That is so wonderful!!! The fact that you don't have to leave this job. Do you know I was starting to sweat (and not in a good way) just thinking about you not being around all the time anymore and I was getting very, very sad about that. Just envisioning if you got a job like mine and couldn't use the computer at work! *shudders*

    So CONGRATULATIONS!!! SQUEEEE IS RIGHT!!! Extra money, retroactive pay -- awesome! Now you go out and celebrate, Babe! Have a good time!
    • Thanks! :) I can't believe that you--and Alina too--were worrying right alongside me! But yes, it will makes things so much easier, for my writing, for SWG, and for Nelyo's. (Because it is always my chief goal at work to squeeze as much work as humanly possible into the shortest span of time possible, leaving me much free time! :^P)

      I've already promised Bobby a dinner at the Iron Bridge Wine Company--one of the nicest restaurants in Howard County--when I get the retro pay. *squee and can't wait*

      So it seems that Dawn Felagund is going to be around for a while yet.... ;)
  • Congratulations on the raise! ...and the backpay :-D

    Toronto in May! I'm so jealous. Are you going to see the Lord of the Rings Musical? http://www.lotr.com/main.html

    The guy playing Legolas (Gabriel Burrafatto) is going to make a drool worthy elf.

    • Thank you! :)

      Are you going to see the Lord of the Rings Musical?

      Oh! I didn't even think of that!

      Now seeing as Bobby is dragging me to the Hockey Hall of Fame, I think fair is only fair.... :^D
  • Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    Money money money!
    Money money money!

    That first retroactive-pay-raise check is going to be such an upper, isn't it. Congratulations, you've earned yourself a good time!
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