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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Stories, Stories Everywhere!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Stories, Stories Everywhere!

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can of worms
This morning, while reading my comments for Chapter Forty-Two of AMC, I encountered one by ann_arien that said she'd be disappointed when the last chapter of AMC was posted. And I thought, "Huh. I'll be disappointed too!" Once I get over my anxiety, I do like posting days, if only because I am intensely curious about what works and what doesn't work in my writing. And once the first draft of AMC is posted, I'll have no choice but to work on the second.

That got me thinking about the entire epic of which AMC is part. I have bits planned--even mentally written--across the whole of the history of the Noldor...and even a bit beyond. I'd decided a while back that the next thing I think I am going to tackle will be the early history of Feanaro and Nerdanel, beginning in their childhoods and likely concluding shortly after Maitimo is born. That seems pretty ambitious, especially when I consider that AMC was supposed to take place over several years and actually takes less than one. (Although, for simplicity's sake, the summary of AMC is "A year in the life of the young family of Feanaro."

My current work in progress is my NaNoWriMo novel, which is clocking in at just over 70K words. Yes, I wrote 50K in two weeks...and 20K in the three-and-a-half months afterward. Although, to my credit, there were twenty holiday fics in there somewhere, ranging in length from 500 words to just over 9,000. I'd hoped to wait until this story is finished before starting the Feanaro/Nerdanel project, but this morning, I realized that I really want to write both, and so I'll probably begin outlining the Feanaro/Nerdanel story in the next few days.

I've never tried working on two novels at once before. I've decided that the Feanaro/Nerdanel is going to be done at work--like AMC was--and the NaNo is going to stay at home, since it's not the kind of story that I want floating around my office. Well, there will certainly be bits of Feanaro/Nerdanel that might raise some eyebrows too, but nothing nearly as bad as the general premise of much of my NaNo novel.

(Which really needs a title, seeing as NaNoWriMo is over, so that I can give it a nifty abbreviation like "AMC." But then, I don't usually title my stories until they're almost finished.)

At the worst, I figure I won't be able to handle it, and Feanaro/Nerdanel will languish, as I've become much busier at work than I was when I started AMC. But since it's wasn't even scheduled to be written for at least another six months, even snail-pace progress is better than nothing.

Also, I've been curious about my NaNo novel. Supposing I did share it--and this is not a definite that I will, so just suppose--would any of you read it? I'm trying to decide if I will be creating a special flist for this purpose or if it will be easier to email chapters to the one or two people who might want to look at it. Since a summary might help in this decision:

(Please note that I'm bad at summaries and my muses also don't like me to summarize their work before they're finished. *slowly chokes muses*)

The story begins on the proverbial dark and stormy night (and no, I am not Snoopy) when my protagonist is sitting at home, minding his own business, and a woman is basically dropped on his doorstep. She is a forest-dwelling Elf who was accidentally shot by a hunter...only the hunter is of some political importance, and he doesn't want her blood on his hands.

So he leaves her with my protagonist. During the course of her stay, the protagonist has to hide his past from her: He was born into a family of dark sorcerers, basically bred to be the perfect sorcerer, in acknowledgement of a prophecy that said that he would father a child who would grow to assure the resurgence of dark magic.

In his youth, he'd escaped his family and to the small town where he currently lives, hiding from his past and supposed future, in relative anonymity. Only now, he has attracted attention to himself, both the attention of the hunter and the woman he'd saved....

Okay, that sounds really bad. My muses won't allow themselves to be named. Nor will they allow any significant plot details to be revealed. They're shocked that I said all that!

Given the nature of the story--it is about evil sorcerers--there is violence a'plenty and sex (both happy!sex and noncon) and disturbing themes. The story tends to be more psychology/character-based than plot-based, not that this should surprise anyone.

So.... (Felak loves LJ polls)

Poll #678189 Would you like to read my NaNoWriMo novel, when it's done, provided the muses see fit to share?

Would you read my NaNo novel?

Yes! Absolutely!
It'll depend on my time/mood at the moment.
Probably not.
Definitely not.
Your summary sucks so badly that I can't say.

Now, I'm off to work a bit on isil_elensar's very late birthday story. I've bought the characters some massage oil and some sexy wood Elf lingerie, so we'll see....
  • I just want to clarify my answer - I said no, but only because of the non-con. It sends me running for the hills. Though if you warned in advance, I could skim!
    • PS: I DO think the summary sounds good though!
    • That's okay. :) That's specifically why I mentioned that now because I didn't want people to think, "Yes, I'd like to read that," and then feel awkward backing out when they realize how evol the story is. Or have it on their flist when it reallly has some not-so-nice bits in it. I know it's a squicky subject. :)

      And thanks for not thinking that my summary was Teh Suck...although I look at it and think, "Dawn, WTF??" Stupid muses.... ;)
  • I will definitely read this. There is no doubt at ALL that I will read it! And if you do not post it (or send it) after the tease you've just done then I will come and track you down and I'm bringing a sword-wielding Fingon with me!!!
    • *hides from Fingon* He's all yours anyway!

      And hey, you know a lot more about the story than anyone because of the RPG. Actually, you know more about the story than everyone, and that includes Bobby!

      (Who's not allowed to read it, incidentally. >:^]] )

      You can probably guess who "the protagonist" is.... ;)
      • LOL! I can't believe that Bobby can't read it when he's involved in the RPG!
        • That's actually why he can't read it. He's not aware of the backstory of certain "protagonists" who are in the story and also the RPG. I told him that if he figures things out on his own, then he's welcome to read it.

          Or maybe if he can play his character like he knows nothing at all.... Hmmm.... It's going to be tempting to let him read it!
  • I would certainly read it (considering I still need to read AMC)! I've been debating putting my NaNo up as well. Actually, after all the work I did with it, I'm debating the novel in general. I like what I wrote, but I'm almost tempted to do like Juno and take the Tolkien out of it. Change it around here and there... I don't know yet...

    BUT! I'm entirely too thrilled that you're still working on my birthday story! I absolutely LOVED the Glorfindel fic you wrote for me for Christmas, so I know I will LOVE my birthday Legolas fic!

    *muchos huggos*
    • Yep, I made a page of progress yesterday on your story, and I think I might even have an ending in sight.

      It's turning out longer than I expected. *giggles and drags mind from the gutter*

      I've often thought that it might even be possible to take the Tolkien out of AMC. After all, there are no major canon events...but I prefer to start from scratch, with my own characters and universe.

      Then again, you use a lot of OCs, so it might work for you....
      • It's turning out longer than I expected. *giggles and drags mind from the gutter*

        Ooohhhh... I can't wait!!

        Then again, you use a lot of OCs, so it might work for you....

        Well, in this particular tale, I've used a good deal of both canon and OCs. I told Juno that as it is currently, I love it. But changing it would allow me to do what I want with the characters and not worry about how it impacts my Tolkien OCs (I think that made sense - I'm trying to not say a whole lot since the co-authored story has yet to be released).

        Still in debate-mode over it, so it might take a while before I actually decide something. :-)
  • *doubtfully* Well, I put "depending on time/mood", but it's mostly the time factor. I'm so hopelessly behind in AMC, and I've practically budgeted my weekends (primary reading time) out until the end of March at least, if not further.

    Woe... If I have the time, I would definitely want to read it!
    • Oh, believe me, I understand. Been there, done that, as they say!

      I more asked to get an idea if creating a separate flist would be worth my effort than to get any sort of commitment from people. Because it's original, I don't want it available to the general public for reasons of publication, if I ever decided to go that way. (But I like to leave my options available!) Plus, given some of the content, I didn't want it floating onto the friends' pages of people who might be uncomfortable with it.

      Also, at the pace it's coming along now, you'll have graduated by the time I finish it! ;^D
  • I'd certainly read it. I'm a curious person. And now that you offered us the possibility to do so, I can't resist.

    But snail progress? Eh, no. Have I ever mentioned that I find you scarily productive? *must close mouth again* ;-)
    • Have I ever mentioned that I find you scarily productive?

      *whispers* We're in the same boat. Dawn is mad productive. It is a very, very scary thing.
    • Lol! I certainly have spurts. I finished NaNoWriMo in two weeks and wrote all of those holiday stories...but then I've languished since then and rewritten the ends of a few AMC chapters, a couple thousand words on my NaNo, and a half-story for Isil's birthday!

      It took a little over a year to write AMC, which clocks in at about 350K words. But then, my job was really boring during that year.... ;)
  • (no subject) -
    • Actually, I don't expect commitment at all...I just wanted to see if there would be an interest in my story; if creating a special flist would be worthwhile. :)

      It'll be months before I finish it, so I'm sure that people's availability/opinions will change in that time. But if no one was interested at all, then I'd email it to the few who wanted to read it months ago and leave it off of my LJ.

      I liked NaNo in that I learned a lot about myself as a writer. I'd never tried marathon writing before; usually, I creak out a novel as slowly as it takes. Also, this was the first time I'd ever worked with an outline; now I don't think I'll novel without one!

      Next year, I probably won't do it, though, simply because my lifestyle and writing style make 50K in a month a piece of cake. I'm not trying to sound cocky in saying that, but I have several free hours a day to write, which is not true of most people, I suspect. And a thousand words per hour is average speed for me.

      But a 10K-word day?? o.O I capped out at about seven, and that was for fanged_geranium's holiday gift "Return to Me"!
  • Evol sorcery, lots of insight on the characters' psychology, sex of all kinds... Hmm. I don't know... Who am I kidding?! I love this type of novels. I fangurl writers like John Saul and Stephen King, I get a huge thrill form watching really scarry horror movies and I'm very, very intrigued by what you've revealed in the teaser.

    So yes, please do share and I will read the novel. Absolutely! I'm for angst and darkness, all right, and I only get defensive about it when it comes to Feany&Co, because I love them preciousssesss so much.

    You can e-mail chapters to me, if you do not want to put the story up anywhere. But I'm Okay with any means of sharing. ;)

    Oh, and Squeeee! for the Feany/Nerdanel story. Feany and I are doing a happy dance about this right now. I will gladly send him over, whenever you need him. (but I will also ask for Teh Academic Maitimo come exams time.)
    • *squees and huggles chibi!Feanaro*

      He's so cute, making his eggs over easy. :) To further prove what a nerd I am, my first thought was "I wonder if he knows that eggs over easy can contain salmonella? He should cook them over medium." Then I thought, "But can Elves get salmonella poisoning??"

      o.O Anyway.

      It seems there is an interest, so if/when my muses let go of the story, I will create a special flist filter for people who are interested in reading it. *is excited but can't let muses know...*

      I'm also eager to start Feanor/Nerdanel, although I need some sort of opening paragraph to get myself started, and that is eluding me, so far.

      And you may borrow Maitimo any time, of course, so long as you treat him well. ;)
      • He's so cute, making his eggs over easy.

        Yea, he is Teh Cutest. Especially since he's making eggs for Nerdanel who is sipping on coffee and reading the paper... and for Teh Seven Hungry Demons Angels, too.

        Then I thought, "But can Elves get salmonella poisoning??"

        o_O! I guess they can't. But I'll have to speak about this to Feany and ask him to zap the germs with some of his fiery spirit, when he makes me over easy eggs. :D

        It seems there is an interest, so if/when my muses let go of the story, I will create a special flist filter for people who are interested in reading it.

        Yes, there is an interest. And if those pesky muses of yours do not yield, I shall have to send Feany over to...erm, persuade them. *thinks better on it* Okay, maybe it's not such a hot idea, considering that your story has dark sorcerers in it and Feany is not the best negotiator ever. But he can be persuasive...

        And you may borrow Maitimo any time, of course, so long as you treat him well.

        Oh, of course I will. You know, I've acquired a much deeper fondness for him after transferring the hotts I had for him to Feany. So you can be sure that I will treat him kindly and considerate. Or however he wants to be treated. ;)
  • Oh, I'd read it. I might even have more time to comment on it after I graduate and all that.
  • I would definitely read your NaNo novel if you decide to post it. Recently satismagic has been posting an original novel (I'm now eight or nine chapters behind, but trying to catch up) and I've found that I actually like it better than any of her fic, and as much as I enjoy AMC I'm sure the same would be true for your writing. Maybe it's because I don't already know any of the characters before I start reading!
    • I also started reading Juno's novel and then fell behind when she was posting a chapter a day, which is much faster than I can keep up. But I hope to catch up too!

      I've realized that I'm very much an original fic writer. As much as I love fanfic for pushing me back into writing, I find that my favorite fanfic to write, even--like AMC--is not really tethered all that much to the canon.
  • I put "depends on time". It would at least go on my To Read list. I know if I said "yes, I'll read it!" homework would start falling from the sky and utterly burry me! ;P

    And you know I like dark stuff.
    • It won't be finished for at least several months, provided the muses will share at all. (But I can usually convince them!) I'm just trying to see if there would be interest....

      I know all about the homework phenomenom. It's uncanny. ;)

      Hey, if you do read it, I could let you borrow Maitimo on a semi-permanent basis.... :^D
      • It's uncanny. ;)

        I know! Truly amazing...

        Hey, if you do read it, I could let you borrow Maitimo on a semi-permanent basis.... :^D

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