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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

AMC Posting Update

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

AMC Posting Update

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can of worms
Okay, I hate that this is the second time in short time that I have had to use the same title. Grrr.

(And, yes, I did just use the h-word. Anyway....)

I don't think that I'm going to be able to post my wee Carni devil's chapter tomorrow. I have about seven pages so far in Felak!font, which means TNR, 10-pt, single-spaced (a.k.a. squintingly tiny), and I could post what I have, but as most of you know, I simply lack confidence in sharing hot-off-the-presses writing. And then I'm stuck in a situation of having to write a whole other chapter versus just two or three pages to finish up this section, which is probably all it will take. I could be surprised and end up with two Carnistir chapters, and I don't mind surprises, but I don't like having to force a chapter to fifteen pages when it only wants to be ten. Anyway.

Tentatively, I'm hoping to post on Tuesday, Ye Second Posting Day of Yore. This is a long weekend for Presidents' Day, and I have relatively little on my schedule. No hockey. No skating. So Carni and I should be able to write to our little hearts' contents this weekend and have a fresh chapter for Tuesday.

My apologies for this--and for the late notice--but I feel that pushing myself to do three pages (or more) in an evening to post tomorrow morning will either require sacrificing quality for wordcount or will drive me to the depths of exhaustion again, and I've been sleeping well and keeping my head above the water of late and would like to keep it that way.

I had a perfectly suitable Chapter Forty-two (or whatever it is up to...I can never remember), but blame the Computer Gods for devouring it when they hurled a lightning bolt onto my RamBo, may he rest in peace in the desk drawer where he now resides because I'm too sentimental to throw him away.

So anyway: AMC on Tuesday. Hopefully a quality, full-length chapter. And hopefully none of these posts again anytime soon.

Edit: Oh, and Juno, as you can see, I didn't get to try the Super Sekrit Rebellious Scheme. I had a pile of warrants to deal with and by the time those were done, it would have been pointless to try. So let's keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow, then? :)
  • (no subject) - satismagic
    • As you can probably tell, it didn't work. When they mucked up my comp, they must not have added my admin account. And it's not exactly something that I can ask to have restored, as I wasn't supposed to have it in the first place.

      Well, this is disappointing.... :(
  • Awwww, what you can do, you just do. No stress on yourself, muses don't like stress. Muses wanna play and my muse (currently solely focussed on Maglor) wants to play badly. But wisdom tells me to sleep, because my muse won't feed my Kevin in the middle of the night. ;) I don't think Maglor will do that as well ;)

    Relax with the olympics, curl up against Bobby a lot and we will see what appears on our flist on Tuesday... m'kay?
    • 'kay. :)

      Bobby had hockey last night, so Carnistir and I actually got a good deal finished. I bribed him with Godiva chocolate. ;)

      So *fingers crossed* for Tuesday!
  • Eh. Take your time. I'll just these all day tomorrow anyway.
  • Well, this will be another of my "Don't worry about it" posts. Because I can understand you so very well (though admittedly I would have loooved to see a new chapter tomorrow). In fact I'd be happy if I would be able to write only half as fast as you do. For example I was actually planning to finish my midwinter story today. Instead I've been amusing myself with making Henry V icons. I cannot blame you for "crimes" I commit on a regular basis, can I? ;-)

    Well, but now I'm looking forward to TEH PERFECT!!11! chapter 42 on Tuesday. Beware. Hehe. :-P
    • Lol! Wee Carnistir just peed his pants and ran away! :^D

      I could have finished it. But at what cost? It wouldn't have been as good, and my "Current Mood" would have read "tired 'n' cranky." :^P
  • It's ok...I'll only cry a little...;P

    No really, it'll make my Tuesday better, because I don't generally look forward to Tuesdays. :)

    Oh, and my icon doesn't really have anything to do with this, but I wanted to use it.
  • Wee Carni is a bit scary and it is never a good idea to crack the whip over his head and make him hurry. For that matter, big Carni is even scarier....*hiding whip behind back, tossing it to someone else*

    Don't worry - Enjoy your long weekend with the hubby!
    • Thank you! :) Wee Carni is a muse that I channel pretty well...it's just hard to write a ten-page chapter (in Felak!font) in a few days while keeping the apartment clean and skating and spending time with Teh Hubby....

      I prefer to bribe him with chocolate anyway. ;) (Carni, that is!)
  • You can't force youself to write. Even if you do, you won't like what you produce. *So been there* We'll wait until it's done! :)
    • If I had my way, I wouldn't write this at all. I've written it already. It's annoying (to me) to have to write it again.

      And the words are there...but the time just isn't. *sigh* Well, I got a lot done last night, so Tuesday's looking hopeful! :)
  • Don't kick yourself about this too much. If anything, I know the crappy feeling you can get when forcing writing out of you. I would have like to end this day (and this exam session!) with and AMC chapter, but I understand why you would rather wait until Tuesday and be satisfied with what you and Carni have worked on.

    What is really important is the fact that you have been able to rest better and I hope that your week-end will be both relaxing and productive.

    Lots of hugs to both you and wee Carni, while waiting for Tuesday.
    • It really wants to be written (as much as something I've already done already can want to be redone), but there's just not enough hours in the day. *sigh*

      But I think you all would be much more pleased with the chapter on Tuesday than you would have been had I forced it today. :) (I hope!)
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