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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Happy Valentine's Day!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I have seen a lot of people posting in their LJs the little bit about "Post this if there is someone on your flist who you would not have met offline and who has made your life better." Or something like that. :) I avoided posting it in my own LJ--although I hope that those of you out there with whom I have become friends in the last seven months of so know that it is true--because why copy and paste when I can ramble?

I maintain all of the time--online and offline--that I think I have found the best flist in the world. Whenever I need help with something, someone is there who not only knows the answer but is willing to take the time to help me. On the few occasions when I have been really struggling with something personal or emotional, the kind of support I've received has been overwhelming. And there are people on my flist from whom I have learned through our discussions, who are not put off by my occasional snarkiness or afraid to tell me when I am wrong...and I appreciate that. And there are those on my flist who make me laugh every day. And I appreciate that too.

I think that Valentine's Day is often pegged as a holiday for romantic lovers without taking into consideration the power that is the love of a friend. I often hear people griping about how much they hate Valentine's Day because they are alone and it rubs their lack of romantic attachments in their faces...but does it? Who says that the love of Valentine's Day has to be confined to romantic love? That we can't also celebrate the friends and family who make our lives better as well?

So, to all of my friends who make my life better in some way--and if you are on my flist, that would be you, yes!--Happy Valentine's Day and thank you. I send my love and fondest wishes.
  • You have all my love sis, and even better, you'll be an Aunt for the 3rd time(on my end:))
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  • Man, no mention of the old hubby in the Valentine's Day post. I guess i'm in the doghouse. Oh well, that's more fajitas for me tonight. Just Kidding, Happy Valentine's Day.
  • *hugs*

    Word to that, sister.

    Online friends are love. :)
    • Friends are love, online or offline! (I can't forget those on my flist who are real life friends too. ;^D)

      *hugs back*
  • Who says that the love of Valentine's Day has to be confined to romantic love? That we can't also celebrate the friends and family who make our lives better as well?

    Hear, hear! Surprise or not, friends are just as important as the "attachment" that so many complain about lacking, if not more. As for online friends... well, in the past four months I've discovered just how supportive, amusing, interesting and lovable people I have never met can be, and just how much we have in common.

    Happy Valentine's and Friends Day! *hugs*
    • Thank you! :)

      Yes, I was also pleasantly surprised to find a nice, supportive bunch of people and not a trove of dysfunctional, potential ax-murderers! Granted, I've met a few of them too, but I insist on only hanging out with the nice ones. ;)

      *hugs back*
  • (((((((huggles)))))))

    Happy V-Day, Dawn! ;-)
  • My cheap awesome "cardboard" Valentine Card:
    |~*~*~*~* Hope your *~*~*~|
    |~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~|
    |*~*~* Valentine's Day *~*~* |
    |~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~|
    |*~*~*~ is Enchanted!*~*~*~|

    What I mean by that is "full of nekkid Elves". ;P
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    • Thank you! :)

      Ooooh...chocolate, yes. I had chocolate mousse with chocolate cordial cups filled with raspberries courtesy of Teh Husband. *dies a little* Enjoy! :)
  • *Hugs*

    I don't like Valentine's day because it makes people feel bad. I don't like days that make people feel bad.

    I also tell my husband not to buy me anything for V-day. (Everyone tells him, "she's just saying that, you have to buy her something" but he knows better). I'd rather get flowers for no reason other than the fact that he's thinking of me, than because the calendar and hallmark tell him to.

    That being said, If V-Day was about friendship, it would be much better and make less people feel bad, so I would like it more.

    I don't know why I'm rambling in your LJ - but HAPPY FRIEND VDAY!
    • I also tell my husband not to get me anything. And like you, I really mean it, for the reasons that you say in addition to the fact that I don't think that expressing love should be contingent on always buying more *things.*

      But he never listens. In a few years, that will probably irritate me, but for now, I just deal with it.

      Anyway, I am also rambling in my LJ, back to you, so don't worry.

      And Happy Friend Day! *hugs back*
  • The name for the day that I've used since college. . . you'll like this. . .

    Happy Chocolate Appreciation Day, Dawn!
    • :^D I like!

      But I think that every day should be Chocolate Appreciation Day (neglecting to mention that I just might be biased).

      So Happy Chocolate Appreciation Day to you too! :)
  • Happy Valentine's day, Dawn!

    My mother's birthday is on the 18th, so my dad and her celebrate them together on the 14th. They've gone to the movies and left me at home. With the computer. :P
    • Thank you, Aramel! :)

      They've gone to the movies and left me at home. With the computer. :P

      In that case, I think that they should celebrate birthday/Valentine's Day more often! >:^))
  • That is so sweet, and Happy Valentine's Day to you too! {{{{HUGGLES}}}}
  • And happy Valentine's Day to you, too! I like your take on the holiday. Who says it has to be limited to a celebration of romantic love only?
    • Thank you! :)

      I've always thought the anti-Valentine people were fully justified in their dislike of the holiday. Friends Day is much nicer, I think!
  • Happy Valentines Day--we're still fairly new to each other's flists, but I look forward to seeing your posts on my friends page, and your comments cheer me up, no matter what mood I'm in :)
    • Thank you. :) I always love your posts too; they make me laugh and I still maintain that you have two of the cutest doggies in the world. :)

      (Oh, and my husband looked at the comments on my "snow" post and wholly agrees with me too.)

      Yesterday, I was driving home next to a woman in a huge SUV with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in another, trying to watch her steer the behemoth down the highway, and I thought of your post and started laughing anew! Assaholics Anonymous, indeed.... ;)
  • Happy Valentine's day to you to! *hugs*
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