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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Ice Cream OTPs

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Ice Cream OTPs

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Since I think I've resigned myself to giving up on the online business books, and I've yet to order my chocolate-making books from Kitchen Krafts, then lets call this a bit of market research. That way I don't feel that I am profoundly neglecting my business (and, really, I am).

As strange as it sounds, I don't really eat that much ice cream. It's not that I don't like it (although I will often say that I don't, this is really not exactly accurate) but more that I don't crave it and so don't eat it much. Also, when you've grown up with something your whole life--as I grew up in an ice cream shop--it isn't much of a treat.

So I am interested in the ice cream OTPs of my flist, with an OTP being an flavor, sundae, or ice-cream-related concoction that you can devise. Perhaps it's vanilla and fudge or perhaps pickles and pistachio (arandil13 or 1lady_so_divine? :^P)...either way, I am interested in knowing what the ice cream fans of my flist have to say.

If you're curious, my ice cream OTPs are, first and foremost, vanilla ice cream--particularly French vanilla or vanilla bean--and hot fudge and hot caramel. Not only are these tastes that (I think) are made to go together, but put together in a sundae glass, they make a beautiful--but simple--presentation.

After that (prepare to cringe, frenchpony!), my OTP is bittersweet chocolate and raspberry. Bittersweet chocolate, I think, is best done as a sorbet, but ice cream will work and even regular chocolate could work in a pinch. But bittersweet is best.

And, of course, waffle sundaes. Eru invented waffles before glassware as a convenient place to serve ice cream, since the little nooks soak up the mess so very well.

Incidentally, the Nelyo's test kitchen is alive and well. I am in the process of making grasshopper sandwiches for Bobby, Potter, and myself. No, it does not involve insects (as these are forbidden by my vegetarian diet) but mint chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and a thin layer of fudge. It's my first time making them--although not mint chocolate chip ice cream--so we'll see how they turn out.
  • I am a simple creature, and most sundaes that give me great delight simply contain as many forms of chocolate as possible, unmarred by such contaminants as fruit and whipped cream. Double chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate and hot fudge sauce, chocolate sprinkles and crumbled up Smarties...divine. Maybe a sprinkle of nuts over the top, perhaps...

    I hate sundaes where they use less ice cream and make up for the deficit with squirty cream. I used to have a hamster that was crazy about squirty cream, and as far as I am concerned, hamster food is the best use for it!

    Of course, the one ingredient that sends above divine chocaholic's indulgence sundae into whole new realms of ecstasy is to put over-hot chocolate fudge brownies at the bottom. The proper kind that are crisp on the outside and a little gooey in the middle...

    *melts with the images of pure yumminess*
  • Ooh, depends on my mood.

    I love good fruity stuff, like orange, lime, raspberry, or rainbow sherbet, or black raspberry ice cream, though stuff with real fruit mixed in kind of grosses me out. (I got a stomach ache from ice cream with real frozen cherries in it when I was about four, if that explains anything...)

    I love chocolate with more chocolate in it--good chocolate ice cream with ribbons of fudge and maybe a few chocolate candies or pieces of brownie are very good, sometimes with caramel, but best with ribbons of cherry flavor (but not real cherry fruit). Cherry Choco Landslide... yum...

    Mint chocolate chip or chocolate with mint-flavored chocolate pieces are good... grasshopper pie, too...

    Sometimes I can like stuff like chocolate with chocolate peanut butter cups (Reese's sorts of stuff) mixed in, but it often hurts my throat and/or just tastes funny, if the brand of peanut butter isn't just right or the sort of chocolate in the ice cream just doesn't go well with it.

    I generally try to avoid vanilla, but if there's enough chocolate mixed in to mask the vanilla taste, it doesn't bother me too much. (I think it's one of those issues where I ate it once while I was sick it as a little kid, and it just got ruined for me that way.)

    Heh, I'm actually lactose intolerant and get an upset stomach of some degree no matter what flavor, but oh well...
  • I love all sorts of flavors, mostly chocolate but I eat vanilla type favors too(Rocky road, mint chocolate chip, etc....I could go on forever-I'll give you a call)Brandon on the other hand likes ice cream with berries and fruit flavors and all that good stuff

    Yes, I am a *huge* fan of ice cream.

    Vanilla is wonderful. In the hot-fudge-sundae variety, on top of a chocolate brownie at Big Boy's, with sprinkles... Mmmm...

    I'm currently having a love-affair with Hagen-Daaz Vanilla Swiss Almond.

    Chocolate in *all* its incarnations was created by some higher power solely for my delight and love.

    I heart mint chocolate chip. (Those grasshopper sandwiches sound great!)

    Hm... I have a lot of OTPs... ;)
    • I'm currently having a love-affair with Hagen-Daaz Vanilla Swiss Almond.

      That sounds good; I've never tried that flavor. (I would grab a pint tonight at the gorcery store, but I now have a freezer full of ice cream! :^P) We used to have a Swiss almond sauce at The Piece, but I never tried it, as it contained gelatin, and I was a much stricter vegetarian then.

      I heart mint chocolate chip. (Those grasshopper sandwiches sound great!)

      They worked out quite well! I was impressed, since it was my first ice cream sandwich. Bobby and Potter had no problem polishing off two apiece. ;)
  • (prepare to cringe, frenchpony!)

    Preparing to cringe, sah!

    my OTP is bittersweet chocolate and raspberry.


    Okay. Now that we've got that out of the way, my ice cream OTP is mint and either chocolate or vanilla. I include vanilla in my list so that I can mention my very favorite ice cream ever and ever, leolam vaed, omein: Brigham's peppermint stick. Brigham's is a Boston-based company, and I know you can get it in Connecticut, but I don't know if they extend as far south as Baltimore. They only make peppermint stick around Christmas, but it is seriously the best thing ever.

    See, most mint ice creams are either mint chocolate chip (either with green food coloring, or without, which tends to be superior) or chocolate mint, which God created on the eighth day. Some companies (Edy's is a prime offender) make what they call "peppermint stick" ice cream. This is vanilla ice cream, pink food coloring, and miniscule chips of stale peppermint that the dollar store rejected for being too tasteless. No. On the ninth day, God created Brigham's, and Brigham's did go on to create real peppermint stick ice cream. It's mint ice cream, with just a little pink coloring swirled in, and chunks of honest-to-God peppermint starlights. Dribble some chocolate sauce on that, and you could not ask for a better dessert.
    • I thought I remembered that you liked mint. We unfortunately don't have Brigham's in good ol' B'more, but the next time I find myself in New England, I will make sure to try it.

      At The Piece, we used to get a seasonal peppermint stick ice cream. I think that most ice cream shops do. It was actually pretty decent in that it contained a good amount of peppermint, but it was very unpopular (I was the only employee I recall liking it, and I used to make a significant dent in the four-gallon over the few months that we had it) and so they stopped selling it after a while and limited themselves to half-gallons. Which also didn't sell.

      I've never been a huge fan of mint chocolate chip, and last night, I was pondering my aversion to it--since I like both flavors together just about any other way--and decided that I think mint fudge ripple would be a better idea. Most of the mint chocolate chip ice creams I have tried get their chocolate chips from the same dollar store as those peppermint pieces, I think.
  • Awww, now you made me want ice cream! I haven´t had that in ages, cause I rarely eat that in winter. Too cold.
    • If only I can have this kind of success in business one day! :^))

      Perhaps a suitable winter substitute would be ice cream served over a hot brownie or a warm waffle?

      *wonders why she is practicing suggestive selling techniques on online friends!*
  • I like ice-cream best in a cone, in a combination of flavours other people may find bizarre. My OTP is definitely chocolate and lemon. And at best the chocolate ice-cream is really dark and the lemon one really sour. Yummy. Apart from that I like either anything with lots of chocolate or coffee-flavoured stuff or lot of fresh fruit. :-)
  • Oh man, I never should have read this while on a strict diet because of a cleanse. All of those combinations that you mentioned sound heavenly. I don't think I could add to such beautiful-tasting and simple yet sophisticated-sounding concoctions as those. But some of my favourite flavour combinations are chocolate/orange, chocolate/peanut butter and maple/vanilla. My favourite kinds of ice cream are all the brown ones: maple walnut, butterscotch ripple, pralines 'n cream, chocolate, and OMG - choclate chip cookie dough - whoever came up with that one was a genius! I am wondering if other cookie dough might go well in an ice cream situation. Hmmm...I'm thinking maybe pound cake dough with lemon? Or brownie dough with walnuts in orange sherbet? I don't know. Do those sound weird?
    • Oooh...sorry! I didn't mean to be unfairly tempting! :(

      Chocolate peanut butter is so popular. It's one of the first flavors that I made. (I make my own chocolate ice cream, peanut butter sauce, and peanut butter cups. I'm a sick woman!) I've never tried chocolate and orange, and the closest I've come with maple is maple walnut for my grandmother-in-law, who loves it.

      At The Piece, we used to have a "lemon merengue pie" flavor that had pie crust in it. And we used to serve ice cream over pound cake--yellow and chocolate--all of the time. Now as for the brownie dough with walnuts in orange sherbet...that's one I would not have thought of! But I've certainly seen stranger combinations (pistachio with strawberry sticks in my mind; it made a pretty sundae but...yech), and who knows, it could be a hit!
  • Yummy! You might know some of this already, but I'll leave a comment anyway.

    My absolute favourite dessert is cold (ice cream) with hot (brownie or cake). Preferably that sundae The Piece had: three scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream on top of a hot brownie and topped with fudge, caramel, and whipped cream. It was served in one of those small metal "boat" dishes. I know you'll know what I'm talking about. :)

    More simply, I like:
    Ice cream: (French) vanilla, cookies & cream :-D, chocolate
    Toppings: caramel, fudge, whipped cream, Oreos

    But hot and cold totally rules. :-D
    • Yep. I know what you're talking about:

      One brownie microwaved for 15 seconds and cut on the diagonal and placed at the sides of a banana boat, cut sides in; three two-ounce "red" scoops between the brownie; one ounce of fudge; one ounce of caramel; three half-ounce, 1.5-inch whipped cream peaks; 1 tsp chocolate sprinkles and a cherry.

      (Only I'd leave the cherry off of yours.)

      Okay, I'm a sick, sick woman! :^P

      Hot and cold does rule; that's a good observation that prevents me from having to list all of the "oven-fresh" sundaes as my favorites!

      Btw, have you tried the new fudge? Any thoughts?? :^D
  • Oh yeh, and twist soft-serve in a cake cone. :-D
  • Ooohhh, hmmmm...

    Well, I'm not that much of a chocolate ice cream person (yeah, ok, so maybe I am weird...). I like Ye Plain Olde Vanilla. And peppermint, the kind with the bits in it.

    I really like sundaes too, but mostly I like sundae parts. Any means for whipped cream, fudge, caramel, and/or maraschino cherries. They also get eaten semi-separately. :P
  • I'm an easy girl (I should revise that :-P) when it comes to ice cream I'm easy, vanilla, choccy or mint choc chip will suffice. My mum and dad love walnut and maple syrup ice cream, I've never tried it but it always looks good when they get it.
    • I remember the mint chocolate chip...I was thinking of you when I made those grasshopper sandwiches last night!

      I tried maple walnut once because it was the only flavor at The Piece that I hadn't tried. It is pretty good, but I found it a bit bland. Of course, that could only be because it was Piece maple walnut and had probably been sitting in the freezer for two years. o.O
  • Mmmmm... ice cream... My favorites are vanilla, caramel and cream, on their own and in various combinations. I also like coffee and cappuccino flavored ice cream. But not on a waffle, not with biscuits or chocolate... just pure ice-cream.

    But when Nelyo's is up, I fly my ice cream loving behind over there and taste everything that you make.

    *mouth waters*
    • Yes! I hope that you do! That would be awesome! In the meantime, Nelyo's candy does fly all over the world. Just give me the word. ;)

      I'm with my sister in still maintaining that hot-cold sundaes are a definite ice cream OTP. :^P But I love all of the flavors you picked. How could I forget coffee?? That's a great flavor.

      (And I just realized that I've never tried making it. Hmm. Shall have to remedy that, I think!)
  • Hocking's vanilla ice cream (http://www.hockingsicecream.co.uk/) in a fresh wafer cone, possibly with a chocolate flake.

    But in any part of the world other than the North Devon coast, orange, strawberry (no bits of fruit!) and caramel ice creams with toffee sauce.
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