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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Tolkien Character Meme!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Tolkien Character Meme!

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elves exist
Invented by morelindo....

Pimped by satismagic....

Adopted by allie_meril....

And now, also, dawn_felagund!

What do you have in common with Tolkien's characters? Here are my responses...and if you think of one that I don't, feel free to add to the list in a comment.

Of course, because it's *me*, they are mostly First Age/YT characters :)

First, the obvious: Finrod Felagund: Well, we have the same nickname ;) Besides that, we are both blonds. We both tend to be overly devoted to our friends, putting others' interests before our own.

Turgon: We both like to live in our own little world. (But we will come out--for the right reasons.)

Feanor: We are both high-strung. We tend to take things personally when, perhaps, we should not. We both tend to become overly absorbed in our work. We are not trusting of authority. We tend to be mouthy and both have been known to call people "jail crow of Mandos."

The Valar: We're all awed by Elves!

Elrond: We both love books and libraries.

Ecthelion: By Ecthelion, I mean the Elf, not the man who stole his name in the Third Age. We both have interests in fountains. Of course, his fountain has water in it while mine has ice cream! Plus, if I were to do something heroic--like saving a city--I would probably also follow it up with something stupid. Like drowning in my heavy armor.

Balrog: If you've ever seen me when I get hungry and my blood sugar's low, then you'll understand the connection.

Nerdanel: We've both been called unattractive at points in our lives. (For the record, I was elementary age.) We are both proud of our physical strength: I used to be able to carry sixteen gallons of ice cream at a time! In some places in the world, this is a handy skill ;)

Elves: When I first heard of the sea-longing, I said, "But of course...." I have had sea-longing my entire life.

Maglor: I'm usually the pansy in the group going, "Now, that's not nice!" Our ethics often trump logic. Silmaril theft or everlasting darkness? Unethical choice or everlasting darkness? Hmmm....

Finwe: I seem to get stuck with the job as mediator, even when I don't want to be, between the Feanors and Fingolfins in my life.

Laiquendi: We all love trees! Yes, I am a tree-hugging dirt worshipper ;D

Luthien: I completely understood why she forsook immortality for love.
  • You alreday told me who I remind you of, hehe, I can relate to your descripton of her for yourself too, as well as the one you gave her for me. I can see quite a bit of me in her.
    • Nerdanel is an absolutely fascinating character to me. She gets like two mentions in The Silmarillion proper--always as the "wife of Feanor"--but Tolkien made a lot of notes about her that are scattered through his other post-humous works, and she turns out to be quite complex.

      Devoted to the Valar...and married to the man who defied them.

      A craftswoman, a wife, a mother...of independent spirit and yet obedient to the Valar.

      I never get tired of writing about her. As you can probably surmise :)

      Oh, I might not have your icon first thing tomorrow, as I am ready to drop from exhaustion about now....

      New character:
      Miriel: We are both about to drop from exhaustion right now ;)
  • Interesting meme. Not sure I've got the inner reserves to do it justice myself, but yes.
  • *smiles* The one about Ecthelion is funny... nice list anyway. And once more she said to herself, "dammit, gotta read Silm". See ya!
    • Yes! Must read Sil! It's a good book. I know some would disagree with me ::points up at Juno:: but I didn't get into the Tolkien fan fiction community until The Silmarillion. So it comes with my highest recommendations :)
  • Maglor: *jaw drops* She called me a pansy. Ethics is one thing, being called a....right, that's it, anyone seen my sword?

    (BTW, I am getting around to posting something I wrote and was going to 'give' you for your birthday, but not only did I start it late, but it turned out to be a bit longer than I expected and I'm still working on it. *blushes* I did note the date, (unless I have confused myself totally this time) I was just too useless to say so at the time, sorry! *hugs*)
    • Maglor: *jaw drops* She called me a pansy. Ethics is one thing, being called a....right, that's it, anyone seen my sword?

      Aww, sweetheart, I'm sorry. ::huggles Maglor:: To be fair, I called *myself* a pansy too, and I meant it in only the nicest way!

      BTW, I am getting around to posting something I wrote and was going to 'give' you for your birthday

      Thanks! :) Don't worry about it being late; I am honored that you are writing anything at all!

      And you will have to tell me your birthday so that I might return the favor, unless you're already in the database at the SWG :D
      • Maglor: *huggles back* Werll alright, I just, have a blind spot about that. I forget our family's 'nice' s other people's worst nightmare. Sorry, Dawn. *kisses gallantly*

        Story-wise, should be soonish, hope you don't mind fairly graphic ick. Of the missing hand variety.

        My birthday is July 6th, same day as Richard III was crowned in 1483 *grin*

        Maglor: Good party, that was, as I recall.
        • I can *read* anything, I have found, which is weird because I have a pretty profound blood phobia. But when it comes to reading it (or even writing it!) it bothers me not one bit.

          *kisses gallantly*

          • Phew that's ok then!

            *watches as Maglor cuddles Dawn*

            • Okay, I just stared at your icon, unmoving, for a good thirty seconds. Thing is, I've seen your icon how many times now? And now the drool is making the keys stick....

              The Fingon in blue and silver, looking to his left, has a really cute ear.


              *watches as Maglor cuddles Dawn*

              Are you trying to assure that I don't make it to my 25th birthday? ;D

              ::cuddles Maglor back, happily::
              • *assumes innocent expression, not easy with Fëanorians for muses* Me?? Hey, not my fault that Elf has the most amazing cuddle of any of the First Agers.

                You know, if you like the icon so much, I asked permission when I made it from all the artists and they gave it gladly.slayer9649 helped me a lot with it, giving me contact addresses and such. I'm sure you could use it if you would like to and welcome. Let me know and I'll email it to you *assuming I can figure out how!*
  • We both like to live in our own little world.

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