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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

And It Begins ...

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

And It Begins ...

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winter lamppost
I am presently sitting in a rather rigid chair, listening to moldy oldies and bubblegum pop being broadcast over a loudspeaker. My feet are cold. I can smell chili and it's making me hungry, but not that hungry since I just finished off a bottled tea that cost me five dollars.

In other words: The Season has begun! I am in a ski resort!

Killington Resort in central Vermont generally aims to be the first resort open each year in the continental U.S. For the past few years, they made it; this year, A-Basin in Colorado beat them to it by a few days. It looks like a pretty ukky day from my vantage point by a picture window in the lodge: gray, overcast, the tops of the mountains swathed in fog. But Killington has five expert-level trails open today so--hot dog!--here I am, getting work done on my computer while Bobby crams as many runs in on those five trails as humanly possible! At least it appears to have stopped raining.

It took a lot longer to get here than I expected: more than two hours. Meh. But we are stopping on the way home at what's supposed to be a good restaurant here in Killington. And, as I have found to be true of most ski resorts and the round of ice rinks I attended before them, I find it's really easy to concentrate and get work done. At home, I have more distractions and things I'd rather be doing. I am hoping that by the time I'm home, all of my work is done. (I'm actually mostly planned for the week at this point, which is pretty excellent, especially since tomorrow is Halloween and we will observe Samhain on Tuesday, so I won't want to be stuck with hours of at-home work on those nights.)

Jay Peak has been getting nonstop snow all week (as we've been getting nonstop rain down in the valley, which we need since we were in the early stages of drought), so hopefully they will be open soon too and we won't have to drive two hours for Bobby to have the opportunity to stand sideways.

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  • Good luck on getting some work done! Have a great day. I love chili. Doesn't have to be the world's greatest either. Maybe I will make some this week.

    Sounds like an adventure. I'd rather be in your position than Bobby's at the moment--but then there is no accounting for taste! I can work amidst those kind of public distractions also--easier than at home when I am called upon to clean or cook or pay attention to people.

    Laura and Alex went to a birthday party of a kid from his last school (ISB). I hope she has a good time talking to parents. She was driving me nuts when she left, worrying about her dental work and problems relating to that! Just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

    I am trying to write the shortest and simplest character bio ever (Morwë one of the early leaders of the Avari at the time of the first sundering). Probably use some of Angelica's "Name Calling / Group Identity"--which is so good and does not get enough attention in my opinion.
    • I think we are having chili next week. Bobby wants to wait till the weather is cold, and it's supposed to warm up this week, although today was supposed to be a beautiful day, and it seemed rather cold and gray to me. I've learned that meteorology in Vermont is even more a crapshoot than in Maryland thanks to the mountains messing with systems all of the time.

      I love chili too but not for $9!

      I can work amidst those kind of public distractions also

      It's like white noise to me. Granted, I've had many years of practice, first at ice rinks and now at ski resorts. Sudden noises bother and irritate me--screaming kids or damned skiers banging their plastic boots over and over again on the floor--but I can have hundreds of people around me going about their business and work without a problem. I got a lot of schoolwork done but no writing. (I have to admit to backing way off, not wanting to squander words, ever since I decided to make "Tamlin" my NaNovel.)

      Short and simple sounds good to me this month. It's a busy week: holidays, the newsletter, my first formal observation tomorrow. I'm going to laugh if it's more than three pages because I often chuckle at how you choose a character for her/his simplicity and then end up writing five or six pages! :)

      I hope you enjoyed your time home alone!
      • I slept through most my "home alone!" A bad habit I have picked up recently.

        I am all excited about cold weather because it's hard to cook in Brooklyn in the summertime. These little kitchens heat up the entire house so quickly and it takes forever for it to cool down again.

        Chili soon for us, I think. And Laura is making her big (many ingredients) lasagna this weekend also. We're cooking up a storm around here. (Prior to that we were using Grubhub way too often--which carries the cheapest takeout in the area we could find! No wonder I never felt well!)
  • There's nothing like living with an addict - LOL. Bobby is in 7th Heaven on the slopes, and you're warm, comfortable, and have a laptop. What's not to love :-)

    I guess you moved to the best possible place because Bobby would have been driving you slightly crazy if you were back in Maryland. At least this way he's fairly close to snow and soon will be even closer.

    Enjoy your winter - it will be a long season of snow, ice and cold - something that I'm not looking forward to at all. Winter can take its sweet time coming to Minnesota.

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • I'm SO glad we're not in Maryland right now. I don't even think they've gotten a frost yet, and it's been consistently in the 70s and 80s. He would be complaining so hard if we were still there. (I'm already girding my loins for when we go back for the holidays. If it's unseasonably warm, I won't hear the end of it.) But we're here! It's not only cold but snowing regularly (still not sticking in the valley, but it's the mountains that matter) and he got to ride twice before Halloween.
  • Snow sounds so delicious. It's still in the 70s/80s here.
    • It's been unseasonably warm in the mid-Atlantic, including Maryland where we're from: in the 70s and 80s as well. I'm not sure about your weather, but that is NOT normal for them! I don't even think they've had a frost yet.

      I've always said that if I have to put up with cold, at least give me snow. I've finally gotten my wish! :)
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