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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Slaloming with Giants

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Slaloming with Giants

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Last week, when Bobby and I were sitting at the bar in Pie-casso, there was a giant slalom event on the television. I told him that it looked cool. "Oh, that's giant slalom," he said.

"Funny, the people look like they are of ordinary stature to me, not giants at all."

"No, it doesn't mean that giants participate, it just refers to the kind of event it is."

Well, this was timely, as we returned from Vermont to discover that Bobby had a chance to participate in a giant slalom event today at Liberty, the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge. He wasn't initially sure that employees of the mountain would be allowed, but it was decided they were. He is tall (6'2") but not a giant.

There were 700-some participants overall and 28 in his category (male snowboarders ages 25-35; as he noted, there were some "pretty young dudes" he was up against). He texted me when he was getting into line, and I wrapped up in my cold-weather gear and schlepped out to the end of the course in my inappropriate-for-snow shoes. It was snowing quite hard; we are under a winter storm warning in north-central Maryland today. I arrived right as he was coming down and got to see the end of his run.

This was his first competition, and I don't think either of us knew what to expect, but at 2:30, we stood to hear the winners announced ... and he took bronze in his category! Which means that he is now eligible to race in the finals at the end of March, at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire. It is a televised event! So it looks like we will be back on the Vermonter and headed northward again sooner rather than later.

Here he is after taking his run.

 photo 2015-02-21115102_zps6b22a0d7.jpg

And after getting his medal.

 photo 2015-02-21150658_zps225cf886.jpg

Like I said, we are under a winter storm warning today with as much as 8 inches (20 cm) of snow expected. We took the truck out to Liberty, making arrangements ahead of time to have a friend in town on standby to pick up and keep the Goldens for the night if we had to bail on driving home and get a hotel room for the night. We left Liberty around 3:30. The roads were a mess, but we were all superior about how we were in PA and they don't take care of the roads there as well as we do in Maryland. HA. Well, we had to eat a big steaming pile of crow on that one because the roads were snow-covered all the way home--just as bad in Maryland as PA--and it took us about an hour and a half to get home. But we did get home! Not without some adventure: We live in the foothills of the mountains, so there is no such thing as flat roads around here. We got to the biggest hill on the drive home, and we were doing great, but about halfway up, two idiots were stopped in the middle of the road, having a conversation! We had to stop and lost all of our momentum, had to turn around, go back down, and try again. I've often said that I am fine driving in the snow and do not mind it except that people around here don't know how to do it and do stupid shit as a result. Like the number of people driving without headlights, in the middle of a snowstorm!

Anyway, we are home now, and it appears we've already received more than the snow that was called for, and it hasn't stopped yet. The Goldens had a great time bounding through it. Here is the requisite snow-covered "let me in please" photo.

 photo 2015-02-21172011_zpsfca5f7bb.jpg

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • That's so terrific, Dawn. Wow! Congratulations, Bobby!

    It been snowing here all day. I have no idea how much. It is impossible for me to tell looking out the window. Definitely not a blizzard!
    • I am so excited for him! He's only been riding for four years now, but he's worked really hard for those four years; this was a well-deserved medal. :)

      I don't know how much we have right now: somewhere between 8-12 inches, I'd guess. Enough that the Goldens had to work to walk through it. And it's still coming down hard.
  • How awesome! My congratulations to Bobby!
  • That's awesome! :D Congratulations to Bobby!

    I wish we got snow here - we have freezing rain! On top of the snow and ice from earlier this week, there is now an ice rink outside my front door. The Goldens look adorable peeking in the door.
    • From Bobby: Thank you! :)

      Ours is supposed to change to "wintry mix" and then rain. Bleh. We had a nice couple of inches of snow in the yard, but the constantly thawing and refreezing, plus the "wintry mix" we've been getting on a weekly basis, had our yard like an ice rink too. It was awful--the poor Goldens would slip and fall whenever they had to pee! I hope the rain tomorrow doesn't annihilate the snow before we get to enjoy it for a full day.
  • Congratulations to Bobby!

    It's been raining all day here, thankfully. We were supposed to get either more snow (we had about 8"-10") and/or freezing rain. But it's going to freeze over tonight and turn into ice anyway.
    • Thank you from Bobby! :)

      Ours is supposed to change to "wintry mix" and then rain, I think beginning tonight. Meh. I'd rather have the snow. Our yard has had ice several inches thick for weeks now; I feel like I take my life in my hands every time I walk from the house to the car! The snow is much more pleasant to look on and deal with. But this has been the winter of ice; this is a biggest snowfall this year by far.
  • Congratulations to Bobby! :)

    Today has been really nice but there is bad weather to the west of us. Looks like Denver will really get hit. But according to the models, we should only get brushed by it -- or at least that's what it says so far. We'll see. ::crosses fingers::
    • Thank you! :D

      Ours was supposed to turn to "wintry mix" and rain, but Bobby told me it is now supposed to stay as snow! \0/ We've had so much ice this year, I'm sick of it. The yard had ice a few inches thick in some places.

      I hope your weather cooperates too!
  • WTG Bobby. A bronze medal is terrific, especially for your first competition. So proud!

    Cocoon for the weekend, Monday will be there before you know it.

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • Me too! :D He was supposed to compete in something two years ago but separated his shoulder like a week before the competition. He's now determined to focus on training to do his best in NH in a month.

      We're in for the night with a fire going in the woodstove, it's snowing still outside, and we're getting ready to rent The Theory of Everything, which will mean I'm missing only one of the Best Picture nominees by the time of the Oscars tomorrow! :) The best way to spend an evening!
  • I can so see Bobby rocking an event like that - he just has the adventurous spirit, you know? It looks like he enjoyed it, in any event.
  • There is no try: just do it! Go Bobby!!!
  • Dang,that's terrific! Congratulations to Bobby! And good luck for the New Hampshire event!
    • Thank you, on his behalf! :) When he said he was competing in this event this weekend, I had no idea it was so serious! I'm very excited for him.
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