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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Oh God (Fandom Snowflake Day 8)

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Oh God (Fandom Snowflake Day 8)

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(Yes, I am probably the only person on the planet still doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge, but I am determined to finish it this year if it takes me all month ... and at the rate I'm going, it might! That is why I am posting this, even though it makes me so uncomfortable. This fandom has shown me so much love in truly life-changing ways. I feel like I can't ask for more. But in the interest of checking them all off the list, I am swallowing my discomfort and posting it anyway.)

In your own space, create a love meme for yourself. Let people tell you how amazing and awesome and loveable you really are. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so. Surf the comments and find people to give love to.

I'm drawing the line at posting it on Tumblr, though.

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • I think this is one of the hardest ones in the Challenge.

    You were one of the first to welcome me to the fandom and have been constant support ever since, even if it was by working behind the scenes. You created venues in which I wanted to participate, wrote stories I wanted to read, and hosted forums that I wanted to know more about. In general, you opened the door for me to walk through and I appreciate it more than I can or have ever told you.

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • I think it is too! :) I also think it is one of the most important. As women, we too often are taught not to celebrate our accomplishments, to say what we do well, or accept compliments without caveats ("Well, I couldn't have done it without the help of Person A and Person B!").

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been exactly my goal to make a fandom community that felt open and welcoming to all, so that means a lot. *hugs*
  • Well, you have given me a space to work and been very supportive and gracious of my writing (both fiction and non-fiction). You are the most positive and pro-active person in the Silmarillion fandom--probably in the Tolkien fandom. Are non-judgmental, kind, and compassionate. I respect and admire your diplomatic skills and selflessness in making other people feel wanted and needed.

    I wish I could be more like you in those ways. This is hard for me to write because I don't want to sound like I am talking about the ways in which you have personally made my fandom experience better, because it is bigger than that. You have made the Silmarillion fandom better.

    Oh, forgot the biggy for me: you are one of my absolute favorite writers. I wish I had your talent. It's big day for me always when you post a new fic. If it's long, it's like Christmas morning as a kid!

    Edited at 2015-01-25 12:40 am (UTC)
    • I want to thank you foremost for such a kind comment.

      And then I want to say that I'm relieved! Because you're one of the people I complain to the most! :D And one of the people I know well enough (and can trust won't easily hate me at this point) to sometimes let out my bitchy side! So if you are saying I am "non-judgmental, kind, and compassionate," then I'm doing a'ight. ;)

      It's big day for me always when you post a new fic.

      I have missed writing fiction so much. I am enjoying the hell out of these "Mythmoot mathoms" (that are more often than not exactly ficlets ...) I can't wait to be back at it. It will be Christmas morning for both of us. :)
  • You do a wonderful job maintaining SWG and MPTT and of running BTME, which I love.
    • Thank you, Linda! I love all of those things too, which is really what it's about for me, and it's wonderful when they can bring joy to others too. :)
  • You are such an awesome co-mod, and it's great to work with you!

    And I love participating in meta discussions with you.

    Also, you are a terrific and caring teacher.
    • You're a great comod as well! I feel like, especially in our early days of working together, I often studied how you handled conflict because you always do so with such gentleness and grace.

      And I love those meta discussions as well! :) Continuing what I just to Oshun, I can't wait till my degree is done I have more time for the fun part of fandom.
  • Nah, you're not the only one who is stuck half way with the Snowflake Challenge, actually, you are ahead of me now ;)

    But Gund... dear dear Dawn. I can letter this post with lurv and hears, but folks might wonder if we have an affair or something. Brainshares aplenty though. You make me laugh and giggle (sometimes wholly unintended like last Monday), you let me be myself, giving me the room to do the thing for the fandom my way. By doing this we and well the whole modteam can complete the other. It creates a good synergy.

    I know you sometimes do not believe how loved and appreciated you are by the fandom, I even said that you are Tolkien's BFF (with the positive connontations!) and I only need to have a look at felaks_treasure to see the evidence of that. I remember that somewhere during B2MEM 2012 the buzz started that 'we really are so grateful for all Dawn does, so what can we return in favour?'. The response to that was just wow and it felt so right to shower you with fannish love. So if you ever have an off fannish moment, just go there :)

    Personally.. we connected about 11 years ago through Isil who said: go and meet Dawn she is made of awesomesauce. I can use many words, but I keep them private because your support the past years and with everything that has been thrown at me. You have always been there, sometimes feeling very helpless, but just to know you were there was already so much.

    On another personal note: your AMC Tyelko has gobbled up a special place in my heart. Every Tyelko fic you do write I read, and re-read, no matter if my view/voice of is different (but that is what makes this all so great), but that is also what makes our friendship so great.

    Thank you for being in my life <3 <3 <3
  • Hi,

    Kudos to you. This is a hard one. Be proud of all you do. :)
  • This was a tough one, wow. Good for you for not "forgetting" it, hehe.

    I really enjoy your real-life posts, about your bees and your dogs and your gardens and your travels - I've started sowing the seeds for a Thanksgiving visit to Ocean City based on your description. And beer! Keep telling me us about the beers! Most Part of the fun of visiting new places is local beer!
  • You're talented, kind, supportive, passionate, patient, devoted, and one of the friendliest people I've ever known :)
  • No, no, don't feel uncomfortable, I honestly think you deserve some praise! :) (I can understand you though – every time my boss or someone else is mentioning my efforts in putting together an exhibition in a vernissage speech, I start looking for a place to hide, just as an example)

    But I feel like I really owe you this, regarding the fact that I've been like the silent ghost of Silm-fandom for --- I don't know, five years or so? (And I'm trying to become at least merely semi-silent once more.)

    First of all, I like the fact that you're an extremely welcoming person. Internet (fandom) communities seem like such a hermetic place sometimes and I always have the feeling that you're making it feel a lot less like an exclusive thing for a few insiders and I appreciate this!

    Also, I always have to gape in awe at how wonderfully prolific you are! Often when I come home from work, I feel like some kind of apathetic zombie that likes napping on the couch a lot better than trying to write something or leaving comments on the internet. I so often lack the discipline even though I yearn to be more productive once more, and there you are, writing clever papers, hosting a website, etc. etc. etc. I so totally admire this.

    Until today, you're one of my favourite Silm-writers. Sometimes I don't necessarily agree with your view of events or characters, but I like how original your take on events usually is, and often it makes me question my own views, something which I thoroughly enjoy. (I am actually re-reading AMC right now, and even though you say so in the story notes, I still don't think it's particularly cringe-worthy at all ;))

    And at last (though not least), even though we have never met personally, I am pretty convinced, you're quite an awesome person. *nods* :)
  • Oh my, oh my, where do I start? I have no clue. I genuinely have no clue. Congratulations, you are so amazing that I don't know how to count the ways. Is it the writing? The talent? The research? The essays? The work you do through and for the SWG? Your patience and kindness even in the face of mind-boggling idiocy? Your job, and the way you treat your student? The chickens? The bees? The dogs? And somehow, you manage to shoulder this workload ALL AT ONCE?
    In conclusion, you're brilliant and I probably forgot half the reasons why.

    Edited at 2015-01-25 06:57 pm (UTC)
  • [Dark Muse]
    Thû scowled. 'Once in peace

    I did abide, where in the Void I was content

    Until upon me was attention bent

    By Pandemonium whose dreadful intent

    Yanked me from evil dreams after she

    Read a dire tome called Eh Em See.

    There she read of magic and might

    Of the Noldor of Aman before their flight

    Of Fëanor and Nerdanel and all their sons

    And their everyday life and little things they had done.

    Her fevered mind fired, this so inspired the hag

    That she emailed you, Dungalef. I thought I would gag.

    And you wrote back on electrons that so swiftly fly

    And encouraged Pandë to give fan fic a try.


    "Fëanor's been done," she whispered in the gloom.

    "I think it's your turn," And there I was

    Stuck in this miserable room

    That is the prison of my gaoler's mind

    Although I must admit, she's not always unkind.

    So you see, Dungalef, had you not written

    My cynical gaoler would not have been bitten

    By her insatiable need to read and to write.

    And to paint shades of grey beyond black and white.

    Yes it is you, Dungalef, who has drawn many a soul

    Into the maw of this Silmarillion hole.'

    (With apologies to my original creator and his magnificent poetry in The Lay of Leithian
    [/Dark Muse]

    Pandë here: Seriously, Dawn, what you have brought to Tolkien fandom is remarkable. Your generosity to individuals (*ahem*) and to the fandom as a whole is unparalleled. You are our premier ambassador, a welcoming presence, and also an incisive, critical one. And...you're a damn fine writer. :^)

  • Praise her with great praise! Eglerio!
  • I love reading your posts about work and your students for the passion, humour and intelligence you bring to teaching. When you talk about your family or the goldens or places you've been, you open a window into your world and your posts are filled with humour and honesty and warmth. And you've made a gathering place for the Silm corner of fandom, something vital to any community. I remember when Uli started talking about this amazing writer and raving about AMC and then about this writers group you wanted to start, and being dragged over to join the Yahoo group.... the SWG has come a long, long, long way since then, largely thanks to you (yes, your mods are wonderful, but you are still the driving force). My life is richer for knowing you.

    And well done on not sliding quietly past snowflake number 8.
    • Nope, there are a few people still working on it, so you're definitely not the last. :D

      And look at all these people who recognize what an awesome person you are. <3
  • Dawn, you are a wonderful, awesome, compassionate woman. I really don't have the words to say how much I appreciate you and what you've done and the stories you've written.
  • When I first came into the fandom I met a bunch of awesome people online who helped me in so many ways. You were one of these people and somehow I 'clicked' with you more than anyone else, although the others were all incredible people too. But you stood out. And I owe you so much, not just for your help with some of my stories, but in everything else you did for me. Do you remember sending me your homemade chocolates? And models of the two brothers from your RPG? Meryth and Talban? I still treasure these little figures who occupy a special place in my china cabinet as well as in my heart. While I blush at some of the awfully amateurish writing I did back then, I still get a thrill when I think of starting the SWG with you! You are one very special person, Dawn, and the one regret I have is that we never got to meet in person. I could go on and on but I'm starting to get a little bit misty, so...

    And you are still one of the best writers I've ever had the pleasure to read and that includes professionals as well as non-professionals. :)
  • Yay for having the courage to do this part of the challenge! I think it's the hardest part of it. ;o)

    You are so awesome! Before I came to know you more personally, I saw you around as a mod and archive owner and generally as a person very central to the Tolkien fandom, and all I noticed was sympathy, kindness and an open-minded, helpful soul who went out of her way to make people - and me - feel welcome and at home.
    Now that I know you a bit better, this impression has only intensified, and I feel blessed to meet you here so often. :o) ♥
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