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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Here's Winter.

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Here's Winter.

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winter lamppost
Whenever I imagine the polar vortex, I imagine it as one of those men whose head sits directly on his shoulders, arms unable to touch his sides, and walks with the top of his head pointed forward. That's how I imagine him trundling down into the U.S., pulling cold air behind him like walking into a warm house and drawing the cold outside air in behind you.

This afternoon, when I walked out the side door to my classroom and into the parking lot, I thought, "Winter is here." It wasn't terribly cold--44F/7C when I set off north on Liberty Road--but it was raw and spitting this fine, cold rain. By the time I had picked up Bobby and we were heading home, the rain changed into that infamous-from-my-childhood "bag of wintry mix." By the time we were driving north on 795, it had changed to all snow.

So we've had the first snowfall of the year. By the time we were in Carroll County, it was starting to stick to the bare earth; by the time we were in Manchester, it was dusting the grass, and the temperature had dropped to 34F/1C. I just looked and it's stopped now (although NOAA warns for the possibility of snow showers throughout the night) but we got a decent amount of coverage for a mid-November snowfall in central Maryland.

Pardon the photo quality; they were taken with my phone in poor light.

 photo 2014-11-13194045_zpsab51a06c.jpg

 photo 2014-11-13194137_zps85893ce0.jpg

For anyone following the Saga of My Pulled Piriformis, I have returned to work (yesterday) and can walk again. I am still stiff and have been banished from the gym for three weeks by Bobby (who is at the gym now), at which I literally whined; blame the lingering pain for my regression back to the behavior of a seven-year-old. It's just that inactivity doesn't help with the stiffness at all, even though I know that I need to give myself time off from anything strenuous. But stiffness is better than feeling like someone is stabbing you with an ice pick at the top of your thigh every time you take a step. And I'll have dance twice next week, so that will help.

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  • It's flurrying right now, though we aren't supposed to have accumulating snow until Sunday. The high was just above freezing today. I'm not ready for this!

    I'm glad your leg's improving.
    • I'm not ready for this!

      You and me both! Last year, I remember getting all inured to the snow and cold, and it'd be like 35F outside, and I'd go, "Pah! We are having a right warm day today!!" but as a naturally warm weather creature, I guess that wore off pretty much immediately because it's been in the 30s this week and I feel like my hands and feet are never warm.

      We got about an inch out of last night's snowshowers and about half of it was left when we came home today, which tells me it was barely above freezing today at home. *sigh*
  • Loved the pics. It's still rather warm here. Probably a good thing to take it easy, although I know what you mean about the stiffness. I just went back to the gym after about a 3 week hiatus because my knee's been acting up. Can you do some modified exercises at home?
    • Thank you! I took the pictures to show my TA (who lives near Baltimore and doesn't get anywhere near the snow we do) and of course forgot today, so I'm glad to have at least posted them here! :D

      I do bellydance, which is relatively low impact but nicely stretches and exercises the hips and core; I have two classes next week, so I'm hoping those will help. I'm making a point to walk this weekend because my lower back is stiff from the lack of mobility. Meh.
  • I'm with Bobby on this one! *stern finger shake*

    It is currently freezing here too, literally. Less than out at the ranch actually (30), to which I have to go later unless the whopping four idiots people who signed up to ride don't cancel. (Please cancel.) Last night it got down to 21! o_O I guess I should be glad that today's high is meant to be a "warm" 45, compared to the 38 we had yesterday… Did not sign up for this.
    • I'm with Bobby on this one! *stern finger shake*

      Ha! Yes, I've been scolded by Rhapsody as well over on the other post, and even my TA--a gym rat if ever there was one--told me today that, yes, I need to take time off. So I am thoroughly chastened. ;)

      Did those people end up going riding today? My goodness, I wouldn't want to go riding in below-freezing weather, but I am admittedly not very fond of cold weather.

      We ended up with about an inch of snow yesterday and about half of it was still around when we got home today, so that tells me it was not much above freezing here today as well. :^| (It was around 40F when I left work, but Baltimore might as well be another country as far as weather is concerned.)
      • We ended up with just two… I suppose I did get paid, but still, I would have been happy to stay home! It was 39 when I left the ranch. (45 as the high my @$$!!)

        I always question the sanity of people who elect to ride in the cold. Personally, I like to feel my feet when I dismount!

        At least we did not get snow, though we did get a little sleet on Wednesday night. Nothing that stuck to the ground though.
  • Oh my goodness that's a lot of snow! I like the pumpkin photo. :)

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the world it was 95F and it isn't even technically summer yet!
    • This snow was really just the warm-up! :D A few years ago, we got over a meter; by the time the second consecutive storm finished with us (the link points to pictures of the first storm), the snow was almost as high as our split-rail fence in places and much deeper than my dogs are tall.

      it was 95F and it isn't even technically summer yet!

      Ugh. Wicked summers are actually more normal here than snowy winters (although we've had the latter recently), so my sympathies!
  • Brrr! is it normal for you to have snow in November? Here the weather's wholly mad: in the last few days we've had the best spring temperatures (20 something C) but that was after huge storms with floods and tornado-like winds which came after a spell of almost 40° in October - not surprisingly I've been dragging a headcold for the last ten days
    • It's not normal at all. We usually get our first snowfall in December, but Maryland's snowy months (if you can even claim that we have such an animal since we usually get only a few significant snowfalls) are January and February.

      huge storms with floods and tornado-like winds

      Hello, U.S. Republican party, what was that you said again about that climate change hoax thing?? >:^|

      not surprisingly I've been dragging a headcold for the last ten days

      Bleh. I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon! *sends along virtual chickenless noodle soup and cozy Elves to help*
  • Love the sow on your pumpkins. Here, unfortunately, your pumpkins would have been buried, with perhaps the stem only poking out of the snow blanket. Drive carefully, take care of your leg and you'll dance again soon.

    - Erulisse (one L)
  • I bet someone at your house is humming jinglebells all day long ;) His snowboard equipment is probably ready to go :D

    I love the pumpkin ones the most. Here we just have standard dreary Dutch November weather, but it is cosy inside...

    Do take care with the slippery grounds though, but I bet you already are taking good care of yourself. *hugs*
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