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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Midmoot! and the Little One Is Seven.

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Midmoot! and the Little One Is Seven.

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alex awww
Yesterday was a very fun day: "Midmoot," or a gathering organized at the midway points between Mythmoots for local Tolkien fans affiliated with the Mythgard Institute. Bobby and I both went; participants pooled money to fly Professor Olsen down for a day-long seminar and dinner. (Professor Olsen is awesome: so down-to-earth and hilarious and brilliant.) It was in Alexandria, Virginia, which is not that far but manages to be that far: almost three hours from Manchester by the time all was said and done! Yikes. Just over an hour in the car and the rest of the time on the Metro. (Although, as Bobby put it, we did cross a state and all of DC in one of the busiest parts of the country.)

But it was worth the trip: The seminar was a series of informal talks and discussions but touched on several intriguing topics related to Tolkien and speculative fiction more generally. I thought about signing up to present something but sat on my hands, being overwhelmed generally at this point with academic stuff. Best of all, I got to hang out again with mithluin, whom I've known online for many years and knew lived in Maryland and somehow managed to never meet in person till last Mythmoot when I complimented a woman on her Curufin costume and the rest is history. (I should have known. I mean Curufin? Really?? She had to be one of my own kind.) We had a great supper at the Bilbo Baggin's restaurant in Alexandria, in which Bobby, MithLuin, and I managed to talk about pretty much everything but Middle-earth (although we did talk about Tolkien's Beowulf a bit and MithLuin humored me by letting me yammer about my thesis a bit).

6:30 came too soon! The party went on for a while after that, but Bobby and I had that almost three-hour trip to make again, plus animals waiting at home to go out and pee, plus work the next day with planning still undone (for me). It sucked, though, having to leave; we've decided we are definitely staying on-site for Mythmoot this year because, however nice it is to live in the hinterlands most of the time, it isn't cool when you're having fun with friends and have to leave early. We had to leave Pub Trivia early this year at Mythmoot in an attempt to beat a snowstorm home (and we barely made it).

The drive home (or the "home drive" as I just typed it) was less painful until we reached Westminster and drove into a storm. So the poor Goldens had to hold their pee even longer because, when the rain subsided enough for me to let them out, they pretty much did a U-turn on the patio and gave me ugly looks like I was crazy for sending them out in the first place.

Speaking of Goldens ... today is Phil's birthday. He is seven. They're aging too fast ... So, for the next two months, until Alex turns eight, they will not be the Goldens but the Sevens.*

*They are Goldens and not dogs in the first place because, in the wilds of my imagination where most of the beings and objects of importance in my life are not only personified but characterized, then the Goldens take great umbrage at being known as dogs, a species they regularly rail against (sometimes including threats involving antifreeze).

I just downloaded a bunch of pictures of the Sevens off of our camera, but Photobucket is being a witch-with-a-capital-B and took just about forever to upload just two pictures of Phil. So those two pictures will have to suffice for now. They are really cute pictures, though.

 photo IMG_1846_zpsd866a1a5.jpg

Curled in a ball with Big Blue. (Big Dragon is just off to the right. The Sevens frequently get in trouble for playing inappropriately with Big Dragon, i.e. trying to rip him in half between them in the living room during dinner when they think I won't know what they're doing even though I always do and they always get in trouble and you'd think they'd know that by now.)

 photo IMG_1853_zpsb0731917.jpg

The day Phil wouldn't dry. He'd been outside in the rain three hours earlier at this point. And it wasn't raining that hard. I have no idea why he was still wet. He looks pretty confused about it too.

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  • I'm glad you had fun at Midmoot (and I'm training to rein in my jealousy). It-- and the full Mythmoot-- sounds wonderful. Even better is the meeting with a fandom friend.

    when the rain subsided enough for me to let them out, they pretty much did a U-turn on the patio and gave me ugly looks like I was crazy for sending them out in the first place.

    Haha! I used to have to literally shove Magic outside if it was even so much as sprinkling, she hated water that much.

    Happy birthday to Phil! Those photos of him are adorable.
    • I absolutely loved Mythmoot. I had so much more fun than I thought I would. I knew it would be cool, but I also expect hardcore Tolkien fans to be a little ... stuffy? close-minded? un-fun?? I've hung out with lots of nerds where there is more pontificating going on than laughter. That's probably not very charitable of me, but I was so pleased to be proven very, very wrong where this group is concerned. When MithLuin messaged me that she was going, the deal was sealed, three-hour trip or no!

      Perhaps you will make it over to Mythmoot someday. You'd have a place to stay if you ever wanted/needed it! :)

      I used to have to literally shove Magic outside if it was even so much as sprinkling

      Awww, poor Magic! I'm kinda with her on that one. My parents had a dog when I was very young called Buffy, and Buffy would abstain from eating or drinking when it rained so that he wouldn't have to go outside. But the Sevens are waterproof! They have no excuse.

      Those photos of him are adorable.

      Thank you--I totally cherrypicked the cutest ones! :D
      • Charitable or not, I tend to assume the same. I'd rather have the laughter!

        Perhaps you will make it over to Mythmoot someday. You'd have a place to stay if you ever wanted/needed it!

        Aww, thank you! One of these years I'll be able to afford it. Maybe I'll win the lottery or something. (Of course, that requires buying a ticket. :P)

        Wow! Buffy was smart. Magic never figured that out. Thankfully, once shoved outside, she'd do her business and then practically fly back into the house.
  • Goldens are my favourite dogs.Our pets do age too quickly, but my neighbours' Golden reached 14 and my cats 17. The Midmoot sounded fun.
    • I have loved Goldens since I was a kid. At the risk of sounding even weirder than this post already makes me sound, when I was 11, I made up my mind that I wanted a Golden. I asked my parents and, well, that wasn't happening. So I got the strange idea in my head that if I made myself a fake Golden, then they'd feel sorry for me and get me a real one. So I stuffed this old, hideous plaid shirt of my dad's (because Goldens are totally plaid?) with an old bathrobe and called it Golden and carried it everywhere. I still have Golden but never got a real Golden until Bobby and I adopted Alex almost eight years ago, so clearly my weird tactic didn't work.

      Pets should live so much longer. Bobby and I were reminiscing how it seems like just yesterday we were walking Alex in the housing development down the road from us, and a little ball of fur ran into the road, and his breeders were like, "Do you want him?" It took us all of about 15 seconds that night to make that decision. :)
  • My dogs have varied opinions on the rain -- depending on how much, hard and/or fast it's coming down. Sometimes they just look at me, stare out the door, look at me again and bark at me to turn the water off. LOL! And when they put the brakes on like that, the outside cats zoom in and hide all over the porch...
    • The Goldens will usually go out into it but then make a U and come right back in. Which is kinda dumb. I mean, they can surely tell it's raining without having to walk out into it? So they get wet and track water into the house without actually accomplishing anything potty-related.

      bark at me to turn the water off.

      Priceless! :D
  • You know, you say you don't have kids but you really do. *Nods knowingly because I have had goggies*

    • However, you cannot just put kids out in the yard when they annoy you! From where I'm sitting, that is a very important difference! :D :D :D
      • Oh yes, you can! Of course, you pretty much have to go outside with them until they're about 9 or so. And then you have to keep them in sight. Now, at almost 16, Bec is on her own, ha!

  • Happy birthday to lovely Phil. There's nothing like those sad eyes looking for another treat or some attention from you or Bobby. Too sweet!

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • Thank you! I admittedly cherrypicked the two cutest pictures of him that I could find from among the almost thirty that I pulled off the camera yesterday. Phil is really good at Big Soulful Eyes, usually when he's asking for the ball to be throw for the 101st time ...
  • Aw, look at those eyes! In the first photo Phil looks like he's wondering, "What are these strange humans up to *now*?"
    And I swear Retrievers are experts at the puppydog eyes, more so than most other dogs (or maybe we're more susceptible?). Vaughn does that even when I'm carrying something clearly inedible like a banana peel. Silly dog.

    They certainly do age too fast. Vaughn's going white along the flanks now, which scares me because it's only been in the last three months, which is astonishingly fast. I'm sort of in denial that he's going to get old and frail and eventually just wind down in a couple of years. :( When he dies I want it to be with his health and strength intact.
    • Phil has these incredible almost perfectly round and very dark eyes, so he can do the Big Soulful Eyes schtick quite well! :D

      Alex is starting to get really white. It's sad because he's showing his age in other ways too. Phil isn't showing his age as much, but this time next year, they will both be old men. :(

      Pets should live longer than they do. Much longer.
      • Aw, that's so sad about Alex. I hope he's alright now- was he the one who sprained his tendon a while ago or was it Phil? I remember you complaining how hard it was to keep him still!
        Are these guys your first dogs and/or Goldens?
  • Big Soulful Eyes,: that's Benito's specialty! He pulls precisely that face that makes you go awwww! and then lies down for a belly rub. He will turn seven too towards the end of the year and he's getting all white in his nose which shows because he has this lovely dulce de leche colour (no other description for that precise shade :D). It seems like no time ago that we adopted him. Jabon, the pointer is 14! and showing but considering how sick he's been, we can't really complain. But I'm afraid sadness is getting closer :(. The funny thing about their relation with rain is that a pointer who is supposedly bred for hunting in the open gets all afraid if it's raining while the Collie mix doesn't mind at all getting wet but I *do* because then he's like Phil's second pic!

    Mythmoot *envious* ;)
  • So great to see you again! I certainly hope I'll be able to make the next Mythmoot as well. Just a wonderful time with positive and funny fans, as you've said.
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