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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Lull in the Snow So--Pictures!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Lull in the Snow So--Pictures!

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happy cloud
Well, the predicted snowstorm has hit with a vengeance. We are currently in a lull (Bobby told me the technical meteorological term for it but I forgot what it was), but it is expected to pick back up tonight. (ETA ... it is actually freezing rain again out, which SUCKS.) Bobby estimates that we have gotten about 16 inches (41 cm) so far. We could get 6 additional inches (15 cm) tonight. It is hard to estimate the depth because it has also been very windy, so the snow is drifted quite high in places. We also had quite a bit on the ground from the storm last week. I'll be interested to see what the NWS reports as our official snowfall totals.

Thank goodness the ice was finally out of the trees before this hit. That could have been a disaster. Or maybe I spoke too soon! The power just flickered. It is really windy outside right now.

Bobby took some pictures out in the yard when he went out to clear the front steps.

When we first opened the back door this morning, the poor Goldens didn't know what to do, as the steps were buried under a mound of snow. Eventually, they got brave and waded out onto the steps and then got stuck.

 photo IMG_1620_zpsf0db7249.jpg

So Alex did the logical thing and decided to just lay down in the snow.

 photo IMG_1621_zps49098440.jpg

Eventually, they figured out how to wade through the snow. Phil wisely just followed behind Alex and so let Alex do all the hard work of blazing trails through about two feet of snow.

 photo IMG_1622_zpsebeabd46.jpg

Freyja laid in front of the open door and looked out at the snow and said, "FUCK NO." (She really did. She is my cat. She curses something fierce.) She doesn't go outside anyway and today was not the day to start.

 photo IMG_1623_zps5085ff92.jpg

The garden in the corner of the yard. The two humps are our composters. You can tell how the snow has been blowing because everything is covered on all sides!

 photo IMG_1635_zpsa845a263.jpg

Looking across the street at our neighbor's house.

 photo IMG_1638_zps747306c9.jpg

This was just a good picture of Old Piss, so why not.

 photo IMG_1639_zpsbe76afe4.jpg

And poor Phil looks a vision of misery.

 photo IMG_1640_zps6c323ab6.jpg

Because Phil is more feathery than Alex, he gets these little balls of snow in his feathers that look like a decoration at a cheesy Mexican restaurant.

Moryo, submerged.

 photo IMG_1641_zpsb9aaa145.jpg

But not as badly as the red car, which is just completely covered.

 photo IMG_1647_zps1a0d199e.jpg

The lamppost. (There is something about an old-fashioned lamppost that always makes pretty winter pictures.)

 photo IMG_1643_zpsfd8304a1.jpg

The front of the house, with Old Glory trailing on the ground because the snow is so high!

 photo IMG_1646_zps843c0818.jpg

And Bobby's snowman, lovingly constructed with a traditional carrot nose, mouth and buttons made of hickory nuts, and stale-Oreo-cookie eyes. However, as I pointed out to Bobby, it will be hella creepy when the birds start pecking out his eyes. I suggested that Bobby build a gibbet around him, which said he would do if he had the available materials. And, thus, something cute and kinda whimsical took its usual dark turn with us.

 photo IMG_1648_zps73c43051.jpg

And now that we're all cold looking at those pictures of snow ...

Freyja is now big enough to jump onto counters. She is banished from all counters in the house except in the bathroom, where she had discovered a fascination with our bowl sink. She loves to watch me run water in the sink and plays in the water. And she lays in the sink.

 photo IMG_1624_zps4477b7ea.jpg

 photo IMG_1627_zps05d085e7.jpg

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • Oooh photo's of Freya!!! She's quite a lady huh?

    And aw Alex, he seems to enjoy the snow more than Lance, isn't he?

    But wow, so much snow and that snowman with Oreo cookies, LOL I am really curious how things will look like tomorrow morning!
  • Lovely snowman. You are right about the lamp. It makes beautiful pictures. (I want to make you an icon using it.) I remember one winter in Chicago when our car was parked in front of our house and we could not see it for over a month. That winter we measured snow in feet instead of inches. A couple of times we walked to the corner with the street signs and traffic signs a our feet instead of closer to eye level or slightly above.
    • I'd love an icon of the lamp if you're ever so inspired! A good percentage of my icons are of your making, and I don't have anything for winter. (Hence the endless use of my general "nature" icons.)

      A couple of times we walked to the corner with the street signs and traffic signs a our feet instead of closer to eye level or slightly above.

      That's incredible. I'm trying to imagine it. I'm trying to imagine even getting onto the "sidewalk" with that much snow on it. But this is precisely the reason that I've told Bobby that, while I'm open to the idea of moving out of Maryland, it better not be anywhere that gets worse winters than we do, unless I'm able to just hibernate indoors all winter.
  • Your furbabies are adorable--the dogs look happy frolicking in the snow, and the cat looks happy not frolicking in the snow, LOL!

    And your lamppost in the snow makes me think of Narnia!
    • Maybe that's why the lamppost in winter is always so attractive to me!

      Normally, we have to be careful with open doors with Freyja. Not now! :D
  • Oh, what gorgeous doggies! And Freyja looks very dignified in that bowl :).

    That is a TON of snow! It's beautiful, though...ours has already all turned to gross city-slush, alas...
    • The official NWS snowfall total for our town was 24 inches, and we already had 8 inches on the ground! It's crazy. The snow is waist-high on either side of the [cleared] driveway.

      (And we could get as much as 6 inches again tonight ... D^:)

      Freyja does look rather dignified, doesn't she? Would that she acted in a dignified manner ... (I managed to occupy her for several minutes earlier tonight by doing a very exuberant Charleston in front of her. Neither of us looked particularly dignified: my dancing or her fascinated staring! :^P)
  • That is an impressive snowfall! We're close enough to the coast that the snow-rain line shifted so we didn't get as much snow as points westward...or southward. o_O

    Look at the Goldens! What a hoot. I love the snowman and the lamp post (yes, the very picture of quaint :^)). And Freya in the bowl sink...the second photo in which she's peering over the edge is priceless!
    • We ended up with 24 inches, according to the NWS, on top of the 8 inches we had from the storm last week. That's a lot of snow, especially for us.

      The Goldens haven't even ventured out into the main part of the backyard. I think they remember when we got that 3 feet of snow a few years ago and poor Phil dove exuberantly out into it and sank over his head. They're always hilarious to watch in any snow, but especially deep snow like this.
  • Eeeeek! That's a lot of snow. Good luck with the storm that is still supposed to come.

    Oh dear, Freyja! The last time I saw her, she was a baby, and remained a baby in my head. Seeing her now was sort of a shock, especially the first picture, where she looks very big.
    • Yes, she's grown a lot! When we went to England, she still looked like a kitten. When we returned, she'd started looking like a grown cat.

      Now two storms ... up to 6 inches/15 cm tonight and another one possibly on Monday night. o.O

      Bobby and I both agreed that this is the first time that we remember that we can't remember how many snowstorms we've had, it's been that many.
  • LOL! It cracks me up that the Goldens got stuck! Poor babies.

    My cat had the same reaction back during the ice storm. Only it was probably coupled by, "Bitch, you refuse to let me go outside in good weather, and now you suggest I go outside in the cold and ice? Fuck you."

    The flatties think snow is The Shit.
    • When Freyja gets on my nerves (which is pretty often), I may threaten to throw her out into the snow. o.O

      The Goldens pretty much agree with the flatties! Although they haven't braved the main part of the backyard yet; I think they remember the last major snowfall we had when poor Phil sank up past his head!
  • (no subject) -
    • Yikes. We have a snowblower, thankfully, and that has gotten quite a workout this year! We ended up with about 7 inches more last night, which meant the driveway and walkways had to be cleared all over again. We ended up with 24 inches total from this storm, according to the NWS. o.O

      ETA ... omg I just noticed your icon! *loves*

      We have a filk of the Trogdor song for our cat Freyja:

      Freyja was a man.
      Well ... maybe she was a kitten-man.
      Or maybe she was just a kitten.
      But she was still

      Edited at 2014-02-15 12:50 am (UTC)
  • Gorgeous photos. \hope your weather soon improves.
    • Thank you! No luck on that yet. We could get up to 6 inches again tonight and a possibility of more snow Monday night ...
  • A very long time ago I had a toy poodle (hating the stupid hairstyles, I always had him looking much more like a hippie-pup). Smokey would go out into our Colorado snow and burrow tunnels through the yard, popping above snowbank level every now and again like a submarine putting up its periscope. It was the funniest thing to see. Maybe you could teach the Goldens how to tunnel?

    Great pics of Freyja.

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • Um ... you know Golden retrievers are a large breed, right? :D

      We ended up with 24 inches (on top of the 8 inches we had), which has been enough to dissuade the Goldens from venturing out into the open part of the yard.

      I think poodles are adorable dogs when left natural. When they are trimmed to look like wedding cakes ... notsomuch.
  • Ha! the snowman. Gibbets and crows...

    Also, that is the most awesome sink I have ever seen. o_o
    • The funny thing about the snowman is that, the morning after his creation, the hickory nuts and carrot had dropped off, but those Oreo eyes are still intact. Perhaps the bird feeder right next to him has helped prevent the birds from going all medieval on him.

      The sink was chosen by Bobby when we redid the bathroom. We inevitably get comments on it from visitors. At our Halloween party, people were making special trips into the bathroom to see it!
  • She curses something fierce.

    My kitty did that too :D She didn't like snow either. My dog on the other hand... eats it, rolls in it, barks at it. Comedy!

    I told Oshun that you seem to have all the snow in the world this season. We've had spring with one week of snow and cold weather in the middle of January.

    Love the snowman and Freyja in the sink.
    • I think we do! We got 60 cm out of this one and could get up to another 15 cm tonight. The yard looks crazy. The snow on either side of the driveway is waist-high due to drifting.

      Freyja's never been outside, except for going from house-to-car and vice versa in her carrier. She's normally pretty fascinated by open doors; one good thing about the ridiculous cold and snow this year is that it has pretty much nipped that in the bud!
  • I always love seeing photos of your dogs. Makes me wonder how mine would react to snow. It never snows here, and he's not been outside Sydney in winter (excluding Singapore, where he is now), so he's never seen snow! :D

    And poor Alex! His expression makes me want to pick him up and give him a hug.

    Edited at 2014-02-14 11:13 am (UTC)
  • Wow! It's really pretty. I love the snowman.

    Your dogs getting stuck and Alex laying down made me crack up.
    • It is pretty! And crazy! The drifts on either side of the driveway are waist-high! o.O

      The poor Goldens still haven't ventured into the main part of the backyard, the part that is not under trees and that therefore gets the deeper snow. I think they might remember the last time we had snow like this, when poor Phil dove right in and went in over his head!
  • Oh my God, kitty in a sink! So cute! Your Goldens are adorable, too, but I can't help it, I'm such a cat person. Nice sink, btw! :)

    While you're dealing with such a heavy winter, there was hardly any snow here in Germany at all. Nonetheless, the short and dark days we've had for so long make me long for a bit of light and warmth. Today we've had foehn, so the day was uncharacteristically warm and sunny for the season - something I immensely enjoyed, even though it felt odd to be sitting out in the beer garden in February... ;)
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