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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Spring Is Coming, Maybe?

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Spring Is Coming, Maybe?

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yavanna earth
The chickens started laying eggs again. Bobby got two eggs yesterday and two today--all greenish-blue from the Ameraucanas--out of the coop. However, since egg-laying is motivated by day-length, not by temperature or any magical!animal!intuition of impending spring, then this doesn't mean that we're due to experience spring-like weather anytime soon. And we haven't. It's barely cracked freezing all week--the warmest day in a week being the day of the effing ice storm</em>--and we're due for more of the same this coming week. We got two more inches (5 cm) of snow today. I think I'm turning into a Northerner; I was all like "Two inches ... yaaaawn." This is what the NOAA weather forecast for Manchester looks like for the coming week:

 photo carroll-weather_zpsb90dc734.jpg

This looks like our weather forecast for the past two months. A red "Hazardous Weather Outlook" at the top. Weather icons that look like a kid's arts-and-crafts project that involves making snowflakes out of coffee filters. And temperatures where the highs are our usual lows and lows are just OMGWTFthisisMarylanddammit.

I hate to keep talking about the ice storm, but I'm going to have to because our trees are still covered in freaking ice. Yes, a good bit has either melted or (more likely) fallen off. (Piles of ice pieces from the white pines turned the driveway lovingly cleared by Bobby into a miniature version of the Helcaraxë. I was mostly excited today about the snow today because it would cover up all the shards of ice on the ground.) The branches of the Japanese maple no longer point groundward, true, but the tree is still encased in ice, just somewhat less ice than it was a week ago. The annoying thing is that if we drive even five minutes south, most of the ice is gone. As of yesterday, people were still having their power restored. We went out to a late dinner on Friday and were talking to the restaurant owner, and she told us that she had a man come in earlier in the evening whose house was 35F and who was sleeping in his winter coat. :^|

But spring is coming, right? The long-range forecast apparently shows a rapid warm-up into an early spring by the end of the month. The chickens are laying again, we've started all of our indoor seeds, and we've ordered a package of bees ... spring better be coming.

As perhaps evidenced by the fact that I just spent a whole post talking about the weather, my weekend has been pretty dull. I spent most of the weekend working on my final essay for my Enlightenment class. It has to be 17-20 pages. Between yesterday and today, I wrote 13. Yay me. It's not due for a week, but I am taking the month of March off from grad school and starting back in April, so the sooner I finish, the sooner I can begin my break.

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  • Yes, we are ready for spring too. I bought seed potatoes the other day.

    More snow predicted here this week. *sigh*
    • Same here! We are already under a winter storm watch for Wednesday night and all day Thursday.

      The sunset-in-Puerto-Rico icon is wishful thinking for both of us. ;)
  • I hope you're over your cold already?

    Sorry that the Enlightenment paper seems to involve too much Rousseau to be really engrossing...

    Those ice storm pics were impressive. (I shared one in a private e-mail with a friend--I hope that's ok.). But I'm not surprised that you're tired of the ice now, even apart from the damages.
    • Please share away! :) I am glad that there was something in there that's worth sharing.

      The cold is gone except for the nasty gross-head-and-chest-congestion phase that can last for weeks for me.

      Rousseau has actually grown on me a bit! His political works are not nearly as coma-inducing as Confessions was. (And then I read somewhere that it is considered one of the Best Autobiographies Evah, so my distaste for it seems to be mostly me.) So the paper is going well also. I tend to get engrossed in spite of myself! :)
  • I'm sending you warm thoughts from a bounty beach under the coconut palms. :) I thought of you yesterday when I got inked by the squid I was trying to eat - just desserts! (It was dead and grilled but apparently not de-inked...)
    • Oh my! Yes that is not a problem we are dealing with right now! :D

      I hope you are bringing back pictures ...?
      • It's not a problem I generally prepare for either. ;)

        We are taking lots and lots of photos - and currently zooming around an island on mopeds. Fun times!
  • My forecast is something like "ice, wintery mix, SUNNY AND 68!!!" What even IS that?

    Piles of ice pieces from the white pines turned the driveway lovingly cleared by Bobby into a miniature version of the Helcaraxë.

    I dunno, crossing the mini Helcaraxë before going to work makes me feel accomplished.

    and we've ordered a package of bees

    I first read that as "beers". *halo*
    • That is spring coming in like gangbusters.

      I dunno, crossing the mini Helcaraxë before going to work makes me feel accomplished.

      It makes me feel scared. I always envision slipping under the car and breaking a leg.

      I first read that as "beers".

      Now we always have several "packages" of those (plus wine, vodka, Scotch ...) around here. ;)
      • And then, I suspect, disappearing again with a "haha just kidding!"

        Slipping and breaking a leg does seem like a reasonably likely outcome, considering how often I get to the car and think "Yes! I have made it!" only to slip at the last second.

        Perhaps I should encourage spring to come along by buying my own "package" of beers!
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