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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

They Didn't Lie This Time! (Snow!!!)

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

They Didn't Lie This Time! (Snow!!!)

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charlie brown tree
For the past two years, every time some sort of winter weather is forecast, either 1) nothing happens or 2) the temperature is just shy of freezing and all we get is dumb rain. This time, they actually got it right--in fact, we got more snow than predicted! When Bobby went out around sunset, he measured 9 inches (27 cm). That's the most we've had in a couple of years.

We went out to Westminster this morning at around 8:30 because we had a couple of things that we needed pre-storm. We had four quick stops and then planned to get breakfast while we were out. When we pulled into Goodwill to drop off a bag of donations, it was snowing lightly. Three minutes later, it was starting to stick to the road. We decided to skip breakfast, and it's a good thing we did, because by the time we were back to Manchester (about a 12-minute drive), the roads were coated in snow, and it was difficult to get up the hill to our street.

The storm is supposed to continue tonight, with sleet and freezing rain; since the winter storm warning is in effect until 10 AM tomorrow, I think it's very likely we won't have school tomorrow. In fact, my cousin (also a teacher in this family of pedagogues!) just posted to Facebook that her district just closed. Bobby's dream is that 1) schools will be closed tomorrow, 2) Liberty will be open, and 3) we will be able to get out by late morning/early afternoon so that he can go snowboarding. He's been up there several times so far, but only for work or for training.

Okay, so I was about to write about the [lack of] salting and plowing in Carroll County today, but who cares about that crap, right? Bobby took an adorable picture of the Goldens early in the snowstorm, when the flakes were light and fluffy and easily stuck to their hair. Now that's the kind of content that matters!

 photo Goldensinthesnowdec13_zps3c01da04.jpg

You can tell we've had a dearth of snow these past two years by the amount of time I've spent talking about it.

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  • You two are so cute! (And so are the Goldens!) Not so thrilled about the possibility of snow this week. It snowed earlier and is on the cars and trees, but not a lot on the street or sidewalks. It is going to hit the low 40s tomorrow so it will melt by mid-day I imagine. But then it is going to rain all day tomorrow and then snow on Tuesday. That's the prediction. I have things I need to do. It all involves walking in the rain or snow or whatever.
    • I read your last LJ entry that you are looking at having to go out on foot in what our weatherpeople around here always call "a bag of wintry mix." Ugh. My sympathies. Walking in cold rain/wet snow is the worst. I hope it isn't too bad.

      We got a snow day out of this storm and it looks like we might get 3-5 more inches tonight into tomorrow morning. Thankfully, up here where it is colder than central Maryland, we got mostly snow and very little ice.
  • I was watching the Philadelphia game and thinking it looked like a lot of fun! I'd love some snow.

    Lance and Alex look so CUTE! Though a bit like "uh...guys...it's cold out here..." :)

    Kind of in school closure limbo here too. The two districts I live in have closed, but the district where the office is actually located is not... Could be an interesting drive tomorrow...
    • The Ravens game (1 PM in Baltimore so right in the middle of the heaviest snowfall) apparently included snow-related hijinks yesterday: lots of slipped tackles and dropped balls. Bobby watched it and said it was a really fun game because of the snow.

      The Goldens--especially Alex!--love the snow. They were begging all afternoon yesterday to go out and play.

      I hope everything worked out for you in getting to work safely, if you had to go. :( Baltimore County (the district our school follows for weather-related closings) tried something similar: closed for students but 2-hours late for staff. However, we are a nonpublic and make our own rules (in this, anyway ;), and our director said that if the kids are off, we are off. I <3 the director right now ... :D
      • I bet they do! Dogs in the snow is so much fun. My horse in England loves it too - his eyes would light up like a kid on Christmas morning when he came out of the stable and saw it.

        Despite all the school districts closing, I did have to go to work. :\ Luckily the roads weren't too bad overall, if one was careful to stay exactly in the lane. They managed to get out yesterday and get a good deal salted/sanded, at least where I was. Getting the 2 inch slab of solid ice off my car this morning, however, was not so fun.

        But hooray for a day off for you! I like your director's philosophy. I trust you made the most of it! ;)
        • When I saw your comment come in right as I was getting ready to eat dinner, I thought, "Bummer, she had to go to work!" I'm glad the roads were awful though and that you made it there and back safely.

          We're looking at 3-5 inches again tonight into tomorrow, so I've got my fingers crossed for a repeat. ;)

          I don't see eye-to-eye with our director on everything, but she is extremely fair to her staff. She often says, "As long as my kids are good and my staff is good, then I'm happy," and she does live by that. She sometimes even lets us go home a few minutes early on days when it's raining heavily! :D

          Make the most of it I did. You know me! ;) I got the "Tree of Tales" paper into its final-final (as in, I could present it tomorrow and be happy with it) form, made good progress on the Powerpoint that goes with it, and did some research for a school paper. I'm pretty pooped now--so much for a day off! :D
  • The Goldens look so cute! :) Best of all, they have the coats to handle cold weather. My two little brats just zip in and out at something approaching lightspeed, lol.
    • Yes they do! Lance doesn't have a heavy undercoat, so he can't stay out as long, but Alex will lay in the snow until we make him come in. His undercoat is so thick that he's difficult to bathe. But they both have that waterproof coating that retrievers have, so they can basically be wiped dry when they come in! :D
  • I hate snow, which is pretty rare where I am, but I love your photo.
    • Thank you! We generally have some snow on the ground for at least half of the winter. If we have to have winter, I'd prefer to have snow! :)
  • Loved the photo of the snowed Goldens! We might have snow quite soon; not looking forward to it, but it is inevitable...
    • Yes, where you live, it is inevitable! :) We usually get a decent amount of snow here too, thanks to being northwesterly and especially our elevation; the past two years have been very light in this regard.
  • Congrats on your snow. =D I can surely understand the enthusiasm. It almost literally never snows around here. This morning we had thick frost all over the backyard, and I was excited enough about -that- to take pictures of it.
    • I can understand that! :D My feeling is that if we have to have winter, we might as well have snow.
  • Wow! That doesn't happen too often there. Glad we don't have it here. It is cold though, for us, low tonight will be 37.
    • In my experience living here (eight years now), we have snow on the ground for about half of the winter. But we rarely get more than a few inches at a time, so nine inches looks like a winter wonderland! :) It's quite pretty out now with all the snow and a coating of ice on the tree branches.
  • They're adorable!

    Congrats about the snow! We have a couple of inches on the ground right now and I'm thrilled about that.
    • Yes! If we have to have winter, we might as well have snow. Otherwise, everything is just brown and dead-looking. Right now, we have the heavy snowfall on the ground and a coating of ice on the tree branches--it's beautiful out! :)
  • Oh, my word...the dogs! That's your holiday card right there.

    Just slushy today in Boston with that bone-chilling damp.
    • Now I just need the time to send cards out! :D Next year, she says for yet another year ...

      Slushy and damp ... yuck. It looked like winter wonderland here today; despite the temperatures edging up to about 35F, the trees remained glittery and ice-coated until the sun went down.
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