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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Meet Freyja!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Meet Freyja!

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Freyja is here! Bobby went after he finished teaching his classes (he is done at noon, lucky) to pick her up. She's quite sweet and cuddly but not very fond of the Goldens. (Although, at present, she is sitting on my chest and sleeping, and Alex is sleeping on the floor across the room.) Alex is scared of her. She hisses and spits whenever he passes.

Grainy pictures taken with my webcam below the cut!

Freyja stalks past behind me on the couch.

 photo freyja5_zps9a5f4620.jpg

And then settles in on my shoulder. (How did she know that I've always wanted a black cat that would sit on my shoulder?)

 photo freyja3_zps89f53d3b.jpg

I've no idea what we're looking at off to the left there that is so fascinating!

 photo freyja4_zps59f6c373.jpg

 photo freyja1_zps9ed1c13a.jpg

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • She is so tiny! I remember having kittens like that when I was a kid. Freya is a great name by the way.
  • CUTE! I love that little blaze/smudge on her nose. :D
    • Our speech-language pathologist (who took in Freyja's mom and thus ended up with Freyja and seven others!) initially described her to us as looking like a skunk! :D
  • Aww! So cute.
  • Very cute!
  • Cute! As one black cat owner to another though...beware! ;) I'm sure she'll be ruling the household, Goldens especially, in no time.
  • Sorry if I can't keep myself from this for once - but I just have to SQUEE! Isn't she adorable! ♥ She has the most awesome face - is that red among the black?
    She reminds me quite a bit of the only female kitty I ever had, Smilla (points to icon), also daughter of a stray, which we lost a year ago after fifteen years of her being the undisputed Queen of the household, the family, the street and whatever... I don't doubt your little one will show similar traits soon enough. It's in the eyes, you see... :o)

    NB: Your crossposting text from DW is awesome! ;o)
    • Squee away! :D She's black with reddish-brown throughout, and her blaze is reddish-brown. And she has a white patch on her chest. I'll have to take and post proper pictures! :D

      That's a beautiful icon of your kitty! (So sorry to hear she's no longer with you. :()

      Freyja has already cowed our 80-lb Golden Retriever so ...

      NB: Your crossposting text from DW is awesome! ;o)

      I like DW's mission better, but most of my friends are on LJ, and I'm too lazy to post twice! :D
  • So, now you became mom for the third time! :D Cute little baby. And I'm sure they will all be great friends soon. :)
    • I hope so! We just had a stand-off in the kitchen. They do well when they're all doing their things, but Alex tends to fixate on Freyja, and Freyja wants no part of Alex!
  • She's darling! And you know what's cool?

    I can see your face relaxing more in each pic as she begins to interact with you.

    That's what furbabies are for.
    • I'm not sure I even posted them in the order I took them! :D I took about twenty and posted the best. But I'm happy they created that effect nonetheless.
  • Oh, what a gorgeous little thing! We had a black cat named Freja too!! (pronounced Freya) :D:D:D Black cats are the best - and she was an absolute queen of all the other animals. I hope you get to spend lots of time with her posing on your shoulder!
    • I am totally not surprised that you also had a Freja! :D I've always wanted a black cat but assumed it would be a boy (since most of my pets have been boys) and so had Merlin in mind. When we found out we were getting a girl, I ran down a list of names from world mythology, and Bobby and I both liked Freyja best of all.
  • Wonderful!
    What a little princess!
  • *nearly explodes from the cuteness here*

    Alex is scared of her.

    Yeah I can imagine you have this small feline entering the house, surverying her personell hisses at you when you are not even threathening her and has sharp claws. I'd keep a respectful distance as well, until everything settles down. And Phil? Wil he share his pillows with her?

    Oh man, I am so looking forward to those stories :D
    • She's a hisser! A short while ago, she was walking toward Alex and hissing, which didn't really seem fair! Phil has pretty much ignored her so far. I see her becoming friends with Alex more than Phil because Phil tends to be standoffish toward other animals, but maybe we'll see some pillow-sharing! :D It would be his due. When he was a puppy, he'd curl up with Alex, who would look miserable as he waited for Phil to fall asleep so that he could move a meter away!

      Here is Freyja as I started typing this. No shoulders today as I am in a sleeveless shirt. She is lucky I am busty ... :D

       photo freyja6_zps2eb46bb0.jpg

      She is also fixating on my Feanorian lamp necklace. I had to take it off because she kept grabbing it. Good girl, Freyja! :D
  • What a cute kitty! I have to laugh at the image of great big Alex being spooked by her.

    And what Dreamflower said. Freya will be good for you in many ways. I love that she went right for your shoulder as a cat perch.
    • No shoulders today, as I am in a sleeveless shirt! So she went for the next best place, per the photo in the comment to Rhapsy above yours ... thankfully, I am endowed enough for her to do that ... :D

      Alex is definitely intimidated. It took him about ten minutes of pacing around and panting last night to get the courage to lay next to me on the couch (because Bobby was next to me on the other side, holding Freyja ...)
  • I remember when I brought my two most recent kittens home from the shelter. They were a handful each - black little fluffballs. The dog was curious, then backed off thinking that since they were so small, they were no threat (how very wrong she was - LOL). From that point on, the kittens/cats ruled my home :-)

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • Even though Freyja is tiny, I think she'd win that fight--those claws are sharp!

      She is settling in well, one day later. She has her crazy moments, and I have had to flick water on her to get her to stop climbing my skirt, Bobby's jeans, the tablecloth ... but now she is laying in my lap, purring away.
  • She is adorable. :D And I am adding this pic just for you:

    authority defined
  • OMG what a cutie! I'm also curious about the color of the tiny patches on her face (white, beige?). Congratulations on your new addition. =)
    • Thank you! :) She has a reddish-brown blaze between her eyes, and white under her chin and on her chest. The same reddish-brown color is sprinkled throughout her fur, so she isn't pure black (but very pretty! :)

      I will try to get out the real camera tomorrow and take some actual pictures!
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