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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Mythmoot Paper Accepted and Other Good Things!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Mythmoot Paper Accepted and Other Good Things!

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alex eek
Well, it's official! My paper proposal for Mythmoot II has been accepted! *subdued and slightly terrified squeeeee* This will be my first conference presentation. However, since it specifically encourages fans, students, and first-time presenters, then I think it's as good a time as any to take this particular plunge. This means I need to double-down on preparing for it, though; I've been negligent here, in part because I think I didn't want to get my hopes up and ... :^|

The conference is in Baltimore, and I'm hoping that maybe I see some fellow Silmgeeks there ...? :D

In other good news, it is Friday, and I have survived the first two weeks of school in one piece. The beginning of the year is always the hardest part. It's lots of single-class lessons, which means more planning. Next week, I will be settling in to reading some texts with my classes that should take more than a class period to get through.

In other good news, Bobby is making another attempt at The Silmarillion and seems to be enjoying it more this time than the other two (??) times he's tried it. He has been taking Mythgard courses with me, so I think he likes being able to connect it in to the larger history and mythology ... exactly the opposite of how I did things, which was to read the Silm and then become interested in the history and mythology. He's at present pondering something that I'm nudging him to write up and post to the SWG. I'm shameless. I've been trying to get him into the Silm for years.

Okay, to close out, I have some cute pictures. Well, one is probably only cute to me, but the other is most likely cute to anyone warm-blooded.

The first is a picture I took of the whiteboard in my classroom last Friday at the end of the day. I have the ninth-graders last period, and they are quite a handful this year. Ms. Karen wrote a very emphatic reminder about our policy on horseplaying, and they went about decorating it and rewriting it (even though they don't follow this directive at all!). I especially like the little man off to the right who appears to be horseplaying in English eighth period. Then another student came in and wrote an endearing message to me at the top. So it's cute to me.

 photo 130829-154008_zps8cefaab5.jpg

And then yesterday, Lancelot curled up into a tiny space on the couch next to me. It shows how ridiculously small he can curl up. He weighs 68 lb/30 kg, so while hes's smallish for a male Golden, he's not that small. Both of these pictures were taken with my webcam, so apologies that they're a little dark. Lance and I were in the basement, and there wasn't a lot of light.

 photo 130905-212241_zps153504d8.jpg

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  • Oh, Lance is a living doll in your pic. And I really liked the whiteboard. It's pretty obvious that you and Ms Karen are certainly respected by your students. Congrats on getting your paper accepted too. I wish I was closer to Baltimore, but alas, it is not to be :-)

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • It's pretty obvious that you and Ms Karen are certainly respected by your students.

      We are, sometimes too much! A couple of our older students dragged one of the rambunctious freshmen into the hall today because he was acting up in our class and tried to thrash some sense into him. Alas, they are seniors, and he is a little twerpy kid that looks like Yoda, so we couldn't let that happen.

      I wish I was closer to Baltimore, but alas, it is not to be :-)

      I feel very lucky that this is happening in my backyard. A trip of more than a few hours would have been out of the question for me too, at this point.
  • That is really terrific! But I want to know what paper you are presenting. Did I miss that while my internet was down?
  • Oh, your students are so adorable! :D I love what they did to the whiteboard, it's obvious they like/respect you two.

    Lance is adorable too. It's hilarious how small they can get.

    I wish Baltimore was closer, so I could go.
    • The ninth graders are, for the most part, little and cute this year. But bad. Really bad! I hope the respect bit soon extends to actually not horseplaying in the classroom, as my classroom is tiny and full of expensive technology.

      I love how small Lance can ball up. I often say that I could easily fit him into an overhead bin on a plane! :D

      I wish it were possible to teleport all of my fannish friends to this! Besides that it would make me far less nervous, that would just be awesome! :D
  • Lance is part kitty!

  • Congratulations on having the paper accepted! The title sounds great. You'll be letting us know more about it later on, won't you?

    Curled-up Lance is so cute it almost hurts.

    I suppose it would be non-fiction that Bobby is considering, by the sound of things?
    • I'm going to definitely be posting some rough drafts over the next couple of months. I know too many smart people to go without y'all's insights. ;)

      Bobby is thinking about non-fiction, yes. I keep hoping he'll be a fiction writer, but that's not really his thing. I told him he needs to write up his idea and post it to the SWG!
  • Congrats, Dawn, on having your paper accepted! That's very exciting and I'm sure you'll do an excellent job. However, I'm more excited by the news that Bobby is getting more involved in The Silm! That is awesome.

    Your pics really are adorable. The first one tells me that some kids do care (I assume that a student wrote that on the board) and the photo of Lance is heart-breakingly cute.
    • Thanks! It has been very nice having someone around the house to talk to about Tolkienish things. He was in "Of the Return of the Noldor" last that I checked, but he's done some reading since then, so he might be beyond that by now. I think this is the furthest he's gotten in several attempts.

      The "I <3 WT" was from one of my eleventh graders. For all of its faults, the school where I teach does encourage a level of support and caring for the students that is not very common in "level 5" schools, and the kids--who often are in "the system" and come from foster care and group homes--seem to really need that. Some of the students care very much for the staff. There is a saying popular in education right now about the three R's--Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships--in that order. My mentor argues that it should be the other way around, and especially for the students I teach, I totally agree.
  • Congratulations! I wish I could go.

    Lance is adorable.

    That's awesome about Bobby attempting the Silm again! I'd love to see what he's pondering.
    • Thank you! I wish I could teleport everyone there for that weekend ...

      I'm nudging Bobby to write down his thoughts and post them to the SWG. I'm going to keep nudging. ;)
  • Congratulations on having your proposal accepted, and if nothing else, then this probably shows that it's the right time to share your wisdom with the world at large. :D You will do splendid, and I'll be cheering you on from over here, while wishing it were possible to attend in person.

    The pictures are adorable, and I'm laughing about Lance squeezing into a tiny space like that, while I have to fight for space in my bed with a cat who is much smaller than him - but for some reason she succeeds in making me contort around her every night, because by some miracle she always takes up the majority of space. :P And that student contribution is nothing if not endearing!
    • Happy belated birthday, first of all! :D

      Thank you for the long-distance cheering! I will likely need it ... but this conference is intended, in a large part, to open the Tolkien academic tent to newcomers and those unaffiliated with traditional academia, so I think it's as good a place to start as any. (And I am pretty traditional, being a grad student in this stuff and all! :D) I am heartened by how enthusiastic and welcoming Professor Olsen, who runs Mythgard, has been about people submitting proposals.

      On chilly nights, Lance likes to sleep in bed between Bobby and me. He's pretty good about fitting himself in, but every now and then, he'll get the idea to lay at the bottom of the bed where my feet go, and then it's the contorting act for me too!
  • Congratulations! Lancelot is adorable.
  • Yay, paper accepted and I bet many years from now, we all look back on this knowing that you are a respected scholar far beyond our wee corner that is the SWG. :D Congratsm, I wish I could be there, but hopefully there will also be other means to view it?

    I think my husband still regrets telling me I absolutely should read Lord of the Rings many many years ago ;) But go Bobby! There is a lot of strategical battle stuff hidden in the Silm and HOME that will be to his liking. And what also might help is to listen to the audio version of the Silm. :)

    Whiteboard: that comment is just utterly adorable. And I think they behaved when writing on the whiteboard LOL Oh and what is on the right is very very structured :c)

    And awww Lance, what a cuty. There is a wee bit of space next to mommy, I will squeeze myself into it. Woof!
    • Thank you! *hugs* I am certainly looking to start publishing some papers as I get closer to my master's thesis ... it was a goal to work on a paper to publish this summer anyway, then the Mythmoot opportunity arose! :) I don't know if I'll ever do a PhD because of the cost of it, so I am contenting myself with starting to publish and present. I do love this side of the Tolkien community, as well as the fannish side.

      I am going to see if Bobby will videotape it for me. Of course, I'll have to check out the policies on that to make sure it's okay, but if it is, then I definitely want a video of it to join my lonely video about The Wanderer on Youtube! At the very least, my paper and Powerpoint will be available.

      what is on the right is very very structured :c)

      Oh yes indeed! We have lots of structure in English: a daily routine, daily objectives, a homework board, a quiz topics board, notebooks for every student to keep his notes and in-progress assignments, and a place for everything and everything in its place. :D My students are difficult enough to manage at times without having them bounce around the classroom at the start of each class, unsure of what to do! :D You know my love for structure, and my TA is quite OCD about things being neat and orderly, so we make a good team.
  • Congratulations on the paper! Not that I am at all surprised, I am sure you will have done a fabulous job. I'm rather in awe!

    Lance is cute as a button. He can come live with me at any time. ;)
  • The topic is fascinating and I'm sure you'll be great. Maybe we can have it as a podcast? ;) Teleporting, why hasn't it been invented?

    Lancelot and my baby Benito must be distant twins: same sleeping position. I must admit that napping with the baby dog (I remind you he's 5!) squeezed next to me is one of my secret pleasures.
    • If it's permitted, I'm going to get Bobby to videotape it, and then I will put it up on my Youtube channel. (I have a Youtube channel! It only has one thing in it, but ...) I could certainly see about converting it to MP3 as well; that's a really good idea! And, of course, the final paper will go up on the SWG, hopefully in References (assuming it's approved ;).

      I must admit that napping with the baby dog (I remind you he's 5!) squeezed next to me is one of my secret pleasures.

      Same here. Alex snuggles next to me on the couch each night for our hour of TV time. During the winter, when it's very cold out and we all retreat to the warmth of the basement, I will fall asleep using Alex as a pillow while reading. Especially in the winter, Lancelot sleeps in bed with us for at least part of the night, which is fine by me, as he is a great bed-warmer! :D
  • Congrats on getting the paper accepted, and I'll try to be in the audience for it!

    I get the impression this will be a very fan-based, friendly gathering, so probably the perfect forum to begin with for presenting a paper! And hopefully the reception here will give you any boost of confidence you need to present in a more academic setting later.
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