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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Silly, Sexy, Sh*tty

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Silly, Sexy, Sh*tty

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As I have reported in the past, the Goldens like to howl, especially at sirens, either the town fire siren going off or emergency vehicles driving down Route 30, which is about a mile down the hill from us. I have always wanted to capture their howling because it's really funny. They get very serious about it, like someone will believe they're wolves if they just throw back their heads and go at it full-force. Yesterday, something must have popped off in town because sirens (and presumably the vehicles attached to them) were going up and down 30 every few minutes. Every time, the Goldens would jump up and stare out the patio door. Once, Phil whined like he was revving up a howl. I was working at the kitchen table, so every time a siren would go off in the distance and they'd jump up, I'd aim my webcam and tape record them. Oh, I'm so '80s! I finally struck gold!

[*growl* I forgot that Photobucket and my journal don't play nice with embedding videos for some reason! Here are the Goldens howling. Sorry for excess clickage 'cause I'm going to do it again in the next paragraph.]

Not this week but next week is the dance recital for the studio where I bellydance. We got our pictures done over the weekend. So if you've ever wanted to see two-dozen photos of me in a bellydance costume, along with the rest of my group, here you go! I am the one in red. I am wearing makeup! That hardly ever happens.

I also painted my nails red for the occasion. Since prom is this Friday and my show is the next week, I am leaving them like that. But it's weird. My hands look really girly. I have insanely hard nails* that grow really long and keep a nice shape without my having to do much to them (and, I know, I know, I couldn't care less and don't do anything to them until they get so long that I have to trim them--I agree it's not fair). My TA, Ms. Karen, noticed it right away, as did some of the students, who were kinda freaked out about it.

* Seriously. I used to bite my nails until I chipped my teeth on one.

We came home this afternoon to a shitty surprise. Alex had diarrhea down in the basement. It usually happens around this time of year, since he inevitably eats things growing in the yard that he should not. The time he got into some Russian olives was an epic shitstorm! This is a dog's way of perceiving the world:

Dog: *finds something* What is this?


*tilts head*


Dunno. Well, I guess I should eat it and find out.

Sadly, in the course of this, he pooped the moose rug. We have a hearth rug in front of the woodstove with a moose on it. The first time we had the woodstove inspected, in our first year here, the chimney sweep recommended a hearth rug to keep the floor from catching on fire. We agreed this was a good idea, but we were also rather poorish at the time and all the hearth rugs Bobby found were a little more than we wanted to pay. At last, he found one! "I found a hearth rug for like $9," he told me. "The only thing is that it has a moose on it."

"Who cares?" I said. "I don't have a problem with moose. And it was only $9!"

Well, the moose rug was one of the items destroyed in the Great Flood of 2011. By then, though, we were kind of attached to it, so Bobby ordered a new one, identical to the first, to replace it.

Now Alex has gone and pooped the moose rug! Our house is a perilous place to be a moose rug, I guess. It did come clean with some hose action, and to reward it for being such a loyal moose rug that keeps our floor fire-free despite being periodically drowned and pooped, I washed the non-poopy spots too, so now it's all nice and clean and drying in the sun, sitting on a lawn chair, out in the yard.

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  • Aw, cute video! I kind of* love it when two dogs howl next to each other. Back when we had the Shelties, it always kind of sounded like White Sox would start off and Pip would yap at him (it almost sounded like she ways saying, "SHUT UP!") and then give up and howl along after a minute. With the border collies, it's like Albert tries to harmonize with Ozzy or add his warbly voice to make a song. (The two goldens down the street from our house crack me up, too, because they just sound so desperate to make sure the sirens in the distance hear them.)

    (*I say "kind of" because lately the border collies seem to like howling in the morning, half an hour before I intend to get up. :\)
    • Alex and Lance will do the yapping thing to. Or Lance will sometimes warm up with a heartfelt "woo-woo-woo-woo-woo" and then give in and go full-throttle. The Goldens used to harmonize; now I think they're just trying to make noise!

      They'll howl in the morning sometimes too, especially if someone is *horrors* walking down the road. The nerve!
  • Haha! Funny how once you actually set up to record vocal dogs, it becomes surprisingly hard to catch them at it! I tried to record Rook's lamentation in the car, and every time I hit "record", he'd stop!

    Too right on the dog logic. Though I think mine skip right to the "eat it" step.
    • The Goldens were challenging because they usually howl at the front window, and every time I'd sneak down the hall to observe them, they'd stop and look at me like, "What?!" This was one of the few times they were howling and I was right beside them, luckily with my laptop right beside me!
  • I'd rather read an entry about Alex pooping the moose rug than about your students going ballistic. Just saying... ;)

    You look so girly and stuff in the belly dance pics! I have always wanted to take belly dancing but I have old, arthritic joints that hate me. And I'm too poor... Excuse, excuse...
    • My students are usually more joy to me than turmoil but work has been rough lately.

      Bellydancing is relatively low-impact, and I like it because it's so supportive of women of all ages and body types. So if you ever get a chance to try it, it might be worthwhile! :D A good instructor will work with the limitations because of your arthritis.
  • You look pretty!

    The dogs' howling sounds kind of silly to me, but maybe I have the wrong attitude and it will strike fear into the hearts of their foes. :-)
    • Thank you!

      Nope, it really is as silly as it sounds. ;) I do wonder what they hope to accomplish with it!
  • Today's poop day: after eating (actually being fed - by me) more yogurt than is advisable for any cat, Angelica had trouble reaching her litter box and decided that the doormat would serve the purpose. Said mat is dripping outside (hopefully deodorized)

    The howling dogs are great. Here the noisy one is Benito who's a high-pitched whiner whenever he's not barking his head off at anybody who dares walk near the house, especially terrorizing little kids from a school around the corner. I hope they won't become afraid of dogs!
  • Vaughny rarely howls like that, thank heavens, but like most dogs with a vantage point he does bark at every single person who walks down our street, or used to before he went off to Singapore. Your Goldens are certainly taking the howling seriously!

    *nodnod* Cookie Monster!logic is the reason they have such strong stomachs.
  • The Goldens made me laugh. Magic only rarely howled, but she was a quiet dog anyway.

    You look lovely!
  • The Goldens are incredibly funny. I love the punctuation marks placed by their tails with each glissando. Marvelous.

    And you look fabulous - all three of you in your dance outfits. A great trio.

    I envy you your fingernails, although I've always kept mine short because I was a cellist and just got used to it. I'm allergic to nail polish, so no colors for me :-(

    - Erulisse (one L)
  • Oh, god, the Goldens are hilarious! Love those big bushy tails. Ami and Sam, the Basset hounds that were the family dogs when I was growing up, had beautiful, almost bell-toned howls, especially when they were after a rabbit. We could hear them "baying" across the fields.

    Those are great photos of you belly-folk. Love the jewel-tones of the costumes. It sounds like a fun way to get some exercise, but you wouldn't catch me baring my matronly midriff these days. :^D
  • What's funny about the video is the one dog stops and the other looks at him like "Are we done then?" and they walk off together. Beautiful dogs. Goldens are the best.

    And it warms my heart the moose rug got a mini vacation and spa treatment after the day it had. What a good old rug.

    Love the belly dancing pics. The costumes are divine and you look look lovely.
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