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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Midterms. OC with the Goldens.

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Midterms. OC with the Goldens.

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This week was midterms. This is good because it means the semester is halfway over and *checks pulse* yep, I am still living. And I am well done over half the work in both of my classes, so the latter half should be significantly less intense than the first half. I have around a 98% in both classes, so I am floating buoyantly with my head and upper chest above the water at this point. I had two midterm essays to write this week for my Renaissance class that were like pulling teeth to write; neither topic was very interesting (I had to choose two of three and the third was even less interesting), and the one book I had to discuss, Gargantua and Pantagruel, however ... intriguing ... and sometimes entertaining it was, was not a book I found easy to write about. I just finished both essays, and they are posted, and I am caught up on other work for the week.

So I am rewarding myself by writing in my journal. \0/

Bobby and I went to Ocean City last weekend so that we could take the Goldens. Dogs are not allowed on the beach or Boardwalk May through September, so it was one of the last weekends we could go. We had a good time. We left Friday after school, sat in horrendous traffic to cross the Bay Bridge, and were in OC by 8 PM. There are very few pet-friendly hotels in OC, but we have stayed at the Barefoot Mailman before and liked it, plus it is rated #7 in all of OC on Trip Advisor, which is saying something! It keeps company with the Hilton and Princess Bayside and other luxury hotels that, in season, cost several hundred dollars a night to say in. It is a humble little motel that doesn't even back up on the ocean, but it is very clean. ("Pet-friendly," unfortunately, tends to equate with "slightly skeevy" in my mind; I had a former coworker who stayed at a pet-friendly hotel once where the chair had fleas!)

The Goldens were good. This was Lance's first trip to the ocean. We took Alex when he was still a baby, before we had Lance, when he was afraid of the ocean and ate sand that he later shat out on the Boardwalk. (I just looked back at those pictures. Alex looks so young! I look so skinny! Bobby looks so beardless!) Alex is still afraid of the ocean, as is Lance, but no sand was consumed or shatted out on this trip, although Alex did poop once on the beach, right on the edge of the ocean, and got washed over by a wave in mid-poop, which he did not like, Bobby said. (This was early morning. I wasn't there.) The weather was decent but not great; the Goldens behaved better than the weather. It was chilly and so windy on Monday, the day we left, that we decided to skip a final walk on the Boardwalk and just go home instead.

The fishing pier, which was partially destroyed during Sandy. Nonetheless, Ocean City was lucky--very lucky!--compared to her sister coastal towns to the north in Jersey. We saw some minor damage to signs but that was it.

 photo IMG_0235_zps8994d363.jpg

The Inlet, last day there. The sea was crazy because of the wind. There were whitecaps on the ocean as far out as I could see.

 photo IMG_0228_zps979d1cde.jpg

Me. Reading Don Quixote on my Kindle for my Renaissance class, very bundled up. I had a beach towel around my head until the sun came out and wind died down a bit. I love the ocean more than I loathe the cold.

 photo IMG_0210_zps90de09a4.jpg

Bobby is using a new camera. Purdy.

 photo IMG_0203_zpsbe9adab6.jpg

We bought a kite! This is like the family-of-modest-income's version of We Bought a Zoo. Bobby and I have both always admired stunt kites. When I was an elfling, before my family mysteriously stopped going to OC, the hotel where we stayed was right across the street from a beach where people flew stunt kites after the lifeguards went up, and since we stayed on the top floor, I would watch them from the window. I always wanted one. It is as fun as it looks! The first time we tried it, there was no wind, so that didn't work. But Sunday, the wind was brisk but not insane (like Monday!) so it worked very well.

 photo IMG_0184_zps4d38b151.jpg

 photo IMG_0178_zps13107076.jpg

Okay okay, I know at least a few have scrolled this far and are thinking, "Where are the #&*@ing Goldens??" Here's Alex.

 photo IMG_0163_zps914731fd.jpg

And Lance (aka Phil).

 photo IMG_0161_zps2d372990.jpg

Alex is getting really white in the face. :(

 photo IMG_0150_zps4682a7bd.jpg

The picture of misery. Phil is a serious homebody. We took the Goldens to Assateague Island on Saturday, and while we were packing up, Bobby accidentally let go of his leash, and we looked up and Phil was seriously booking toward the car!

 photo IMG_0142_zps4323dfaf.jpg


 photo IMG_0135_zpsefe9efad.jpg

Phil is apparently one of those people who always closes his eyes in photos.

 photo IMG_0132_zpsc175fc43.jpg

By the way, the head collar Alex wears generates a lot of confusion. No, it is not a muzzle. It is a head or halter collar, which allows the dog to be led by the head rather than the neck and makes them easier to handle and eliminates all the choking and wheezing that excited dogs get when excited on a regular lead. (Think about how a person can lead a thousand-pound horse on a halter. It's the same concept.) Alex still doesn't walk very well on a regular lead; Phil walks well, so even though he has a head collar (you can see the double lead under his neck; that would pull through the metal ring and slip over his nose), he only rarely needs it. He's also very good at getting it off, so we usually don't bother.

You can see how deserted the beach was! Check back in a month!

 photo IMG_0119_zps70810438.jpg

We walked about a mile down the Boardwalk on Saturday. On the way back, we stopped at the Kite Loft to get our kite. Bobby went in while I stayed with the Goldens. I had no sooner sat on the bench than both of them hopped up with me. Clearly, they thought that was only to be expected! People were laughing at them as they passed, and a few people stopped to pet them.

 photo IMG_0110_zps3531a213.jpg

 photo IMG_0104_zpsc7ff2121.jpg

As I said above, we took the Goldens to Assateague Island, which is known for its wild ponies. It is all parkland and uninhabited by humans, although you can camp there. The ponies are believed to have washed ashore from a Spanish ship that sank off the coast long ago. The author Marguerite Henry wrote about them quite a bit in books like Misty of Chincoteague. These books were required reading for all little girls when I was in school. I think I read and owned every book she wrote. The ponies are herded once per year across the water to Chincoteague Island to the south, where they are sold at auction; it is called Pony Penning Day. (I have a cousin whose favorite game, when we were kids, in my family's erstwhile backyard pool, was "Misty of Chincoteague," in which she pretended to swim across the water on Pony Penning Day and inevitably got caught in a whirlpool, even though, to the best of my knowledge, we do not have whirlpools on the Eastern Shore. I still tease her about this game!)

In the summer, we always see the ponies on the beach, where it's cool. This time, we only saw two, right after crossing the bridge onto the island. Nonetheless, we've never gone to Assateague and not seen wild ponies.

 photo IMG_0102_zps00ea1a25.jpg

The Goldens made me proud because, when we were walking them on the Boardwalk, they were equally or better behaved than about 90% of the dogs there. Some people had so-called "bully breeds" (which I call meathead dogs, since they primarily attract the meathead set of men) on those spiked "pinch" collars that would lunge at any dog that passed, snarling and slobbering ... why would you even bring a dog like that to the Boardwalk?? During the off-season, every other person on the Boardwalk has a dog. I guess I have to chalk this up to one of those things I'll never understand! But the Goldens were very "fuck you" to these dogs in their blithe trotting past. They made Mommy proud. :)

Going to Ocean City always makes me understand the appeal of the Elven Rings of Power. I started going to Ocean City as an infant; my family went at least once per year until, oddly, when I was 8, we stopped going. Six years later, when Bobby and I started dating, I started going with his family, and I think Bobby and I may have missed one year in our ensuing seventeen (!) years together. Sometimes we go multiple times per year. Every time we go, I notice something small that has changed: a garishly painted motel has been demolished to make room for a slick new condo building, a restaurant I ate at as a kid has been sold and taken over by something new, a creaky old ride on the pier has been replaced. I get really bitter and snarky, even if it's not a place I even went to. The familiar landscape has changed! I don't like it! (I saw that the Olive Tree Italian restaurant was closed this time and had a sign: Coming Soon: SomethinSomethin Burger Bistro. I snarked, "Well, I guess people without necks need to eat too.") I would use my Ring of Power to keep OC unchanged!

This time, though, it was my favorite OC restaurant, La Hacienda. They had an amazing vegetarian burrito. We did find that they had a second location in nearby Ocean Pines that had not closed, so we went there, but it was not the same. The service was bad, and the burrito was mostly just refried beans wrapped in a flour tortilla. It was in a strip mall. The queso dip was good, although we were not given chips to eat it with and watched it slowly skin over while our server talked on the phone up front. I have hope that the OC location will reopen in a new location--they apparently had some conflict over their lease--but I can't say that with confidence.

Sometimes I think I should make a list of what-no-longer-is in Ocean City so that I don't forget that it existed. Maybe a private entry? I can't imagine it would be interesting reading, although there are funny anecdotes (probably in the ya-had-to-be-there sense) attached to some of them.

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • I adore kites and haven't played with them since I was a child. I really should indulge myself.

    Love seeing the Goldens again - they are such beautiful dogs and so well behaved.

    There is certainly something to be said for those Elven rings. I felt that way the last time I went through Aspen and I guarantee it would be even worse now. My wonderful memories of people and places have been supplanted by starlets and too much money. Yes, the town survived where others did not, but at what cost?

    Hugs to all - Bobby, and Goldens included (of course!)

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • I've never had a kite until now! I always wanted one. It was as fun as it looks. :)

      OC has thankfully not changed that much since I was a kid. Yeah, there are more condos and fewer garishly painted motels. I've definitely seen some of the older places subsumed to make way for the new. That's always sad to me. It's the way of life, but I do long sometimes to freeze it at a point in time and keep it that way.

      *hugs back*
  • I still remember one of the first times I saw your pics of Ocean City, I was surprised at how calm the ok, ocean was compared to our wild south Atlantic. Now I see the waves! Wind does make a difference.

    Benito, who's five years old, has got a lot of white in his face. Is my baby getting old already?
    • The ocean in OC is usually pretty calm--the waves rarely come over one's head--but when there is a tropical storm offshore or a windy day?? o.O We've seen some pretty wild surf. Monday was definitely such a day!

      Alex is six. I refuse to believe he is old. He is just beginning middle age, in my mind. ;) He still has a ton of energy, but he is one of those Goldens who will be very white once he is old (many years from now). I had a Golden when I was a kid with a pure white face; she lived to be 16. May Alex, Benito, and Phil all live to such an age! :) Phil on the other hand barely has a white hair on him!
  • I remember the first pics of Alex at Ocean City! Wow!

    We already made a resolution here in this house to go to the beach more often this year. Really. It's a subway ride away! I went once last summer and that was after dark. To eat seafood. Anyway. Love the pictures. Love you huddled in your sweater and gloves (reminds me of my beach days in Northern California!). I looked at all of Bobby's pics on Facebook and oh'd and aww'd. There might be some overlapping.

    I wondered about the purpose of that head harness. I don't know a lot about current dog gear. I have walked dogs who all but choked themselves just being silly and impatient. My late father-in-law had one of those and I dog-sat him occasionally. And when he really went nuts was on the beach strangely enough.

    Edited at 2013-04-29 03:09 am (UTC)
  • Assateague Island is on my list of Places I Really Really Really Want To Visit Someday. I was one of those die-hard Marguerite Henry fans as a kid -- you should have seen the joy on my face that year at the Printer's Row Book Fair when I found a used copy of Album of Horses. The vendor thought I was hilarious for being so excited. One day, I will go and commune with my pony kin there.

    What's a stunt kite? Is it different than a plain kite kite?
  • Oh my goodness, I remember the Misty of Chincoteague books! I was obsessed with them when I was in grade school.

    Pretty dogs! *pets*
  • I love head halters. We had to get one for Magic, because she choked herself every time she went on walks. I was only able to stop using it when she grew old enough (read: nine or ten) to slow down on walks. (I did, however, notice a very sharp drop in the amount of people asking to pet her. And she loved people. But a black "muzzle" on a white dog… On the other hand, my getting it for Magic caused the neighbor I dogsat for to get some for her dogs.)

    Assateague Island! I've been there once, and I'd like to go back. (Bought my kite on Chincoteague, too, though I haven't been able to fly it in years because of power lines and trees.)
  • Okay okay, I know at least a few have scrolled this far and are thinking, "Where are the #&*@ing Goldens??"

    *raises hand* Yep, that was me! ;)

    Alex looks so handsome and wise. "Wise." I have longhaired retrievers, I know there is no such thing as wise. Louis is getting silver too -- sorta. In actuality the hair on his chin is losing pigment. In some light it looks silver, in others the same old black.

    I think a headcollar is the only collar thing I do not own...
  • Your behbeh Goldens are making me happy and sad. :( Ours in Singapore now, and Alex looks exactly like him, though with less white around the muzzle.

    They both have that beautiful classic Golden Retriever look. How old are they?

    *gives vicarious virtual cuddles to your dogs* (Sorry if this posts twice - I've no idea where my first comment disappeared to!)
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