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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

I Can't Go to Bed Yet, So Y'all Get Pictures NOW!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

I Can't Go to Bed Yet, So Y'all Get Pictures NOW!

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Wow, what a night. What a game. My heart was pounding for most of the night. Bobby and I hosted the party for this one, and we had a great time. Pictures below the jump!

This was a big weekend for me in terms of schoolwork, so I didn't offer much help, admittedly, in getting ready for the party. Bobby, however, was imaginative to come up with a centerpiece incorporating my stuffed crab, Crab Pants (hey, I've had Crab Pants since I was 1 year old, so I can't defend the name!) and a Natty-Boh helmet.

 photo 100_3217_zps3b5fd5cb.jpg

Dad made us a pair of banners!

 photo 100_3218_zps8f2d5d0c.jpg

The Ravens were not favored in this game. We never are! Jesus Christ himself could get drafted to play for us, and somehow, according to the "experts," the other team would do one better. We came out strong in the first half, which is always a little nerve-wracking, since these tend to be the games we lose. Here is the crowd during the first half, while I knew we had reason to be happy and properly celebratory.

 photo 100_3206_zps9e83290a.jpg

 photo 100_3207_zps8c62f210.jpg

We had a minor technical difficulty (a hint of things to come, it seems ... O.O) when the satellite lost connection for about five minutes. Of all nights! But it was kinda awesome, at the same time, to leave the game with the Ravens in the red zone, then come back with the Ravens in the red zone again. We missed Ed Reed's interception that made that happen. We went out of the first half the clearly dominant team. (Poo on the "experts"!)

But second half, we came on strong again, and Kapaernik looked like ... well, a rookie quarterback playing his tenth career start in the effing Super Bowl. Don't worry, Kapaernik, I've no doubt you'll get your ring, probably sometime soon. You do, indeed, seem to be all that and a bag of chips, like everyone says. But tonight, there was definitely a deer-in-the-headlights look about him. Then ... the lights went out. For thirty-five minutes, essentially giving a struggling QB a second halftime. When the power was fully restored, the momentum had shifted. Many dry remarks were made along the lines of seeing a guy in a suit outside the stadium with a pair of wire cutters ... it really didn't look like we were going to win it.

There were dogs too: Alex, Phil Parker (Lancelot), and my inlaws' dog Bella. Dogs at football parties are annoying! There is food and noise, and the dogs, therefore, do nothing but pace around the whole time and annoy people. I offered Alex a deal at one point: "Please lay down, and if you do, I'll let you have a little bit of my beer."

Alex looked at me, then jumped up on the couch and laid down.

So I made good on my promise.

 photo 100_3214_zps5440463c.jpg

The result:

 photo 100_3208_zps08ffd626.jpg

Bella wasn't too bad. She managed to squeeze her big-ass self onto the one scrap of soft surface remaining: our moose hearth rug.

 photo 100_3210_zps5f9014b0.jpg

Phil Parker is terrified of noise. It isn't hard to imagine that he doesn't enjoy football parties, yet he insists on being present. He spent a good bit of time in my mom's lap. He's not really lap dog material.

 photo 100_3211_zps4e475583.jpg

 photo 100_3212_zpscca852c8.jpg

We had fabulous food at the party: nachos! And hot dogs, but I'm not a fan of the tube steak, personally. But we had nachos! My favorite food!

 photo 100_3205_zpsd1e54977.jpg

The second half was tense. For all the chatter, cheers, and laughter of the first half, the second half sounded like a tomb here in the basement in Nargothrond.


 photo 100_3209_zpsea02a7b7.jpg

It seems appropriate that the game came down to a goal line stand with the defense having to hold for four downs. It always seems to come down to these moments for us. But Ray and his defense held strong, then there was a weird play that involved the kicker Koch basically running and hiding in the corner of the endzone to shave eight seconds off the clock and taking a safety, leaving five seconds on the clock. We punted the ball away, and when we tackled the punt returner, we were Super Bowl champs!

Cue celebration!

In Baltimore, they were shooting off guns (it's Baltimore after all), but here in Carroll County, we went outside and hollered a bit and could hear people shooting off fireworks.

 photo 100_3216_zps973ed521.jpg

What a game. Ray Lewis retires on a Super Bowl win, after a game-winning goal line stand. Ed Reed (who might also be retiring) gets his first Super Bowl ring. We held the lead for the whole game--remember, we were supposed to lose this one! We hung on tooth and claw and pulled it off. Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl MVP; maybe people will finally stop talking smack about him. After they rearranged the offensive line before the start of the post-season, Flacco is better protected and *gasp!* more consistent as a result. I hope he is taken seriously now.

Ghost!Steve brought us luck yet again! My homage to him.

 photo 100_3219_zps78d61bbb.jpg

Now we are watching the local news, all the hons celebrating downtown in Federal Hill and those who managed to make it to New Orleans. Wow! All the Bal'more accents! We were well represented in N'Awlins. (Did you hear the "O" during the national anthem?? Lots of purple in the crowd tonight, and did you hear the Seven Nation Army song after we scored?)

Tomorrow, thankfully, we are doing monthly breakfast, so we'll get a later start to the day, then I get to rub it in to the kids who were insisting the Ravens didn't have a snowball's chance. I should really head to bed; 6:15 will come early tomorrow!

Go Ravens!! :D

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • WHAT A PARTY! Heh. And very Bal'more. I get such a kick out of your family. And Alex guzzling beer! :^D

    So. Did you all enjoy yourselves? ;^)

    Bobby's rocking that beard. :^)
    • And very Bal'more.

      Although it just occurred to me that there was no Natty Boh, which seems a crime.

      So. Did you all enjoy yourselves? ;^)

      First half: yes.
      Halftime: yes.
      Second half: notsomach
      Afterward: HELL yes


      Bobby's beard has achieved an epic status heretofore unknown in the House of Felagund. And he accidentally shaved most of it off Thanksgiving week, so I do wonder what it would look like it he'd been steadily growing it since September.
  • Oh, right. There was some sort of a football game last night! :P

    Sounds like a wonderful party, and yay that your team won! (My favorite team has been in the business of executing spectacular chokes since 1945, so I have to enjoy everyone else's victories vicariously.)
    • Yes, there was. Ravens vs. Forty-Niners, in Naw'lins. Ravens dominated till mysterious 35-minute power outage in the second half. Niners orchestrate comeback. Ravens hold on in goal line stand in the final minute of the game. Weird safety shaves eight seconds off the clock. Ravens punt with five seconds remaining. Ravens win.

      Now you're caught up. ;)

      spectacular chokes

      Bills fan??
  • It was just awesome. What a win! By the end I was tearing my hair out and it was very hard to get up this morning after a restless night's sleep. *yawn*

    Looks like you had a great time. We ordered in Chinese food and enjoyed it as well, although without fantastic decorations like yours. And I love your shirt! My son Jamie has an older model Ray Lewis shirt---I guess he'll never give that up. XD
    • I have a Ray Lewis jersey from our Super Bowl run in 2000 that is so well loved by now that the numbers have mostly worn off. Steve McNair only played for us for a short while, but he was one of my favorite players; I absolutely adored him, first in Tennessee, then in Bal'more, so wearing his jersey seemed a good choice.

      Jamie has good taste! :D

      Everyone--students and staff alike--was a little sluggish here yesterday morning. ;)
  • It was an excellent game. SF has a reputation of a second-half team and they came on strong after the power outage. I was worried there for a time, but the Ravens pulled it off and I was delighted.

    We didn't have people over, but munched equally well on omelettes for breakfast, ground beef dip for lunch and afternoon snackies, and filled fancy cupcakes for the second half. There were other things we could have eaten, but we were already stuffed.

    All in all, it was a great time!

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • We're a second-half team too, so when we came out strong in the first half, I was worried. That's why I took the group photos when I did; I said, "I'm going to do this now, while we all have reason to be happy!" :D But then Kaepernick still looked like crap after halftime. The power outage was a gift in that regard, like a second halftime. I wonder how the score would have looked, without the power outage. :^/
  • Ahaha, I love the evil Mr. Feet on the ottoman! And one of the goldens "Mummy's on the floor for meeeee!" ;)

    We were calling the blackout "Jerry's Revenge". Around the end of the 3rd quarter, my mom goes, "Didn't you say the Ravens had CSU-like problems?" Me: "Yeeeep..." But they held on. Thanks, Baltimore, for keeping the Steelers' record alive. ;)

    Also, are those rainbow shoes?! Because they are amazing and I must. have. them.
    • Ahaha, I love the evil Mr. Feet on the ottoman!

      I wondered if you would notice! :D Big Pink/Evil Mr. Feet was stressing Bella out because she wanted to get up on the ottoman but, omg, there was a small toy in her way! Dogs ...

      Thanks, Baltimore, for keeping the Steelers' record alive. ;)

      You're welcome. ;) And re: the power outage ... you can probably imagine the conspiracy theories floating around Baltimore right now ...

      Also, are those rainbow shoes?!

      They're rainbow slip-ons over rainbow slipper socks, creating a truly psychedelic combination. ;) However, they're very comfortable; I'm wearing the shoes now! (I chose more conservative socks for work. ;) Here they are. They're not kidding when they say they're the next best thing to bare feet--they're very comfortable!
      • Big Pink/Evil Mr. Feet was stressing Bella out because she wanted to get up on the ottoman but, omg, there was a small toy in her way!

        ROFL! That's hysterical. Poor Bella.

        They're not kidding when they say they're the next best thing to bare feet--they're very comfortable!

        Oh man, gutted they don't have my size (4-5)! I have tiny feet. SIGH.
        • You do have small feet! The shoes are cut small, but if 5 is your upper limit, then they probably won't fit. :( Boooooo.
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