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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

On This Balmy January Day ...

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

On This Balmy January Day ...

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black-eyed susan
It was 70F (21C) in Woodlawn this afternoon. Seventy! Seventy, in late January, in central Maryland! Seventy!!

Remember, folks, that global warming is a hoax created by liberal scientists with, of course, the help of the liberal [gotcha] media. In fact, if I had set up a video camera outside last night, I bet I would have seen some clandestine climatologist fiddling with the car thermometer while Bobby, the Goldens, and I slumbered naively. Really, it was about 40F today. But why did it feel like 70F? (I couldn't keep the students out of the damn door today, not that I could blame them.) Why, because brainwashing embedded in liberal print and television media has cleverly convinced you that it is actually warm outside when, in fact, it's pretty cold. That's how that works, if you were wondering.

It's raining like crazy right now and thunderstorms are predicted for later tonight. Thunderstorms! (Actually, it's Jesus bowling with the angels in Heaven, but that damned liberal media has also brainwashed us all to think it's thunder and treat it as a weather anomaly rather that a proper celebratory occasion.)

My legs and feet hurt like hell right now. The school got its money's worth out of me today. All of my classes were firing on all cylinders (which happens less often than Jesus bowling with the angels in Heaven!), and so I was on my feet all day, running around like a goof, being properly erudite and entertaining. Last period, during the twerps' class, it must have sounded like a small riot was going on in my room, but we were actually doing a cooperative activity about indirect characterization. It was fun, albeit noisy. It was the twerps, so there was scuffling for a place at the board and much outshouting of each other. I also discovered that one of my 9th graders--ADHD and presently off his meds--reacts like a cat to a flashlight beam when I shine my laser pointer on the floor. By last period, yes, yes, I will admit that on at least two occasions I used that to keep him semi-focused.

Tomorrow morning, the seniors are watching a documentary about King Arthur and the 10th graders are going to do at least a little independent work, so the Ms.-W-T-tap-dance-for-the-students routine is going to be somewhat turned down. Maybe I'll do a nice, soft, interpretive dance routine instead. (Hey, I do act out vocabulary words sometimes.) For the afternoon classes, all bets are off. They're my most energetic groups, and a lot of times, it's tap-dance routine or get-trampled-like-a-scatter-rug-in-an-elephant-stampede.

Okay, the weather alarm just went off ... we're under a tornado watch in Carroll County. I'll let y'all figure out the conspiracy theory behind that one. I'm beat.

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  • I live in a conservative state, so it's cold today.

    Of course, the past few days I've been in a t-shirt and it's been in the 70s as well...even up to 78! But today (after yesterday's thunderstorms), the conservatives have regained their rightful control of the media. ;) ;)
    • My snow-loving, snowboarding husband has been greatly anguished to point out that Richmond, El Paso, and Jerusalem have all had more snowfall this year than we've had here in the foothills of the Appalachians. *plucks a banjo* I'm just annoyed that snow days have become rather rare, seemingly as soon as I became a teacher. >:^(
      • I go back and forth... on one hand, it's nicer to ride in the warmth. On the other, winter is for cold weather and, yes, snow!
        • I suffer in cold weather but, dangit, Maryland is a four-season state! And so many species in our area depend on those four seasons (like the trees that need a certain amount of cold in order to bud the following spring); for their sake, I suck it up. How magnanimous of me, isn't it?? ;^D
          • Oh, indeed! ;) I suppose on the magnanimous side, I do feel bad for the fluffball ponies when it's warm... Their coats grow more by light than temperature, and some days it will go from 72 down to 24 overnight!

            The rest of the flora and fauna need water.
  • What a day! (((hugs))) *gives you a virtual foot rub*

    one of my 9th graders--ADHD and presently off his meds--reacts like a cat to a flashlight beam when I shine my laser pointer on the floor. By last period, yes, yes, I will admit that on at least two occasions I used that to keep him semi-focused.

    OK, Dawn, if you are going to say things like that, at least give a beverage warning! LOL! The image in my mind now!

    Hope all the twisters passed you by! (((more hugs)))
    • My wonderful husband just made me an Epsom soak! :D

      OK, Dawn, if you are going to say things like that, at least give a beverage warning! LOL! The image in my mind now!

      When I trained the pointer on the toe of his sneaker (he was sitting in the middle of the floor at the time), he pounced on it. Hey, it keeps him in one place for a few seconds at least! ;)
  • It was in the sixties yesterday and early this morning (I think we hit a record at 2 am, but I'm not sure). At 4:15 am, the tornado sirens went off. Thankfully, nothing spun up, but the weather dropped ten degrees in two hours after that. I hope nothing spins up near you.

    As for global warming, all I can say is that my parents deny it (I haven't read the research, so I don't know what to think, and I am in no mood to deal with conservative parents finding out I'm daring to read "the other side" of things, as it's a guarantee for a fight.) and that when we were in MI over Thanksgiving, they were wondering why there wasn't snow on the ground when there used to be at Thanksgiving when they were kids.

    I also discovered that one of my 9th graders--ADHD and presently off his meds--reacts like a cat to a flashlight beam when I shine my laser pointer on the floor. By last period, yes, yes, I will admit that on at least two occasions I used that to keep him semi-focused.

    *snorts* If it works, it works!
    • I'm no expert in climate change, but when the vast majority of scientists/experts line up behind a point of view, then short of getting a PhD in that subject myself, that tends to do it for me. ;) The anecdotal stuff is just that but certainly brings the point home, as it were. We get the odd 50-60-degree day in the winter here, but not whole weeks of springlike weather or temperature spikes every few weeks. After last year's mild winter, the pests were horrible; I'd pull ten or twelve ticks off the Goldens at one time and Japanese beetles--almost eliminated in our area--were back in force, to say nothing of the squash bugs, squash vine borers, and what has come to be almost a local mascot: the brown marmorated stinkbug. This winter has been better--colder, that is--which I hope will bring the pests under better control. If this keeps up, we can kiss homegrown food goodbye, at least until Mom Nature stabilizes things again.
    • My thing about deciding something like this is that I want to research it rather than listen to non-experts explain. (Nothing against you! I just want to understand by people whose job it is to explain it. And in my current living situation, where anything even remotely liberal I say ends up in a screaming fight or me being guilt-tripped into silence, I'm wary about checking out library books, and you know my old computer has problems with a lot of websites.) Mind you, I'm on the side of "the weather is screwy." Beyond that, I can't comfortably say.

      The one and only thing I liked about last year's mild winter was that it let me take Magic out for a walk in her cart the day before she died. Because the pests-- I know about the mosquitos specifically, but I'm no gardener-- were horrible.
      • Nothing against you!

        Goodness, no offense taken! Actually, I wish everyone took your approach. Too many decisions are made by trusting in non-experts, imo.

        I just put my own non-expert status out there because I want to be very clear that I haven't read the articles being written by the experts. I am going on a very basic, single-sentence understanding of their conclusions. If I were using myself as an example to my students in an information literacy lesson, I'd not identify myself as a good source. ;)

        I'm wary about checking out library books

        This makes me so sad. There should be nothing wrong with pursuing information about any point of view. I know I'm preaching to the choir here. :(
    • Yep, the 2000's were the hottest decade in recorded history, and each of the last three decades has been much warmer than the decade that preceded it, with each one setting a new and significant record for the highest global temperature. We are playing a very dangerous game of Russian roulette with our planet, and it is one that I guarantee we will not win unless significant changes are undertaken, and soon.

      It is absolutely insane that this is even an issue given all of the research data that has come out, along with the fact that one needs only examine pictures of glaciers that are fucking melting at unprecedented rates, in the Andes or Alaska for example, to see how rapidly our planet is changing. I guess it is to be expected though when people that doubt climate science seriously believe that humans and dinosaurs lived together, kind of like the Flinstones, or that the all-powerful imaginary man in the sky will come save us all in the end with his magic pixie dust.

      I swear, I wish we could put these fuckers on their own planet somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy and let them shoot each other, jerk off to Jesus, and destroy their new planet while they suck the collective cocks of their corporate masters that way the rest of us can fix this damn place before it becomes uninhabitable. End rant, sorry, but you know this issue more than anything else fires me the hell up.

      Edited at 2013-01-31 02:25 am (UTC)
      • the all-powerful imaginary man in the sky will come save us all in the end with his magic pixie dust.

        Nah, the rapture's just gonna come, and all the worthies will get sucked into HeavenTM while the rest of us languish in this mess. So there's not only no compelling reason to "save the planet" but a possible good reason to make it miserable for those of us who aren't worthy of salvation.
        • Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that shit. Well, if there is going to be a rapture, I wish it would hurry the hell up and happen already so that all of these antediluvian assholes can roll out!
      • Thank you!
  • Global warming: obviously a fraud and conspiracy formulated by Scientists and the Liberal Media. And pirates.

    Courtesy of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Obviously.
    • Arrrrr, ye found me out, matey!

      Seriously, I died a little when I saw this. But those few minutes off my life were totally worth it. ;)

      ETA ... I'm getting ready to do a series of lessons on information literacy with my juniors, and one of the topics I want to cover is "correlation is not causation." I usually use the connection between the crime rate and the number of toilets per house, but I think this one might have to make it into the rotation too. ;)

      Edited at 2013-01-31 03:14 am (UTC)
      • Ah, correlation versus causation...I'm glad you're going over that with your high school students, because plenty of ADULT POLITICIANS don't seem to grasp that concept. From one teacher to another, I'm pleased if I can contribute to your materials in any way, shape or form. ;)
        • I had no idea you were a teacher! What do you teach, if you don't mind me asking?
          • I probably should have said former teacher, though I will always consider myself a teacher at heart. I spent a year teaching college prep skills to low-income high school students, almost two years teaching English to adults in the Czech Republic, and, before I went back to school, a year teaching literature and composition at a women's university in Bangladesh. (Some details on that here if you're curious.)
    • This is amazing! I am so glad to see that the chart notes that the Number of Pirates is Approximate!
  • It always fascinates me how we can live so far apart, and yet have such similar weather conditions! We had snow up until Monday, when it started thawing (and raining :P) with great force (temperatures went from -5°C to +10°C overnight! O.ó), Yesterday and today, we've also had heavy storm winds, the sort that they normally call a Frühlingssturm in these parts (i.e., a spring storm). Spring storms! I ask you! (We also get winter storms, but this is officially a spring storm. In January!)

    It always fascinates me that apparently in the US, denying climate change is such a big thing. Over here, at best (worst) you get people arguing about the causes (man-made vs. natural) and the actual seriousness of the changes, but nobody doubts for a second that the planet is currently getting warmer.

    I used to have a Japanese teacher who drew comics on the whiteboard to illustrate new vocabulary (he was awesome!), but interpretive dance also sounds interesting. Also, your laser pointer story made me laugh - it works for Felix, too! (Granted, he's one and a half, so maybe more easily forgiven for falling for cat games than a 9th grader...)

    Good luck with the tornado! O.ó
    • The tornado didn't manifest, thank goodness, although we got heavy enough rains that Bobby was up most the night taming the waters in the basement, and we had fierce winds this morning--fierce enough that I was scared getting into my car, parked beneath a row of white pines. o.O

      It always fascinates me that apparently in the US, denying climate change is such a big thing.

      Because our politicians are idiots, lacking in even a basic understanding of science, paid off by powerful and rich interest groups (hello, oil lobby!), and pandering to the lowest common denominator among their constituents. It's the same reason why sensible policies on things like healthcare and gun control are almost impossible to manage. It's also why it is still a debatable point as to whether science classes should teach the Genesis creation story as a theory of the origin of the universe.

      We are not all that way (of course!), but our system is set up so that radicals can maintain a stranglehold on progress (e.g., the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, which is only just now undergoing week reform, after years of gridlock in which nearly no laws could pass because the Republican minority would filibuster on principle anything put before them). And certain regions of the country are alarmingly backwards.

      I used to have a Japanese teacher who drew comics on the whiteboard to illustrate new vocabulary

      I do that too! :D Well, not full comics (that's awesome!), but if we reach a word in our reading that the students don't know and that is something that is best appreciated by seeing it, then I'll draw it on the board. I also retype most of our readings so that I can embed pictures in them of words or scenes that the students might have trouble picturing (this is why I have no time!).

      I'm not to the point of interpretive dance yet, but I do act our vocab when it's something best seen in that way. To get all pedagogical and stuff, it's different learning modalities: Most of my kids can't "get" something just from reading a definition. They're not verbal learners. They need to see, touch, or experience it. The definition of "stagger" clicks better if their teacher actually staggers across the room to show them what it looks like. (We're reading Poe in English 11 right now--lots of staggering. ;) It also keeps the class lively and entertaining, which is good for this population, which disconnects very easily from school.
  • Latest news from the other end of the world: it's boiling stifling unbearably hot here!!!! Tropical weather! with tropical storms! And Buenos Aires used to be a four season city: mild winters, windy springs, hot summers but not this hot, lovely autumns. Now it's all a mess of warmish winters and hot the rest of the year :(

    And no, there are no doubts about global warming or - as my scientifically oriented daughters say - climate change. There shouldn't be when you see the glaziers melt, tropical diseases reach farther south every year and the rain patterns gone totally crazy.
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