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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Here Comes Sandy

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Here Comes Sandy

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mother nature bats last
Well, the storm is really getting underway here ("here" being Carroll County, which is the first county considered to be Western Maryland). I woke up this morning to heavy rain on the roof and the familiar plunk of water into containers from roof leaks. As soon as this one is over, we will be calling a roofer to have that ridge cap replaced.

The wind is starting to gear up. I was washing the dishes and looking out the window at the backyard, and a very scary gust came through and just tossed the trees around. The last map I saw showed the hurricane coming over us tonight. Tropical storm winds could stick around as long as Wednesday morning. This is insane. Tonight, we could get wind gusts up to 80 mph (129 kph) with sustained winds around 40-50 mph (64-80 kph).

But, as far as it goes for those hit by the hurricane, we are lucky. Even though it looks like we will have hurricane-force winds--a first for my lifetime, at least as far as I can remember--we will be on the outskirts. We are not near water, here in the foothills, so flooding is not a concern for us as it is for so many towns and cities along the east coast. We will not take a direct hit. My thoughts go out to those on the coast and in Jersey and New York, who are looking to bear the brunt of it.

Ocean City has been whalloped. The Sun posted this video of the storm surge coming over the barriers on the Boardwalk.

ETA: The video won't post, so you'll have to use your imaginations with the images below. ;)

The fishing pier is gone, at least up to the fishing shack at the top of it. Here is the pier at the start of the storm yesterday. As someone who has been out on this pier more times than I can count--it's fifty cents to sight-see, so Bobby and I usually walk out on it every time we go down to the inlet--and who knows how high the pier is, and has leaned on my elbows on those railings many times to look for skates in the water below, those waves are huge.


And ... gone. :(


It is being reported that, in places, the sea on one side and the bay on the other have met, so parts of the city are completely underwater at this point. Geographically speaking, Ocean City is a tiny strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Assawoman Bay (no, I am not making that name up) on the other. There is a small inlet at the south end that separates it from Assateague Island, which is 100% parkland and best known for its wild ponies. OC was apparently carved out by a hurricane, and local harbingers like to speculate that it will one day be wiped off the map by a hurricane. In places, the amount of land between ocean and bay is negligible; if you stay in a bay-side hotel, you walk to the beach on the "opposite side" of OC.


The storm surge coming over the barriers on the Boardwalk, ocean side.


The inlet parking lot. What you see as water, ordinarily, would be a huge parking lot with a wide beach behind it.


Bayside and 9th Street.


This appears to be Coastal Highway, the road that runs the length of OC, so shows the convergence of ocean and bay.


ETA2: The Boardwalk shop Ocean Gallery has a Boardwalk webcam but, just like during Irene, I can't get it to load anything but ancient images. I guess I should expect that of a webcam attached to a building that is literally covered in garbage!/ETA

Here, the wind gusts are getting stronger. From my window, I can see the white pines that border the back of our property. The winds aren't strong yet to bend the trunks, but they are giving the branches quite a thrashing. It's frightening to see. I remember Tropical Storm Floyd (on my 18th birthday!!) when I was still living with my parents, watching the winds play with the tuliptrees in the woods behind the house. (Tuliptrees are the tallest deciduous trees in our area, reaching 150 feet or 45 m.) I've no doubt it will reach that point here soon.

I don't know how much longer I will have Internet access, but I will keep trying to post updates. In the meantime, to all who are in the path of this monster, be safe. I am thinking of you.

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • Oh dear, that looks bad. Stay safe.
    • Ocean City has it much worse than we do. All the same, I'll be moving this show into the basement shortly!
  • Ouch! Ocean City looks bad. I have seen pics like that around New Jersey and Long Island already today and one pretty scary one of the Battery sea wall in Manhattan and it is hours and hours before landfall.

    Edited at 2012-10-29 06:29 pm (UTC)
  • Those pictures! :( I am keeping up with this on the BBC, and thinking of every-one over there.
    • Thank you. :) OC is far from us but probably more in line what folks in Jersey and NYC on the coast are experiencing.
  • The Jersey Shore is getting hammered, and the storm hasn't even made landfall yet.

    NJ and NYC photos here; refresh for updates

    The sustained wind is steadily increasing. We're getting some substantial gusts, too. The lasagna is almost done, and next will be the apple tarts. I'm planning on an early dinner as the worst is supposed to hit us around 5 or so.

    p.s. Love the previous post (the Halloween party). Shall comment at length on that later.
  • Crossing fingers that it won't be too bad.
    Take care and stay safe.
    • Thanks, Himring! It's supposed to have sped up, which means we'll be rid of it sooner--a good thing! :)
  • Those pictures do look scary! Seconding the "stay safe."
    • Thank you! We're entering the hurricane now, supposedly, but are hunkered down in the basement, still with power and Internet, for the moment anyway. :)
  • Eeeeeep! Be safe, you and everyone in the trajectory of the storm (reading this or not)! Those pictures are unsettling.

    (Also, since I'm late, this is just to say that I loved your Halloween costume - that mask, wow! Which is probably a really bad time to mention it, but all the same.)
  • I hope you and the bees and trees all stay safe.
    • The bees are tied down and in a windbreak of trees. Now if the trees go, the bees go. Let's hope that doesn't happen! ;)
  • Michiru

    Be safe Dawn!
    • Re: Michiru

      We've moved into the basement and are holding out for the worst! But all good so far. :)
  • Post updates for as long as you can, dear!

    How far are your nearest tall trees from the house?
  • Oh, wow. Sometimes I am very grateful to live inland! Though the wind is making me quite nervous--I'm surprised I still have power and internet with all those trees being stirred up. (Naturally, though, when I try to take advantage of my fortunate situation and help out at work or do something productive, the wind suddenly gets extra freaky and the lights start flickering. Sigh.)

    Stay safe!
    • Sometimes I am very grateful to live inland!

      Me too! The wind has been scary at points today, but knowing we don't have to deal with the flooding that the coastal areas are is a relief.

      Naturally, though, when I try to take advantage of my fortunate situation and help out at work or do something productive, the wind suddenly gets extra freaky and the lights start flickering.

      Of course! Mother Nature doesn't want you to be productive!

      Just to try to fool her, I've been deliberately unproductive today. (Now I'll probably lose power for saying so. ;)

      You stay safe too! *hugs*
  • It looks really scary! I hope all be ok, and you too. Good luck!
    • Thank you. :) The trees are tossing quite a bit outside, but at home, it looks nothing like the pictures I posted of the coast (although that is reality for a lot of people right now, all along the eastern seaboard. :()
  • *shudder* Stay safe, you and Oshun both, and everyone else who's affected :(
  • I hope you stay safe and that your trees make it through okay!

    (Those pictures are making the Floridian in me go, "Yup, that's a hurricane.")
  • Stay safe, good luck!
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