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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Yule & Christmas, Part 1

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Yule & Christmas, Part 1

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charlie brown tree
Bobby and I celebrated Yule on the solstice. Last year, we started a new tradition of making each other a gift for Yule; this year, Bobby painted a landscape for me, and I wrote him a collection of poems related to the green man. I'll post them both later.

Christmas Eve, we drove up to El Rodeo for lunch, then Bobby made cookies while I prepared the various components of the German chocolate ice cream pie that I make every year for Christmas. Christmas is my parents' holiday, so we were going to their house. Bobby and I always have pizza for supper on Christmas Eve; this goes back to my childhood, when my dad always made a pizza, if not for supper, then later in the night. Bobby and I have continued observing that through the entirety of our marriage. We wrapped gifts, which is a bit more of an endeavor since, last year, we decided to do away with wrapping paper and now wrap our gifts in cloth that has to be stitched closed with yarn. It takes a bit more time at the wrapping stage than using paper, but it saves a lot of time in cleanup and, of course, quite a bit of waste. We always watch a holiday movie on Christmas Eve; this year's was A Christmas Story, but I fell asleep before the end due to the rum-spiked eggnog!

Here's the tree:


Christmas morning, we exchanged our gifts. Bobby got a Kindle Fire, which he ordered for himself and gave to me for safekeeping, but I surprised him with a French cookbook, various art supplies, a Kindle version of LotR, and some candy, including one kind that we've only ever been able to find at the organic market near where I used to work when I was still with the WAU; I took my break at work one day to drive down there (and barely made it back in time!)

From Bobby, I received two T-shirts from Northern Sun (one says "Give Bees a Chance" and the other says "Make Compost, Not War") and a pair of black yoga pants to wear when skating. My current skating pants I've had for about ten years; they were part of a costume one year, and they are thoroughly worn out. I can only wear black underwear with them because there is a little rip in the crotch that would be very obvious were I to do certain spins or spirals. He got me various other clothing accessories: some fingerless gloves, colorful knee-high socks, and some hair stuff. In books, I received Tomatoland, a book about the influence of language and myth on Tolkien's writings, and a first-edition copy of The Silmarillion. (That means that there are now four Silmarillions in our house, not counting my unofficial e-copy.) Finally, he found a beautiful necklace called a Feanorian lamp: a pale blue stone in a copper setting. Apparently, he starts each shopping season by searching for "feanor" on various websites! :D

The Goldens got a back of treats, a bone, some canned food, and two new toys: a stuffed shark and a giant plastic cookie.

Phil Lance with his cookie:


And Alex careening around the corner with his shark. Alex is hard to photograph with new toys because he always spends the first five minutes racing back and forth to the back door because he wants to take the toy outside where (in his mind, anyway) Lancelot won't be able to get it from him.


How well we can concentrate as soon as treats are involved!


Golden Retriever bliss: chewing on a nasty old bone, surrounded by toys.


After opening gifts, Bobby put his new cookbook to good use and made for breakfast crepes stuffed with fresh whipped cream and blackberry jam, scrambled eggs, and potatoes fried with herbs de provence. We always crack open one of our precious jars of canned peaches for Christmas morning breakfast.

Then it was time to pack up ourselves and the Goldens to head over to my parents' house. The celebration was rather small this year, with just my family and Bobby's. Amiah didn't join us until later in the evening. Dinner was delicious. We forgot our camera, so I'll post pictures as soon as Dad sends them to me.

This post was originally posted on Dreamwidth and, using my Felagundish Elf magic, crossposted to LiveJournal. You can comment here or there!

  • Apparently, he starts each shopping season by searching for "feanor" on various websites!

    Well, no one ever accused Bobby of being stupid . . .

    The Pony Parents continue in their ongoing quest to avoid burning the house down with that punchiest of family punchlines, the Wooden Menorah, which Mom Pony made in the basement one year.

    I am so getting them a metal menorah for next year.
  • :D

    I gotta say, Dawn, the older your hubber gets the cuter he gets!

    Lucky girl!
  • *laughs* Magic just got a bag of Puperoni treats, since she doesn't play anymore. That look of attention the Goldens are giving Bobby is oh so familiar.

    Apparently, he starts each shopping season by searching for "feanor" on various websites!

    Smart man!
    • They're really called "Puperoni"? *giggles*
      (I realise this is completely irrelevant in English, but in German that sort of name would imply that they cause flatulences. Pupern is (dialectal) German for "to fart"... XD)
  • *Shamelessly admires Bobby's beard*

    The Goldens look maaaaah-vuh-lous. Such beautiful coats and bright eyes. The photo of the two of them expectantly waiting for Bobby to fish out a treat is priceless!

    A Fëanorian lamp! Woo hoo! And a first edition Silm! I have one of those, too, US first edition, but that's because I am that old.
  • Very nice tree! :)
    The goldens are not jumpying on it, or trying to explore what it is?
  • One of my best friends got me fingerless gloves, too! =D Unfortunately gloves don't tend to make my hands any warmer, but I'm grateful for these because it occurred to me that I can wear them in indoor situations where I need to shake hands with people...and then people can't get freaked out by my ice hold hands because the gloves will be covering most of them. Awkwardness averted!

    Apparently, he starts each shopping season by searching for "feanor" on various websites! <---- allow me to echo the extant chorus of impressed commenters.
    • Wearing them while shaking hands is an idea I may just have to steal. People freak out at my cold hands, too. (Fingerless gloves do help me-- I'll take chilly over painfully cold and/or numb.)
      • And people are so free with their comments, too. "Oh your hands are so cold! Brr!" <----no, really? I hadn't noticed!
        It's probably good these fingerless gloves came into my life, because I was almost at the point where I was going to start giving some deadpan spiel about making a deal with the devil to explain the coldness..
        • I swear by fingerless gloves! They are an essential component of felagundish winter couture. I am cold all winter and, yes, my hands and feet feel it first. It was less an issue, for me, of alarming people with whom I shook hands than my hands becoming so cold that they became stiff enough that typing was a challenge! Considering that I spent the year before teaching making my living as a freelance writer, this was not a good thing! :) I had a pair of thin cotton gloves that went with an old skating costume, but I couldn't use my laptop mouse while wearing them ... fingerless gloves seemed the perfect solution!

          I'm not wearing them now, but I do have on a sweater with long enough sleeves to cover the backs of my hands. And my feet and ankles are, of course, cold. Nrgh.
          • Ooh, hands stiff from cold is not a good thing for any writer. D=

            The sleeves long enough to cover hands are actually what work best for me because then my fingers can contribute to the miniscule supply of body heat my hands put out, but that's completely impractical when it comes to performing basic tasks.

            I knitted sleeve extensions a couple winters ago, but then I got a couple weird assumptions that I was a germophobe who didn't want to touch anything.
  • Whee! Gorgeous tree and Bobby and the Goldens are still gorgeous also.

    I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from your celebrations! Merry Christmas, babe!
  • I want to see a picture of your Feanorian Lamp necklace. It sounds simply marvelous.

    The Goldens made out like bandits - just like children should on the Holiday.

    My DH and I don't wrap any more. We each put our gifts into a large black garbage bag and reach in to pull gifts out, alternating turns. I just can't countenance adding more trash to the landfills just for wrapping. I do wrap for gifts given to others, though.

    - Erulisse (one L)
  • Apparently, he starts each shopping season by searching for "feanor" on various websites! :D

    He knows you too well, eh?
    I'd love to see pictures of that Feanorian lamp!
    Also, looking forward to the Green Man poems. :D
    What's the title of that book on the influence of language and myth? *ever curious*

    EDIT: Oh right, and I meant to say: What a nice tree! It looks a bit like a fluffy green creature. ^^

    Edited at 2011-12-27 10:59 am (UTC)
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