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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

WTF, Rain?! and Empirical Evidence That My Terror of Driving in Baltimore Is Justified

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

WTF, Rain?! and Empirical Evidence That My Terror of Driving in Baltimore Is Justified

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For all the fuss that was made over Irene, she left Maryland pretty much unscathed ... at least, it could have been much worse. Here in Manchester, we got a measly 4 inches of rain.

Now, however, the tropical system Lee is grinding his slow and steady way up the coast. Over the past day and a half, our rain gauge shows close to 6 inches. It's relentless. It's been much higher in other places in the state. Today at school, it seemed I'd look outside once per period and could barely see across the parking lot, it was raining so hard.

Our former hometown of Ellicott City apparently flooded pretty badly today. Ellicott City is notorious for its sudden, severe, and often deadly floods. (My crusty old ghost story Cold Hands [f-locked] was based on the worst flood in the town's history.) It's pretty surreal to watch the video and remember the number of times we walked Alex down those very sidewalks or went walking on Halloween, looking up into windows in hopes of catching a glimpse of the purported ghosts that haunt the town.

Of course, because of the driving and excessive rain, our bedroom ceiling has been leaking like crazy. Bobby has like five or six containers in there now, catching the water. We've been sleeping down in the basement in lieu of sleeping with a big black steamer pot in bed between us. If the rain ever lets up, he's going to check the roof and hire a roofer if he can't find the problem.

We need to feed the bees but neither of us want to do it in the pouring rain. This is supposed to continue through the weekend, according to my resident weather nerd. My cousin is getting married this weekend too ...

On a completely unrelated note, it seems that the mild terror that I feel whenever driving anywhere south or east of Carroll County is not unjustified. It has long been my theory that Woodlawn--the Baltimore suburb where our school is located--has the worst drivers in the country. It seems that Allstate Insurance has released a list of the most accident-prone cities in the U.S. and guess what? DC tops the list with Baltimore in the #2 slot. Yay us. Well, at least I feel slightly less neurotic for my decreasing desire to venture forth from the sticks while behind the wheel of a car.

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  • Haha, well, re: Woodlawn, the Gwynns Falls flooded & roads were blocked off (idk if it had flooded while you were here), so that definitely didn't help matters.

    It's funny though, because i've always felt that Towson drivers are horrible drivers ever since i've been going to school & walking around that area.
    • To be fair to Woodlawn, I haven't driven at all in Towson. Bobby went to university there; I'll have to ask his opinion! :)

      We left school at 3 PM today on order of our principal, who was worried that we had such a long drive home in such evil weather. The school is on Rutherford Road, and we stopped at the Woodlawn Library, then got on the Beltway. I didn't see any flooding, but my teacher's associate was talking to her husband just before we left, and he said there were tons of roads flooded and trees down all over town.
      • Ah, okay-- i don't know where that road is (i'm bad with that kind of thing), but if you were by the library, you were a bit of a ways away. The house is on a hill that has the Falls at the bottom across the street, & they had to block off Gwynn Oak because the road was covered with water. So everyone ended up on the same few roads, so it was one hell of a back up.

        My father had to go online to check to see what roads were flooded & which weren't in order for us to get back, too, so-- yeah. Flooding. Floooooodinnnggggg.

        When did he go? Drivers may change over time; maybe they were more or less mental in the past... I've always just assumed they're spoiled or something. Once when i was in high school, i was crossing the street, the light was letting me go, i had looked both ways, et cetera-- when this sports car zooms in front of me just inches away. Special snowflake, no doubt.
        • He was class of '03 ... of course, he was a young and probably somewhat reckless driver himself (versus a crusty old 30-year-old with a neurotic wife! ;) so perhaps he never noticed. The sportscar story is ... disquieting. o.O

          Rutherford is off of Lord Baltimore and about five minutes from the library. My own knowledge of the area is fuzzy (since I only drive to Woodlawn to go to work and SCA), but it does seem we were completely opposite sides of town. It sounds annoying and dangerous. Hopefully the skies will hold back enough that we won't have a repeat performance tomorrow.
  • OMG! We're still cleaning up here from our non-hurricane. Took Alex to the Park today in the rain and we passed three HUGE nicely sawed up and stacked piles of firewood out on the curb for the garbage men to pick up. Kills me. It is useless here. No body has functioning fireplaces.
    • *whiiiiiine!* We could use that firewood! I don't think it's worth six hours of driving though!

      The Baltimore area seems pretty tidied up after Irene. I say that with the limited perspective of driving to and from work in Woodlawn every day!
      • It broke my heart to see all that wood just on our little street alone. It will be picked up in the morning too. I've lived enough places where I would have paid good money for it.
        • I hate seeing trees goes to waste. I'd probably cry. I'm such a sap. I get a tear in my eye whenever I see the trees stacked outside the pulp mill outside of Hanover!
  • It seems that Allstate Insurance has released a list of the most accident-prone cities in the U.S. and guess what? DC tops the list with Baltimore in the #2 slot. Yay us.

    Now that is a dubious honor. My ex-mother-in-law lives in New Mexico. I always thought they were the worst. They drive like they do not expect to ever meet anyone else on the highway. Thing is they usually don't!

    • I'm spoiled spoiled spoiled by where I live! Once upon a time, I could drive in DC or Baltimore traffic without blinking. Up here, we're not quite so desolate that we don't expect to meet anyone on the road, so that quells a lot of recklessness. At the same time, we have one major road in the county with more than one lane, so one gets used to getting caught behind a slow driver ... or a tractor/combine/guy-on-lawnmower. ;) I used to find it impossible to keep the speed limit; now I frequently find myself driving below it. If I had my way, I'd never drive outside of my home county!
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