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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

The Morning After

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

The Morning After

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black-eyed susan
Although we didn't have hurricane conditions this far west, the storm did kick up with high winds and lots of rain late last night into early this morning. We received 4 inches of rain, total, during the storm.

Thankfully, we didn't sustain any serious damage. Some small branches are off the trees, and the roof over the bed leaked again. We spent the night in the basement, so we discovered that this morning.

At about midnight last night, the eye passed about 25 miles offshore from Ocean City. OC received hurricane-force winds and high rains ... but the city weathered the storm. The Mayor, apparently, this morning, announced that OC would be back open for business beginning at noon today and encouraged visitors to return, as they are expecting beautiful beach weather later in the week. The Beach Cam appears to be down still.

Our power flashed off and back on a few times. My parents are without power altogether and are on their way to our house now. Apparently, 800,000 people in Maryland are without power.

Tropical storms, it seems, make me very productive. I got a lot done yesterday, including unearthing my art desk from years worth of clutter, dust, and actual dirt from when we used the study to start seeds this spring. I think this is the first time I can see the top of my desk and the top of my art table since ... well, since we moved in. I've been cleaning up the study a little bit each day and got a huge amount done last night. I also got updates done on the baronial website, finished the gilding and inking on my current illumination project, wrote my letter to my students, and edited 24 pages of AMC for the Season of Writing Dangerously. After all that, I was pooped, so Bobby and I put on The Last Unicorn downstairs. Of course, the power went off twice during it, always during exciting moments. (Not like I haven't seen it so many times that I didn't know what was going to happen!)

I saw this morning that Irene was weakening on her way to NYC. I hope those of you north of us fare with similar good fortune as we have.

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  • Glad to hear there was no real damage around you! But at the same time, I am sad to hear there are victims in other places. :(

    Oh dear, you really were productive! *lol*
    • Indeed, storms like this are always sad because someone, somewhere, ends up much, much worse off than you do. :( It could have been much worse; I'm grateful that it wasn't.
  • Glad to hear you came through it safely. I hope there is not another for a long time!
  • Very glad to hear you got through all this with only minor damages. (And you even managed to do some editing of You-Know-What!)
    • We were lucky; we were on the edge of the band of tropical storm weather. Where my parents live--only a little bit east of us--they fared much worse.

      Indeed, I hope print, e-book, and SWG versions of You-Know-What will be available before long! :D
  • Yay! For successful stay inside activities. I did nothing but read and waste time. (Well cook and wash dishes and play with Baby Fingon.) Laura even did the window taping. Gabriel did nothing! He is a real Prince at times (as in spoiled Latin American upper middle-class kid!). I would thought he would be involved in the window taping. At least he was pleasant and stayed out of our hair. Oh, yes, he did make popcorn--lots of it!

    I am so happy things were not worse with this storm. I hope everyone gets their power back soon. My nieces husband works as some sort of engineer for Duke Energy in North Carolina. He is usually almost never home in hurricane season (she calls herself a hurricane widow), so this was no doubt a big jump start for him this year! I haven't talked to them yet.
    • There is nothing wrong with reading and wasting time! ;) I have had a far less productive day today. (My parents spent most of the day with us since they have no power and just left. Before that, I read and did an eensy bit on my illumination. I'm thinking about cleaning the study a bit more ... so far, just thinking about it! :D)

      Your nephew-in-law might be in Maryland! Apparently, we borrowed help from out-of-state.

      I'm very relieved that you all in NYC were spared from the worst predictions for this storm. Although seeing videos of the flooding in parts of Manhattan was surreal.
      • There was a lot of water everywhere. Now there are worries about falling trees (over-saturation) and broken limbs. Every little thing is hard to care for when a city is so concentrated. Hope we get a chance to dry out a little it was already a very wet summer.

        When my niece says she is a widow during hurricane season, she is not joking. He is a lovely man though and an awesome father, worth the wait.
  • I am SO glad that Irene was not as bad as people were fearing; I had a superstitious dread about it because of tomorrow being Katrina's anniversary. I'm so glad the East Coast dodged the bullet.

    BTW, OT, but labourslamp gave me this link, and I thought that as a fellow calligrapher/illuminator you'd enjoy it (if you haven't seen it already):

    • I'm very relieved as well. I'd rather be overprepared than the other way around.

      On our way to the beach earlier in the week, my mom told me about a dream she had when she came home and all of the trees on my parents' land were down. She didn't associate it with the hurricane until I said something about it; that had me feeling superstitious as well.

      I did see the link; mithluinsent it to me! :D I'll probably do an HL post on it sometime soon; schools have already been closed tomorrow due to widespread power outages.
  • Productivity shows up at the most unexpected of times, doesn't it? :D
    Good to hear that Irene wasn't as bad as forecast and that humans, dogs, trees and bees are all OK!
    • Yep, all critters are present and accounted for! :) In fact, the chickens seemed to like the storm; between the time Bobby locked them inside the coop yesterday afternoon and this morning, they laid nine eggs!
  • I'm so relieved that things seem to have been relatively easy for you, although the leak above the bed doesn't sound all that good :-)

    - Erulisse (one L)
    • We've had the leak once before, during another storm with driving winds and rain. That seems to be the fatal combination! :) We're going to hire a roofer to come see what the problem is. We stayed down the basement last night, but the first time it happened, it was no fun to wake up to a soaked bed! My husband at first thought one of our dogs peed in the bed! :D
  • Thankfully, we didn't sustain any serious damage. Some small branches are off the trees, and the roof over the bed leaked again.

    The storm was no worse than a garden variety northeaster in this part of Boston proper. It was much worse further west and along the coast. Our trees scattered hundreds of leaves and twigs all over the yard, and the third floor bedroom ceiling (around the chimney) leaked again, but not over the bed! Mr. P is none the worse for wear in Princeton with very brief power and cable outages for him. There's quite a bit of flooding down there and scattered outages.

    Edited at 2011-08-29 12:26 am (UTC)
    • That sounds like our yard: small branches, leaves, pinecones ... our dawn redwood dropped some partially formed cones that are very strange-looking. And the Goldens will have fun dragging the sticks around! :)

      I'm glad you and yours ended up safe and sound! Now for the fun of dragging everything back out of the sheds ...
  • Yay for productivity, and also for surviving the hurricane! So glad to see my f-list has done okay. It must have been quite scary in the run-up to it over the weekend.
    • It did turn out that, for us anyway, the anticipation was worse than the real thing. But I'd rather have it that way! :)
  • Well, it's good that you weren't affected too much by the hurricane. We had high winds here, and grey skies, but no rain, which is unusual.

    Too bad your parents were without power. I hope it's back on now.

    Are you intending to go back to Ocean City? After watching scenes of Irene tearing up the beaches and coastal areas, I was wondering just how much damage OC sustained.

    Whew...you really did get a lot done yesterday! It reminded me of the little Mereth and Talban figurines that you made for me. They sit atop a large, flat pewter candle holder on top of my headboard (which is a bookcase). Once a week (or so) I take them down, dust them, gaze upon them fondly, and replace them. The painting on the figures still amazes me because it is so precise and detailed for such tiny things! :)
    • As of last night, my parents still didn't have power, and Baltimore Gas & Electric is predicting up to two weeks to get power back to some people. Yikes!

      Are you intending to go back to Ocean City?

      We're planning to go back in the fall and take the Goldens. Lance has never seen the ocean; he'll probably be terrified of it! :D Today was supposed to be the first day back to school (but for the widespread power outages), else I'd probably be making big eyes at Bobby about stealing a couple days during the week.

      It reminded me of the little Mereth and Talban figurines that you made for me.

      OMG! I'd forgotten about them! I still have my Gnome Away from Home; he sits on the shelf over my desk (I can see him now! *waves*); unfortunately, he doesn't get dusted as often as Meryth and Talban do. ;) I've thought about taking him to school because I think the kids would like him, but I'd be devastated if he was stolen (and some of the kids, admittedly, have sticky fingers). So he continues to enjoy the sedate life of watching me write and do artwork. ;)
  • I'm glad you're okay. I spent yesterday in a car driving from Ontario to Chicago, an eight-and-a-half-hour trip, so there was plenty of time to worry about you!
    • All is well here on Felagund Hill! :D We actually got treated quite gently and were on the outer edge of tropical-storm activity; east of us is far worse off. But Maryland, as a whole, seems to be doing better than most of the states that were hit.
  • I'm glad to hear you and yours weathered the storm! And congrats on getting some work done.
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