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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Well Well Well (The Hope Saga Continues!)

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Well Well Well (The Hope Saga Continues!)

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As though we actually needed proof that the attention-whoring, compulsive-lying Hope McC is still watching what we're up to, I just got this in my email, about a half-hour ago:

It has come to our attention that in your entry located at http://dawn-felagund.livejournal.com/265934.html you have posted material which is invasive to the privacy of another. This is a violation of LiveJournal's Terms of Service, and as such we have suspended this entry.

If you wish for the entry to be unsuspended, we must require that you edit the entry to remove the full name "Hope REMOVED" from the entry, any screenshots which contain that name, and delete all of the comments on that entry which contain that full name.

Once you have done so, a request will automatically be submitted to us which will allow us to review the changes and unsuspend the entry if all necessary information has been removed.

I've edited my Facebook screencap and REMOVED her last name in the post. What's left to do is to go through the (almost 300! *whimper*) comments and remove those and repost with edits. So the post will remain offline until then, but I will have it back up as soon as I can.

This is a first for me, having an LJ entry suspended! :D
  • LMAO!! I haven't had the time to even read the original FW entry, much less see what others have posted/said on LJ, aside from Laire's and NiRi's posts linked in the comments on mine. But ... yeah. Hydras and heads rather come to mind. Well, now that she's not making up endless tragedies and writing ten-page emails, claiming all manner of abuse by people in fandom, I suppose she needs to keep busy, and stomping out as many little eruptions of "privacy invasion" as she can, I suppose, will keep her busy, if nothing else. :D
    • (no subject) - satismagic
      • Oh, her name is still up in public and not particularly hard to find. I wouldn't be surprised to get a ToS violation from them either. ;) Or I could just repost the original entry under flock, and how would she know? I posted this publicly because I knew she'd see it and it'd piss her off even more. >:^)

        She's lucky no one is taking legal action against HER. What with the charity her "death" inspired, there might be enough there to get authorities interested ... but who knows, maybe they are already on her case ... Where there's that much smoke, there's usually also a fire!

        The most she wheedled out of me was an illumination. Unfortunately, it was done on real vellum, and that stuff's expensive! :) However, I've often wondered if others sent her money during the times "Eli" posted on LJ that she was screaming in agony because he couldn't afford her pain meds or was giving her nothing but beans and rice to eat. I was pretty poor myself, at the time, so helping financially was never an option.

        However, when she and I first started to set up CfL, one of her first questions was how we were going to handle the donations. I told her I would have no part of it, if I had to handle money. That is why CfL was strictly on the honor system. However, that memory has stuck with me and made me wonder at her motives ...

        I hope if anyone did send her money or anything of value beyond that of a sheet of real vellum, that they report her to the necessary authorities.
  • I told Eli I could not send money, being on benefits myself, and felt guilty for it. (Rice and beans - beans anyway, is quite normal for me, lol, even with Kev playing a mad Jamie Oliver lately. I can't wait three hours for a twenty-minute meal XD) Saying she was in terrible pain would have been the killer for me. I must have come along after that.

    Create was a good thing, although I had to use UK charities, as I did mention in a post.

    People have conned others out of a lot of money, both in the UK and elsewhere, by pretending they have cancer, so that's no new thing. I think she would have liked money, but the attention seemed to mean more. So far, I have encountered more people who are one-on-one leeches than an Über-leech, but the red-flags are similar, and I am going to try and remind myself if any pop up I will, this time(!) listen to my inner-cynic.

    So far, red flags include.

    1) Some-one I don't know sending me long, effusive emails with a lot of personal information people generally wouldn't share with a stranger right off the bat. They tend to be very 'in-yer-face'. If the person was talking to you, they would be right up close, and staring.

    2) If that personal information contains a great deal of tragic past, tragic present, and likely-to-be-tragic future.

    (I do know of people who have suffered multiple tragedies, which are a matter of public - and sometimes police - record. So yes, multiple tragedies occur, I am not saying they don't.)

    3) If that personal, dramatic and tragic information is allied with something *fey*, such as the person vouchsafing that they are in fact an Elf, and really a very famous canon Elf's wife. (I will give ten points if the canon character is from the Silmarillion.) I have read websites where people claim to meet and talk to *real* Elves in a meditative state, and it's fascinating, (as well as annoying, since the only thing that happens to me in a meditative state is falling asleep doing the ohm mediation o_O Damn! ) -- and here's what I can't help noticing -- although the Elves do appear to be very similar to Tolkien's in appearance, none of them are canon characters. Blow me down! (Tip: Make the character a non-canon Elf and I am 50% more likely to believe d;-) )

    4) Something that makes the person extra-special, apart from the above. (All my f-list friends are special, but I mean something that no-one else is, especially an Elf)

    5) Emails from people I've never heard of who talk at great length about another author, who are always online the same time as said author, have the same narrative *voice* as that author, and always only support that author. (I just have to wonder, why pick me? Write to some-one else! Waaa!)

    6) Fanfic authors who scorn other authors, not just a few, but 99% of them <= entitlement issues, I hates 'em. They're the antithesis of generous, and generosity, reading, encouraging, writing, reviewing, squeeing! about people are what the fandom should be about, for me anyway.

    All of the above could come under entitlement issues really, as was everything R and E did.

    Roisin's *tragedy* was well known by the time I wandered into it, but the red flags were very similar, in hindsight :\ Me.Me.Me.

    Edited at 2010-12-03 11:15 am (UTC)
    • I've had my share of leeches over the years as well. My husband calls them my urchins! :D I've gotten better at getting out of those relationships. With Hope out of my life, I have none at the moment.

      One "friendship" I was in involved a woman I knew who likewise had multiple tragedies. Hers were real--I knew her quite well in RL. But my experiences with her caused me to suspect that Hope may have been after money, even if I don't think that was her primary objective. This "friend" appealed to my husband and me--and we were doing quite well at the time, as my husband had a high-paying job with Customs--after her husband stranded her with three small children. We and my mom gave quite a bit of money to her to buy groceries, et cetera. Then my sister brought to my attention that while I was handing her my credit card for groceries, she was buying quite a bit of frivolous stuff for herself on eBay. Then she started telling me how she planned to have her cable turned back on, get a tattoo, et cetera, with no mention of how/when she would stop using my family's generosity to provide for her basic needs. Clearly, she was using us for meeting her needs and what little money she had on fun stuff. I eventually spent an afternoon researching public assistance and mailed her a large packet with information on how to sign up.

      I saw the same with "Roisin": "Eli" supposedly couldn't afford food or medicine, but he could afford to buy her an iTouch last year for Christmas? I bought one of those for Bobby; they're not expensive, but they're not cheap either, and if it was between pain meds and gadgets, I would have chosen the meds. Or other frivolous purchases, like when "Roisin" emailed me all excited over a pink helmet bought at ComicCon at the same time as she was talking about going off of palliative chemo because she couldn't afford it. Again, I had to wonder exactly how poor these people were ...

      So that'd be my addition to your list: People who cry poor in the most agonizing ways--claiming to be painfully dying of a disease or feeding their children cornflakes for supper--yet still find money for things like expensive electronics and clothes from Hot Topic.

      #3, I have to confess, would just make me run away screaming! :D
  • I sent her two cat pendants, one made of rose quartz and one enamel and a set of seabands for the supposed nausea she was suffering. Luckily the value in all was only about £10 ($15), but I could have better used the money elsewhere.
    • I also spent money on little things for her ... and the damned illuminated manuscript I did for her. I would like to have that back, since it was gifted under false pretenses. She's probably burned it by now, though. May she choke on the fumes from the fake gold! :D
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