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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Auction Success!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Auction Success!

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Yesterday, Bobby and I went to the livestock auction in Westminster. It was our third time going: once for chicks, twice for Ameraucanas, and the third time to replace the roosters. Well, we struck out the first two times, but three's a charm, and we came home with five fluffy hens: three Delawares and two New Hampshire Reds. We've already gotten two eggs out of them.

The roosters are gone. Bobby found a guy and his wife with a farm that pretty much collect chickens because they like them. He had an ad up on Craigslist and was happy to take our four fellows off of our hands. We dropped them off on Tuesday. It was a little sad saying goodbye, to the little reds at least. (The Rocks weren't particularly friendly and smelled bad and Dicey Riley clawed up my arm when I was trying to catch him on Saturday.) Sophia fluttered into my arms for one last time, and we walked out to the shed to refill the feeder, and that was it. But they're in a good place now.

As we drove away from the farm, Bobby's iPod shuffled the Dubliner's song "Dicey Riley." Ha!

Aside from the chicken drama, I had ten hours of classroom observation this week. That is a good thing because it means I'm nearly one-third done. But it's not so good in that it means that most of my "spare time" has been spent writing DS articles to make up for those ten hours off. Also, I am trying to put together my student teaching application packet in what shreds of honest-t'-goodness spare time I actually do have left, but no one from the university seems to want to respond to my emails asking for help. Grr! This drives me nuts! I become like a madwoman when I'm working with a tight schedule and other people are holding me back from making progress. It irritates me that I've done everything I'm supposed to do well ahead of schedule and still find myself running down to the wire, mostly because people from the university have been incompetent in communicating expectations. For example, I was supposed to email the School of Education when I was halfway done my program. So, over the summer, I emailed them and said, "Yo, I'm halfway done!" (not my exact words, but my poor stewed brain can't conjure anything better right now), and I got a reply that said, "Okay, thanks for letting us know!" Well, come to find out, that was when I was supposed to receive the massive application packet that I only got a few weeks ago when the program director mentioned, as an aside to another email I sent, that I should have an application packet, provoking something of a "Bwhuh?" response from me. I know that given my chronic tardiness in running my fannish projects, it is hard to imagine, but in my real life, I really do like to get things done well ahead of schedule. (That is, incidentally, part of the reason that I'm always so far behind on fannish projects!) Anyway, now I'm waiting on a response about fingerprint cards and background checks for three days now, which is starting to tee me off, because it's a question that might take five minutes to answer. The last person I emailed never did answer my email. I ended up calling her. (I loathe talking on the phone.)

*breathes* Anyway. That's my life at the moment. Thank goodness I only have one grad class this semester (and the two independent study courses) because I do not know how I would manage a full-time grad school schedule while trying to finish these observation hours and write articles and put together this cursed application packet.

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  • How lovely that you are already getting eggs!

    (Are you too young to remember a BBC sitcom that used to run on PBS called "Good Neighbours"? It was filmed in the 70s, but ran over here in the late 80s? Anyhow, Tom and Barbara Good were a couple who decided to turn their home in a fancy suburb of London into a self-sustainable mini-farm. Anyway, your saga of the chickens reminded me of them.)

    And I can identify with the waiting on others thing-- so very frustrating, and a lot of times, you can't *push* because you don't want to tick the said others off to the point that they will slow you down even more. ((hugs))

    • Are you too young to remember a BBC sitcom that used to run on PBS called "Good Neighbours"?

      I was born in '81, so I suppose it was in my era, but I don't remember it. I don't consciously remember sitcoms until my sister and I were old enough to think that staying home on Friday nights with my Uncle Wodie to watch TGIF while my parents when to The Piece was a treat. ;) I guess I was in middle school by then. The Goods would be the norm rather than the exception where we live. The two houses across the street from us both have chickens. People with vegetable gardens far outnumber those without. (I'm talking about the "old" suburbs of my hometown, not the Bob Ward Homes, the hive of McMansions down the hill from us.) We're actually zoned for light agriculture up here on the hill, and many people take advantage of that. :)

      We've already decided on next year's new ag project: honeybees! :) Bobby's already looking into it, since apparently, you have to order bees in the fall for spring delivery. (Whodda thunk it?? :D)

      a lot of times, you can't *push* because you don't want to tick the said others off to the point that they will slow you down even more.

      That's the dilemma I always find myself with. Being an insanely busy person myself, I dislike pestering others who I suspect are also insanely busy. (Like trying to set up classroom observations with my mentor this semester.) So it's like a balancing act, and not a fun one. :)
      • If you ever get a chance to catch the show, I think you'd get a kick out of it-- it was *very* seventies, of course, but so funny. The main humor came from their next door neighbors Jerry and Margo, especially Margo, who was quite a snob--even though she thought of "poor Barbara" as her best friend. Margo was always horrified by their lifestyle, and yet she also tried to "help". It's out on DVD-- we managed to pick up a set of the last season. We videotaped it when it originally ran, but the tapes are in really bad shape now.

        Anyway, your chicken troubles sounded to me a lot like the sort of thing that might have happened to the Goods, LOL!

        Balancing acts and depending on others is never fun.
  • What I don't understand is how you fine time to blog on here. LOL Part of why I'm a slacker here is that when I keep up here, nothing else seems to get done.

    Congratulations on your hens and them laying!

    Barb is right, you are reminiscent of that show "Good Neighbors". :-)

    Hope you can keep up with yourself!

    • My first two years in school, I hardly journaled at all. I've shifted my priorities this year and am trying to keep up with my journal instead of doing other things in my eensy amounts of spare time (like the Heretic Loremaster). I want to remember this time in my life (I'm terribly regretful over the two "lost" years), so I tend to write on DW/LJ as a mental reprieve between projects. Like now, I just finished a rewrite on a DS article and am getting ready to start compiling documents for my student-teaching application, so I'm taking five minutes to reply to comments. It doesn't allow the time for some of the more thoughtful posts I used to make (much less answering comments as often as I would like), but at least I'm recording this important stuff in my life. (Yeah, getting new chickens is important stuff! :D Kind of sad, isn't it??)

      Hope you can keep up with yourself!

      Thanks! :) Things are coming along, although I've had to make some decisions I didn't want to make (like choosing to skip a local SCA event today to get stuff done at home). Alas ...
  • Awww how cute, they already gave you eggs! And, did you name the new chicklets? :D

    Oh and what a clusterfuckery of admin business at your school: wow. You'd think they would be glad with a student who works so dilligently to have things done on time.

    And hey, I also happen to know how hard you do work on fannish projects like anniversaries and such *pokes*
    • And, did you name the new chicklets? :D

      We're going to but haven't decided what to name them yet. We've decided to keep our roosters named Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Dicey Riley, so we're retiring those names (and Molly Malone too, of course).

      Oh and what a clusterfuckery of admin business at your school: wow.

      It's very frustrating. The new director of internships emailed me back at the start of the semester, this long email about how she's my advocate and blah blah blah. To which I enthusiastically replied with my questions about the process and got ... no answer. ._.

      And hey, I also happen to know how hard you do work on fannish projects like anniversaries and such *pokes*

      *blush* Okay, you got me there. But I'm dreadfully behind on reference stuff and haven't even started the newsletter! >.
  • I loathe talking on the phone.
    So do I. That's why email is great for me but (there's always a but) it drives me crazy when emails don't get answered and I'm not talking about fannish questions but people whose supposed job *is* to answer the emails, emails that they've promised to answer ASAP and that are important for some kind of important reason (not that it bothers them). End of rant (been expecting emails that obviously will never get sent).
    After getting this out of my system, congratulations on the chickens! Your rooster saga will be remembered! :D
    • Perhaps some of it is that some people prefer one mode of communication over another. If I have the opportunity to communicate over email, I do. But I guess some people like talking on the phone. (Dunno why ... :^P) But it is very frustrating when people won't answer emails they need to answer.

      Your rooster saga will be remembered! :D

      Indeed it will! :D
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