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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Birthday Query

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Birthday Query

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ETA: I just realized that I posted this to the wrong LJ! WTH, Dawn! Sorry, flist. Since I have comments here, I'll leave it up and re-post over at SWG.

It really amazes me sometimes that I've managed to make it to 28 years without stepping in front of a bus because I'm off playing with Elves somewhere ... ;)

Hi, everyone,

Today is the due date for the first theme, and our birthday plans ain't going so well! We've received a scattering of entries and theme ideas from a few people (and you know who you are--thank you so much! :) However, we recognize that we are in the middle of summer for most people--a bad time, with schools out and family vacations--and that we've given very short notice due to our own RL issues.

The other mods and I are discussing options over on our forum. But, first, we wanted to make sure that there weren't a dozen people who intend to send in theme/token ideas and stories but just haven't had a chance to do so yet. If you plan on participating, could you reply to this message or drop me a line privately? We want to put together something that will be fun and that people will want to participate in, not force an event at what appears to be a very bad time for many of us.

We do have low-maintenance back-up ideas, so our fifth birthday won't go unrecognized, and, if this event doesn't happen, we will run it at some other time when we can better give it the attention it deserves, possible for B2MeM11. (Yes, the other mods and I do start talking about B2MeM this early! :)

Thank you and my best regards to all,

  • Edited with more information and questions

    I have a couple of things in the works--at least one theme (are we limited to suggesting one, but fufilling more? or can we suggest more than one--I cannot read rules, as you well know--I was looking for a coach to help me de-code the rules and everybody is so busy I was shy again about asking). I did see clearly that one can only nominate one icon or whatever that little award category is called. So I was trying to think of the best one out of the about 20 of those that I had thought of that I should choose.

    Also, was not sure if contributions to the themes could only be one's own work or if one could nominate others' work, with their permission, obviously.

    I did not realize when the project was meant to begin, so I was not ready when the first themes popped up. I had at first thought it would be earlier and then decided in my own head that it must be planned for the first of August. I must have missed the initial annoucements for when one could start contributing themes.

    Of the initial themes posted there is nothing within my own own work that would fill any of those or any I would like to write (well, I'd like to write them all, but in order to do that I have to already have a pre-existing idea and I don't)--but I do have friends who have written in many of those areas. There were a lot of awesome themes proposed in the informal discussions. I would be happy to try to go through old emails and dredge up some of those and officially suggest them if I could. (If it is limited to one per person, then obviously I can't. Also, I don't know what the concept of taking someone else's idea.)

    Edited at 2010-07-23 04:26 pm (UTC)
    • Re: Edited with more information and questions

      You? Shy?? ;^D

      Yes, you can create one theme, but you can send work for as many themes as you would like. In fact, you can send multiple pieces for one theme.

      Contributions to the themes should be your own work, though if you think someone else's work is perfect for it, we would never discourage nudging them to send it in! :D All we need is their written permission to include it and will gladly do the rest.

      I hear you on the themes that were suggested during earlier discussions. There were some amazing ones, none of which have been offered so far. The mods and I have been discussing the possibility of--if we decide to go forward with this project at all (i.e., there seems to be an iota of interest in it right now)--allowing more themes per person. At the outset, we were figuring that suggesting themes was one of the easiest contributions to the project that one can make--who doesn't have a favorite type of story that they'd love to see made into a collection?--and that we'd be getting lots of ideas. Considering that we've gotten, to date, exactly one unsolicited theme, that proves how dead wrong I can be, even after doing this for five years. ;)

      I've been trying to encourage people here on LJ and on the mailing list to send in themes without much luck so far. I certainly appreciate any help in that department as far as nudging people to send in ideas--it literally takes about a minute to do and is as easy as deciding, "What is my favorite genre or niche of stories to read? What characters do I like? Places? Times? Events? Motifs?" All of those would make excellent themes. If you have extras that you can't nominate, I wouldn't even discourage getting other people who don't have their own ideas to wander over and submit one of yours.
      • Re: Edited with more information and questions

        Thanks, Dawn that is crystal clear. I will pimp it on my LJ also, not that I have many Silm people there who would not have this LJ on their f-list, but who knows who might see it. I miss postings all the time.

        OK. So I will enter my number one theme and number one icon/award category, in case you do decide to go ahead with it. ("It only takes a minute . . ."--nothing takes me a minute! I may be a speed reader --which is probably why direction/rules are so hard for me--but you are a speed writer!

        Edited at 2010-07-23 05:22 pm (UTC)
        • Re: Edited with more information and questions

          I'm such a fool! I just realized that I posted this on my dawn_felagund LJ. *headdeskdeskdesk*


          I'm glad the clarity has gone from mud to murky at least. ;) And the theme request for can be done in less than 100 words! Three minutes, then ... ;)

          (And I do not feel like a speed writer today. I'm only at the halfway point, article-wise ... >.<)
  • I really would like to participate. I've been totally out of the loop recently but I need to get my act together. I always enjoy dashing off some drabbles/ficlets - I just need to motivate myself. I bookmarked it; I just didn't get around to wrapping my head round what the themes are and when they're due.
    • I always enjoy when you dash off drabbles and ficlets too! *worships* :D Themes with due dates are here. Most Sinister Villain is the first and is due today, although if I get a response indicating that we should go ahead with the original idea, I'd be open to extending it. Though if you're writing something new, there is no due date aside from "have it in sometime around our birthday event."

      I need to get my act together, too, but that's perpetual ... *sigh*
      • Well, I could quite likely get some done for that theme if it's extended through the weekend. Weekdays are a disaster for me between work and study so weekends are the only time I get much free time.
        • Considering that there appears to be interest, but everyone was caught off-guard by how quickly the due dates came up, it looks like we're going to push everything back two weeks or so. So you have more time! :)
  • One more question, you say above that today is the last day for the first theme, but the way I read the instructions I would think tomorrow was the last day? Am I confused again?
    • >.<

      No, you're not confused, I just didn't know what day it was. I thought it was the 24th. (That sound you heard? Getting crunched by the bus! :D)
      • Re: >.<

        Poor baby! You gave me a kick in the ass, so I guess your efforts weren't in vain. Unless you want me to change my pimping post on my LJ to: "Relax! We can all wait until tomorrow to panic!"
        • Re: >.<

          Yeah, I sort of thought a kick in the ass might be needed. I mean, there was no lack of enthusiasm when I first proposed this! I suppose everyone is used to the normal routine of having two months' warning before kick-off. It seems there was a lot of O.O today upon finding out the event was upon us!

          It looks like we'll postpone starting for two weeks or so. There doesn't appear to be a lack of interest; just that the short notice has us all (including me!) aflutter.
  • It's one of those days huh? *hugs* Here's some peach iceskeem for you!
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