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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Hallelujah It's Raining Rain!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Hallelujah It's Raining Rain!

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Bobby and I had just sat down to supper on the patio, and it started to rain. Because we have a big ol' umbrella, we didn't go in right away, but then it really started to rain, so we carried our suppers indoors and watched/listened to the blissful sound of rain hitting our poor dry soil.

This is the third rainfall we've had in as many days. Bobby's CoCoRaHS gauge shows that we've gotten a quarter-inch today. Dare I hope that this trend might continue? Then I could post about something other than the weather??

In other news, I've dropped temporarily from the sociable world because I've decided that, if I hope to have any writing/creative time this summer, then I need to knock out my to-do list. And I'm making good progress. Then I can go back to fun stuff again!

Now for getting everything posted about SWG's upcoming birthday ... (and you Silmfolk are all going to contribute some writing and artwork, right? *hint hint* ;)
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    • Homemade chimichurri sauce made with fresh basil?? Sounds yummy! :D

      I also am trying again for some squash and zucchini, last time they were eaten by the sandhill cranes. :(

      Ours were destroyed last year by squash bugs, so we're also giving them another go this year. This is actually our third year for pumpkins, and we've gotten exactly one fruit because, the first year, the plants were killed by powdery mildew and, last year, the squash bugs got them. Our county had an infestation, apparently. And I spent many hours squatting out in the garden killing those little bastards and went out one day and the plants were overrun and beyond salvation. (Squash bugs smell like Jolly Rancher candy when you squish them which is just ... weird.)

      I don't know about giving up meat

      Environmentally speaking, it's much more sustainable to occasionally eat locally raised meat than to go veggie, since most vegetarians eat food grown thousands of miles away and then look down their noses at the non-vegs for not being "environmental" enough. So you're definitely on the right track, I'd say, in trying to cut back where you can and grow your own food! That's awesome! :)

      What are some of those items in your to do list?

      I have some tech issues to iron out on the SWG archive, I need to finish my Help Haiti books, finish an ice cream recipe book for my sister and sis-in-law, and write some lessons for the web design class that I teach. All of them are underway--some are even almost finished!--except for the web class. So I'm doing alright. :)

      Oh, and I need to register for a summer independent study course but, dangit, I'm enjoying my summer off so much that I've been putting that off ... bad 'gund. ;)
      • Chimichurri!!!! That's considered a local specialty - I mean Argentine. There's even a story that the name came from the (mis)pronunciation of the name of a Scot (Jim McMurray) who wanted to spice the regular beef diet he had to eat here and invented it in the 19th century. The local recipe has chopped garlic, oregano, red pepper, rosemary, vinegar and olive oil. Are we talking about the same sauce?
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          • I forgot one key ingredient (Freudian slip: I didn't know the English, just checked in the dictionary) : pimenton = cayenne pepper. Does it make sense? That is what makes it hot, plus the red pepper, of course. (red pepper=aji molido in local parlance)
            Are you from Ecuador? Have you lived there? (yes! one more Spanish speaker!)
            • (Anonymous)
              Indeed, I was born and raised there, moved to the USA when I was 16. I think you are giving me the recipe for the red chimichurri sauce, when I was making the green one, at least in the steak houses in Ecuador we have two of them, one green which is a bit milder and the red one.
              • No green chimichurri here, as far as I know, just the hot one but Argentine cuisine tends to the bland so nothing is really hot (even Mexican restaurants make it a little spicy and that's it):)
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    • Thanks, Eli! I'll be sure to keep you in the loop when I have an idea about the themes. We're thinking of you guys! :)
  • I'm glad you're getting some rain at last. :)
  • We got rain over the weekend and were so grateful for it - we desperately needed it!
    • Oh good! I've been hoping those on my flist who have been similarly drought-plagued were having the same luck we have. When Bobby reported for CoCoRaHS this morning, we had close to an inch in the gauge--woohoo!
  • Hurrah for a good, garden-saving rain!
    • Indeed--and it's raining again right now! :) Meanwhile, dare I hope that you all have had a reprieve from the rain?
      • We're still getting a storm or two a week, but I think the amount of rain per storm has fallen off some. So we're not drowning anymore, which is a relief.
  • I've been very happy to see the rain here too. In fact, it hadn't rained for so long that one of my sister's cats had forgotten what rain was!
    • That was the Goldens too! While it was raining yesterday, they were both sitting at the back door, gazing out into the yard with this look of perplexity and confusion ...
  • Rain! It's been raining here, too, and I'm loving it. \o/ And yay, SWG's birthday! I can't believe it's almost here. Can't wait, either. ;)
    • Me too! Now we enter the angsty phase of worrying whether anyone will want to play. All the joys of modding! ;)

      It's raining again tonight too! Woohoo! :D
  • it rained here at the beginning of the week. too bad that it leave behind the cooler temps instead of awful humidity. and when one works in a warehouse, with barely any air circulation, and hot machinery (screen printing shirts is hot business), it's downright miserable...
    • First of all, it seems congratulations are in order for finding a job! :D I had been worrying over you and your aminals. :) Now I can worry slightly less (I will always worry just because it's my nature to do so. ;)

      But I can only imagine the misery of such a work environment in the kinds of conditions we've been having. And if you've been in a weather pattern like ours, I'm sure it's worse where you are than it has been here, which is saying something!
      • *sigh* start worrying...

        i'm not working anymore again... seems that i've been sidelined by plantar fasciitis (in both feet), so standing up all the time is excruciating. my only option was to quit, but at least they were nice enough to leave the door open for me to come back, if/when my feet got better. and if VW does call, perhaps i might be able to stand for a little while... or maybe they'll give me some slack and let me get off my feet if the pain is too much to bear. or maybe not.
        • Oh no! Is disability an option? I know you've probably considered that, but I'm so green when it comes to stuff like this, despite both of my parents working for Unemployment. It just seems that that condition would eliminate most work options for you ... really, anything that doesn't involve parking your butt at a desk.

          Have you considered freelance writing? That's what I'm doing now, and I'd be glad to email you some information, if you'd want to consider it.

          • Oh no! Is disability an option?

            I don't know. I'd rather hope that I can get over it and then work through it, because I'm still hoping for a production line job with Volkswagen. Also, I'd have better shoes and inserts to help, as well as the major incentive of $14.50/hour to start.

            Have you considered freelance writing?

            Ooohhh... it sounds intriguing! Please send the info! I don't have an internet connection at home right now, but if I get a steady paycheck, that would change. :-)
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