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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

WTF, Weather?!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

WTF, Weather?!

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Okay, I'm all about accepting and adapting to whatever Mother Nature throws at us, but this is getting ridiculous. First of all, we haven't had rain in a month*. The rain barrel is empty, and The Jungle, aka the vegetable garden, looks sorry indeed.

*Okay. We received 0.2" while we were down the ocean, according to Bobby's CoCoRaHS rain gauge. Woohoo.

It's also been insanely hot. We survived one heat wave already with temperatures reaching 100+F in Baltimore (the low 90s or about 32C here). When we heard this current heat wave was coming, Bobby cried uncle and put in the AC units because, today, temperatures could get as high as 107F/42C in Baltimore and might even reach 100F/37C in Manchester. I'm not sure what they are because, while I usually eat lunch out on the patio, even I have my limits, so I ate my food out of bowls while lounging on the couch and reading Walt Whitman. I figure that if the AC is on, I might as well enjoy it.
  • Just remarked to surgicalsteel on her LJ that it's officially 98F in Princeton, and the thermometer on our back deck, which faces leafy green "Mirkwood" is reading 100F. And dry. Very dry. We haven't had rain for a long time, too. Fortunately, the majority of my gardening is container based so I'm keeping all more floral and foliagey friends well-watered. That said, I'm suer the plants would appreciate genuine rainwater.

    Have a snowflake for cool thoughts and remember the Northeasters from last winter.
    • True, true! Here is a reminder of how miserable I was almost exactly five months ago, after falling down in the three feet of snow:


      The heat doesn't bother me as much; I'd probably be okay without the AC on, but Bobby would be miserable. I loathe more having to water the garden from the sprinkler. So far, luckily, all of the plants seem to be surviving okay. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm currently writing an article entitled "The Effects of Temperature on Photosynthesis" and reading all kinds of scary data about how plants shut down and starve in prolonged high temperatures!
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      • Lol--if only Bobby had gotten a video! I stepped off the front step, sunk much deeper than I expected (to my thighs), tumbled over, made a funny screeching sound, and floundered back upright, covered in snow. Bobby teased me about it for days!
    • Awwwwwww! It's Dawn's I-fell-down-in-the-snow-frowny-face! :^D

      Yes, the enzymes involved with photosynthetic processes tend to shut down when it gets too hot, and IIRC, the stomatas of plants close to prevent water loss which in turn slows down photosynthesis because gas exchange becomes limited. So...am I recalling correctly? :^D
      • Yep, that's my I-fall-down-go-boom face, exaggerated for the sake of posterity! :D

        You are recalling exactly correctly! I am impressed! I learned all of this once upon a time in botany class, but I suppose that information was purged somewhere along the line for neuroanatomy and the Finwion family tree! :D I've been claiming the general botany topics whenever I can because I enjoy the review and find them so immensely interesting.
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    • I knew it had been hot in places in Europe too, and I always feel badly for you all (compared to us) when you have heat waves because you don't have AC everywhere like we do. Well, most houses don't have central AC up where we live because it stays much cooler than down in Bmore--some, like us, rarely or never even use window units--but in Maryland, generally, if you walk into a house, there will be AC. 34C is about 95F, so yeah, that's hot!
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        • Ah, tourists. How I miss when my husband worked in Washington, DC, and complained all spring and summer about the tourists clogging the escalators in the Metro and generally bumbling cluelessly around town!
  • Awful, isn't it? When the temperature goes over 30/32 C, my brain stops working, I can't sleep properly and any kind of work is unthinkable. The weather has been very crazy here too: we should be having our coldest (around 10/12 so nothing too bad) but since last week it has been very warm (around 20) and impossibly humid and with rain forecasts that never come true. Today it's a little more winterlike and very windy but not real winter.
    • I'm not too bothered by the heat--I always joke with Bobby that I should have been born in the tropics--but Bobby has most of the same problems that you do once the temperatures go over 32C or so, so I empathize! It seems like the whole world is in a temperature spike right now. I dread to think of what the year's hurricanes will look like ...
  • I know, right?! 32C here as well, and I'm actually enjoying myself a bit because this does remind me of back home (sorta, except without the 80% humidity there ;) but dangit, there is absolutely no motivation do anything that requires moving. @_@

    Okay. We received 0.2" while we were down the ocean, according to Bobby's CoCoRaHS rain gauge. Woohoo.

    • 32C and 80% humidity--you'd feel right at home in Baltimore, where the local slogan is, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity, hon!" (Some time, I really must make a recording of a good Baltimore accent. Read some dignified poetry maybe. The effect is definitely lost in text form! :D)
  • It's fascinating how we can live so far apart, and yet have pretty much exactly the same weather.

    We had our first rain in weeks yesterday afternoon and evening. (Of course it's already dry and sunny again, but the rain sufficed to make gardening a bit less unpleasant today!) This is ridiculous, this is Bergia after all and we're famous (along with Münster) for having the wettest weather in all of Germany. Except now. *grumbles*

    Here's hoping you'll get some rain soon, and cooler temperatures, too!

    Edited at 2010-07-06 06:23 pm (UTC)
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      • It did feel like a lot of rain when it came down (perhaps the lovely mountains next door stopped the rain from drifting on?), but everything looked dry again yesterday morning... the only indicator that it had really rained was that the garden was looking a lot less dead! :D
    • Yes, please blow the rain our way! The poor plants just look tired!

      Last summer, we got a perfect amount of rainfall. It rained, it seemed, whenever we needed it. I suppose we've earned this summer after that.

      It is funny, isn't it, how alike our weather is, six timezones away? :D
      • Last summer was a bit too rainy here, IIRC - most of my veggies never ripened because first spring set in pretty late (like this year), and then it kept raining all the time (unlike this year). This time around I'm afraid they'll never ripen because it's so dry. The previous years, I'd have had lots of zucchini by this time - last year the plants were eaten by snails young, and this year they're still tiny at this time of year. They've just begun to grow flowers after that shower yesterday - a sign of hope, I hope!

        It is. Especially since you're so much further south than we are.
  • It's 88 here and I actually sort of didn't mind the dentist's office so much because at least it was air conditioned. We're not getting much breeze and it's OMG humid, so the house goes up to 88 or 90 by day and only cools down to about 80 or 85 at night. We're getting central air installed - we have forced air heating, so we already have the ductwork in place, and it'll end up taking way less electricity than running window units. That AC can't come soon enough for me.
    • Wow, yeah, when you don't mind going to the dentist to get out of the heat, it's time for AC. ;) 85 at night is pretty miserable, even for me, and I like the warm weather and don't mind the heat. Here's to hoping your central AC is in place soon!
  • We've had those temps last weekend and the days before that plus a high humidity at that. Now we're just enjoying a 22C max today, but we're back to 30C and after that only upwards as of tomorrow. Mom said today that usually my birthday and my brother's birthday in August has for 80% over the past 40 years been very tropical here (that is around the 34C)... so yeah. So far we've always managed without AC, but I need a ventilator for my lap top (they are so practical, but whomever designs them never had hot summers in mind). We had rain last Saturday, and my daisies are terrorised by snails who wanna survive, but our grape harvest looks very promising...
  • Like most people from the Deep South in the decades after the invention of A/C, I cannot understand how we got along without it for so long!

    Yet I have fond memories of North Florida summers spent almost entirely outdoors when I was young, so of course it was survivable.

    But I'm glad to have it now!
  • Wow, it's actually only...84 right now? We got a little rain which cooled the temps, though the humidity is a sticky 75%...Thanks, Hurricane Alex!

    I sympathize with your 100 degree woes. I actually found myself outside on the patio with my dinner the other day, thinking, "Hey, it's actually kind of nice out!" It was 97. O_o
  • *Points to icon. Whoops. Fixes and points again.*

    Have a picture of a coolish beach. Yipes, I've noticed that all of you in the Northeast have been dealing with temperatures that those of us down here would find difficult, even with too much air conditioning.

    I hope the heat wave breaks soon.

    By the way, I did manage to finally finish answering your questions; they are here, if you haven't had a chance to see them.

    Edited at 2010-07-07 01:15 am (UTC)
  • We're supposed to have near-record highs the next couple of days. I am very much looking forward to autumn because I can't function in these tempuratures. (And I'm desperately hoping not to kill my parents' plants, because I have a black thumb and don't really know how much water to give them.)
    • Are they houseplants or outside plants or both? (If outside, are they in containers or the ground?)

      You sound like my husband. He becomes miserable in the heat, although he is learning to adapt. There are benefits, it seems, to having ridiculous ideals! :)
      • Outdoor, container and in ground. All I was told was that the container plants need water twice a day. Nothing on how much. >.<

        The heat is one reason why I'm not moving back to Florida. (Even though it's been hotter here than there this entire week!)
        • Just get the soil good and soaked. You don't want it to stand in puddles, but you should be able to see and feel that it's wet. But you probably won't kill them in a short time either. ;) Ours are doing fine, and they only get watered once per day.

          Even though it's been hotter here than there this entire week!

          That's just wrong! Another friend of mine who lives in Texas reported the same: that their weather has been milder than ours. WTH!!
  • I wish I could send you some of our rain. We've had way too much! people all over town are having serious foundation issues due to the increased pressure on their home foundations form our thoroughly-sodden soil.
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