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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

While Bobby's at Swords ... Picspam Ketchup!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

While Bobby's at Swords ... Picspam Ketchup!

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alex eek
One of the extra benefits of my new job is that Bobby can go back to German longsword training. We were both doing this for a while at the end of last summer; there is a historic swordfighting group in central Maryland that we were working with. But we had to get someone to come over and let the Goldens out, since we were gone until going-on ten, and that really wasn't fair for them to be home all day alone, so we gave it up. Now, though, Bobby can go while I Goldensit, which is fine by me.

But this means that, on Wednesdays, I will be home alone for most of the day. :( So, while I'm waiting for Bobby to get back from swords, I am going to catch up posting some pictures from the past few months, mostly of the Goldens.

Once per year, on St. Patrick's Day, I do something completely out of character and go with Bobby to O'Lordan's Pub in Westminster. It's out-of-character because I loathe being in crowds, particularly of rude and self-important drunk people. And O'Lordan's is crowded, and many of the people are rude and self-important, and just about everyone is drunk. Still, I have a good time every year. This year, I was sick with a cold but still had fun. A guy painted a shamrock on my face. (He was hired by the pub. I think. :^P)


Here, I am hugging Mr. Hoot, our plastic garden owl. We thought that we brought Mr. Hoot in for the winter, but when the snow melted, he was still out in the garden. He was also very dirty. :( So I brought him in and gave him a bath and a hug.

Mr. Hoot doesn't really work, considering that I find that the squirrels have been digging about two inches from the plastic pier piling he sits on, and songbirds flit around him and eat the strawberries. But he means well.


The other night, I was laying on my couch and Bobby was laying on his, reading. (You know you've settled into marriage when you have each claimed a couch and can't imagine switching up.) I heard something bump against the window and looked up from Emily (my Kindle), and it was a luna moth. Luna moths are endangered in some areas; I used to see them much more frequently when I was younger. Now I see one every few years or so. When I was a kid, I was told that they were especially sensitive to a particular type of pesticide, so when you saw them, you knew that that type of pesticide wasn't widely used that year. I don't know how true that is, but we saw one the other night, and it was cool. I have a dead one in a box somewhere. (I found it. I didn't kill it. Of course.)


Judging by the bushiness of the antennae, I'd say our luna moth was a boy. Photos, by the way, are by Bobby.


I know, I know. I have posted pictures of myself, a plastic owl, and a luna moth. But where are the Goldens??

Lance (front) and Alex (back). Lance has the ever-present ball in his mouth. Seriously, when we first come home, Lance runs like mad around the house, trying to find something to put in his mouth.


Alexander. Awww. Alex is my baby because he's belligerent like his Mommy. >:^)

Alex and I did have a very rough period during his adolescence where my family seriously thought they'd come over one day and find that I'd given Alex away because we did not see eye-to-eye on anything. We both like to have our own way, which is usually what we think the other doesn't want. We get along much better now. Alex is my snugglebug during the winter.


Lance with ball. Again. This ball isn't even his; it belongs to Lily, the Boston terrier next door. (To be fair, she takes their toys too. Big Orange was missing for weeks because she took it. I wasn't particularly happy when my neighbor threw it back over the fence, though, because it's the only one of the Bigs that still squeaks.) This one is Big Green II. Lance is obsessed with it.


Lance waiting for Bobby to throw the ball. I never see such intensity of expression any other time!


Alex waiting for Bobby to throw the ball. Not like he ever gets it; Lance owns him at playing catch. (Alex can kick Lance's ass, though.)


On Sundays, Lance's name changes to Phil because his name--Lancelot--is far too dignified for the dog Golden that he is. Phil is short for "Phil: Average Guy." We are supposed to only call him that on Sundays, but he answers to both now, so we all pretty much call him both all the time.

This picture is entitled, "Phil Being Phil."


The other day (and I can't believe I'm about to confess this), Bobby and I were at the liquor store and we found some cheap little cans of beer. So we bought a six-pack for the Goldens. Not to drink all at once. They share an 8-oz can for a treat. (They get to go for Italian ice once per week too.) But, when we came home with their beer, it was like they knew it was for them. Perhaps they know that Mommy and Daddy only drink Guinness. (Daddy occasionally drinks other imports. Mommy is strictly a Guinness or more-hardcore-dark microbrew girl.)

Phil Lance has the ubiquitous Big Green II, of course.


Lance (with Big Green II) looking terribly cute.


Finally, Bobby and I would often wonder what the Goldens did while we were gone to work all day. (Aside from taking pillows off the couch [Phil] and moving my slippers from the bedroom to the living room [Alex].) Since being home with them, I have my answer. This was taken today, right before I made lunch.

  • You have beautiful Goldens. :) Thank you for sharing all of these pics.
    • You're welcome! :) I have to post pictures of the Goldens every now and then or people start defriending me. ;) They also appreciate that you called them Goldens, not dogs. They insist that they are not dogs.
  • (no subject) -
    • Pande mentioned her luna in an email, which was part of what inspired me to post ours! :) We definitely get some cool moths around here, big and small. Mostly in the house. :^P

      When we used to have alcoholic beverages in our home the kitties and Kenobi would sometimes manage to steal a bit.

      That's part of the reason we bought them their own. We don't feed them from the table at all, and the only people food they get (aside from Italian ice and beer ;) is on their birthdays, when we buy them a cheap steak to share, and Thanksgiving, when they each get a small bowl of turkey. But we'd always offer them various alcoholic drinks just to see if they'd try them. (The best was when Bobby offered Alex a glass of Scotch, Alex took a lap, cringed, and then dove in for seconds! Alex is a connoisseur!) This has developed the bad habit of whenever we're sitting outside drinking wine or beer, they come up and want a taste. So now we've reset the boundaries where they can have their own for a treat and aren't pestering us. (The same with Italian ice. They share one of their own.)

      Yes, I did just justify buying our dogs beer. ;)

      And edited to add that I want your shirt you're wearing in the Mr. Hoot pic. :-)

      Lol! My mom bought it for me, and it was love at first sight. I have to be careful in the winter not to wear it so often that people wonder if I ever change my clothes. ;) I have another similar in brown and another in aqua. My mom has one as well.
  • D'awwww! What is it about dogs? It's impossible to see a happy one and not feel happy in return!
  • Your dogs are precious! I only see looks of that intensity from Magic when she's begging. (And how do you get them to stay still when you take photos?! Magic will remain absolutely still for five minutes, but the instant I click the shutter, she'll move.)
    • Well, for every one photo that I post here, I have about five more that is just a doggy butt or a head turned sideways. ;) Mine always move too, usually Alex. He does the same thing as Magic: be perfectly still and then move just as I click the camera! Grr!
      • Ah, good. Well, not good, but I hope you know what I mean. (I wish I had the capability to just take photos, but I use film, with the end result that I don't actually pull out my camera often. I need to take more photos of Magic.)
  • The Luna moth is gorgeous!
  • (no subject) - satismagic
    • They are, especially Alex. Lance is small for a Golden. He was the last in his litter to sell, so the breeder gave us 20% off. I often say that we got what we paid for! :D
  • Can I have one of your doggies? Pretty please? :)
    • On many days, when they are wild and smell terribly and are waking me up too early in the morning, I'd give you both! ;)
  • Oooh, it has been a while since there has been picspam on the Bag o' Weasels, and this as well as the previous photos from the Sugarloaf mountain hike, is great! Alex is quite the young adult now, isn't he? I like Lance with the perpetual green ball. He's not going to miss a trick, is he?

    I'm tickled to see that luna-boy, too. Bobby had mentioned in response to my posting a photo that rampagingfrodo had taken of a luna moth on our window that you also had a green ethereal visitor. He's gorgeous.

    Love the photos of you and Bobby esp. with Mr. Hoot and with the eager beer-loving pooches. Ha! Also great news that Bobby is engaged in German sword-fighting again! I find WMA to be fascinating.
    • Alex is quite the young adult now, isn't he?

      Yes, he is! He'll be four this year, which I can't believe. It seems just yesterday he was an eight-pound carpet alligator!

      He's not going to miss a trick, is he?

      If it concerns one of the Bigs, never! If it concerns just about anything else (except eating), probably. ;) Lance isn't the brains of the two.

      I'm tickled to see that luna-boy, too.

      I must admit that I was terribly confused when you mentioned our pictures in an email the other day! :D Bobby later mentioned something about it, though. I love seeing them. I'll have to wander on over to the Bad Clam and see yours.

      Also great news that Bobby is engaged in German sword-fighting again!

      He had such a great time at his practice last night! He really does love it. It's well worth the 5 bucks per week and one evening spent alone! :)
  • yay babies! big babies but if they are anything like our border they will never grow up ;)
    • Nope, they haven't. ;) Alex is going on 4 this year (Lance will be 3), and they both still have so much energy. Alex still steals my slippers. Lance will still play with the Bigs for hours.
  • lol great pictures!!! :D It is funny how much Lance is like my Dudley. They both do the wiggle-butt and Dudley has to find a toy whenever I come home like Lance with his ever present ball! :D

    Oh yea, my dogs are always snuggled up on the couch or something if we leave them in. I discovered, when I went home to mail something we forgot on Monday, them sleeping on the patio and patio furniture. I didn't disturb them since I was just coming in for a moment before going back to work. Silly puppers!

    gotta love the owl, I've been thinking of getting my own to scare away the squirrels from stealing our newly growing grapes and nectarines.
  • Mr Hoot still looks peefed ;) I love love the golden boys pic spam and aww Lance with the green ball! Always ready to play mom! Do the boys have their own blankets on the last photo?
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