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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Snowstorm, Round One (with Goldens)

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Snowstorm, Round One (with Goldens)

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out of the light star
As of yesterday, late morning, we were dug out of the first snowstorm. First ... yes, we are expecting another to begin at any moment, this time with accumulations of 20-27 inches (50-68 cm) over the next day and a half. It is difficult to estimate our accumulations from the first since the snow came with high winds and there was a lot of drifting. Upon venturing outside (and yes, frenchpony, I did eventually go outside because I had to help Bobby shovel out the car ;), the snow came to my knees in some places and almost to my hips in others. I have heard the estimate of 30 inches (76 cm) floated around, and I think that's a fairly reasonable estimate for us too.

Following are pictures we've taken over the past few days, of the snowfall as well as the Goldens. (Because I haven't posted Golden pictures in a while and what else is there to do while cooped in the house but to take cute pictures of your pets?)

The Goldens have had a particularly interesting time in the snow since it is, in places, higher than they are. Bobby had to dig out a little potty place for them; Lance still resisted and held it for more than a day until he realized that the mean old snow was not going away. Poor guy lifted his leg for about five minutes when he eventually went, though.

The Goldens outside mid-snow:


They have since created for themselves a whole network of trails on the south side of the yard. It like a Golden Retriever highway system. They have not touched the northern half of the yard, though. The start of the Golden Retriever highway system with the bird bath and picnic table for perspective:


The north side of the yard where Golden Retrievers dare not venture:


The side of the house, looking into the backyard:


Alex has the right idea of how to behave during a snowstorm: curl up in Mommy and Daddy's bed:


In the throes of cabin fever, people do weird things. Alex loves clothing: He loves to run under my legs when I'm wearing a long coat or skirt; I'll sometimes throw a cloak or sweater over his back, and he'll walk about like it's the most normal thing in the world. So we decided to see if he'd like to wear a T-shirt, my France '98 World Cup T-shirt to be exact. He seemed to like it except that he never quite figured out that it was okay to lay down on the floor in it, so we eventually took it off.






Before anyone thinks that we just embarrass our animals during winter weather ...

Bobby left his winter coat in the car and so had to wear his black overcoat and face mask to go out for firewood. We thought he looked like a train robber and so added the hat for effect:


Before putting on my coat to venture out on the first day:


As noted, the snow almost came to my hips in places. Bobby had blazed a trail out to the car to get his coat. First, the snow had drifted against the door, so we could only get it open a foot and, let me tell you, squeezing my butt (literally) through that little space was not easy. The buttons my coat are all broken, so I had it safety-pinned closed, and one of the safety pins popped open during the squeeze. I got distracted, stepping into the snow, not expecting it to be as deep as it was, and fell flat on my face. Bobby was squeezing through the door meanwhile; I was half-screaming, half-laughing; he was laughing; I could barely get out of the snow ... it was a mess. Here is the aftermath:


I have not lived it down. I get teased about it pretty much daily.

Bobby in the snow, not having fallen down first:


We decided to do the car and driveway in two days. After the first day of work, Bobby asked if I wanted to hike to the top of the hill with him. This is the highest point in Carroll County, and it has a gorgeous view west to the mountains. He had his camera, and we figured it was worth the walk.

Some yeti in a ridiculous hat:


Two houses down from us are the town limits, and the road becomes unpaved. The town plows had just plowed the snow over the entrance to the unpaved road ... which really sucks for the people who live up there! The street starts after the big pile of snow:


But we decided that we had to see the view and take pictures, so even though it was an uphill climb in knee- to thigh-high snow, we were going to do it, dammit! Part of the way up, thankfully, one of the residents had clear a short trail. We got to the top, the view was amazing as expected, got out the camera, and ...

The stupid batteries had died.

Back in the house, Super Bowl Sunday ...

Lancelot is scared of just about everything. Two of things that frighten him the most are the bread machine and the smoke detector. Bobby was making barbecue wings for himself for during the Super Bowl and set off the smoke detector. Lancelot flew into the living room and attempted to crawl on top of my chest. (I was laying on the couch doing a school assigment.) The result was a nice gouge from his claw and a bruise. He remained glued to my side for the rest of the night. Here I am, during the Super Bowl, attempting to complete my reading for Content Area Literacy cum Goldens.



And Lancelot: "But, Mommy, what if the mean smoke detector goes off again??"


We would often come home in the afternoons and find a throw pillow or two on the floor in the living room. Lance always has to carry something in his mouth, so I figured he was grabbing pillows because he couldn't find a toy. (He and Alex both have the habit of taking all of their toys into the basement, whence they never return upstairs again until Mommy gets annoyed and carries an armful of them up the stairs.) Then, one day, Bobby was working on his thesis in the basement and Lance came down the steps with a pillow in his mouth. Bobby was about to holler at him, but Lance dropped the pillow on the floor and proceeded to lay down on it.

A few weeks later, right after going to bed, we heard Lance come into the bedroom. He had a pillow in his mouth. He placed it down at the head of his doggie bed and laid down on it. A few minutes later, he got up again, picked up his pillow, and returned to sleep on it in the living room.

Now you can't yell at that!

But it's been one of those things that he does but we haven't been able to get on camera. Being cooped up with him all day, we finally had the opportunity. Here, he starts in the living room:


Then moves into the door leading into the dining room, taking his pillow with him:


Yesterday (Monday), Bobby returned to the top of the hill. The County (we assume) had been through with the plow, so it was easier going. Here are some pictures from our gorgeous view. (One of the questions we asked ourselves while house-hunting in Carroll County: "Could we possibly bear that view every day?" We seem to be doing just fine. :)




Well, Round Two has started. It's been snowing pretty hard outside since right after I started this post. Bobby just came into the study with a big brick of frozen vegetable chowder that he made over the summer and kept just for a moment like this, we just hauled our next load of firewood into the basement--we're ready to go again!
  • I have been watching the Weather Channel and wondering how you are. Glad to know that you and the Goldens are ok; thank you for sharing the pics. :)
    • Awww ... thank you for thinking of me! *hugs* We're loving life right now; neither my husband or I object to missing work, even if it means that we're trapped in the house for a few days. :) I've gotten nice and ahead on schoolwork, B2MeM, and other stuff; we both love cooking (hence all of the herbs on the shelves and hanging in our kitchen!), so we're warm and eating well ... it doesn't get much better than this! :)
  • (no subject) - satismagic
  • What wonderful photos! It has been quite a while since you posted such an extravaganza. Your boys are gorgeous including the one who walks upright. ;^) I love your "Tra-la-la-lally" Winter Elf hat!

    The sky over central Jersey, which was crystal clear blue this morning, is now cloud-covered with the outrider of the storm. My boss, the prez of the Turret, says she's inclined to close the company tomorrow, mostly because she's concerned that during the course of the day, we'll get enough accumulation that she'll be stuck here and won't be able to get home to feed her 7 horses. :^D
    • The upright hairy boy will love your comment, I am sure! ;)

      My mom bought that hat for me just before Christmas because it was so absurd; of course, you're not supposed to wear it sticking straight up in the air, I'm sure, but where's the fun in that? ;)

      The snow is coming your way ... it started here about an hour ago with fast, small flakes and is now coming down slowly with big flakes. We Marylanders are in our glory; there is nothing that we like more than to angst over and discuss in detail the weather, and everywhere we went this morning, all anyone wanted to talk about was the coming snow and how truly awful it was going to be. If you hear a soft sigh on the wind from the south, that is every Marylander collectively wringing his or her hands and tumbling gently onto a fainting couch because the snow has started. :D

      Your boss's concern about her horses is a worry close to this Carroll County girl's heart! :D We don't have horses (yet) but the amount of time we spend worrying over animals and crops and rainfall and soil fertility since moving here is rather ridiculous! :D
  • *melts* Look at those two golden darlings! It is really his pillow isn't it?

    We thought he looked like a train robber and so added the hat for effect:

    LOL yes!

    Too bad Kevin is in bed already (we got some much needed good news today), but I bet he would have loved to see the doggies.
    • Good news?! Yay! I have something to tell you over email, so we will have to catch up later. :)

      Yes, it is Lance's pillow ... well, they are all his pillows! :D We have four, and he will sometimes get three of them down while we're at work. He hasn't learned to reuse the same pillow between uses, I suppose.

      I hope Kevin enjoys the doggies too when he wakes up tomorrow! Alex and Lance send kisses! :)
  • The train robber pic is just perfect, LOL. This snowstrom seems determined to give Central Maine a miss as well, so it's clear and sunny here but cold and OMG windy and so dry that my husband's getting nosebleeds.
  • OMG! Isn't Bobby just adorable! Oh, whoops, of course, the doggies are also. And you too. Love the pictures--inside and out. I wish we would all get snowed in! Everyone here is exhausted and sick of winter because of the constant in and out in miserable weather. If we were all trapped here it might actually be fun.
    • Having lived in a semi-rural location for all of my life (aside from three years in Ellicott City, which were enough for a lifetime), being snowed in can be fun or not ... I think it really depends on who you're snowed in with and how well you can occupy yourself with completely house-bound activities! :) I like being snowed in much more now than I did when we still lived with my parents; it is nice, for example, to be able to commandeer the television and say, "I want to watch foreign movies, not Wheel of Fortune, so that is what we're watching!" :D And most of my hobbies are house-bound activities, so I'm never out of stuff to do.

      I loathe going out in miserable weather. If given the choice, I'd probably prefer to wait till Mother Nature melts us out rather than spending the couple hours it takes to dig out the car. Unfortunately, my employer has different ideas about the appropriateness of that ;) ... but, yes, I can understand your misery!
  • Cabin feeeverrrrrr. Uggh. Usually i'm okay with snow & getting off of classes, but this has been just kind of driving me mental. (hence the icon.)

    But, all that aside, i like the Train Robber look; ahah. And your house looks so nice (& clean)!
    • Here are the dancing liquor bottles from Anthony's to transport you down'ee ocean, hon, where they never get as much snow as we do. ;)

      I understand the cabin fever when still living at home--a few days used to drive me nuts too, with no offense meant to my parents. It was just too small a space to share with so many people. Bobby doesn't bother me; most of the day, we're working on our own projects or doing something together that we both want to do (like watching a movie), and he shares most of the same interests as me, so when it comes down to family activities, it's not the conflict between (as in the example I gave to Oshun) my artsy-fartsy tastes and my parents'.

      Oh, if you could see the clutter in the study and the carpet--oh, no, wait ... that's dog hair!--under the dining room table, you might change your mind about "clean". ;) The best pictures were of the kitchen, which is spotless because I am rather obsessive about that. Other places ... well, they get attention as needed, which is usually more like, "Oh, shit, we're having people over this afternoon so we might want to wipe up the month's worth of woodstove dust and dog hair!" :D
  • You know what? You should be a writer. Wait. ;)

    I love these pics and the commentary... Truly wonderful!


    It's just raining here. Blah.
  • Awww, your doggies look so huggable! Like big teddy bears. :D

    We didn't get the storm over the weekend (I heard that it hit all around us, but hilariously left Connecticut and Rhode Island alone), but we're supposed to get one tomorrow. Eep. Can it please be late May yet?
  • I admit, it all looks beautiful. But the snow isn't letting up since christmas and I must say I'm really getting tired of it:(
  • gorgeous pictures and such snuggly puppies!!!!!!!!! awwwwww!

    I love the pillow... Reagan uses pillows but she has yet to carry one around with her... I will have to see if that develops...

    I'm also amused you have wristies! I have green ones.
  • Your dogs are adorable! And at least Bobby was smart enough to clear out a bathroom area for them. We weren't-- and my dog hates getting her feet wet. It's an effort to get her to leave the deck. (And we only have six to seven inches!)

    As for that view: jealous. Very jealous.
  • hahahahahaha!

    pillows in his mouth? So cute! It amazes me how dogs seem to know exactly what those things are for. I would love to meet you, your charming partner, and your puppehs one day.

    When you talked about squeezing through your front door, I was reminded of the part in hobbit where Bilbo escaped from the caves of the misty mountains leaving a few buttons behind while goblins were hot on his heels. :D
  • Wow - in the first pics they look like puppies in that snow! How adorable are they??? One of my dogs (the Jack Russell) loves snow. Malone/Boo, my Boston Terrier, acts like snow is a personal assault against him as he hates to be cold or get wet. Its really his worst nightmare I think. Boo has a blankie - no pillow - but he will not go to sleep without it covering his head, even if its 90 degrees. I love pet quirks. :) The snow is beautiful. We had 3 snows this year (and its rare for us to get one) but I think this storm is going to miss us completely. Its just raining. I cannot believe the pounding you guys are getting. LOL about the door/falling story. If it makes you feel any better, my butt would still be lodged in there :)

    Icon in honor of your epic *head-des...er...snow*

    Edited at 2010-02-10 12:20 am (UTC)
  • That is definitely some Serious Snow you've got going there! I can definitely see why your weather is making the news. I love how weirded out the Goldens seem to be by all of this. And they've gotten so big, too! It's been a while since you've posted pictures of them; I think the last time I saw them, the younger one was still a puppy.

    Chicago is in the middle of its own winter storm at the moment. I'd estimate we have about six inches on the ground, and it's still pouring down snow, which it's been doing all day. Allegedly, we're supposed to get high winds tonight, and the snow will taper off about noon tomorrow.
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