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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

My First Attempt at Drabbling

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

My First Attempt at Drabbling

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bread and puppet
I have been informed by arandil13 and satismagic that I apparently need to start drabbling. As a warm-up to insta-drabbling, then, I have done some non-insta-drabbles, although they took a pleasingly short amount of time to write, especially compared to hundred-some-page monstrosities.

These are in response to Marta's birthday request on HASA: "I'm interested in moments between cultures where one considers itself more civilised than the other. What did the ‘less civilised’ think of the ‘more civilised’." Sorry, Marta, it doesn't come with a receipt ;)

I appreciate thoughts on these. If I suck, you can tell me. I can't promise I'll stop drabbling, but at least I'll know.

The light hurts our eyes at first. It is not as promised.

The dust in the streets is a fine powder that glistens like diamonds. The dust on our bare feet is coarse and black and makes painful blisters. We are led before the Valar in tattered furs that are warm if not beautiful, not that warmth is an issue here.

Their robes are of silk, their sandals of leather as supple as water; there are jewels on their brows. I watch for their faces to pinch at the sight of us, but they betray no emotion. “Kings of the Eldar,” they say, “we invite you to join us in Valinor.”

A thrill seizes my heart—but I hesitate. Thoughts of the Hither Lands trouble me. I will miss the meadows glazed in silver, the flicker of the stars in Cuivienen. I will miss the starlight on Miriel’s hair.

Ingwë steps forward.

The Architect
The Noldor are eager to build a city for us, equal in grandeur to Tirion. They are my friends, and so I accept. It would be ungrateful of me to renew my long friendship with Finwë by insulting the talents of his people. But I have no qualm with our frail huts by the sea—better to hear the songs of the waves playing upon the crystal shores. Stone muffles, subdues. Isolates.

Finwë brings his most skilled architect to Eldamar. He leads me eagerly to meet him. The boy is young and carries himself as though his spine was poured from steel. His eyes are the same deadly silver found at the base of blue flames. He might be a statue, such is his beauty.

They would become steel and stone if given the choice, I think, these Noldor.

“King Olwë,” says Finwë, with a quiver of pride in his voice, “I bring you my son Fëanor.”

Okay, before I get boo-hooed by any purists, I know that they are not *quite* drabbles. They are roughly--I estimate--about 150 words apiece. (Yes, I am too lazy to do an exact count.) But, considering that my current WIP is roughly about 300 pages long at the moment (and still unfinished), I think that progress is being made in curbing my tendency to ramble on and on and on....

As I think I am doing now....
(Medium) Dawn Felagund (of the Fountain)
  • *contemplates*

    Should I use this as an excuse to spring my drabble hymn on Dawn?

    *contemplates some more*

    I am evil, therefore I need to do evil things.

    TEH drabble hymn, to be sung to the Peter, Paul & Mary version of "If I had a hammer":

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com The Drabble Song Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    If I had a drabble
    I'd drabble in the morning
    I'd drabble in the evening
    All over Arda!
    I'd drabble with danger
    I'd drabble without warning
    I'd drabble for love between
    Elf, man, dwarf and hobbit ah-aaah
    All over Arda!

    If I had a drouble
    I'd drouble in the morning
    I'd drouble in the evening
    All over Arda!
    I'd drouble with danger
    I'd drouble without warning
    I'd drouble for love between
    Elf, man, dwarf and hobbit ah-aah
    All over Arda!

    If I had a tribble
    I'd tribble in the morning
    I'd tribble in the evening
    All over Arda!
    I'd tribble with danger
    I'd tribble without warning
    I'd tribble for love between
    Elf, man, dwarf and hobbit ah-aah
    All over Arda!

    I have a drabble
    And I got a drouble
    I got a tribble no trouble
    for all of Arda!
    It's a drabble for Éomer!*
    It's a drouble for Elrond!**
    It's a tribble for love between
    Elf, man, dwarf and hobbit
    All over Arda...

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Once you have Yahoo Instant Messenger, I am (surprise, surprise): juno_magic
    • That's great! I'm at work and trying not to laugh out loud, lest I alarm my boss.

      Funny thing, I used to play "If I Had a Hammer" all the time in guitar class in high school. If only I knew then how I'd be singing it now....

    Of course you knew I'd love them.

    I love this line, even though I think it is an insult to my precious Noldor..

    They would become steel and stone if given the choice, I think, these Noldor.

    my YIM is arandil13 when you get yours.
    • Yes, we'll chalk that up to it being Olwë's perspective, not mine!

      I must ask you to stop using that picture of Fëanor on all of your posts to me. It gives me palpitations ;)

      I'll let you and Juno know as soon as I get a YIM name. It probably won't be until Monday because we're going to Atlantic City this weekend. Hooray! Although it might be tonight because hubby's working late....
      • you know you love the feanor picture!!!! Is this one better? My other favorite elf.

        So, you're in Jersey? I'm in Jersey (though no where near AC). I thought you were from down around DC? Or maybe I'm mixing you up with someone else?

        Once you get IM you can waste lots and lots of time with us doing insta drabble. :-D
        • Nope, that's me. We live in Ellicott City, which is between Baltimore and DC.

          You're right. I do love the Fëanor picture. Sometimes, though, a the thoughts it inspires just aren't appropriate for a workplace environment ;)
  • I think I like the second one best. Or maybe the first. Or maybe the second...

    I must ask you to stop using that picture of Fëanor on all of your posts to me. It gives me palpitations ;)
    • I actually wrote "The Architect" first. It was the first idea in my head. Then, last night, "Valinor" came to me, so it got written second. I like "The Architect" best, but that might have something to do with a certain character...name begins with an "F"...known to cause heart trouble in certain oversenstive Silmaniacs....
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