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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

What? It's Not March 25??

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

What? It's Not March 25??

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For some reason, I keep thinking that it's the last week in March instead of just barely into the second. So I keep going into the hurry-up offense with respect to things that need to be done for April in the SWG. And then I realize that it's the 11th* and I still have more than half a month left!

Back to Middle-earth Month 2009 has been more successful than my wildest dreams (which are pretty damned wild). Perhaps that's why it feels like the end of the month: because we reached 100 links today, which I would have been happy to have for the whole month.

Or maybe because, oddly, my term paper for African-American Literature is due in the middle of the term, not at the end.

Or maybe just because, after months of being swamped with work and school and extracurriculars (*stern look at the SWG*), I've finally gone nucking futs.

I have lots of comments and such to reply to and have not forgotten! But ... *points to B2MeM* *wubbles*

Also, the first person to correctly name the movie whence my icon comes will get to request a story or somesuch.

Okay, now it's off to finish the novel for my African-American Literature term paper and then ... *crash!*

* Yes, I know. It's actually the 10th. I just proofread my entry and realized that. I'm leaving it, because it proves my point.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and hard work you are putting into this challenge.Having it run so well makes it twice the fun to take part in.
    That you acknowledge contributions and beautiful banners are given for taking part makes people want to participate and eagerly antipate the prompts which give plenty of room for varied interpretations and lets our Muses soar where they will.
    I'm currently hoping my Muses will oblige with something for the latest prompts.
    Good luck with your paper.
    • Thank you for your many kind words and well wishes. :) On B2MeM, I have to acknowledge Rhapsody, Oshun, and Angelica too, who did most of the behind-the-scenes work while I wasn't available last month. I get the fun job of reading and seeing everything that's put up! :) And it's been thrilling to see not only the number of responses but how wonderful they've all been. I am lucky to know a lot of really talented people. :)
  • Aw, I'm glad B2MeM is going well. I've been following it loosely. I love that even though the fandom is small, it's still kickin'. Not that much of it is due to me, I have dropped into huge lurker status in pretty much all of my fandoms D:
    • I hear you. Aside from doing SWG-related stuff--which I have to do (I often call it my real job ;)--I haven't written much until now. It's been an incredibly long winter.

      I'm always thrilled when the fandom kicks into gear too! And some of the B2MeM stuff is amazing ... I can't believe it was created in only a day! :)
  • (no subject) -
    • Thank you! :D And, yes, do post when you can! I'm looking forward to reading your work. :)

      I think I still owe you an email reply ... *hides* I've fallen dreadfully behind, but I have not forgotten. :)
  • Good luck on your school work, and I'm enjoying B2mem immensely. I just hope I can keep this up until the 31st.
    • My word, your entries so far have been a sparkly bright spot in every day! (And don't forget that you have till the middle of April if you're going for all 31. ;)

      And thank you! I'm glad school is almost over ... for five months, anyway. :^/
  • My sense of time is so immensely screwed up, the B2MEM icons are giving me some sense of direction what day it is. Yesterday I actually had to call the office of the midwife to confirm if I came on the right day (I know, pretty bad, but yesterday was an off day anyway). So you're not the only one, however midterm papers halfway the month? They took midterm very literarily... :)

    Back to Middle-earth Month 2009 has been more successful than my wildest dreams (which are pretty damned wild).

    I know :D

    Perhaps that's why it feels like the end of the month: because we reached 100 links today, which I would have been happy to have for the whole month.

    W00t!!!!!! It nearly feels as if we woke up some profilic Tolkien writers from hibernation.... omg!

    Oh and I am going with the movie Slap Shot, not sure why but I vaguely remember having it a foil comment and it sounds like a quote that would stick around in the house of Felagund. :)
    • Hey, you have the excuse of a new infant keeping you awake at all hours! ;) I only write the date three dozen times over the course of a workday. Today, I even wrote 3/25/2009 for the arrest date on one of our records. I don't know why I'm hung up on the 25th!

      And ...


      We have a winner!

      The movie is indeed Slapshot!


      I made the icon for Bobby's amusement and decided, what they hell, I have 40-some empty icon spaces and no passive-aggressive icons yet. ;)

      So you get a story. Whenever you know what you would like, just let me know. :)

      And ... *hugs* I hope all is well!
  • Don't know where the quote came from, but I like it! :)

    Oh, and if I posted something with a travel theme two days before the prompt, does it count? ;) Kidding, mostly.

    Wow, it's great that B2MEM has been such a success!
    • "Putting on the foil" comes from the hockey cult classic Slapshot. My husband plays hockey (and swordfights ... he really is a very nice guy despite all that! :) and it's one of his favorite movies. There's a scene where the Hanson brothers are wrapping their knuckles in foil so as to do more damage during their inevitable fights.


      It's a code my husband and I use when we feel we're going to have to go wild on someone ... we're putting on the foil! :)
  • *giggles* Be calm, Dawn! I command it!

    Hm. I want to guess some alien movie, because you know, foil = brain protection from the aliens' telepathy.

    Independence Day? Signs?
    • Be calm, Dawn! I command it!

      Yeeeessss ... maaasssteeer ...


      Signs is a really good guess because their is a scene where they wrap their heads in foil to keep the aliens from reading their thoughts. :) The movie, however, is Slapshot, and "putting on the foil" is what they do before games to damage their opponents more during fights.


      It's become code in the House of Felagund for preparing to wild on someone deserving. ;)
  • Congrats on B2MeM :) Been following it as much as I can, and the whole project looks really impressive.

    Good luck with the school stuff :)
  • It's B2MeM? (blinks)

    I'm glad it's not yet the 25th in reality.... I still have stuff i need to do before then; argh why. But, er, i'm glad things are going well in Dawn Land. ;)
    • Dawnland ... that sounds like a spooky place. There are Elves and optimists and lots of vegetables. ;)

      Yes, it is Back to Middle-earth Month! It's in March ... set your watch and mark your calendar. ;)

      Our project for SWG is here.
  • Good luck on keeping up with papers and stuff!

    I must, like others, thank you for the work you're putting into B2MeM. I've read some very good stories and am getting to know people because of it. (Though keeping up with my friend's list is harder than I had anticipated! :P )
    • Thank you, I'm almost there in terms of schoolwork! :D

      And you're welcome for B2MeM, though I share credit with Rhapsody, Oshun, and Angelica, who did all the planning and behind-the-scenes work last month while I was mired. I got the fun job of reading, replying to, and posting the stories! :)

      I'm thrilled that you're meeting new people because of it; that's always one of the things I hope our events accomplish. When I came into fandom, everything was so insular. Everyone had her "home" archive and had no clue what anyone was doing anywhere else. That seemed such a shame to me, so I try my darndest that we don't fall into that trap on the SWG.

      So it warms the cockles of my heart to hear that. (Sorry--I've had the strangest urge to use that phrase! Now I have! Whee! :D)
  • Don't work too hard! :D (And good luck with that paper -- African-American Literature sounds like a fascinating topic. *inner nerd is awakened*)

    Remember that sleep is important too :P. And, thanks for all your hard work with B2MeM :) I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far (it's the first year I've participated), and I'm amazed at how fantastic everyone's responses are. Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do to help lighten your load -- I figure if I'm enjoying it this much, I ought to help out and give something back. :P
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