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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Post Round-up

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Post Round-up

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Elves Are Cool
I have not rounded up my off-LJ posts in a long, long time. Part of that reason is that, with my current time-crunch, the only place I have time to write is my weble, The Heretic Loremaster. And rounding up posts for The Heretic Loremaster seems rather fruitless, since it not only has RSS but, for those not yet on the RSS bandwagon, can be followed on the LJ feed heretic_lore. Still, for those not using either of these, here is a round-up of my Heretic Loremaster posts for the last couple of months.

The Conflict of the Fannish and the Creative. The fan-writing community is largely a collective one where the writers are also managing the projects and archives. Does this diminish our creative output?

Storytelling: Much Ado about Nothing? A few posts on LJ considered a writer's role in pondering questions of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Does a writer have an obligation to be "politically correct"? I offer my thoughts on these posts here.

On the Term "Fan Fiction" ... I don't like it. Here's why.

A Rebuttal to "We Don't Need More Female Superheroes." A blog post by this title was written by a clueless guy. I shred it here for fun.

Rethinking Mary Sue. To what extent do some of Tolkien's Elf-mortal pairings reflect the same wish-fulfillment dynamic we accuse "Mary Sue" of? Is it possible that Mary Sue could be seen as a feminist figure? Hop into the crackpot and stew over some of my unformed ideas!

Science Proves What Fandom Knew. A recent study shows female sexuality is really complex. Who'da thunk it?

Speaking out against Casting Choices in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I break away from literature and book-based fandom for a moment here to contemplate the sheer suckitude of the casting choices for the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender and what we can do about it.

When Questions of Canon Should Be Questions of Writing. Tolkien fandom likes to debate canon minutia. Are they looking for answers where there are none? Should they be talking about how to construct good, believable stories instead?

On Writing to the Fanfic Market. FanHistory.com's blog discusses how fan authors can get more readers for and comments on their stories. I think their ideas are bad ideas and make a case against recognizing a fanfic "market."

The Coraline Grab Bag! Dark fantasy, gender roles, and more in Neil Gaiman's Coraline (now also a movie in wide release in the U.S.).

The comments and conversations on some of these posts are excellent. Further comments--even late comments--are always more than welcome, but remember, if you want to be part of the conversation when it's happening, subscribe to the RSS feed or get informed of new posts via heretic_lore. (Please do note, though, that it is possible to leave comments on heretic_lore but I never check for comments here. So if you want a reply, please leave a comment on the original post!)

See you in two months for the next round-up! ;)
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