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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Introducing Head to Desk since 2003

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Introducing Head to Desk since 2003

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Yesterday, I came into work to find my inbox full. Well, relatively full, for me, since I don't get a lot of email at work. There has been a spam email going around the agency, one of those that promises that Bill Gates will pay you $245 per person you forward the email to. (This one!) Well, some employee, in a fit of "intelligence," managed to wrap his brain around the mathematics of $245 times the thousand or so people employed by DPSCS and decided to forward the email to every single person in the email address book.

Which, predictably, resulted in others jumping on the bandwagon and clicking Reply All to share in the bounty.

Someone replied to all with the Snopes article about the email.

Someone replied to him (using Reply All, of course), saying, "You better hope you're right!" I mean, gosh, if he's not, he stands to lose out on a quarter million dollars at least!

Finally, someone from IT replied and reminded all of the enthusiastic and soon-to-be-rich and -retired participants in the scam scheme that it violated department policy to use the email system for non-work-related purposes, and all the forwards flying around to everyone in the address book was really taxing the system.

Not like that stopped the email. Next, people started replying (to all, of course), asking to be removed from "the list" or griping about spam. The fact that they themselves had become spammers by their love of that Reply All option amused me but apparently failed to sink past those three inches or so of bone to reach the quivering, jellied mass that stands for a brain.

It perturbs me that these people are considered professionals.

It perturbs me even more that we are the Department of Public Safety, and the same people who will be eagerly checking their mailbox for the next few weeks, looking for that check from Bill Gates, are the same who make decisions about which offenders are and are not allowed back into the community.

There's a comforting thought.
  • I love it! That one is soooo old. I think I first received it (at work, of course) somewhere around the computerization of the most high tech offices (early to mid-80s? my memory fails me).

    I liked the one with the supposed Nieman-Marcus recipe for chocolate chip cookies, which at least had some lasting social value. It claimed that you were getting a copy, "keep it a secret," of a recipe that could only be had by paying $500 to Nieman Marcus for it. (The "keep it a secret" advisory did not prevent people from spamming everyone the knew with it, including the entire email last of the major firms I worked over the course of about 10-15 years.)
  • I encountered something similar to that, only it was all about the end of the world. Quite annoying. ;-(
    • Now that is downright nasty! As if global warming weren't scary enough! ROFL

      Edited at 2008-09-23 04:38 pm (UTC)
    • Wow, really? (Of course, a good 20-33% of my country truly believes that God is going to suck all the good people up into the sky some day and leave us "sinners" to our own devices here on earth so ...)

      Btw, I've gotten all but one of the postcards! They came en masse today and yesterday! Mine should be arriving to you soon, judging by the pace of things, though the post office is always a mysterious entity. ;)
  • Bill Gates giving away money would have made me go like: if he was like that, we would't pay so much for his products. *bin* But the herdlike behaviour is astounding, isn't it?
    • I guess we are social creatures ... ;)

      I agree that if Bill Gates was interested in giving anything away, Microsoft would be open source. Then it would not only be less expensive but would probably work better to. IE might not constantly screw up my CSS layouts! ;)
  • LOL! Reading it as you put it is sooo fun! (That´s what I consider the greatest proof of useful genius: being able to write off stressful or stupid experiences into funny stories).
    • It does keep me sane! And it's so much more fun than ranting! :^D

      I'm glad others see the humor in it, though. That's the good thing about LJ friends!
  • (no subject) - yourlovingfeta
    • Yes! It's never enough to simply declare your friendship for a person. You must declare your friendship and also place upon them an inane demand, like "FORWRAD TO EVERY ONE U KNOW!!!!11!1!" Add a touch of bland threats and presto! Spam mail!
  • I am slightly freaked out now.
    • Lol! Welcome to the club! ;) If this job has done anything for me, it is to realize the amazing stupidity of most people in power in government and the general ignorance of most people in law enforcement. It is scary and has made me skeptical and cynical all at once.
  • It perturbs me even more that we are the Department of Public Safety, and the same people who will be eagerly checking their mailbox for the next few weeks, looking for that check from Bill Gates, are the same who make decisions about which offenders are and are not allowed back into the community.

    You know... as much as I can sympathize with you and with your aching in-box - that last paragraph just sent me off. ROTFLMAO!!! As sad as it is, I fear it is also really too funny to believe.

    I hope the IT service will cut all of them off their mailing privileges for a few days.
    • It's a nice thought that IT would do that, but they won't. If this agency punished stupidity, 90% of the employees wouldn't be able to work! ;)

      Before I had this job, I knew that a lot of people were either unintelligent altogether or simply lacked common sense. However, I never realized how many people with jobs requiring considerable responsibility were the same!

      The other day, in a newspaper article about the current US financial crisis, I saw a quote about how most Americans assumed that the people at the top of the ladder in financial institutions were much smarter than they (the average citizen) were. The article said that it has come as a shock to a lot of people to realize how untrue that is!
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