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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

My First Veterinary Emergency

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

My First Veterinary Emergency

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alex eek
Well, I suppose it happens to every pet owner eventually ...

It was around 12:30, and I was just getting ready for lunch, and the dogs were playing in the backyard. Lancelot came to the door, so I let him in. Nothing weird. I got lunch started and was doing something on the computer when I realized that Lance was licking his right hind leg. A lot.

I thought, well maybe he got a thorn in it or something, so I lifted his head to have a look and found that he had a deep gash about 3cm long right above his knee. Now, it's a well-known fact that I'm blood-phobic, so I couldn't look for long, and my first thought: What do I do?? Maybe it wasn't as bad as I'd thought, and I could patch him up with a bandage and all would be well. So I looked again.

Nope. It was pretty gruesome. It was deep enough to have lips to the wound; I could see several layers of skin and flesh. It wasn't bleeding, but then, he was licking it pretty intently. However, when he stood up again, he started dripping blood all over the floor. This was a little beyond his blood-phobic Mommy's skill.

So I called Alex's vet (basically across the street from us), hoping they'd have Saturday hours, but I got a recording. However, they did direct me to an emergency vet in Carroll County. (A quick online search had revealed the closest listing in Towson, almost an hour away.) So I copied down the number and called to let them know we were coming in, gingerly put Lance in the car, and headed off to the ER.

They were pretty swamped when I arrived, including a dog that had been hit by a car, so it was a while before the vet got to see him. (First, Lancelot, the vet tech, and a rectal thermometer became a little better acquainted ... poor guy!) The vet came in and took a look at the gash and decided Lance would definitely need stitches; he'd done quite a number on himself. So they took him back ... and I waited.

When they shaved his leg, they found that in addition to the gash, he had two punctures on his leg, so poor Lancelot has a cut full of stitches and two drains in his leg, and his head is trapped in an Elizabethan collar. He's pretty miserable.

A few weeks ago, while playing, he ripped out one of his toenails. Now this. Clearly, he is a klutzy puppy.
  • Eeep! Poor puppy! Any idea how on earth he did it, so you can maybe remove the offending pointy, puppy-mauling object?

    I'm glad you were able to get it seen to early and stitched up more or less right away. I hope it's not infected or anything!!
    • I have no idea what did it, but I'll be inspecting the yard, that's for sure.

      He's on a round of antibiotics too, so I'm hoping that between that and the drains, the poor little guy won't have to suffer through infection too. :(
  • Oh, poor puppy Lancelot! Rectal thermometer, stitches, drains, and a collar. Poor, poor puppy. He should have plenty of extra treats and love for a few days.
    • And he's scheduled on Thursday for the indignity of being neutered!

      He just got two pills in peanut butter, and that seemed to really make him happy.
      • Well, at least he's already got the collar. . .
        • I thought that too. And he should have his drains taken out on Thursday too, so unless they have misgivings about doing the surgery because of the injury, then it's actually pretty good timing as all can be done at once.

          When Alex was neutered, they gave him an e-collar that looked like a hemorrhoid donut. It took me ten minutes to get the stupid thing on him, and what was the first thing he did after I did?

          Started licking the incision.


          So I'm glad that they gave Lance one of the old-school, lampshade-looking ones.
          • I like it. One big horrible medical week, and then Lancelot will be a happy puppy. If he ever crawls out from underneath the couch again, that is.
            • The only good thing is that he's way too big to fit under any of the furniture anymore, except the kitchen table, and I can fit under there too so ...

              There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
  • Eek! Poor Lancelot. Good thing the vet was able to help though.
  • Oh noes, poor bebe! :( *petpetpet*

    Ah yes, vet bills... I used to have a klutzy diabetic kitty and I remember them well.

    Speaking of which, it's time for Angel kitty's check-up and pokie. Thanks very much for the reminder!

  • Dogs are almost as good at self-destruction as horses are. This won't be the last emergency vet visit in your puppy's life. At least this time, the problem was reasonably simple to fix, and didn't require any emergency surgery!
  • Aw, poor Lancelot. :(

    At least now his hearing's really good. :B
  • Ai! Poor Lancelot! Poor Dawn! That's almost like having a kid.
  • Outch! Poor puppy!

  • Well, a klutzy puppy is at least better than a manipulative cat. Some years ago my parents wanted to visit a musical (incidentally "The Lion King" :-P) and suddenly our tomcat got 'sick'. Until now we (and our vet, too!) don't know what really caused this 'sickness', but my parents stayed at home and within some hours it was gone. I'm convinced the sneaky thing was simply playing pretend. o.O

    *pets puppy* It's really not nice at all when pets get sick.
  • We've have vet records/x-rays/rectal thermometers/antibiotics/elizabethan collars/you name it in every single place where we've ever gone with the dogs - many many more brushes with the medical profession than with kids. But of course puppies in pain make you want to rush and help them (yes, and spend a lot of money in the process, true)
    About your job: why does the story sound so familiar to everyone regardless of country? Go for your other options. You are the right age to redirect your career. (When I was 25 I decided to go back to the university to study History and that changed my whole life)
  • Oh no, that's terrible! ;_; Poor Lancelot! *cuddles* I wonder how it happened. That's a deep cut (especially for a puppy)...
  • Aww, poor puppy. At least it was a relatively minor pet emergency. :) How old is he now?
  • awww poor puppy and you! hope he's doing better, do you have any idea what got him? *hugs*

    BTW, dropped by the mom and pop pet store in town yesterday to get the puppers' food and there were like a half dozen goldens of varying ages all the way from maybe 7 months old up to a couple years. THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!!! And of course I thought about Lancelot and Alex. ^_^
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