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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

*machetes way out of the email jungle*

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

*machetes way out of the email jungle*

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hugo reyes--dude
Tonight, I took care of something that I have been dreading for a while now. I organized my Gmail inbox. Oh, when I first got Gmail, I was a good little Gmail user. I tagged everything as soon as it came in and archived old conversations and actually kept up with what I had starred (and removed the stars once I took care of the email). But somewhere between the holidays and getting heavily involved with gaming/writing/SWG/SCA (and the myriad emails of each) and being busy at work, my usual time to take care of email, then I stopped taking care of my inbox. And it was starting to resemble a jungle. I'd star an email, and it would be pushed out of my inbox before I could answer it. Then, of course, I would forget about it, and it would never get answered. Yikes.

So the last hour has been spent tagging and bagging about 750 emails. A good 25% of them were LJ comments that just ended up getting deleted, so that made life easier.

So if you sent me an email, and you feel like I should have replied and I did not, then either 1) expect a reply in the next few days or 2) if you don't get said reply, email me again to remind me. I probably archived your email by accident. No offense is meant by this, but organizing 750+ emails pretty much guarantees that mistakes will be made.

I am an obsessively organized person (except for my desk which, at the moment, looks like a bomb went off), so I feel much better now that I have a single page of emails in my inbox and everything else is organized. Now will I be able to keep it that way? I hope!
  • Reading this I am feeling rather guilty about sending you my last chapter of A New Day for you to read. I would not want to bother you when you are so busy (but you always have suggestions which make it better!).

    I cannot imagine what you are teasing us about relating to the SWG!
    • No worries! Now that I've got things under control (for the moment), then I hope to get caught up on beta stuff over the next week. I haven't done Critters for three months (ouch), so I'll probably try to do at least one of them tonight, but you're up next! So I should start on it tomorrow, work-permitting, and will have it to you ASAP.

      If you're willing to put up with my slow-as-molasses working speed and occasional scatterbrainedness, then please don't feel bad about sending me stuff. It's always a pleasure! (And would you believe how guilty I've felt for not getting it back to you in a reasonable timeframe?? :^P)
      • If you're willing to put up with my slow-as-molasses working speed and occasional scatterbrainedness, then please don't feel bad about sending me stuff. It's always a pleasure! (And would you believe how guilty I've felt for not getting it back to you in a reasonable timeframe?? :^P)

        Hey! There are not too many people who would put up with me (those loooong sentences!)! Don't feel guilty. I chose you.

  • You just inspired me to do the same with my gmail account! Like a total idiot, I hadn't taken the time to properly figure out the archive button (yes, I am THAT thick) but I have now, so thank you for the inspiration!
    • Lol, you're welcome! I didn't understand Archive at first either. I remember seeing it on my Gmail, and it went something like this:

      Dawn: Archive? Hmmm ... wonder what that does? *selects and clicks*

      *message disappears*

      Dawn: Oh, $#!+!

      Then I read the FAQ, which I probably should have done in the first place. ;)
  • Now I no longer feel bad about not having sent you all those PTCOA chapters you offered to beta ages ago. That's a bunch of e-mails you didn't have to tag... yet...
    I swear I'll send them. Once I stop finding mistakes during the "just one last reading before I show them" re-reads. >_>
    • Whenever you're ready, send them along. Tomorrow, next year ... I'll be here. :)

      (If it's any consolation, I still find mistakes in AMC, and that's been through three edits now, partially beta-read, and nitpicked by about twenty devoted LJ readers. You don't have to worry about offending my eyes with typos! ;)
  • Hmmm I never considered to use those stars for that. For me, I use gmail as a pop3 acc. So when it streams in on this pc, it sometimes get filed away immediately. I used to have filters for that, but I haven't really sat down for that yet. 3724 messages to file away, oh when I have nothing to do.. I think. If I am looking for a message, I usually just search, both Thunderbird and the site work quite well for me.
    • I was using search with mixed success ... when messages come from other netizens (like messages about SWG or beta reads), then it usually works great, since we tend to have clear subject lines and write coherent messages. But from my non-'net friends ... not so much. If they have a subject at all, it's usually not clear, and sometimes the "message" is just a link or attachment. So I missed having my tags. It was worth the hour it took last night to organize everything! :)

      All this has made me realize, not for the first time, how much better Gmail is than Comcast. (And Gmail is the one that's free?? o.O)
  • Oh my, now you got me started on something. I need to organise my Gmail account very badly. Well, here's how my evening will be spent ;)
    • Good luck with it! :^D I think it's kind of funny how many people read this post and then told me, "I decided to do the same thing!" Now I wonder if I said, "I decided that cleaning Dawn's desk would be an excellent idea," if anyone would come over and want to clean Dawn's desk as well ...

      Probably not, but I can dream! :^P
  • Reposting your article

    Hello, I read your post and thought it's worth reading at the forum for writers that I often read. So I've posted an abstract from your post at:http://www.writersclub.net/medley/using_gmail-t144.0.html

    Hope you are not against :)
    • Re: Reposting your article

      Nope, it's not a problem. There's only one minor problem with the post that I can see ...

      Dawn Felagund is not a guy but a woman. (Yes, I know that the second part of my name is borrowed from a male character, but Dawn is my mundane name.)

      Otherwise, thank you, I'm glad that you liked it! :)
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