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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

On the Brink of ... Thanksgiving

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

On the Brink of ... Thanksgiving

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Bobby and I are hosting our first ever Thanksgiving feast this year. I suppose that it is a rite of passage for every young couple, to be sitting around with the family while everyone is hemming and hawing over who will take what holiday this year, arriving at Thanksgiving, and intrepidly piping up, "Why don't you guys take a year off and we'll do Thanksgiving this year?" At least, that's how it happened to Bobby and me.

In truth, though, I really like hosting parties. I like people to relax and eat and have a good time at my house. Life is busy, and we all deserve to be hosted rather than to host every now and then, and both my parents and my in-laws have always been welcoming hosts to Bobby and me in the past. Since we now have the space and the means to return the favor, I love to do so. (Plus, I'll admit, that it makes me really happy to see other people happy and enjoying themselves.)

So far, all has gone well. Bobby has the vegetables prepped and the turkey ready to go in the oven tomorrow morning. My ice cream is mixing as I type this, ye olde ice cream maker grinding away down the hall. I've done all of the cleaning except for the floors since the Goldens 1) shed constantly, 2) tend to track in mud if it's the least bit damp outside (and it is), and 3) tend to bring in leaves in their feathers. (Mostly Alex for the latter; Lancelot doesn't have feathers yet.) But I've learned to do the floors an hour before people are set to arrive so that they might enjoy a little while at least of looking at my house in a pristine state. Then a Golden comes in with hair, mud, leaves in the feathers ...

Of course, there have been a few small hitches. I came home today, and Alex was in the backyard--which isn't itself odd--and Lancelot was in the house. That is odd because it was very warm today, and when it's nice outside, Lance likes to be outside with his brother. Upon entering the house, Bobby warns me, "Don't let Alex in the house." Apparently, Alex rolled in some poop while playing over our neighbor Bob's house with his dogs Clint and Lily. So the one side of his ruff and behind his ear was caked with shit. Literally.

Which meant that we were bathing the dog unexpectedly this afternoon. Luckily, it was a warm day, so we could just hose him down and scrub him on the back patio.

Then, we didn't have enough dishes.

We are expecting twelve people tomorrow, and we had service for eight. We've intended to buy the extra set for service for twelve, but it's one of those things that is easy to forget about or ignore in lieu of more pressing expenses ... then we have a guest list of twelve and dishes enough to feed eight of them. Since Bobby had a half-day, he stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond ... and they were out of our dishes. He bought some paper plates. He called to tell me. I threw a fit (boldly proclaiming ne'er to serve Thanksgiving dinner on paper), did an Internet search, and stopped at another BB&B on my way home from work, amid much rush-hour congestion, to get another box of frickin' plates.

But they had the plates, and so we now have service for twelve.

Then there was the Pie Plate Fiasco. Last Wednesday at work, we had a Thanksgiving potluck lunch, which I thought was a really nice idea, so in a fit of bona fide Dawn Felagund enthusiasm, I made two ice cream pies to bring. Keep in mind that ice cream pies are time consuming, expensive, and very difficult to transport on an hour-long commute in a car. But they are delicious, and like I said, I enjoy doing nice things for people. So I was more than happy to contribute.

The one pie was eaten at the party and the other was kept for leftovers ... or so I was told. Monday, I checked the freezer and the whole uneaten, untouched pie was still in there. That's fine. They probably forgot about it ... and it saved me from having to make another frozen pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. The next day, I bring my cooler to take my pie home, only when I return to the freezer, it's gone. Pie, pie plate, everything. Gone.

I have no idea what happened to it. I posted a letter on the freezer but no one has replied to me so far.

The thing that upsets me the most is that the pie plate was given to me by my parents. They knew that I wanted to make two pies but only had one plate, and rather than go out of my way to pick up a second plate, they gave me one of theirs. It was a really nice glass one, much more attractive to serve out of than the metal ones I have now. If someone ate the pie, I don't care. I brought it in to be eaten and enjoyed, and I'd already bought the stuff to make another one for tomorrow. That's not the issue. But if someone took my pie plate--or worse, threw it out--that pisses me off.

I told Bobby tonight that unless the plate is returned to me, I can tell you one group of people who won't get homemade ice cream anymore. Or candy. Or anything. Why should I waste two evenings and a good amount of money making something nice for people who can't even show me a modicum of respect by returning my things to me? No, they'll get cheap, store-bought crap like everyone else brings in, and I hope someone asks me why.

So I ended up short a pie plate, short a pie, and had to stop for a new plate this afternoon as well.

I suppose, in all, however, that I've been fairly fortunate so far. Everything has gone as planned. I'm not stressed. Bobby and I even went to dinner and to see Beowulf tonight, and I really look forward to tomorrow.

The ice cream maker is getting that inconsistent grumbling tone that tells me my chocolate is almost finished ...

Tomorrow's frozen treats are the traditional pumpkin ice cream pie and a German chocolate ice cream pie that I've never made before. I was going to make a frozen tiramisu cake but couldn't find crunchy lady-finger cookies.

Anyway, to all of Teh Flist who is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, enjoy your day, your family and your friends ... and don't eat too much! ;)
  • You mean Lancelot doesn't make up for the lack of feather by bringing leaves inside by mouth?? ;)

    I should've bathed my dogs while it was warm out, but I didn't, and now it's cold. Meh, for Christmas then.

    Ironically, I was just lamenting that my family never has a large Thanksgiving (either at our house or someone else's). We're friendless. And my extended family is too weird (and lives far away). Maybe I'll show up to your place one year. ;)

    Hopefully your pie plate turns up. Sparkly clean.

    I'm on for cooking tomorrow (or today, technically). O.o I'm thinkin' the Elves better help!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Tarion! Totally off topic, but my son and I watched "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter" the other evening. It was hilarious! Thanks for calling it to my attention. I'll probably review it on the Refuge as part of the continuing "Doc Bushwell's Mystery Science Theatre 3000" series.

      Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with the cooking.

      "It's all good! It's all right! Everybody get..." :^D
      • Excellent!! I'll watch for the MST review.

        "It's all good! It's all right! Everybody get..."


        Happy Thanksgiving!
    • You're welcome at the House of Felagund whenever you would like! We had a little ... erm ... extra this year, so we could have easily accommodated an extra. Or eight. ;)

      (You and seven sons of Feanor!)

      Lancelot has not figured out carrying leaves in his mouth yet. Though he did sneak a stick past his daddy yesterday.

      The pie plate turned out ... not well. Not sure if I'm up to a post about it or not. Suffice to say that I'm pissed off.
      • We had a little ... erm ... extra this year, so we could have easily accommodated an extra. Or eight. ;)

        W00t. I definitely read that and thought "enough for the muses!" GMTA, again. ;) What could be more exciting than Thanksgiving with the sons of Feanor?

        Lancelot has not figured out carrying leaves in his mouth yet. Though he did sneak a stick past his daddy yesterday.

        Louis is terrible about trying to sneak acorns/leaves/sticks into the house. There's practically a pile of tinder at the back door.

        The pie plate turned out ... not well.

        :( Jerks. *hugs*
  • Our house is too dinky for hosting Thanksgiving for either family. So, we make pies and bring booze and go to their house!


    Have fun, love... Stay outa the poop, Alex.
    • Always good advice ... ;)

      And we did ... have fun that is! (And so far, Alex has stayed out of the poop too, knock wood.)
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day :)

  • Have a great day, Dawn. I'm off to Laura's momentarily, she and I are cooking together. (I so sympathize with the loss of your pie and, especially the plate. I cannot tell you how many beloved pieces of cookware I have lost in the a similar manner of the years! Grrrr!)
    • I hope that you and Laura and wee Findekano had a lovely day. :)

      The Saga of the Pie Plate did not turn out well. I'm trying to decide if I possess the strength to angst about it on LJ ... and answer the slew of sympathetic comments that will follow. (Part of me feels bad about angsting over a pie plate--albeit a very nice one--when the world has much worse problems going on and making Teh Flist feel that they must comment.) If I don't post about it, suffice to say that this was my first--and last--potluck party at work. I'll be forgoing participation henceforth.
      • In long years of working in offices, I have noticed that in subtle, petty ways people tend to lose their morals in that environment. In more than one law firm where I worked, the secretaries complained about food they stored in the kitchens to last them for lunches throughout a week (dated and labeled clearly) disappeared overnight. Invariably, when anyone did an investigation to find out who was stealing, they would first suspect the cleaning staff (poor and paid minimum wage) and it always turned out to be the highly paid attorneys who had taken the food, rather than simply pick up the phone and order take out/delivery when they stayed late.
  • Congrats on your first big "we're hosting Thanksgiving" fête! These certainly can be labors of love, and your efforts certainly reflect that. My SILs in Wisconsin take turns hosting T-day festivities, and these are fantastic. I always helped them out and was up to my elbows in preparation. Now that we're out here, it's just the four of us.

    When doing the potluck thing, I neurotically hover over anything remotely of value that I bring to the table due to a past bad experience in which a fine steel mixing bowl, filled with potato salad, disappeared from a big picnic in a park in Madison. I usually try to bring food in dishes that I don't care about if the event takes place among people I don't know well, i.e., those I can't hound with phone calls or e-mails to retrieve a pie plate, bowl or casserole dish.

    Re: the happily beshatted Alex - *snort*! What a dog!

    Tomorrow's frozen treats are the traditional pumpkin ice cream pie and a German chocolate ice cream pie that I've never made before.

    [Homer Simpson drooling noise]Mmmmmmmm...ice cream pies![/Homer Simpson drooling noise]

    Varda's vanilla beans, but those sound delicious! Rampaging Frodo is supposed to make a very basic pumpkin pie at this moment but the slug is still asleep. I may need to prod him. He's taken an interest in learning how to cook which has resulted in a certain real-life reflection of fan fiction in the kitchen with our, uh, master and apprentice relationship.

    Have a wonderful day! I hope all goes smoothly.

    Crosses fingers in hopes for future photos of the Family 'Gund Thanksgiving.

    • I hope that your fearsome foursome had a lovely holiday! :)

      I've learned my lesson about assuming that other people will be respectful and considerate of the time and money I put into such potluck festivities. The Pie Plate Saga did not turn out well. But like I told a sympathetic coworker today, I don't need to be shown the middle finger twice to get the hint. And after my family devoured a whole German chocolate pie in about five minutes (and it was a freakin' huge pie!), then there are people I'd rather spend the effort on. Such is life.

      Re: the party ... all did go smoothly! Wonderfully, actually! And I had in mind to take some pictures for you ... then I got involved and never got to it. :(

      Homer's drooling might be justified. The German chocolate pie was proclaimed by several of my family as Dawn's Best Dessert Evah, and I've been at ice cream and confections for more than three years now and have subjected my family to all manner of dessertish oddities, so that was a high compliment indeed. :)

      I hope you and yours had a wonderful feast as well! :)
  • Thanksgiving at yours sounds a lot like Christmas at ours. (One year when my grandpa was still alive he knocked down our tree while trying to chase the cat.) Add to that the fact that my mom's a real perfectionist; and a bunch of relatives that like to come over on Christmas Eve which we usually like to have for ourselves (as in immediate family) but never succeed. Yeah, it's that time of the year when the desire to drop into a quiet corner and get drunk is quite biiiig! :)

    How's Beowulf? The trailer left me a bit underimpressed. And unfortunately I can't really stand Angelina Jolie anymore since she starred as Olimpias in Alexander.
  • Well... can't you send out an e-mail to the department about that plate? Just suggesting. I just hopes that it returns, washed and all of that. It's post thanksgiving, but I read the entry yesterday, I just hope all went okay and you guys had a wonderful time!
  • Happy Thanksgiving for everybody!
    (late as usual - and no transcultural excuse: I *did* know yesterday was Thanksgiving)
    I hope everything went fine. And German chocolate ice cream pie! just the name makes me drool. How complicated is the recipe?
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