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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

I Stayed Home from School Today ...

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

I Stayed Home from School Today ...

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alex eek
I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been dragged a mile behind a truck. It seems that the excitement of the past week has finally caught up with me, probably egged on by being sick the weekend prior.

For the past two days, driving to and from work, I've become very groggy near the end of my hour-and-fifteen-minute journey. This is really not a good thing. And I knew how worn-down I was, but I'm stupid and stubborn and hate to go to bed at nine o'clock when there is fun to be had online, books to read, husbands to cuddle, and dorky movies to watch.

I've fallen asleep while driving before, while I was still in university and I was--once again--stupid and stubborn and used to take nineteen credits a semester, plus working twenty hours a week, plus my internships and volunteer gigs. It was scary; I don't want to do it again.

So I reset my alarm this morning for seven, when Johnny the Boss gets to the office, then dragged myself out of bed to make a phonecall that I don't even remember now, then when back to bed and ended up sleeping (total) for almost eleven hours.

I feel much, much better now.

Now I could say that I learned my lesson and won't do it again, but I know that I will. I'm only ever truly happy when insanely busy with multiple projects going at once and nothing ever completely finished. It doesn't help that I'm a nightowl and now get up at 6 a.m. for work, which, believe me, is painful. I hope that once we transfer to the new office in Baltimore (possibly as soon as the end of the month), then I'll be able to sleep a bit later and recover my natural schedule somewhat. The only good thing is that four years of being bored at the WAU has taught me to write during the day. I used to only be able to write at night, the later the better.

Now see, already, I'm thinking, "As soon as I finish this journal entry, what can I get into ...?"

It's between starting a new Haunted October story and working a bit on the "light highlights" on wee!Boromir.
  • *hugs* Just take it easy and reload that battery. I always considered commuting (whether while driving a car or going by train/bus) to be exhausting. Perhaps driving even more because you have to pay attention to ten thousand things. Now feet up and relax :)
    • I've done well today, even if I did do some laundry, edge the lawn, work for several hours on SWG ... ;)

      That I drive both ways on the cusp of rush hour doesn't make it any easier either. I do have to pay really good attention; Maryland drivers drive like asshats, so there's always some moron in a hurry cutting into a space exactly one foot longer than his car. I'm hoping that when I start working in Baltimore, I can take Metro for part of the way.
      • Hmmm how long will your travelling time be then when you start working in Baltimore? I've always had work for which I had to travel roughly two hours to get there, the only job I had in my own town only made it easier for me to do (unpaid) overtime somehow. Weird. :) Although my current boss has 24/7 service for himself ;)
        • My new office would be near to the Aquarium, where I volunteer, and it takes us less than an hour to get there. So, I'd think, during prime conditions, it would be roughly the same. However, I'd be traveling (again) on the cusp of rush hour, and I'd have to cross the Baltimore beltway, which is a mess, to be nice about it. So I'm hoping for roughly an hour commute. I'm also hoping that since I won't be manning the office by myself that maybe I could get a flex schedule and work more like 7:30 to 4. We'll see. :)

          Unpaid overtime ... heh. That's the good thing about working for the State; they're grateful if you work just the full time that you're scheduled! Though Bobby (who works for the feds) just had a run-in with some morons at his workplace who wanted everyone to do an extra half-hour of work every day unpaid. Riiiiight ...
    • It always amazing what people consider acceptable. I always thought one hour, one-way, door-to-door on a bus or train, where there was some Dream of reading anyway, was the outside limit of time of commute I could tolerate. In both the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago, I got in a solid 1 1/2 of reading every day during my commute. I really missed that here and in Mexico City, where the idea of reading on public transportation is a fantasy--one is led to constantly fantasize that it will happen but generally it doesn't because one is too crowded--sitting or standing in my case. A driving commute just seems like it is so gruesome--but I have always lived in intense urban areas since I got out of school.
      • It always amazing what people consider acceptable. I always thought one hour, one-way, door-to-door on a bus or train, where there was some Dream of reading anyway, was the outside limit of time of commute I could tolerate

        Well when I got my degree, I didn't take into account that jobs for that would be far away (in the West, the so-called Randstad), so for years I simply accepted that I had to travel loads (four hours a day a minimum, if I was lucky). My country may be small, but the things I encountered.... I did get a lot of reading done *if* I could get a nice spot in the train that is, so it isn't always ideal. With a car you maintain at least that bit of freedom that you can commute/drive away when it suited you & you always have a seat. Public transport is way more fickle than that as you already noted. I do have a drivers licence, but the costs of having a car with all the insurance is just very expensive. So yes, sometimes you don't have an option.
    • Small world - my uncle works at the Aquarium. ;)

      I take the JFX into work. I'd say that if you are arriving downtown at 7:30, you shouldn't have any problems on that road...but the same cannot always be said for the beltway. So, good luck with it! At least it will be a bit shorter than what you have now....

      And yes, I'm spoiled - the drive only takes me 30 min (more with heavy traffic, but only 20 with no traffic).

      My family has a saying: "Keep the hopper full." It means that you should always have a lot of stuff going on, or else your life will clog up and nothing will work. Sometimes I see their point, and sometimes I think they're nuts. But it is nice to accomplish things!
    • WalMart and the Fed govt are one and the same?

      Sorry, obscure refernce to a class action suit against WalMart for making people work unpaid OT.

      I've taken the bus for most of my working life, except for a 6 month stint at a location a mere 15 miles away, straight down the highway. I hated driving, rather, sitting in traffic; it's still hard to believe that most people have to do that. As much as I gripe about the bus - and it can be an adventure - I do enjoy having the time to read or just veg. And it's a good excuse to not take late meetings: It's the last bus, really!
  • Jesus Christ, don't risk falling asleep at the wheel! I had a friend die because her brother fell asleep at the wheel...Really, martyrdom isn't a sign of strength!

    Ok, done lecturing.
  • I can so relate to that. I seem to need an awful lot of sleep even if I'm not that busy at all. And the only time I'm really able to get up early is when I'm on vacation in a foreign place somehow. (Add to that that sleeping is something I completely enjoy... yes, I'm a lazy little git ;-P)
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