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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Greetings from Manchester, Maryland!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Greetings from Manchester, Maryland!

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Here begins the first LiveJournal entry from the new house in Manchester!

It's a beautiful day right now, in the low-80s Fahrenheit and quiet ... except for birds chirping, the wind blowing through the trees, and my windchimes tinkling behind me. Which are all sounds that I like to hear (versus traffic and sirens and other various human-caused hullabaloo). I am sitting outside in our grove of trees and happy as the proverbial pig in the proverbial slop.

No, I don't have Internet yet. Apparently, I have a neighbor with an unsecured wireless network. \o/ Okay, yes, I am a bad 'gund, but we all knew that, right? I have been one week without getting on the computer at all. Okay, well, yesterday I went to Panera Bread to use their wireless to upload some stuff for SWG, but that's been it.

Verizon has turned out to be just as comcastic as Comcast or possibly more so. Which I never thought I'd say. At least, this is my first impression judging by the fact that

  1. They require a credit check in order to sign on for their service. A credit check?? And because we were, like, in the process of getting a mortgage and, like, and were advised not to do anything with our credit including having all and sundry run credit checks on us (and Verizon and Ye Flist will be pleased to know that the House of Felagund has excellent credit on account of that whole tendency of Felagundish people to horde riches), then we couldn't start the process of getting the phone/Internet/satellite TV hooked up until after settlement. WTF?!?!
  2. So first thing Saturday morning, Bobby calls to schedule the installation for the aforementioned services. Only they are closed on weekends. Who the hell is closed on weekends these days? Why can't I be closed on weekends?
  3. So he calls first thing Monday. They've already effed up our telephone service; the phone guy was out yesterday but couldn't finish the job because the main office screwed up something.
  4. Aaaaaand, here's the kicker: They will not be out to install the Internet until July 18. Yes, July $%#&ing 18th!!! I think the satellite TV won't be until the 19th, but I don't give a crap about TV. Anyway, when I heard this, I started to go into delirium tremens from lack of Internet. They were going to get an earful from one angry 'gund until I discovered the neighbor with wireless. Just as long as I can get enough of a signal to upload pages to the SWG homepage and check the LiveJournal (all the rest can be handled at work, where such things are supposed to be done, of course), then I'm happy. I just really don't want/need the stress right now of trying to run an online group without being able to get online except by the good graces of the folks at the local Panera Bread.
So, Internet woes aside ... the house.

It's was very dirty (very, very) and in need of some serious TLC, but in the past week, we have made huge strides, and we love it. I am not kidding when I say that this area is beautiful to the point that I drive around and cannot believe that I live here. It's all farmland, gently rolling hills, and at the end of our street is a view straight west to the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.

Alex loves his backyard. It's hard to get him to come in. Our families came over for the first five days to help with cleaning, painting, and other fun things (like picking minute flecks of paint off the hardwood floors ... but more on that later), and he was out in the yard pretty much from the moment we'd get up around eight until everyone went home around eleven. The only time he was inside was when we went out to get food and, trust me, only then reluctantly.

Tonight, Bobby and I are going to the Manchester Volunteer Fire Department's carnival. We'd intended to go yesterday, but it rained all day, so we ended up running around to all corners of Maryland (okay, really only Westminster and White Marsh) to buy furniture for my study and other random items that apparently one needs when buying a new house.

Now, I am nearly out of juice on my laptop battery; Pengolodh Lord of Gondolin is still feeling drained from yesterday's excursion to Panera. So I shall sign off for now but will be back later for myriad tales along the lines of The Jimmy Buffett Debacle, The Ballad of the Hardwood Floors, and Thou Shalt Not Buy The 'gund Lotion. Evah. Again.
  • Well it seems like going that rural also comes with a very laid back attitude. Baaad Verizon! Talking about naughty people, bad 'Gund. Neylo has said that he insisted on administering proper punishment. Are you going to tell this neighbour about his unprotected wireless network? The 18th is sooner than you think, but I know that the thought of going without so long is the killer...

    It's good to see you back for a wee bit and I'm looking forward to the pic spam! *hugs*
    • It is much more laid back out here. Yesterday, we ordered a chest freezer at Best Buy, and the salesperson said, "Well, it should be delivered in a few days," then typed in our address and said, "Wow, you must live in the middle of nowhere! It will take at least three weeks!" :^P

      And it's actually normal in rural Maryland to have unprotected networks. In my parents' neighborhood, their neighbors on three sides have un-encrypted networks. And recently, my parents do as well.

      Life is different out here. :)

      The pic spam will come! We're slowly finishing rooms, so as we finish each, I'll photograph it from all angles and have a virtual housewarming party for Teh Flist!

      *hugs back*
  • (no subject) - stephantasy
    • The move went as well as moving can. There were a few hitches, but that's to be expected. By far, the most painful moment in the past week involved a Jimmy Buffett concert last Thursday, the Washington Capital Beltway, much inconsolable crying from yours truly, and Bobby screaming in rage at the road.

      After that, moving the next day was a breeze. ;)

      *hugs back*
  • Sounds like a good move, all things considered. Naughty financial people, of course, but you do have Internet at work, so you're not completely cut off from Ye Olde Flist.

    I was just thinking about you today. . . glad to hear that life is pretty good. The house sounds fantastic. You and Bobby and Alex should enjoy it for many years to come.

    I was supposed to be working on Comps today, but I've been making more Romeo and Juliet icons instead. Perhaps I'll go upstairs and grab a few Comps books from the Comps Locker before I go home. Or else, I'll go home and read the Comps books I already have. Concept City!
    • Yes, it's been a rollercoaster, but in all, I can't complain. And I can get a low wireless signal if I sit in the backyard, so I can function online. Which is a very good thing (since I can't access LJ or my FTP at work. Bleh.)

      Many years to come, indeed ... I never want to move again! ;)

      I hope you got some of your work done? Or at least made comparably kick-ass icons.
      • I did both. I think I made about four icons, and jotted down ideas for a bunch more. I found a screencap site that has most excellent caps of the entire movie, including the less famous scenes and secondary characters that often make the best icons. In fact, I got an idea for a lovely icon after finding a picture of Capulet and Paris together in a scene that always makes me talk back at the movie, Rocky Horror-style, but which is pretty hard to find elsewhere.

        And I read several articles from Musicology and Difference and the Cambridge history of 19th-century music, so I'm pretty good there.
  • ooooh congrats on the house!!!! gotta get us some lovely pictures soon. ^_^
    • Your icon! *awwwwww*

      Pictures will come soon ... as soon as I unpack the photography/computer equipment! :^P My study is in shambles since Bobby and I have made zero progress in putting the furniture together. I keep telling myself that good things come with time. :)

      And thank you!
      • hehe thanks! my friend scrawnysquall just made it for me for pup's bday yesterdayand I wub it to pieces. ^_^ gotta love Alex icon piccies too! *hugs*

        yea unpacking can be so not fun sometimes... ugh I dunno how I could stand waiting for internet for that long (me thinks hubby might actually go a bit more bonkers fast than I would).

        *sigh* now if we can find something similar out here with land and countryside! :D
  • House sounds great. Am very happy for you. Have a good time at the carnival.
  • Good to hear from you again!
    Internet/telephone/cable companies around the world seem to be just as complicated and heedless of people's needs and requirements (who will after all pay the bills). I imagine there must be international seminars for execs of these companies to see how they can better drive people crazy, charge the highest possible fees and provide the worst possible service. The competition must be really tough
    Looking forward to the pics
    • I don't know how it is in Argentina--though from what you've told me, I'd imagine it the same or worse than here--but I think that all big companies aim to charge the most for the shoddiest service possible here. It's really sad because, as you say, we do pay a great deal and the company execs are always raking in billion-dollar profits; you'd think they could maybe reinvest a little? In the US, we have the problem that all of the big companies are constantly merging into single, even-bigger big companies, so we end up with few options as customers. For example, in Howard County, we had to get cable TV/Internet through Comcast or not at all. Which, of course, allowed Comcast to charge as much as they wished and deliver as poor of service as possible. (And that was pretty darned poor.) Whenever possible, I try to support small, preferably local companies, but of course, for TV/Internet/telephone, that's simply not an option. :(

      Pics will follow just as soon as I get all of my camera and computer stuff unpacked. XD I have a single small digital camera out to take pictures of all of the boxes in the apartment before we moved and my dad and husband making a mess with paint, and that's it.
  • Eeee, new house! Yay! It all sounds fabulous, and I wish I could see it because it sounds so gorgeous. Your property sounds fantastic, particularly the view of the Appalachians.

    Good luck to you and Bobby in getting it all set up! And I am now most curious about these tales you speak of...
    • You will see it for my virtual housewarming party ... which will happen as soon as I a) get the house presentable and b) finish unpacking the camera/computer equipment. XD

      Your curiosity will be sated soon because--depending on how creative writing goes--I might post the Jimmy Buffett Debacle today. That is a very, very sad story, though. :(
  • W00t! I have been greatly looking forward to this post and happy to find it now, with both the good news and the gripping it contains. Yay for neighbor with wireless, else we wouldn't have heard from you until the §$%&!$& 18 of July. *snicker*

    I bet it was also fun, not just tiresome, to clean the house up and begin redecorating. And what is the progress on breaking in every room in the houe? *grin* Yes, I'm a perv and well you know it.

    Along with the tales you promise us, will there be pics? And I mean, as many of them as possible, so we can see the new house, the new furniture, the pretty garden and the gorgeous view.

    OT: Regarding Seven in 07, is it too late to submit something now? I have a fic and a drawing that I would like to have uploaded to the Maitimo page, if that is still possible.

    • Well, the progress on every room is not so good so far ... but we've broken in the new basement furniture quite well. ;)

      There will be more pics than you can shake a stick at! I'm going to have a virtual housewarming party on my LJ so you all can get the whole Bart Simpson Road experience. I'm waiting for everything to be closer to completion, though. Right now, only the kitchen is entirely finished (and even that we'd like to redecorate eventually). But we're getting new living room furniture this weekend, so that'll move us a bit closer, and I've also started on the study. All of the furniture is put together in there, and I have wall cabinets! w00t!

      On Seven in '07, the deadline is past for the father & sons, and I can't change it now. :( But we are still accepting stuff for Nerdanel and Celebrimbor if you have anything! I'll find a link for you ... here.

      Back to the house, also note that we have a guestroom now, so we can host anyone who might want to visit the U.S. ... ;)

      *big hugs*
  • It's me, in the previous comment. Forgot to logg off the muses journal. ;p
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