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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Email Address Change

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Email Address Change

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geek charisma
When Bobby and I decided to move to Carroll County, it came to our attention that Comcast--our current cable and Internet provider--does not serve Carroll County. In fact, Carroll County does not have cable at all, which is still odd to me and official proof that I am moving deeper into BF Nowhere than even where I grew up.

So, as a result, we have to change Internet service providers. Being as my email address is my lifeline to most of my friends and a good number of family--probably how normal people view their telephone number--I think I'm safe in saying that the idea of losing my old familiar Comcast address has been the most traumatic aspect of moving so far. Even more so than the mold, the sumpless sump pump, and the scads of boxes currently piled higher than my head. It was my hope that Comcast would allow me to keep my email service for a nominal fee or switch my account to my dad's account but ...

No dice.

I have never liked Comcast; their customer service is crap, and it annoys me beyond belief that I pay for their service (and handsomely!) and they still have the gall to put ads up on their members-only pages. So perhaps I'm best to be rid of them, but in the meantime, this will mean an awkward email transition that I really don't have the time or energy for right now. I acquired a Gmail account today, not wanting another account that is tied to a regional service provider. If Bobby and I end up in France or Italy in two years (which always remains a possibility), then I don't want to be going through this again. I exported my address book from Comcast to the new account; in the days to come, I will slowly forward to my Gmail account the important emails that I absolutely need (SWG stuff, Seven in '07 submissions, login/password confirmations, et cetera).

This did require the difficult decision of deleting old personal emails, which I kept for sentimental value as well as their occasional usefulness. I simply don't have the time to forward close to one thousand emails to myself.

So if I've beta-read for you, please make sure that you have copies of your stories/betas because, in one week's time, they'll be gone for good from my Comcast account. I know that some authors rely on beta readers to serve as something of an extra file backup, and usually, I'm happy to do so (and have, even if not asked), but simply can't transfer all of this stuff right now. Current beta projects, of course, will be sent over, so no worries there. If you want me to send you a file again, just ask. I don't mind.

Sob story aside, those of you have my email (or want my email) in your address book: please change it to DawnFelagund@gmail.com. The Comcast account will remain active for a week, and once it's deactivated, I'm going to ask my dad to create an account with the same name (DawnFelagund) and have it auto-forward to my Gmail account so that people who don't know to send to the new address won't be frozen out.

Stoopid Comcast.
  • So you're going to be on dail-up? This doesn't sound so well Carroll Country Lags for Web Access, Says Report. Meh.

    But you know, I think Comcast could have been customer friendly though, what is one account compared to so many? I will send my last seven in '07 submission to that addy. *hugs* What is it to service providers this week?

    • We'll be on DSL, luckily. When Bobby told me that there's no cable in Carroll County--and therefore no cable Internet--I almost called off the move! I refuse to be on dial-up.

      Comcast is a very unfriendly entity in general. But why is that a surprise ... aren't most/all big companies that way?
      • My health insurance company is one of the largerst here and are doing a fine job! So it is possible. Btw, I send an e-mail to the new addy ^-^ *hurries off to bed*
        • Okay, caveat:

          Aren't most/all big American companies that way?


          Because I really have no experience to speak of anywhere else ...
          • Well I can tell you stories.... I think it's a global thing with here and there a pleasant exception. *hugs*
  • That's really annoying! (But on the other hand - I suddenly find myself rather knowledgable about the internet situation in rural Maryland - which is actually quite funny!) I hope you get settled really soon, it can be stressful to move. I know how you feel, I've moved 12 times in 5 years! But hey! Welcome to gmail - they have never given me any trouble. :)
  • No cable internet? How are you going to survive?!

    (Will add your new gmail address to my list. Thanks for letting us all know!)
  • Comcast is Teh Suck. So is AT&T. Cingular. AT&T. We-Can't-Make-Up-Our-Freakin-Mind, Inc.
  • I've added that to my address book. Would you like me to change the address at the MEFA website?
  • We have been very happy with our Direct TV and Qwest DSL. It's a package dealy thing... Our phones are part of it too.

    It'll be okay, boo boo. And BTW, I have heard more people bitch about Comcast. We're just as happy to be rid of them.

    *huggles Dawn*
  • Aranel Took calls that "practicing impermanence". You know that Buddhist concept of transience? ;-)

    Good luck for the move!
  • Although Mercer County is well wired, we happened to move from a Comcast zone in MA to another cable provider here. It was traumatic to lose my comcast.net address, but I adjusted eventually. The current cable provider isn't too bad. Their customer service is responsive and *gasp* courteous! That said, I find that I use my gmail account more often than my "regular" e-mail. I really like gmail's features even if a few aren't Mac friendly.
  • Maybe Google likes me but my search for your zip codes (there are two possible) came up with Adelphia Cable, recently purchased by Comcast. Are you sure you can't get cable there at all?
  • Ugh! Sucks to have to change your e-mail account. I have been wanting to change mine, for the simple, albeit dumb reason that I think alina_moi2004 sounds completely stupid and cyborg-like. But I haven't made the change thus far because I do not have the energy to forward all the stuff I am keeping in my current e-mail account, nor do I have the time to keep track of two e-mail accounts. (heck, I barely have time to sit down and die these days, not that I would want to do that, or anything *grin*) So yeah, I understand your woe. I'll save the new address in my account presently.
  • Hi...*shuffling feet*

    I am Maeve of SWG, and I have friended you. Do you mind?
    • Re: Hi...*shuffling feet*

      Not at all! I will friend you back right away! (And sorry for the delay in replying ... I just moved into a new house and am currently using a neighbor's wireless ... XD)

      Welcome to the madness that is Dawn F's LJ! ;)
      • Re: Hi...*shuffling feet*

        Hi and thanks!

        I knew about your move - I had read the sob story. ;) I hope things are going fine and everything´s less stressful now!
        • Re: Hi...*shuffling feet*

          Much better, thank you! I'm sitting in my backyard, in the shade, getting ready to do some writing ... it can't get much better than that. :)
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