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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Two Fannish Notes

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Two Fannish Notes

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For the Silmarillion junkies on my flist ...

*watches as 90% of flist looks up*

As many of you probably know by now, I have finished the Silmarillion Writers' Guild archive. It's still kind of unbelievable that it's finished. nelyo and I started kicking around the idea of a website almost two years ago, back when I thought it would never be possible to have an archive where people could upload their own stories and I figured I'd have to code and upload them all by hand. Research and guidance by some of the amazing people who are members of SWG have allowed us to realize our greatest hopes, though, and now we have an archive to call our own!

So I'd like to invite other Tolkien fans to check out our site and consider putting their stories there. Or just to squee one more time that this project is finally finished!

The SWG Archive!

Secondly, the very talented hrymfaxe has done a drawing for my novel Another Man's Cage!

Here's the scene, for those of you who have read AMC:

Thoughts whirl through my head like thousands of tiny birds, as I descend the stairs and head for the music room. I am nearly fifteen minutes late by now, but I know that Findekáno will be patiently waiting. He would sit and wait all night, would I forget and leave him there, unlike Tyelkormo, who would wait perhaps a minute for me before running out the back door to do what he pleased in the forest.

As I near the music room, the gentle sound of harp music being played by insecure hands winds down the hall. The melody shifts and changes, as though the player is unsure of what sounds best. I am about to plunge into the music room—apologies ripe on my lips—when the music twists one last time, and the simple beauty of the melody seizes my heart and makes me press against the wall beside the door, a gasp stuck in my throat and my eyes squeezed shut, listening.

Findekáno raises his voice in song, and the words on his lips are tenuous but beautiful. If he were to sing with all of his spirit, the music would be unbearable, I think. I do not recognize the lyrics and wonder if they are also of his devising. I let the music paint a picture in my mind: a forest, with the wind high in the trees, green leaves afire with light, and inexplicable love racing through my veins with every beat, inspiring me to courage I never dreamed I had.

When the notes at last falter and die, I am reluctant to open my eyes, reluctant to allow reality to seize my heart again. Findekáno’s timid voice whispers through my head like a dream: This gift is not mine to keep. I know not from where it came.

I open my eyes and step into the music room.
And those of you with foresight can probably figure that, since the song was inspired by Nelyo, Findekáno will later sing it again, under much different circumstances.

Though even if you haven't read AMC, go look at the drawing! It's beautiful!
  • The website looks pretty good. Simple, clear, well defined, easy to navigate. I shall definitely consider posting something there. But first, a question: is it possible to participate in this site if you are, like me, someone who prefers the general public not to have access to her e-mail address? For instance, the private message system automatically displays the user's e-mail, and the review system requires that one be logged in. Does that show an e-mail as well?
    • The PM system only requires an email if you are the one sending the PM. So if I wanted to contact you via PM, you would see my email address. But I would not have access to yours. Of course, if you chose to reply to my PM, I would then have your email address.

      Likewise, reviews and review replies are conducted without the author's email address. Notifications for both are sent via the moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org and not your email. You also do not have to receive either at your email, if you don't want to; this can be switched on and off via Account Info --> Edit Preferences.

      So, in short, there is no way for someone to get access to your email address without some action from you, i.e. you send them a PM or reply to a PM that they have sent you.
  • Lovely drawing! ;)
    • I'm glad you think so. :) AMC brought me many happy hours of reading, and I wanted to give something back.
  • That is a perfect drawing for that scene! The moment where Maglor gives into the music, the wee! details (the necklace and pendant for example), his silky chocolate coloured stubborn hair...
    • Again I'm glad you like it! (Sorry Dawn I don't mean to take over your journal, but I'm tickled pink with joy, that people like the drawing :-)) I'm also pleased you noted the little details like the pendant and his hair, that will not stay in a braid. As I said above, AMC was just very inspiring to me, and I did my best to do justice to Dawn's ideas.
      • No worries ... I'm pleased that you're getting the comments here! I was going to email you or spam your LJ if you didn't, so you're saving me from having to make a pest of myself. ;)

        Rhapsody has read AMC a couple of times, so I got a good giggle out of the fact that she noticed those details; I thought, if anyone would, she would! :^P
        • Details are me, endless chatting with Dawn about said details and going like, w00t you 2? is the icing on the cake! Our verses are so different and yet it's a pleasure to dive into yours from time to time. ^_^
      • *nods* Wee! Fingon handling a huge harp... yeah. I think the drawing speaks volumes in a way, just as AMC itself!
        • Thank you again - and also for friending! :) I look forward to reading your stories.
      • This is an awesome drawing :)
    • Yep, I can tell that you've read AMC one too many times ... ;^D
      • Me? I am on my second read actually (am at chap 20)... okay maybe -being the Celegorm and Maglor fangurl I am - I did readabsorb some of the chapters... ^-^
  • First off, congratulations!

    Been there, looked around and joined :) And I think I will have plenty of time to read (no work for me for 3 weeks at least. More about it in my lj *sigh*) and I can get back to reading AMC too :D

    Well done!
    • Oh, noes, are you okay? (I'll check LJ later.) *sends happy thoughts and cute Beleg* ;)

      I saw that you joined ... awesome! Last I checked, there were 98 stories posted there, which is pretty amazing to me. Though it's been stuck at 98 for a few days. I might have to post two stories just to push it over to the magical 100 mark. :^P
    • Last I checked, there were 98 stories posted there, which is pretty amazing to me. Though it's been stuck at 98 for a few days.

      Scratch that ... now 99! I saw that you posted there! *squee*

      My reading list is growing and growing ... :^D
      • :D

        Hmmm, hmmm *rummages through her HD archive* I might find something else to post :)

        I'm really amazed at all the hard work you have put into the archive. What an awesome place for all Silm geeks to gather :)

        I'm fairly okay, though I really hate the hard cast on my left leg *grrrrrr*
  • (no subject) - satismagic
    • *blushes* Thank you, Juno ... wow, that means a lot to me! (And I squeed when I saw you joined and more when I saw you'd put up a story! I will definitely read it; I think I'll need some hardcore reading time once this move and other RL BS is over!)
  • Saw it. Loved it. Joined it. Posted to it. Congrats on an awesome job!

    Awesome drawing. Its great that something you wrote inspired someone else's artistic side. That must feel great. =)
    • *hearts your icon*

      You're on my reading list at SWG ... okay, I want to read everything posted there! :) I can't believe I've missed so much while playing mod/admin. And after this move, I deserve some time to read! :^D

      On the drawing, I think it is the highest compliment to have another artist--whether visual art or writing--say that my work has inspired her to create something of her own. That's thrilling! :)
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