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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

A Walk in the Historic District

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

A Walk in the Historic District

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Bobby and I just got back from taking Alex for a walk in the historic district. Ai ... this is one of the few things that I will truly miss about living here: being within a two-minute drive (or a half-hour walk) of the historic district. Alex loves it. He's not used to anything urban, and there's a thousand things for him to smell. He likes to start up every set of steps that he encounters. He looks over walls into courtyards, starts down alleys, and peeks into shop windows. He's such a curious little guy.

The historic district is special to me. It feels like home; it feels like nostalgia and future hopes all wrapped into one. I remember our first weekend living in Ellicott City, a very tired Bobby and Dawn discovered the historic district by accident, looking for a place to get some supper. We stumbled into Cacao Lane, which is a nicer place, and we were grungy and in moving clothes, but we were the only customers there, so they didn't mind. And on our wedding night, after we kicked our friends out of our apartment, we went for a walk in the historic district. I remember stopping into antique shops to warm up because it was cold that November night. And of course, on Halloween night, we take a stroll and we're always sure to pass by Tiber River Tavern to search for a "face not human" in the upstairs window.

The Ellicott City historic district is the only place I've ever been where I can wear my bright red cloak and not get odd looks.

The Ellicott City historic district is one of the few places where I think the majority of people are as radical--or more radical--than I am, where I don't seethe over "pro-life" and look-at-me-I'm-brainwashed religious BS on the backs of cars but nod at Darwin fish and anti-Bush stickers.

On this count, I keep telling myself: By moving to Carroll County, Bobby and I are adding our blue votes to a very red county. w00t.

On a different note, this Memorial Weekend we spent over my parents' house. Saturday was a graduation party for my cousin Trish. Sunday, my dad held a Memorial Day cookout. Monday, we went hiking with my cousin Jamie and so-to-be cousin-in-law Pat at the Susquehanna State Park. We walked 5.4 miles/8.7 km to the Conowingo Dam and back. We saw a large scary insect that I think might have been a dobsonfly larva; I need to look it up. Bobby took a picture of it, so as soon as we get the pictures uploaded, I'll post it here to solicit the input of any fellow entomology buffs. Afterward, my dad made dinner for all of us, which was very nice.

So the weekend was good. Unfortunately, Alex is in the midst of an adolescent rebellious streak, and anything that we tell him to do, he rolls his eyes up at us and gives A Look™. This does not go over well with his mommy, who has invested waaaay too many hours into his training. On top of that, he was tired from having a busy weekend, so he ended up in that mode where action precedes thought, and he was tearing around the house acting like, yes, an asshat. I asked my parents if they wanted to keep him until the house inspection on Thursday. Or maybe forever ... at least until he grows past this rebellious streak. They made the excuse that they "had to work." Riiiight.

Meanwhile, Alex has this fascination lately with pooping over my parents' house. In just over two days, he managed to poop nine times. Last weekend, in just over a day, he pooped seven times and then barely pooped at all for the next three days. No wonder! Well, if Alex likes to poop in the country, we've got quite a treat in store for him. Soon, he'll be regularly pooped out. Har har.

The next week brings two personal holidays. On Thursday, Bobby and I will mark our eleven-year anniversary. Of dating, not marriage, obviously. Next Monday, 4 June, is my thirteen-year veggiversary, meaning that I have been meat-free for a lucky thirteen years. Huzzah!

For some time now, I've had a story in my mind that is based on a song (that, no, I am not going to reveal, though I will offer a sweet prize to anyone who guesses the song after reading the story, mostly because I know that no one will guess the song if anyone even reads the story). Only the original idea was a very boring, done-a-thousand-times-before cliched fantasy story. Well, I decided that I wanted to write the story for our anniversary this year. Only no way could I write such a boring story, so I added to the fantasy/romance elements a bit of sci-fi and a bit of horror, and I really like how the story came out. I finished it tonight after working on it in a rush this afternoon and evening. It's been a while since I've had the insatiable urge to write something; it felt good to just need to pour the words out, versus working on a carefully constructed page at a time, as I do for the Green Knight story. I also finished last week the story that I have been working on for about a year now for Kasiopea (therefore, it is Silmfic). It's currently up on the SWG beta-test archive; I'll publish it here soon as well. It's weird, though, so I don't know if anyone will like it but me. Of course, I thought the same about "Salt" and people went nutz for that crazy little story.

It's about Caranthir, if anyone is wondering, and how he got betrothed to his wife (in the Felakverse) Taryindë.

And that's about been my life so far for the past week. The home inspection is scheduled for Thursday, and the parents will get to meet our house on that day too. Afterward, we're going out to dinner at Timbuktu for our anniversary, since Timbuktu is where we had our wedding party. This weekend, we're taking the moms (and my dad) out to lunch on Saturday, then walking around the historic district while Bobby and Dad "bond" by going to Home Depot or back to the apartment to take a nap. Sunday is a Dog's Day in Ellicott City, so it's back to the historic district with Alex for dog-related fun and a pet parade.
  • Damn Dawn. When it said cut for poop related TMI - I didn't really think it was poop related. Don't ask me what I thought it was but I was actually surpised to find out it was about poop. o.O

    I know how hard it is to leave behind your memories. I still feel that way about Tennessee where I was born and raised. I feel that way about Gloucester, MA where my dad was born, raised, and buried because i grew up hearing about the stories of his youth and after his death I learned to love that place. At least with a historic district, there probably won't be tons of changes and you can still come back and enjoy it. :) You can come back and eat a nice big juicy medium rare...umm....eggplant. :P
  • I love the thought of you being the mommy to a rebellious adolescent puppy. There's something about it that just makes me happy inside.

    I will be thrilled to read your Caranthir story, assuming you don't publish it next week. Next week is Eleventh Week, devoted to the frantic finishing of term papers.

    In other news, we had the Midwest Convention this past weekend, and I hosted the Old Girl I told you about, the one from the Fairest College who was at Becki's funeral. We talked about it a little bit, and she said that she noticed everyone dressed up as pirates, and she had a few other opinions about the funeral as well.
  • Many congratulations for your upcoming anniversaries. What a wonderful opportunity to look back at wow, by now so many years. And then turn around and get ready for many, many more. It's good to hear that you're enjoying your presence. But you always do, don't you?

    I've been missing you, LOL! I've had several posts lately where I was wondering what you would say if you got the chance to read them. If things ever settle down on your side and you get a moment to catch up, you can let me know if you can spot them. *g*
  • I love the historical nature of my city. Given my parents obvious wish for me to move back home, I know I just don't want to. This is my town. On Sunday I had an excellent seat where I had a stunning view over the harbor of another Hanseatic city and I just felt so inclined to leave the gathering and walk around to take pictures. And you know, you can always go back and visit it for an afternoon.

    LOL @ Alex the rebel. He will grow over it... I hope ;) Yay on writing girl! You're so busy and I was just in the middle of reading Carnistir and Taryindë when kev decided to press the reset button. I am so looking forward to see the archive going public! It's kick ass!!
  • Sounds like a very fun weekend! Glad you all had a blast. :)

    Meanwhile, Alex has this fascination lately with pooping over my parents' house. In just over two days, he managed to poop nine times. Last weekend, in just over a day, he pooped seven times and then barely pooped at all for the next three days. No wonder! Well, if Alex likes to poop in the country, we've got quite a treat in store for him. Soon, he'll be regularly pooped out. Har har.

    It sounds like Alex could give Maggie a run for her money. If she doesn't poop at least four times a day (and I'm talking sizeable piles, not constipated pebbles here and there) we get worried. She actually poops more than she pees, I think.
  • Loved your historic district rift--because I have a way of falling in love with cities as though they were people and it usually involves their "historic district." (Most recent in my decades-long series of affairs have included NYC (of course!), Mexico City and Charleston, SC--those were preceded by a few of the capital cities of Europe.)

    I've started to read your new Silm fic and am loving it. "Started" is fairly amazing--I have been so busy (with my baby daughter getting married and all) that I couldn't even finish a Dawn-Silmfic (this is the person who read AMC in three days). Anyway, hope to get back to my cyberworld soon.
  • w00t! 9 poops! Puppy managed to poop three times before breakfast this morning! O.o I have no idea how a 15 lb dog manages to crap three times in half an hour, but he did. (Well, I guess he's more like 10 lb now!) Irony of ironies that I finally get to read this post today! (The "Poop related TMI" got my attention. ;) )

    Yay for Caranthir story! I don't know if you realize this, since I haven't mentioned it in so long, but I am a Caranthir fan. xD I haven't felt a need to pour out words, despite not having written anything since well before school let out. But I have been reading. Books. For fun. O_o :D
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