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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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napoleon flippin sweet
I have been a good girl and very productive. And so I am treating myself to a meme.

Gakked from sinneahtes, who always has all the good memes.

Age?: 25. I almost typed 26. I always forget how old I am.

Best friends?: My best friend is Bobby; next is my sister Sharon. I don't really have anyone in my offline life at the moment whom I would consider a best friend otherwise.

Choice of meat?: None! I'm a vegetarian for nearly thirteen years now.

Dream date?: Honestly, my favorite dates are when Bobby and I have a wonderful dinner and go see a movie together that gets us thinking and talking.

Exciting adventure?: Scuba diving with sand tiger sharks. I haven't done it ... yet.

Favorite food?: Mexican food! Mexican food doesn't suffer long in my presence. My favorite Mexican lately is chili rellenos. *yum*

Greatest accomplishment?: Hmm ... I don't feel that I've accomplished anything truly great yet. Honestly, I feel the most valuable when someone reads one of my stories and comes away moved or changed in a way that they otherwise would not have been. Ask me again in five years. :)

Happiest day of your life?: 31 May 1996. Bobby and I became more than friends. It changed my life.
Interests?: Pandora's box much? Writing, first and foremost. Reading, Tolkien, painting, science, scuba diving (if I ever finish my bloody certification ...), movies, dog training, candymaking, getting on a soapbox about anything and nothing ...

Jell-O?:  Preferably none. Technically, I'm not supposed to have it because it has gelatin in it (which can be derived from boiled animal bones, ligaments, and tendons). My grandmother used to make this stuff called Jell-O 1-2-3 that was in three layers ... I loved that, though not so much the iggly-wiggly part that was actual Jell-O.

Kool aid?: Preferably none, again. Let's just say that I tend not to like sugary foods in liquid, solid, or semi-solid form!

Love?: Bobby. Then my family, friends, and Alex.

Most valued trinket?: Does my pet unicorn Nelyo count as a trinket? Probably not. I guess my rings, then, that Bobby gave me.

Name?: Dawn. Dawn Felagund to the online world.

Outfit you wore today?: Long-sleeved black V-neck shirt underneath a pink-and-black leopard/giraffe-print spaghetti-strap shirt. Khaki cargo pants that Bobby calls my "booty pants" because they're snug in the bump. Red and white Adidas sneakers. Opal pendant and two beaded necklaces. Wedding/love jewelry.
Piercings?: I have two holes in my earlobes but can no longer wear earrings thanks to my blood/injury phobia.
Question most asked?: Seriously, I think it's probably, "Dawn, can you run a 10-28?" (That's a driving record check.)

Radio station?: None, if I can help it. I prefer to listen to my iPod. Chatty DJs and obnoxious adverts annoy me.

Sport?: Freestyle rollerskating is my favorite sport to do (if one counts it as a sport). American football is my favorite sport to watch.

Television show?: I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy Lost (though I've only seen halfway through Season Two) and Ghost Hunters. My favorite channel is Animal Planet ... I can watch (and enjoy) just about anything on Animal Planet.

Ur favorite song?: At the moment ... "Clocks" by Coldplay. "Blood Tears" and "The Time Stands Still on the Iron Hill" by Blind Guardian. Several songs from the LotR soundtracks. "Hazard" by Richard Marx. Always "These Dreams" by Heart and "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash (my two theme songs!)

Where do you live?: Ellicott City, Maryland, USA in an overpriced, one-bedroom apartment with a Man, Dog, and many Elves.

Xyz?: One of my favorite songs by The Smashing Pumpkins is "XYU," particularly the line, "I am made of shamrocks / I am made of stern stuff."

Year born?: 1981 (isn't this somewhat redundant with Question One?)

Zodiac sign?: Virgo the Virgin (why do my mom and Bobby always laugh at that? *snicker*)
  • Hee, glad my being a meme junkie is of such use! :D

    Age?: 25. I almost typed 26. I always forget how old I am.

    Heh, this amuses me--I almost said I was 24 in my answer. (Did you eat my brain, or did I eat yours?)
    • Brainsssss ...

      Hopefully we will not get Mad Nerd Disease from the comsumage of each other's brains. >8^B
  • Hey, cute meme! (^-^) I shall snag it, if I may. ♥

    How did you get your blood/injury phobia?

    Hope you don't mind me friending you (thank you for friending me back). I found you over at FanFiction.net; we engaged in a forum discussion there some time back and I thought I'd like to get to know you better. You seem pretty friendly.
    • I do not mind you friending me at all ... and you're welcome! :) I think I'm pretty nice for the most part. ;) Let's just say that one has to make a concentrated effort to get on my bad side and only one person in the Tolkien fandom has managed this dubious honor so far. ;)

      I think I got my blood-injury phobia from my dad; I've had it my whole life, though it's affected me to varying degrees. Blood-injury phobias are the only phobia with evidence of a possible genetic cause (I studied clinical psych in uni ;), and my dad is phobic, so it's likely that I got it from him. I studied bio for several years and managed to get it under control then, but it's gotten worse, now that I don't deal with those sorts of things regularly. (And even then, I would have episodes, though I denied it, not wanting to look like a wimp!)

      I look forward to reading your LJ! :)
      • xD ♥

        Re the blood-injury phobia, I've always been queasy about blood and injuries. It's weird, though, because I'm more than fine with dissecting dead animals for bio and raw meat for cooking. Maybe that's because I grew up on a hobby farm and cook quite a bit. It's when it comes to theory stuff or when I'm the blood-giving subject, that I get dizzy and feel drained and as if I'm going to throw up. I didn't know there was a genetic link.

        Hee. I look forward to reading yours. :) Love that icon, by the way.
        • Thanks! :) You're welcome to take the icon, if you'd like; the slogan is all mine so no need to worry about credit, et cetera. :)

          My blood/injury phobia is selective too. I worked as a kitchen manager for some years and handled raw/bloody meat regularly. I am a horror writer and fan of horror stories/movies, and the blood doesn't bother me in these. But I've gotten lightheaded from papercuts ... yep, that pathetic! :)
          • I won't take it, but thank you! ♥ *hugs*

            Ooh, you're lucky with the horror films. The only movie violent blood that I can take easily without the squirmsquirmsquirm-wanna-leave-the-room effect is in anime. xD
  • Scuba diving with sand tiger sharks.
    Totally sharknophobic. *clings to your leg* Don´t do it!!!
    • Sand tiger sharks aren't dangerous to humans (well, I would argue that sharks aren't really dangerous to humans at all; most shark attacks are mistakes on the shark's part), though they look hella scary! But since you're sharknophobic, and I know from personal experience that phobias aren't curable by logic alone, then I'll comfort you in saying that I won't be intentionally diving with sharks for many years yet. ;)
  • (no subject) - satismagic
  • Year born?: 1981 (isn't this somewhat redundant with Question One?)

    *snickers* The fact you almost typed 26 should answer that in the negative, no? After all, if you're 25 in 2007, you might just as well have been born in 1982. ;) *ducks*
    • Yes, but Question Z asks my Zodiac sign, which is Virgo and makes it fairly clear that my birthday isn't for about six months yet ... so I would have to be born in '81 if I was 25. ;)
  • Choice of meat?: None! I'm a vegetarian for nearly thirteen years now.


    A vegetarian for 17 years.
    • Yay! :^D So what made you decide to be vegetarian?
      • Hmmmm, let me see. Partially, it was my school friends' influence and the fact that I was very rebellious (you know, punk rock, a mohawk hairdo, etc ;)), and vegetarianism added to the image. Above all else, one day I realized I didn't want animals to be slaughtered because of me. My family was shocked. Of course, I had to deal with snippy comments, as in: so what do you eat? Grass? Why do you wear leather boots? I decided to ignore them, knowing they would grow accustomed to it.

        My hubby is not a veggie, but he's always been pretty comfy with my being one.

        • Your reasons are pretty much the same as mine. I was horrified by the factory farming practices in the U.S. (I know that Europe is much more progressive in these things), which grew into the ethical reasoning that animals weren't mine to use simply because it was pleasurable or convenient. The environmental and health benefits only make it more worthwhile. :)

          My husband isn't vegetarian either ... though he's getting there! He usually only eats meat now when we dine out; it's easier for him to make one vegetarian meal for both of us than two meals (he's the cook), and he's getting more liberal in his old age too! ;)) My family also adapted (I was 12 when I became vegetarian), though I had to do my research to prove that I wasn't going to shrivel up and die for lack of meat and spent many years eating nothing but salad and tofu until they grew more adept at finding the vegetarian section in the grocery store.

          Oh, and nothing annoys me more than that question, "So what do you eat??" ... Umm ... anything that's not meat? :^D
          • Umm ... anything that's not meat?

            Hehehe, yes, and they keep on delving the matter further: What exactly? What do you eat for dinner, breakfast...? What if you go to someone else's place? And so on.

            Funny, how nosy people become when you admit you're a veggie. I mean, it's not my business what a meat-eater has on their plate, and it always irritates me that people assume they have the right to ask me what I eat only because I don't eat ham or steaks. However, I noticed, they stopped asking me what I eat, instead they ask what my poor hubby uses to eat since I'm the cook in da house. Which is a lot more irritating because it somehow implies my hubby must be really suffering without proper meals *snort*. Heh. Joys of having nosy relatives ;)

            Sorry for posting this twice, I seem to have messed up the tags.
            • No worries about double posting ... it happens to the best of us. ;)

              People ask that about my husband too. "Well is your husband a vegetarian??" Umm ... no. "Well how does that work?"

              When I tell them that he is the cook in the family, their eyes get big; when I tell them that he likes to eat my veggie food right alongside me, their eyes get even bigger! :^D

              It works quite simply: If he wants meat, then he cooks it for himself and pops in a fake "chicken" for me. My parents managed for many years feeding two vegetarian daughters while eating meat themselves. I think that people just like to cause a commotion. ;)
  • Happiest day of your life?: 31 May 1996. Bobby and I became more than friends. It changed my life.

    Let's see, 2007 - 1996 = 11
    25 - 11 =
    Dawn, Dawn, Dawn

    Do I just have a dirty mind, or is it something more innocent?

    Not that I'm going to volunteer any details from my life at this point. ahem!
    • You have a dirty mind. So you get my naughty!icon. ;)

      We started dating when I was 14 and he had just turned 15. The more nefarious "more than friends" did not happen for some years after. I was a good girl.


      Really, I was!


      And your icon rocks.
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