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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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This world is not meant for people whose natural sleep preferences have them up late and waking late. If I get my schedule off for one day, then I am exhausted for the rest of the week. Bobby and I stayed up late on Sunday to watch the Academy Awards--being something of movie fans, if that was not obvious--and that hour-and-a-half off of my sleep that night still has me messed up. Yet tonight, at 10, when I should be going to bed to compensate, I will be wide-awake and working on something silly. Or (heh) watching a movie. Bobby ordered The US Versus John Lennon for me from Netflix, so we might start that tonight, if it came in.

I took a nap at my desk today and woke myself up breathing in a loudish manner that was nearly snoring and that I hope Johnny the Boss didn't hear. Though I've heard him snoring in his office, so ...

Anyhoo, despite not having posted in a few days, I'm not dead, just tired and busy with the usual (mostly) frivolous crap that is always there and never seems to get finished. Meh. Because I am too lazy to string together things like coherent sentences with transitions, ye olde "unordered list" will be my friend yet again.

  • My grandmother-in-law collapsed while out shopping this weekend and had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily, extensive tests revealed that nothing seemed really wrong; she was dehydrated and had low potassium, and that was blamed. I don't know how good a conclusion this was since I received what was probably fourth-hand knowledge, but if I'm not supposed to worry, then I won't argue with that.

    Because nothing is sacred in my family, then we had a chuckle that she was in Scratch 'n' Dent when it happened. Everything that Mom-Mom gets for us has a price written on it in black Sharpie, meaning that it came from Scratch 'n' Dent. Mom-Mom and Scratch 'n' Dent have a long history. First, one of Mom-Mom's good friends was fired from Scratch 'n' Dent for giving Mom-Mom too many five-finger discounts. Oopsie. Then the Rite Aid next to Scratch 'n' Dent literally blew up one day and took Scratch 'n' Dent with it. Luckily, it was the middle of the night, so no one was hurt. We all thought that Mom-Mom would pine away, though. Luckily, Scratch 'n' Dent reopened in a new location, well away from any Rite Aids.

    Last I talked to Mom-Mom this weekend, she was quite happily watching some "bloodsucker shows" (read: old vampire movies) on television. If Mom-Mom likes one thing, it is vampire movies. But I did have reason to get annoyed because, first, after sitting in the emergency room all day with nothing to eat, Mom-Mom is checked in around 7 p.m., asks for something to eat, and is given a single graham cracker and a cup of water because "her insurance information hasn't been processed yet." Dude. WTF? Then, her roommate checks out the next day, and she asks to have the TV turned on because she's lonely but, noooo ... she doesn't have a bank card so they can't do that. Luckily, my father-in-law let her use his. Again, though, WTF?? Everything these days is about fucking money. Would it have killed someone to put on the TV for a lonely old lady for an hour without worrying about how the hell she was going to pay for it?

    Anyhoo, understandably, this was the Big Weekend Drama.

  • Speaking of drama of another sort, it seems that Juno, Jael, and I--not to mention the others who were nominated--will not be winning awards for being the Smuggest Fan Fiction writers of 2007. The founders of this estimable honor have decided to take down the award after getting into a rather amusing little tizzy about who was stupid and who was immature, during which at least one stormed off in a virtual huff because this was supposed to be about bad authors, not good authors, and the award was turning into an opportunity to "spork" people whom the nominators simply did not like. As Juno so sagely remarked, for entertainment that good, they really should have charged for it!

    Meanwhile, the SMUG Awards are still going strong ...

  • I am making an Alex mood theme and attempting to use a different picture for each of the 115 available moods. I have forty so far. *wince* Not very good, I know. I need to take more pictures of Alex. Getting all the "tired," "content" moods was easy, but scared? Angry? Alex is none of those things! Anyway, what I have so far is here (with many duplicates that will hopefully not be in the final product). I will be happy to share this mood theme with anyone who wants it, when it is finished.

  • Kathy--i.e. The Coworker from Hell from Yon Days--came into the office today. She managed to keep the drama to a minimum, though she did attempt to trash talk about her ex-partner Warren. "Oh, I bet he's upset that he actually has to work now." Yes, Kathy, go to Johnny's office and look at the stats on the board; he arrests as many people as you did without all the personal drama in between. Warren is always pleasant when I call him ... even when I call Friday afternoon with an emergency warrant that needs to be taken care of ASAP. He also picks up my warrants and manages to do so more than once per week. Also, Warren does not feel the need to interject conversations with odd personal information that no one needs to know. Like, "I don't worry about tampons because I've been fixed" or "I'm smooth as a baby's bottom down there because that's how the Big Guy likes it!" (Actually, to hear Warren say the first thing would be especially disturbing ... on multiple levels.)

    Speaking of annoying coworkers, the current Coworker from Hell (that would be Diane) told her partner Vernon that she "sat me down and had a stern talk with me about how when she asks for things, then I need to do them because I've never been a police officer, and her work is important." Now anyone who knows me ... would the Dawn Felagund that you know sit contritely and endure such a verbal berating that basically asserts that I exist as nothing more than a brainless office monkey there to do her bidding because she's too stupid/lazy/whatever to learn to use a fax machine? Well, the Dawn Felagund that Johnny and Vernon know wouldn't either ... they thought it was hilarious. And knew that it wasn't true. Johnny told me about it, prefacing it with, "Now Dawn, consider the source and try not to get annoyed ..." Heh. Amused was more like it! I asked Johnny: "Am I truly so scary that people can't talk to me about issues that they have with me but yet feel the need to talk behind my back and pretend like they gave me a thorough dressing down?" Keep in mind that this was the day after all the fandom drama as well ... I was quite annoyed with people bashing Big Bad Dawn Felagund behind her back but then coming out all meek and cowardly and pretending like nothing was going on. Grrr.

  • I spent six hours over the past two days doing a line-by-line comparison of The Ainulindale (from the Silm) and The Music of the Ainur (from HoMe1). I am enjoying this project way too much. I might make some of my notes available to people who are interested. Then again, I'm not sure that I want to open that can of worms quite yet. Any thoughts (or expressions of interest in dissecting the minutia of HoMe) would be appreciated.

  • Alex is getting his big-boy teeth in. Bobby and I have found one of his incisors and a molar-and-a-half on the carpet. Last I looked into his mouth, he'd lost all but one of his canine teeth. The new teeth are huge and very white. I will definitely have to start brushing his teeth now.

  • Just when most of the ice had melted, we got more snow, from the storm that rocked the Midwest. Boooo ... Of course, temperatures spiked today, so most of it is melted. I even lived the dream a bit and went out to lunch without a coat on, pretending that it was spring. *sigh* Only three weeks left ...

  • My short story "Cold Hands" is up for critique in the Critters workshop this week. Eep.

ETA: I keep meaning to ask ... does anyone know what happened with niothwen? I went onto my userinfo one day, and lo, she'd deleted her journal. I hadn't heard from her in a while, but I knew that her RL was very hectic at the moment and so didn't think much of it.

Still ... I dislike situations like this because, on the one hand, there is someone whom I liked and cared about, but it still feels like this is "only the Internet" and people should be able to come and go without meddling twits like me poking at them and worrying. Maybe she just lost interest or was too busy ... still, deleting a journal seems like such a big thing to do without letting people know that there's no need to worry.

So I am worried and would appreciate any insight any of you might have to offer...?
  • My icon says it all.

    Scared is a hard emotion to capture anyway. I've seen my dogs have scared moments, but it'd be hard to catch on camera. Same with angry, especially since the most anger my dogs exhibit is vocal.

    And I've got you guys all covered. My password is hidden for my friend to get, should I randomly get hit by a bus. Not that I'm planning on getting hit by any buses, so we should all be good.
    • For "angry," I'm mostly trying to get Alex in the act of biting his toys during play. He curls his lip a split-second before chomping on the toy ... if I can snap a few of them, I'll be all good. :)

      "Scared" is going to be much more difficult. Though Alex does occasionally become afraid of odd, rather random things--like geese flying overhead--and hides behind Bobby or me! But I don't have a camera then.

      I also have you guys covered. Bobby knows my password, and I have told him to let my flist know if anything ever happens to me. He also has rights to my stories that aren't published, so I'll have a little "HoMe" thing going ... or I prefer to think "HoMe" rather than "V.C. Andrews"!
      • Yeah, my dogs make angry faces at each other during play. It freaks people out. :)

        Hey, I'M scared of the geese too! They're evil. If they don't watch out, they're going to end up on a silver platter in the center of the dining room table!
  • Aww, gotta love pet mood themes! Though I know how you feel about how difficult some of them are--try doing a mood theme with a cat! ;)

    I was quite annoyed with people bashing Big Bad Dawn Felagund behind her back but then coming out all meek and cowardly and pretending like nothing was going on. Grrr.

    You know... I'm super sensitive--to the point that I probably seem very thin-skinned at times--but I have a hard time seeing how it's that easy to see you as being "Big Bad Dawn." But dude, how dare you make anybody feel insecure about themselves by not acting like a quiet "secretary"/writing well? Serves you right to get bashed so others can feel better about themselves! ;)
    • I don't envy a mood theme with a cat. Dogs are much more expressive ... and willing to pose for the camera!

      I don't really think that I'm big and bad either ... so I wonder why people behave so that I feel that way? I will be the first to admit that I can be a serious bitch if people push my wrong buttons. I try to control that, but with too much button-pushing, it inevitably comes out. Diane is a button-pusher; lack of respect sets me off every time, and she has a profound lack of respect. She interrupts me or just plain doesn't listen; she calls me "young lady" instead of "Dawn" ... these things are just rude. But some people inevitably rub each other wrong; if it's that much of an issue, I don't see why she doesn't talk to me. Or complain about me to my boss (who is on my side, so I don't care if she does). But acting all tough behind my back like read me the riot act ... please. What a freakin' coward.
      • Yeah--Chip can be pretty expressive, but it's really hard to capture with a camera! Dogs, on the other hand, can actually look like they've got a fairly human-looking smile on them when they're in a playful mood...

        As I kind of joked, I think that people who bitch about you behind your back, but don't have the guts to speak rationally to your face, are insecure--and people like you who are smart, nice, and do things well make them feel yet more insecure. And then when they try to act like tough stuff around you and you're not only not intimidated, but can put them in their places? They're forced to learn that dealing with you face to face means they'll not get the response they want, and to make up for it so they don't feel even worse, they have to spin stories about you behind your back so they get some sense of maintaining their reputation or something. That's my theory, anyway...

        Diane acting all "important" is kind of hilarious, though... if I were in your position dealing with someone like that, I'd be thinking, "Mine isn't? Great! Then you don't really need me to do this work, do you? I'll be napping over here, then..." ;) Though her manners definitely sound aggravating! ("Young lady?" Grr!)
  • This world is not meant for people whose natural sleep preferences have them up late and waking late
    This is SO true! And if this isn´t discrimination, I don´t know what it!

    You took a nap at work!? *LOL*
    • I agree! It is discrimination! It is an innate part of who we are. ;)

      In all seriousness, I do get annoyed at how people tend to rank "being a morning person" as a virtue rather than an aspect of biology. Like I choose to be grumpy and groggy for half of my day!

      And yes, I nap at work. It's just my boss and me in the building, and we have separate offices, and my job often requires me to be there for long stretches of time, waiting for something to happen (rather than doing anything to make it happen), so I generally take a 10-20 minute nap in my chair every day. I did today too! :^P
      • It´s deplorable. What IS all this noise about showing early in the morning - what´s wrong with starting work at noon and finish at 2pm, with an hour lunch? Working all day is just nonsense, quality over quantity and all that. ;o)

        You know, I actually have read somewhere that employers benefit more from letting their workers nap for half an hour during the day.
        I haven´t actually heard of anyone else who does that, but apparently you´re doing it right, so good on ya! ;o)
  • This world is not meant for people whose natural sleep preferences have them up late and waking late.

    Argh, yes! Working in the sort of field I work in, I can work 10 till 6 as my "core" hours rather than 9 till 5, but because of the way the lights in the lab are set up, if I made it 1pm till 9pm my bees would throw everyone else's bees into confusion and there would be chaos.

    I'm very much an evening person; I find 8 hours' sleep from 2am till 10am is far more refreshing than 8 hours' sleep from 11pm till 7am. And besides, I like late evenings. I swear I hardly ever get to talk to Americans these days because I'm heading off to bed so soon after they're getting home from work!
    • Totally agreed! Going to bed between midnight and 2 a.m. is ideal for me, though I was once on a schedule going to bed at 3 a.m. Still, that puts me waking up at 11, which makes me feel like I've wasted more than my fair share of daylight, and I don't like that.

      I often think that one of the perks of being able to write for my job would be having a night schedule ... but my husband is a morning person. So I'm afraid that I'd still occasionally have to take a morning schedule, just so that I could actually see him every now and then!
  • (no subject) - satismagic
    • I might look around for a mail address. And then butt out. :)

      When I first started SWG, I had someone volunteer to make our website, and it was completely finished ... and she disappeared. She'd been involved with the fandom for years, so I don't think that she simply got tired of it and left. Also, she built an entire site and then absconded without giving me any codes or passwords or anything. So I could only think the worst. :(

      Alex is often the same way with pictures. By the time I get the camera because he's doing something cute, he realizes, "Oh! Camera! I should look up and smile!" So I have lots of Alex smiling and sleeping ... and that's about it.
  • Sending lots of virtual bananas to your grandmother. (This is easy, because I don't like bananas, so don't eat them, so there's no competition there.)

    the storm that rocked the Midwest.

    We got it over our music conference. First of all, the people from Wisconsin who were planning to come never made it. Fortunately, this means "they just decided not to come" rather than "their car spun out of control and rammed a snowbank in Beloit." I ended up hosting a student from Florida, and that was fun. I picked her up at the airport in 40-degree, sunny weather, which she took one look at and declared was "really cold." Ha. Little did she know. On Saturday night, when we were leaving Rockefeller Chapel after the St. John Passion concert, and we had to walk to the bus stop through sheets of falling sleet, over a thick layer of ice on the ground . . . then she knew from disgusting weather.

    Does the Tooth Fairy ever visit Alex?

    Diane the Racist's work is important. And I am the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanoff, and the check is in the mail*.

    *Yes, I re-read Master Class yesterday. God, what a fantastic play.
    • OMG I love your icon. I absolutely adored Amadeus. :D
    • Thanks for the bananas! I'll pass them along! :) (No fears that I'll take them for myself ... bananas are bleh.)

      Your poor Florida student! What you're describing would be rough for Maryland, and we do have the occasional rough spell of winter weather here. (Though I think that our summers are far worse, though easier on me, as I'd sooner swelter than freeze.) Yes, I need to move to Florida ... thinking that 40F is cold would be nice!

      The Tooth Fairy brings Alex lots of Dingo bones to assist in knocking out the rest of this teeth. He's lying on the floor, gnawing on one as I type this. Alex is chewing a Dingo bone, that is ... not the Tooth Fairy.

      And just as a funny aside ... Diane the Racist's work pretty much consists of faxing local police departments and having them hit the houses and arrest the people for her. And who does she expect to send the faxes? Yeah.

    *snicker* Best... comment... out of nowhere... ever.

    Yay for baby puppy teeeth! Hubby freaked out because he didn't know puppies had baby teeth too. *sigh*

    sorry for all the fam drama, we all are getting some this time of year. is it a full moon?
    • I'm not sure about the moon ... it's too cold to go outside and look and I'm too lazy to check the calendar! :^D

      Family drama sucks, though from your post the other day, yours sounds more dramatic than mine. Mom-Mom is all better now; "doing great" my husband just said. :)

      As for the best comment out of nowhere ... I totally agree! That one made me think, "Wow, really? And you're trying to convince people that we are the ones who deserve to be mocked. Suuuure."
  • What exaxctly are you doing with the Ainulindale and the HOME version? I've always thought that a very interesting job would be to compare the different versions of the different stories (in the Silm, in the Annals of Valinor, the Grey Annals, etc, etc) and see how they compare. What's left would be as close as canon for the First Age as we can get, I think.
    About the weather, I know that you've all been freezing to death but pity us a little after two weeks of hot (35ºC plus), heavy, humid, sticky weather punctuated by thunderstorms -Buenos Aires summer at its worst. And March can still be quite hot!
    • I've pretty much done exactly what you've described! I compared The Ainulindale from The Silm and The Music of the Ainur from BoLT1. I will eventually work my way through and do them all. I've decided to unlock the entry; I've added you to the list, so you can find it here, if you're interested. :)

      Your weather ... ai. We have rough summers in Baltimore too, pretty much what you described, so you have my sympathies. I'd say that our summers are worse than our winters; winters only get bad (usually) in January and February, and we only get snow/ice maybe three times. But summer tends to start in late May and run through late September. Do you get cold winters in Buenos Aires?
      • Summers are definitely worse (there has just been a storm that flooded half the city).
        Winters have always been quite mild and -I suppose due to global warming- have become much warmer lately. Everybody above 30 seems to remember attending the school celebration on May 25th (for brevity's sake, I'll say our independence day) and freezing their ears off at the school yard while singing the anthem. Not any longer. There may be in all winter a week or 10 days of colder weather but the low hardly ever gets below 0º. Actually the nicest season here is autumn -warm but not too bad and dry.
  • Re: oscars

    For the first time evah, it was live on tv here (I think) but we both went 'meh' and opted for sleep. Heck I even don't know who won. I know something was going on with Al Gore and suddenly all the rumours flying around that he would run for office and such.

    I am happy to hear Mom-Mom came out ok, but year that banking insurance thing, they can be such an ass.

    Fandom drama: all I wanna say, People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones. I live in a very solid brick house ^-^

    Moodthemes: looked at it, considered doing it myself and just couldn't set myself to doing it. Kudo's to those who do.

    I might make some of my notes available to people who are interested. Then again, I'm not sure that I want to open that can of worms quite yet. Any thoughts (or expressions of interest in dissecting the minutia of HoMe) would be appreciated.

    Fetches the can of worms with a huuuuuuuuuuge smile. Bring it on.
    • *hands you a can opener* ;)

      I've decided to unlock the notes for select people who are interested. You (both of your accounts) and Angelica were the first on my list. :) The Ainulindale/Music of the Ainur comparison is here; I haven't unlocked the others yet, but I will.

      I like watching the Oscars, though I don't put a whole lot of stock in them. I tend to feel this way about awards in general, though, whether MEFAs or Oscars. :) They're fun and can give recognition to people who have certainly earned it, but I don't take any award as a stamp of absolute quality. Oh, and if you're wondering ... Best Picture went to The Departed. And Al Gore did not announce a bid for the Presidency. ;)
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