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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

On Being Smug...and Cowardly

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

On Being Smug...and Cowardly

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satismagic, jael_the_scribe, and I have embraced our smugness. Juno has even made banners for us, and we are considering a real S.M.U.G. Award...for those who are helpful in the fandom.

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I know that some people felt that I overreacted or simply do not care to hear about my escapades...out of respect for you all, the rest goes under the cut.

I would like to point out that, as a child, I played with bees. This has led me to be stung over one hundred times, yet I simply could never resist.

Also, as a young teenager, I marched on Washington for various causes. Even to this day, I make a nuisance of myself in certain factions, knocking down everything from urban legends to bigotry. I say all this because, even as I found yesterday's incident with The Battling Bard quite revealing, it says something about me as well.

Yes, I am an idealistic, and I know that sometimes I do make a big deal out of things that will not shatter the earth. Blame being unable to get off the slippery slope: a death threat in a fanfic forum turns into a thread about "Who We'd Most Like Alone in a Closet with a Semi-Automatic" turns into threatening emails turns into finding people's true identities online (it's not that difficult, trust me) turns into threatening letters, phone calls...when will it stop? As satismagic said yesterday (based on a comment by telperion1, I believe...forgive me, I read a lot of posts yesterday!), must we wait for someone to get hurt before we start taking threats of violence seriously? Or (borrowing from the same women again), our world has become one where it is considered trivial and excusable to have a conversation about fan fiction where violence is threatened against a specific author?


I know that judgments vary on my decision to post my "concerns" to The Battling Bard's thread, with some feeling that it was the right thing to do--to speak out--and others feeling that I would have been best to do as I have done with regards to her lesser antics and ignore her. These are your opinions, and you are welcome to them. Regardless, it is done. And you know what?

If it were to happen again, I would do it again.

I am not stupid. I know that the minds--especially the public minds--of people like The Battling Bard are not going to change over anything that I am going to say or do to them. So why bother, more than one person has asked? Why give yourself the heartache? Why waste your time??

Because, sometimes, someone simply must stand up and say, "This is wrong."

I posted a few weeks ago about a real-life example of the Milgram experiment. I don't pretend to be so noble as one willing to interfere in the actual harm or abuse of another person, but having studied Milgram in detail, I do know that having the courage to stand up even when the issue is as "small" as a threat of harm over fan fiction is good practice for standing up when it truly matters. Social conformity is a sad reality for humanity. Without going into great, rambling detail, in one study, people were willing to change their perception of the length of lines--even when their perception was obviously correct--in order to avoid going against the incorrect but prevailing opinion (Asch 1951). Do we see the same thing in online forums? You betcha! You get "cults of personality" centered around individuals like The Battling Bard where her fanminions chirp cheerfully in reply to everything that she says. Do you think that one or two of them might have gotten a slight misgiving at death threats being used in fan fiction. Sure...but when the group says it is okay, then it must be okay, right?

No, it's not okay. I said as much. The forum in which I spoke out has since been deleted, and I have been banned from commenting in (at least) her "My Toes Will Never Be the Same Again" forum. (I haven't checked the others because, truthfully, I don't care to follow what she has to say about me. Let her and her fanminions have their fun at my expense. I think that I have the readers and reviewers and friends in this fandom to back up that Juno's version of S.M.U.G. is the truth.)

The Battling Bard is an interesting individual. In truth, this was the first real contact that I'd had with her. I'd sent her a reply on her reviews of my stories, as I do all of my reviewers, a few months. Of course, she didn't write back. She likes to paint herself as some sort of brave, no-nonsense crusader with a personal vendetta against everything from Mary Sue to being American. But here's the truth: She's a coward. This probably does not come as a surprise to most people. Bullies like her are almost always cowards when someone dares to put their fists up in reply rather than settling to whimper in a corner. If you've ever seen the movie A Christmas Story, think the Scut Farkus affair.

Why is she a coward? First, Jael stood up to her in the forum. Jael was summarily banned from posting.

I commented on the thread next. I asked if TBB intended to take the same high road with me as she had with Jael. In other words, would I be banned for speaking out against her?

I was told that Jael wasn't banned. Lo, upon Jael attempting to post again, she could!

Unfortunately, what TBB doesn't realize about us cranky old oversexed fancrones is that we have the tendencies to do annoying things like making screencaps. As Jael did, of the note she received about being banned. Oooops. So not only could TBB not take the "heat" that Jael was giving--and mind you, this was a discussion of canon, not anything so base as name-calling or even a bona fide flame war--but she couldn't own up to her own cowardice. When I mentioned Jael being banned, presto! She was back in.

The Battling Bard and I went around for a while. Despite this woman's purported dislike of everything American, she behaves much like an American politician does: She dodges the questions, she changes the subject, and she always finds a way to point the finger back at you. I went into the discussion wishing to have two questions answered:

Why do she and her friends actively seek out content that they know will disgust and offend them? (This is where my earlier point about playing with bees becomes relevant. I am simply curious! Do you ever wish for a moment to sit with someone whom you find baffling or deplorable and ask them the hard questions? I do...probably explains why I was a psychology major.)

And most importantly, why did she feel that it was necessary or appropriate to turn a conversation about fan fiction into death threats?

Do I need to say that neither question was answered?

I was told (and I quote, because I was emailed the comments in the thread): "You take yourself entirely too seriously."

What is the problem here? That my questions about her turned back to pointing the finger at me? No, the problem was not that she threatened the life of a specific author over the genre which that author chose to write. (And which--I kept bringing up but The American Politician kept choosing to ignore--she chose to read, despite clear warnings that the story was a slash.) The problem was that I was taking that threat too seriously.

Never mind the fact that I see every day at my job the price that we as a civilization pay for our cavalier attitude towards threats and acts of violence. Never mind that people all over the world do die over matters just as (and more) trivial than fan fiction: a muttered insult, the shape of their nose, a cut-off in traffic, the god(s) to whom they pray--or don't. So maybe I am overreacting to a threat that we all know in all likelihood could not be carried out. Or maybe I just think that we need to stop being so damned complacent in our acceptance that threats of and actual violence are an acceptable way to solve problems.

Cowards are not accountable for their actions. They change the subject or engage in rhetorical gymnastics to put the blame back on you.

Say what you will about me, but I am accountable for my actions. I have eaten crow and apologized for things that I've said that might have (inadvertently or intentionally) hurt people. I've made bad decisions in choosing to post some things that probably should have festered in a .txt file before being slung onto my LJ. And I've had stupid opinions that I now admit were wrong.

To me, being accountable for one's actions is the bare minimum for behaving in an un-cowardly manner. Of course, this is just my opinion. I'm sure that others would think that talking behind people's backs or making personal attacks in forums where they cannot defend themselves--having been banned--is truly an act of bravery.

But the true indicator of The Battling Bard's cowardice came when I continued to insist that she answer my questions. I wasn't asking to debate the finer points of Ancient Greek philosophy or applied physics: I was asking for her opinion, and it seems to me, when it suits her, she's pretty damned good about giving that any other time.

Instead, I received the following reply (and I quote again, from a forum that was until last night very public): "Yes, I would peel myself off the computer and get out there, except I've been signed off work for a month with heart problems."

I would like to say that I will never ridicule a person's illness. If The Battling Bard is indeed ill, then I send her my sympathies and my hopes that she has a complete and speedy recovery.

(Even though, I did only suggest that she log off the Internet and pick up a newspaper...over here in crazy America, they deliver those right to the house so one needs not leave. Also, I think that I would consider it acceptable for her to remain on the Internet so long as she was on a newspaper's website and not something related to fan fiction. I really wasn't asking the poor woman to take a five-year Peace Corps mission to sub-Saharan Africa.)

But the irony cannot escape me: Here is someone who feels that she cannot "win" an argument against me, and so she must (again) cast herself as the victim. It was not enough that I was taking myself too seriously and repeatedly harassing her over those piddly death threats that she made against another author. No, she is a sick woman, and I should bear this in mind in my dealings with her.

Since I know that she is trolling our LJs, I will ask her what I wanted to ask before she took the ultimate act of cowardice and deleted the forum post entirely: battlingbard22, if I told you that I spent the last month of my life living with the fear that I might die of cancer, would you show more empathy to me? Would you admonish those on your "Pushuruk Awards" to remove the posts that were intended* to be hurtful because of my condition?

*Clearly, however, considering that I am on YIM right now with Juno discussing giving out actual SMUG awards to individuals and groups that embody similar "smug" principles as Juno, Jael, and I do, the opposite effect of that nomination was achieved.

As people on my flist probably know, I did live with this fear for the last month. Luckily, it was a false alarm. But it does serve as further proof of why empathy and politeness is always necessary, especially online, especially towards strangers.

Do you think that The Battling Bard and her fanminions ever gave thought to what struggles the teenagers whom they so openly mock might be dealing with? Did they ever ask

Did she maybe recently lose a parent?
Is she writing because she's home, fighting cancer?
Or maybe her mom is fighting cancer?
Or she's fighting depression, depression so bad that she cannot go to school?
Or maybe she is bullied and ridiculed, and fanfic is her only escape?
Maybe she's tried suicide, though about trying it, or is about to try it again?
Maybe she is a victim of neglect or abuse?
Maybe she was raped?

The point is that we never know who is on the other side of that monitor screen. I will admit that I think The Battling Bard and her ilk are sad, deplorable individuals. I don't like them. But I also don't hate them, I would never wish them harm, and I will always show the bare minimum of respect in my dealings with people, including them.

The idea, then, that she tried to drum up empathy for herself--she who has shown so little empathy to anyone outside her core of unhappy minions--is amusing and ironic. As I have already mentioned, the forum post was taken down after that. According to my email notifications, Jael made one post after mine that replied to the canon "discussion" that she and TBB were having over the value of the L&C over the notes on Galadriel and Celeborn in UT. I don't know why the forum was taken down. I assume that The Battling Bard did it. I went out with Bobby for dinner and coffee, came home, bathed the dog, and it was...gone.

Today, for shits and giggles, I tried to reply to a comment (about me, again *sigh*) in her forum, and I found myself banned. I'd bet that Jael is banned too. Juno, probably, as well, though Juno never entered conversation with her and never intended to.

The Battling Bard has upset many people over the course of the last few months. Let this stand as yet another reminder of what a petty, rude, and cowardly individual this is. She is not someone worthy of our respect. She has not targeting Juno, Jael, and me because we're cliquish or smug or need to be knocked down a few pegs. She has targeted us because we have been very forthright in speaking out against the bullying, hurtful behavior that she and her fanminions embrace because they can't get the attention they crave based on the worth of their stories alone. I find it very illustrative that Jael's name wasn't even mentioned in the "smug author" award until she spoke out against The Battling Bard's death threats. I've studied enough social science to know that correlation does not prove causation...but it makes for mighty interesting speculation.
  • She has not targeting Juno, Jael, and me because we're cliquish or smug or need to be knocked down a few pegs. She has targeted us because we have been very forthright in speaking out against the bullying, hurtful behavior that she and her fanminions embrace because they can't get the attention they crave based on the worth of their stories alone.

    That indeed is the key point in all of this... attention whoring and bitter vindictiveness (and probably a dabble of jealousy too). Gotta love how she lashes out like a little 5yr old throwing tantrums.

    *hugs* hope you win the awards! Oh and here's a little badge I showed rhapsody11 that I made for those of us who have been plagued...

  • I would like to point out that, as a child, I played with bees. This has led me to be stung over one hundred times, yet I simply could never resist.

    *giggles* *approves*

    By some weird freak of luck, in all my years of petting bumblebees and the like, the only time I've been stung was that incident a few weeks ago...

    Bees are fun to play with. Except when they refuse to do any work...

    I really get the feeling The Battling Bard needs to get some hobbies that bring her into contact with the real world a bit more. To paraphrase another fanfiction/slash writer, she needs to stop taking herself so darned seriously!

    I have noticed the way many troublemakers like to paint themselves as victims. I have wondered if it's some sort of self-esteem thing...
  • (no subject) -
    • She's so obviously just a miserable individual. I remember when I used to work at the restaurant, there were certain guests who would come in, always with an attitude, and nothing could be right. The more you'd smile and try to help, the more they'd bitch. These people simply thrived on making others miserable. They were miserable themselves, so why not? Misery loves company, as they say.

      I sense a very deep insecurity in TBB from my (luckily limited) dealings with her and also her responses to being excluded from archives and awards. Her behavior has gotten her kicked off two archives now, and she has responded by slamming both. She scorns the MEFAs even as she advertises having been nominated for them...which is it gonna be?

      I keep coming back to Cathy Young's blog that Juno and ithilwen both linked a short while ago. Cathy here debates in the comments another author about the inherent worth about writing fanfiction, and she says:

      Meanwhile, Goldberg devotes considerable space on his blog to reviling and mocking fanfic writers. Why the obsession? I'm usually not in the habit of psychoanalyzing people, but I'll venture a guess: perhaps it's because, in the eyes of the literary establishment, a writer of tie-in novels for a TV show ranks near the very bottom of the totem pole -- not really much higher than a fanfic writer, for all that his work is licensed and paid. And, knowing this, Goldberg tries with the utmost zeal to distance himself from those despised "fanficcers" by repeatedly spitting on them.

      TBB can't get attention for her own (mediocre) stories, so she does her best to distance herself from those with whom she might be grouped otherwise: teenaged authors or PWP authors and others who write "badfic." She repeatedly spits on these stories and these authors, all the while waving a flag, "Oh! I am not like them! Not at all!"

      This not only reeks of insecurity, but it is sadly transparent.

      I do wish that she'd unplug from the Internet for the day, go out into the world, and just speak nicely to people. It's amazing how enjoyable it is to simply be a polite and decent human being, even in this crazy ol' world.
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  • Hee hee! *sniggers at banner*
    Not hugely into fanfic, but I like the way you think!
  • (no subject) - satismagic
    • You said it so perfectly yourself, some weeks ago:

      I Don't Do Nice.

      That is what we admire. Why? Such gnawing misery and self-hatred.

      You probably saw my comment to appoggiato above that there used to be people who would come into The Piece and no matter what we did, how nice we were, they were determined to be miserable.

      What sad people!

      Also, being "idealistic" and upholding ideals is much more difficult than making excuses, which is what most people do.

      "Oh, I can't recycle because I've no place for the bins."
      "Oh, I can't boycott Exxon because that's the station on the corner."
      "Oh, I can't speak out against workplace harassment; I'm up for a promotion."

      Or my personal favorite: "I can't make a difference. I'm just one person. It's no use trying."

      And with an attitude like that, that person is exactly right.
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  • Aha! A Kindred Soul

    Because, sometimes, someone simply must stand up and say, "This is wrong."

    *sigh* This trait has gotten me into more trouble . . .

    The past two days have left me feeling a little bit like Oropher. (Whoopee! I'm going to Mordor! Meet me on the other side of the gate, boys!) I tend to see red and charge in chin first.

    All in all, it's worth it.
    • Re: Aha! A Kindred Soul

      Yep, definitely a kindred soul here. ;) I like to tease my friends that I have a soapbox nailed to my feet. I've been rallying for "causes" since I could talk!

      And yes, it has gotten me in trouble too. Though judging by the response to this one, we're not the ones who have opened the can of worms this time.
  • Homer gets it wrong again

    I clicked on Battling Bard's thread just to take a quick look (a bit like a being unable to turn one's head away from a train wreck) and followed it to a rant about the SDS archive and its admin and found the following quote referring to me and my activities over the past period. "...one over-sensitive fanwomen [sic.] complained that I'd flamed her story...." The fact is that I never complained to the admin when she posted two completely scurrilous flames on my latest story there within 15 minutes after I had posted it. I did within a few hours get an unsolicited private apology from two members of the admin staff saying they were sorry that Homer aka Battling Bard had trashed my story which they really liked—but the ugly reviews were left in place. The following day I did post (friend-locked) on my own LJ copies of her nasty reviews, which encouraged a bit of discussion about rudeness and bigotry and related matters.

    A couple of weeks past. She continued her flaming of the stories of others posted to that site and other sites. I only complained about her when my attention was called to rants against me on the ff net (since deleted) thread which contained references to guns and violence. I reported it to the SDS admin because the archive was cited in the ranting. I did not report her (aside from the above-noted personal commiserating in private) until she used language which I had only seen used by people and groups who in the real world do things like bomb abortion clinics and carry out racial atrocities. I wanted to report her to ff net, but could not figure out how to do it. (A smarter writer did that a few hours later.) I did send links to her sites to those whose names were mentioned.

    My initial restraint on her truly unpleasant comments on my story were founded in my belief that the story could stand on its own merits and I did not wish to argue with someone whose criticisms were not based upon quality of writing but pure and simple homophobic bigotry. I chose not to debate with her on those topics, because in view, we clearly had no common ground. In the wide world of slash fanfics, my particular story (although somewhat explicit) is only remarkable for its gentle, low-key tone and that, not to be smug here, it is rather well-written. (Hey, I had some good Betas, including Dawn, IgnobleBard, and Jael.) I figured those who liked that type of story might enjoy reading it and those who do not were clearly warned.

    I very much appreciate the material that Dawn and JunoMagic posted yesterday and today exposing her to the general community in which she has been spreading her filth and the efforts that have been made to report her more widely.
  • The more I read about her antics, the more I realise that she's just a sad and pathetic soul. She pretty much admits that she's out to drag others down. How awful to have self-esteem so low that you're reduced to being a bully.

    I almost commented, but decided against it. I just don't have the energy for a fight right now! Though it amuses me no end that she's pissed off that you're laughing about the smug awards!
    • Yes, I had a chuckle about that myself. Like, "OMG liek dont they know they've been INSULTED!!!!!!!"

      All I say to that: Consider the source, honey.

      And I don't blame your lack of energy. I feel it myself, right now, after two days of this crap.
  • I dunno if it's overkill to say so, but I definitely don't think it's unreasonable or silly to put your foot down and react when someone goes from "badfic sucks!" to "die authors, die!"--no matter how obvious it is that they couldn't/wouldn't act on what they're saying. There are reasons for the limits put on what we do and don't/can and can't say, and people need to learn to respect those limits.

    And I have seen people get so idiotically worked up over internet drama (you know, a wankfest happens, everyone's getting their $0.02 in while it's hot, and then one brilliant participant thinks it's smart of him/her to up things a bit) that they actually posted people's addresses, info about what hospital they had stayed at in the past, info about legal troubles they had been in, and other extremely private data on public forums.

    Yes, people who actually act on these things are worse than people who just make idle threats for the sake of saying drastic things, but the point is, people need not to get the ideas that other people approve of these things.
    • Hey, if this post was not itself overkill, then nothing you reply shall be either. ;)

      I've read for entertainment's sake some of the goings-on in the Harry Potter fandom, and I recall things of that nature. IIrc, lawsuits were started; threats were likewise made. Drawing the line at threats of violence seems a fair place to me; others disagree, and that is their right, although I will admit that I don't understand to hostility towards standing up against someone who is hurting and threatening other people. But that's just me. :)
  • I don't take issue with the fact that you stood up for your beliefs. I think that's great, and I admire you for it. But I do think that you may not have gone about it in the most effective way possible.

    I know that you like to ramble and to explain your beliefs and opinions in the longest, most detailed way. Most of the time, that's okay. If your friends are reading your essays, we're entertained, we're stimulated, we're challenged, we write long responses back, everyone's happy. However, I can see where, to someone who already doesn't like you in the first place (such as TBB), a long, detailed essay listing all of the moral, ethical, legal, and other ways in which she has screwed up might be received as a somewhat high-and-mighty lecture from a stranger. People don't like being lectured, and the response that you're most likely to elicit from this isn't "gee, maybe what I did was wrong," so much as "look, another long example of Dawn being all holier-than-thou on my/TBB's brave minority opinion."

    And then, to go and write even longer LJ posts, several of them, on the topic -- well, that's just giving them even more attention. They can see that they've gotten under your skin, and that's exactly what they want. From their perspective, they've successfully provoked you into demonstrating your arrogance yet again. High fives all around.

    I think it would have been much more effective to deliver a short, stinging rebuke, and then quietly spreading the words among archive owners to watch out for TBB and deal with her as she appeared. She's already in the process of boycotting all the archives she hasn't been banned from, so pretty soon, she'll have completely boxed herself out of the fandom anyway.
  • Speaking out is absolutely right. Whatever the hell it is they want to wangst about, they bloody well can, but when they start targetting individuals they step way over the line.

    Speaking of which, I notice she's making (and deleting!) forums for ranting and etc.

    ... She has a livejournal.

    What is the point of ranting on a forum on a site created to post fanfiction on? She can take it over to her journal- she already calls this place a forum anyway, so why not use her own account for her ranting purposes? Her little group can tag along, they've made their own accounts as well.

    And Dawn, excellent list. If she's implying what I think she is with her heart problems comment, then why can't she give that same leeway to other people, that maybe they might have problems of their own? (Or maybe their own ideals too- oh wait, having ideals is a crime nowadays, my bad.)

    This fandomwank is a blot upon Tolkien's works. I've seen a lot of comments by her on how the Professor would keel over in horror if he saw some of the 'atrocities' written by people. What would J.R.R. say to what she's doing?
    • Ah, but LJ is not so public! And therefore not as much fun!

      And the woman has no empathy. Don't you know...that's cool! It's cool to hurt and shame people for doing something that makes them happy.

      Especially when one is so unhappy herself.

      As for J.R.R.T...well, he called his rabid fans something like "his deplorable cult." I don't expect that he'd approve much of me either, devoting a good chunk of my life to studying his work, but then, perhaps he'd recognize that it's fun and that it's helped me get the nerve to start writing my own stuff again. :)

      And I've met so many good friends...far more friends than enemies. ;)

      I hate to speak for a man who's been dead longer than I've been alive, but given his view of his following to begin with, I can't imagine that he'd be pleased that people with an interest in writing and literature are being hurt and discouraged over minutia pertaining to his work.
  • Whoo, I managed to miss this entirely. But I do know the kind of person you are and that tells me all I need to know about this woman.

    And while I'm here *hugs tight* Glad all was clear, really, really glad.
    • Me too! *hugs back* And how have you been? I've been thinking of you. :)

      And you didn't miss to much...it only started yesterday! Yep...almost 200 posts in two days (and nearly 100 more in Juno's LJ)...ai!
  • I just don't get it: a hobby that causes such aggrevation and does nothing but drive up one's blood pressure. She needs to take up Transcendental Meditation.

    I'd tell her to lighten up and go play with some puppies, but I'd fear for the puppies.

    Actually, the fact is that there are people who exist just to antagonize and terrorize other people. Sometimes they have armies and become brutal dictators, sometimes they just have an internet connection and take a perverse pleasure in making people cower before them.

    Little people, little lives.
    • I certainly wouldn't let her near Alex!

      You're right...they're bullies. And it's funny how, when a person gives it back, suddenly they're victims; suddenly, they have nothing to say. The forum gets deleted. Funny, that. ;)
  • Oh, WOW! And I missed this!

    Hi, dawn_felagund!

    I followed you back here from your comment on my cartoon, and it seems I missed all the fun. Reading through the comments, I could not agree more; I'm actually sad the original thread at ff.net seems to be gone so I can't comment there, anymore. I would have so loved to join the fray! Especially, if that was supposed to be a dicussion about canon. I would have been most interested in the depth of knowledge TBB had in that regard, especially since her style of discussion seems rather interesting. Banning someone, then lying about it, then deleting the whole forum... very mature discussion style. And such a convincing argument! I am in awe!

    But I love the Banner, and I would love to see that Smugness Award. If you, Juno Magic and Jael are candidates for that Award, then it must be a very honorous one to win, indeed! :)

    Apparently, The Battling Bard is someone who loves to disparages other people, and then hides and runs if she is called out on it. She seems to be a troll. In her bio at ff.net, she claims to be 23. I've come to doubt that bio; at least nine years less would seem more in accord with the way she behaves.

    I've had just one small run-in with Homer at aff.net myself, so far, and I laughed at the disparaging comment she gave me there (my first flame. I felt honored!). But checking out the Forum of Phushuruk awards at ff.net shows me that I am not in the worst slash cathegory nor in the worst character assasination cathegory. Either, she did not read much of my story at aff.net before she commented, or I must do something wrong.

    Anyway, may I friend you?


    • Re: Oh, WOW! And I missed this!

      I just friended you before reading this post! :^D GMTA!

      Believe it or not--despite more than 200 comments on two posts relating to the subject--you're not so late at all! This all started a mere two days ago, and I have the feeling that Homer and her fanminions will continue attempting to convince themselves that we're heartbroken over their "rejection" for at least the next year, when the rest of us are long over laughing about this.

      If you're really interested in poking the beast with a stick, she continues to talk about Juno and me (as of yesterday, Jael had not been mentioned) over at her forum on ff.net. (It's called something about toes...I can't remember and really don't feel like dealing with her BS so early in the morning. :^P) Once again, she has taken the high road and banned me from commenting. I would like to note that she is not banned here, she has simply chosen not to comment. She provoked Jael and me, yet obviously cannot handle what she started, and so she takes the courageous route and bans us. Nice work, Homer!

      And your story about aff.net sounds so familiar to me. She hunts out slash to read it, despite her claims to be sickened and offended by it. Secretly, I think she likes it. I posed a hypothetical question to my husband last night. He supports gay rights but would not choose to read or view m/m slash. I asked him, then: Would he seek it out and read it, especially if it was graphic? He said, no, that would be a very uncomfortable experience for him. He would never question or criticize someone who writes it (else he'd have to question and criticize me! :^D), but he would not read it either.

      So...I think she really likes it only is clearly homophobic and so cannot admit it, maybe even to herself! :^P

      Anyway, welcome to the Bag of Weasels! I'm glad to have you here. :)
  • Bah LJ comments does have issues with an image

    I just have a few things to say (also to those people who read this post and get fired all up about it at ff.net)

    To the young and probably cute sheep following TBB so blindly:

    Really people, check your facts and do keep in mind that every side has its points and version.

    For the rest of the fandom, for the Love of God, to quote Dr Cox from Scrubs

    Please. Stop feeding a troll.

    For me personally:

    I honestly don't care. *points to icon*

    • Teehee...I love your post-it notes, Rhapsy!

      And you're right: There are two sides to every story. TBB is not banned here, so she is welcome anytime to come and share her side of things.

      I, however, have been banned from her ff.net forum. Haven't checked her LJ because *points to last sticky note* :^P And I really don't care to discuss anything further with her. My points were made, and she's shown everyone more about herself in her cowardly behavior towards Juno, Jael, and me than I ever could have done in a debate with her.

      My point has been made. Life may go on. ;)
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