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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Snow: A Marylander's Plight

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Snow: A Marylander's Plight

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I was driving home from work today, and I was about five minutes from home when *whoosh!* it started to snow. I mean, one moment I was driving and it was cloudy but clear; next, I could barely see for all of the snow. Of course, I live in Maryland, and. so. traffic. stopped. It took fifteen minutes to get home, during which time about a centimeter of snow fell on the ground. Not on the roads, mind you, but the Marylander's response is "OMG SNOW!!! *screeeech on brakes*" whether the snow is on the road or not.

I swear, the only time I'm truly embarrassed to be from this state is not when considering that "Natty Boh" is the local beer and not when our baseball team consistently sucks and not when we get to wave the flag for having the highest incidence of chlamydia in the country...it's when it snows and Marylanders routinely make fools out of themselves by entering a blind panic and getting into stupid accidents. I can practically hear the people in Pennsylvania laughing at us...and rightfully.

We had no groceries, so we went to Uno's for supper and then the grocery store. I had a coupon for a free pizza at Uno's, but I forgot it at home, stuck inside my 2006 edition of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. That wouldn't be so bad except that this is the second or third time that I've forgotten it. Most women keep important papers in their purses; I keep mine inside the pages of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. WTF.

I'm off from work tomorrow. I haven't decided whether or not I will elaborate why at some later date, under f-lock, but I am off tomorrow. Hopefully, that means that I will get some writing done tonight. I haven't written all week despite wanting to. Yet I'm avoiding it. I have no frickin' idea why. Today, I even rewrote the SWG "site etiquette" instead of working on stories. But being off tomorrow might make me more productive in answering comments and emails or less; it depends on what kinds of trouble Bobby and I can get ourselves into on a day off.

I've realized that I have a fear of appearing to be a hypochondriac or one of those people who draws attention to herself with medical complaints. I recall days when my hip would hurt so badly that I couldn't walk upon waking up, yet I would suck it up to walk normally into Johnny's office to update the stats board so that he wouldn't know how badly I was hurting...or getting a half-hour of sleep and being sick as a dog, yet refusing to take off from work or even explain, "Hey, I'm not feeling well today, that's why I'm acting oddly." I once went to work at The Piece with a bad infection and a high fever and nearly passed out in the kitchen, and Bobby ragged me about going home to where he made me cry...and still I refused to go. At least until I was sure that we weren't going to get a dinner rush. And that was the first time I'd missed work in five years.

(For the record, my hip is much better since getting the new mattress. I've been able to walk every day since!)

And this attitude is part of the reason why my hip won't heal. An intelligent person would maybe say to her husband or one of the other big dudes in her scuba class, "Hey, I'm really sore today, can you help me carry my tanks to the car?" She would not carry said tanks herself--two at a time--ripping her partly-healed hip again in the process. So maybe I've got a complex with appearing strong and brave when I'm really not.

Anyhoo, this is a rambly post that really says nothing at all and really just serves as further excuse to procrastinate on writing. *sigh*

ETA! I have finished rewriting the first chapter of the AMC prequel that got partially eaten when my USB key decided to go boom. And it's completely different from the original! Whee!
  • We're supposed to get snow AGAIN!! I'm almost to the point where I understand why people think, "Ugh, I hate snow!" Though it's not so much the snow (since right now the sidewalks are clear) as the bitter cold, which makes me reeeeally unmotivated to get up and go to class in the morning. Ah well. At least none of the idiot drivers hit you!

    I should write, but I'm going to be a good girl and read my management textbook. Even though I had a management test today. *tear* Besides, I think writing letters to Finrod should count. ;)

    You must have the same female macho gene as me. Well, I complain sometimes about injuries or being sick, but I don't do anything about it. Like Sunday night when I came home from dancing and my ankles hurt enough that I couldn't sleep (even though I was so tired that I didn't realize this was the cause until I got up!). So what do I do? Walk to my four classes (not that there's much choice) and then go to the gym! So, of course they still hurt today (only when getting up and down though). Or, case-in-point: spraining my ankle last year - which is probably why it hurt from dancing in the first place. Maybe it has something to do with being more comfortable around guys than with girls? We've picked up on their macho high pain tolerance stuff. What think you, my psychology savvy friend? :)
    • *more procrastinating* ;)

      I think there might be a point to that. I've always tried to run with the men, even when it meant doing impractical things. Like I worked with six-foot-something guys and tried to lift and carry what they did...I'm 5'7". It doesn't work! But I hate looking weak, mentally or physically, and my hip isn't the first time that this tendency has reared it's ugly head. (And I suspect that your ankle isn't the first either. ;)

      Also, I know a lot of hypochondriacs, and few things get on my nerves as badly as that, so I think I try to overcompensate by being the anti-hypochondriac...that is, legitimately ill or in pain and pretending not to be lest someone mistake me for "one of them." ;)
      • Re: *more procrastinating* ;)

        Speaking of procrastination (seeing as I'm *not* reading my textbook...but I was! Really!)

        I am kind of the same way. The easy silliest example is "girl push ups". I wasn't going to do girl push ups next to/in the midst of 25 guys! (Not that I would've anyway, but that's the best example I could think of at the moment!) Though actually, my other ankle probably was/is one of the first times the show no pain thing has shown itself, at least physically! Lol! But yeah, I've been "That little flesh wound isn't going to stop ME!!!" since like, age two. Probably drove my parents nuts.

        I knew one hypochondriac in high school and she was always complaining about her "bad ankle" (among her 543 other injuries/diseases). It drove me nuts, seeing as how I had/have a legitimately bad ankle, but I didn't complain about it! Though, my favorite thing concerning her was when she "caught" OCD. Lol!!
        • Re: *more procrastinating* ;)

          She caught OCD?! Did anyone determine the vector, or whether it was even transmitted by virus or bacteria? :^P

          As for girl push-ups...hell no! I've never done them in my life! Actually, when I was strong from working at The Piece, I used to be able to do the push-ups where you clap between each...I was proud of that!
          • Re: *more procrastinating* ;)

            Lol, well, seeing as she wasn't diagnosed by a professional, I don't think the vector was determined. ;)

            The only time I did girl push-ups was when I couldn't put weight on my ankle. (Always comes back to the ankle, hehe). Speaking of push-ups, the same girl would only do one, maybe two, push-ups because she "refused to do girl push-ups, and if she did too many regular ones she'd pop her rib out of place". .............................................Yeah. Right.
    • What kind of dancing do you do?
      • Well, I "do" (interpret loosely here) Argentine tango, though on Sunday we were line dancing.
        • I never knew that about Argentine tango! How cool!
          • Really? Huh, I thought I'd mentioned it, but maybe not! At any rate, it's tons of fun (and really hott!)!!
            • I love ballroom dancing! Unfortunately, I have a husband who--while willing to learn--dances (for lack of a better analogy) like a white guy. :^P
  • Do you also have TV weather personalities who will break into a program every 10 minutes to update you on a storm 200 miles away? I realize the station may be seen there, but that's what the crawler is for, and the weather channel.

    I can't believe how much they hype everything. Right now we're hearing 'One of the coldest days in 10 years is coming,' and then you find out it's only going to be -10. That's not that cold. There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices.

    When you segued from the storm to no groceries, I thought you were going to say you went to the store and it was mobbed with people stocking up on water, etc. It's de rigeur in some areas even if the pantry is stocked.

    If you're not well, I hope you feel better. If you're taking the day to have fun, have a good time. If you need to get things done, I hope you have a productive day. (There, that should cover it.)
    • Yes! The weather around here is always the "Big Story" and there are the inevitable shots of long lines at the grocery store and people buying snow shovels at Home Depot. We get little tickers at the bottoms of our TV screens that show weather updates, like, "Severe Weather Warnings for Baltimore, Harford, Cecil, Howard, and Anne Arundel counties," which always amuses me since they can rarely even predict when it will snow correctly much less which counties will get the most! There are also cutesy little graphics of snowflakes or lightning bolts or funnel clouds...depending upon the threat du jour (and we get just about all kinds of odd weather here so they have quite the array.)

      This is definitely a place where people obey the "milk, bread, and toilet paper rule." (Marylanders don't possess the common sense to buy water. We'd sooner have soda and milk.) Luckily for Bobby and me, the weather people were wrong (as usual) and called for flurries without accumulation, else people would have been lined up two days ago. As it was, the unexpected snow caught everyone off-guard and, of course, they were afraid to leave their homes to buy a twelve-pack of Charmin lest that centimeter of snow on the grass prove their demise.

      And the idea of -10 makes me cringe. It was a relatively balmy 33F here today and I still suffered. I despise winter.

      Thanks for the well wishes! I'm going to try to enjoy my day off the best that I can! At least get some things done.... :)
      • I despise winter too - no one is really sure why I live in Minneapolis, where winter usually predominates for at least 5 months and the other months are rather iffy. It's probably why I appreciate summer and refuse to turn on the AC except for about 1 week a year.

        Once I gave up on the idea of being fashionable and decided to be warm, winter is easier to handle. Boots, hat, big sweaters, thick coat, etc.
        • Yeah, my husband is told in no uncertain terms that I have no problem with him taking a transfer for his job, including working overseas, but I will not live 1) in the Middle East, 2) in Africa, 3) or anywhere colder than Maryland.

          Moving to Florida, Puerto Rico, or Europe, on the other hand...I can live with that. ;)

          I would probably die in Minneapolis.
  • Marylanders in the snow (from a New Englander living in Chicago): Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    There. Now that's out of my system. We've actually been having very civilized snow recently. It's been as cold as a witch's -- er, a very cold thing, but very dry, so we have a lovely dusting of snow, just enough to make things pretty and white, but not enough to require the hauling-out of lawn furniture.

    Of course, we're supposed to have another snow shower while driving the gamelan to Evanston for a gig on Friday. . .
    • *hangs head in shame* Yes, we totally deserve that.

      What you describe is the sort of snow that we had yesterday (it is mostly gone today). It was really light, so it stuck to everything and covered up the grass like it had been sprayed on. It looked really nice but melted right off the roads. I like that.

      Now Friday, we are also expecting a storm. If it arrives as predicted, I will not leave the apartment, not for fear of driving in the snow but for fear of driving with the other Marylanders!
      • Well, the best thing to do in a snowfall is wrap yourself up in a quilt and drink hot chocolate with a peppermint stick in. An adorable puppy schnoogling at your feet is optional.

        Meanwhile, I will be spending the snow in Evanston, whanging away on an iron saron.
  • The Pacific NW is much the same--- a few snowflakes fall and everything gets cancelled. It's bizarre. Right now it's clear and sunny (well dark at the mo) and not too cold. It gets down in the upper 20's at night and up to 45-50 during the day. Banana belt...

    Please take good care of you, Dawn. You don't have to be supergirl--- really.

    • *huggles back* I'm trying to calm Supergirl a bit. ;) My hip is doing better since I've stopped skating (and perhaps more importantly than that, stretching for skating) and since scuba is on hiatus. And the new mattress helps too!

      I'm also glad to hear that Maryland isn't the only place where people are inherently incompetent in the snow.... ;)
  • *Hugs*

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to look strong and brave, but you really should rest the hip up - just think; you'll be even stronger when you have! And I know the feeling of not wanting to sit back and rest it up - it's annoying and it sucks - but if you don't make yourself do it, other people will soon which is even more annoying (Personal experience, lol).

    I hope you get plenty of rest and your hip feels much much better!
    • *hugs back* My hip is actually doing better, from a combination of resting it and getting a new mattress that isn't like sleeping on a board. :^P This isn't the first time that I've had a lingering injury for failure to take it easy. I pulled my groin a few years ago (doing split jumps while skating, ai!), and that hurt off and on for two years. I re-injured it once kicking a box of French fries at The Piece...oh, did I hear it from my husband for that one! :^D

      My ordeal today was of a slightly squicky medical nature, which is why I haven't posted about it (never mind that I didn't want it to appear that I was fishing for sympathy when my preferred method of coping was simply not thinking about it! :^D), but I might do so under f-lock later. Now that I've come through it just fine, I don't have to worry about worrying anyone, if that makes any sense. :)
  • There is a two-foot-high snowdrift blocking half my driveway.

    Maryland sounds like one of those places where residents never use the word 'bobcat' as a verb.
    • Nope, I've never heard "bobcat" used as a verb until reading your comment! Here, six inches is a lot of snow and shuts things down for at least a day. A few years ago, we got three feet; since "bobcat" doesn't exist as a verb here but "shovel" does, you can imagine how my mom, sister, husband, and I spent the day following that one!

      The next year, Dad got a snowblower. We haven't had a lot of snow since. Naturally.
  • Not on the roads, mind you, but the Marylander's response is "OMG SNOW!!! *screeeech on brakes*" whether the snow is on the road or not.

    Huh. Weird. That's the typical response to snow in the South. Period. Oh, we know what it is, but to actually *see* it?? People stat panicking, going to the grocery store to stock up on food that would perish if the power went out, got gas in their cars even though it might snow five feet and there would be no traveling, and the downtown area would close down to the point of rolling up the sidewalks because snow is coming.

    Mind you, the only decent snow we had (and I say decent because it was over 1 inch) was the blizzard of '93. Nearly two feet of snow, and me and my sister had a blast!

    Nevermind the fact that people have no clue how to drive in snow. *snort* I'm from the South, and I know how to at least be careful when driving in snow. At best, I'd stay home and in the warmth of my apartment and not drive at all.

    But the weather forecast for tonight is rain/sleet/snow mix and below freezing temperatures. Bascially, ice is supposed to decend upon the Tennessee Valley. Schools are closing, though a few are closing because of illness and not weather. No doubt people are getting off work and heading directly for the grocery stores to stock up. Just in case. The weather men, producers, reporters, and even folks in marketing are all having weathergasms with all the potential news and crap this weather is creating.

    And I'm sitting here thinking, "It's going to be perfectly dry tomorrow. Again."

    Good thing this year I'm not living on top of a hill with a 45 degree angle driveway that resembles the Grand Canyon in the best conditions.


    And I can relate about the not writing and wanting to. I've been productive only in drabbles and double drabbles, and not much else. I *want* to finish this one story, but can't seem to get moving on it. I *want* to try and finish yet another story, but no go there either. Instead, I'm reading romance books, and not minding at all that I'm not writing. *double sigh* Maybe next month... ;-)
  • You know, my father always says that people stop being able to drive properly as soon as it's dark and "something comes from the sky". ;)

    So maybe I've got a complex with appearing strong and brave when I'm really not.

    Absolutely seconded. I've had those days too, dragging myself to school/university/work when I really should have stayed in bed. From time to time I'm getting those really evil migraine-style headaches and even then I went to class only to sit there feeling completely miserable... I'm not really nice to my poor self sometimes... :-/
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